Wolverine (2nd series) #153

Issue Date: 
August 2000
Story Title: 
Blood Debt - conclusion

Steve Skroce (writer & artist), Larry Stucker (inks), Steve Buccellato (colors), Richard S. & Comiccraft’s Saida Temofonte (letters), Mark Powers (editor), Bob Harras (chief), Special Thanks to Larry Wachowski & Wendi Higenbottom

Brief Description: 

In Mongolia, Kia enters her father, Yolyn’s, chambers and proceeds to shoot him. Once she does, Yukio arrives and starts to take out her frustration on Kia herself. Eventually, Logan arrives, whereupon Kia fires upon him and takes off. Yukio gives chase and is herself shot by Kia. Before she is able to kill her, however, Amiko arrives and saves her. Kia decides to take her hostage and goes deeper into the compound. Catching up, Logan saves Amiko and slashes Kia across the face. After a vicious battle, they tumble down a pit and, in doing so, knock some pipes loose emitting gas. Knowing that her quest is for naught, Kia sacrifices herself and slams her sword into one of Logan’s claws, causing a fiery explosion. Thanks to his healing factor, Logan is able to survive and lands outside after being badly burned. There, he meets up with the Silver Samurai, Yukio and Amiko. When Amiko check on him, Logan simply tells her that he’ll be fine and that it’s time to go home.

Full Summary: 

Years ago in Mongolia, Yolyn took control of the Kaishek Clan by killing his own father and brothers. Today, he is met in his chambers by his daughter – Kia. Removing her white cloak and wearing a rather flattering outfit, Kia holds up a gun. Upon seeing it, her father begs her to wait but Kia tells her that the time for waiting has passed.

Outside the fortress as it rains, Kenuichio Harada, known to the world as the Silver Samurai, tells Logan and Amiko that the Kaisheks began their climb to power hundreds of years ago in the court of Kublai Khan. For years, they served the Khan as advisors for the Mongul army and as their own elite force. They were trusted like no other clan. All the while, they had slowly been stealing from the vast tributes to the Mongul Empire to build the structure before them, a fortress that would provide sanctuary from all Kaishek enemies. The sculpted faces on its tower represent every conquered enemy, every hero of the clan that has helped enlarge its dominion. It is a monument to Kaishek longevity and invincibility. Today it is Yolyn Kaishek’s headquarters, but if he is unaware of Kia’s treachery, the fortress and its guards will be little protection.

When Amiko asks then what do they do, Logan informs her “we” don’t do anything. They are to stay there and keep out of sight. He’s gonna sneak in, find Yukio and deal with that witch Kia. Amiko asks him how he even knows Yukio made it there yet, to which Logan tells her that he has her scent. She passed through this trail less than an hour ago and Kia’s just ahead of her. Amiko begins to tell him that he could use her help while he… but Logan cuts her off. He again tells her to stay put and nurse their wounded Samurai. He’s someone she can help.

After hearing that, Harada grumbles under his breath. Logan continues and tells Amiko no more risks. She did what she had to while she was captured. Bettin’ her life and winning can be a rush but don’t take it for granted. An’ don’t push yer luck, ‘cause it can turn on you at any time. It’s likely to get pretty hairy in there. He’s not as “quiet” as Yukio. Amiko starts to protest but Logan tells her no – stay there. As he leaves, Harada tells Amiko that Logan is correct; it is wisest to remain there. Not happy, Amiko does what she is told.

Inside Yolyn’s chamber, Kia proceeds to shoot him in the chest. As she does, she tells him that she is there to claim what is hers. Dying, Yolyn asks what that is. Clan Kaishek? She claims a debt and today that debt will claim her. Standing over her dead father, Kia hears a voice behind her that says to her that she’d tell her she’ll regret that, but she wouldn’t worry about it. In fact, her problems are almost over.

With that, Yukio crashes through the window and drives Kia’s face into the ground with her foot. As she does so, Yukio tells Kia that she has something to share with her. A lesson actually – about ying and yang, cause and effect. She’s crossed her and that comes with a price. To gain the Kaishek Empire, she kept Amiko and her hostage to force Logan to help her. She’s killed her own brother and now her father. She’s disappointed she’s too late to stop that last arc of her scheme but Yolyn Kaishek was an evil man, wasn’t he? That takes them back to their lesson. In the end, you get what you deserve.

Just as Kia pries the sword out of her dead father’s hands, Yukio grabs her from behind and proceeds to kick her in the back, sending her tumbling down the stairs. Continuing to pummel Kia, Yukio tells her that sometimes the lesson can be difficult to learn. People can make the wrong choices and the aftermath can burden them for the rest of their lives. Picking herself up, Kia tells her like she said, it’s not her problem.

At that moment, Logan crashes through the door with a bunch of beaten-up guards. He then tells Yukio that she should know when to let something lie and when not to. Yukio exclaims that she does and tells him to stay out of her way. Walking over to her, Logan puts his hand on Yukio’s shoulder and reminds her that blood begets blood. Amiko’s her job now, not this. Taking the opportunity, Kia opens up fire on Logan. While she does, Kia yells out to the guards to stop the mutant or he’ll kill them all. If they can stand, fight.

As Kia rushes off, Yukio gives chase while the guards dog-pile on Logan. Logan calls out to Yukio to stop but she does not listen. Rushing down the corridor, Yukio calls out to Kia that running can’t help her, she can’t hide from her. Hiding behind a column, Kia replies that actually it’s quite easy to hide. She grew up in this dismal place. She knows it’s every nook and cranny. Having a pair of vicious older brothers teaches you things like hiding and waiting.

Emerging from her hiding place, Kia fills Yukio’s back with a number of gunshot blasts until her gun is out of ammo. Grabbing her by the back of the hair, Kia holds her sword to Yukio’s throat and tells her that unfortunately she must be quick. As wounded as her beast is, the guards will be no match. Now, she has a lesson for her. In life, one does not always succeed at what she sets out to do.

Before she can deliver the killing blow, Amiko jumps at her and smacks her in the face with a sling of stones to her face. While she does, she tells Kia that is so true. Yukio is shocked to see her but Amiko informs her she was supposed to hang back with the Samurai but she ditched him. Before she can say anything else, Kia overpowers her and puts her sword to her throat. Complimenting her on her technique, Kia tells Amiko that she will be a ferocious warrior one day but all that youthful vigor will be wasted if her mutant doesn’t stand down.

Turning her attention to Yukio, she tells her that, once she has escaped, she’ll release her. Otherwise, she becomes a pretty little corpse. After Kia leaves with her hostage, Logan arrives in the corridor. Yukio informs him that Kia has Amiko and that they need to get her back quickly. Logan notices that Yukio is bleeding badly and goes to check on her but Yukio tells him that she’ll make it. If Kia gets out, she’ll kill Amiko, she knows it. Logan replies that Kia needs Amiko alive and she, Yukio, needs help now. Enraged, Yukio yells at him and tells him not to argue with her, just get out of there and get her back.

Further up ahead, Kia orders Amiko to stop struggling or she’ll cut her throat. Amiko tells her now she won’t. She needs her alive or Logan will… Kia cuts her off and says to her that Logan’s not there, is he? This place is a labyrinth. If you don’t know your way, you could be lost forever. Amiko replies that she doesn’t understand Wolverine doesn’t get lost. A maze won’t stop him, nothing will. He’ll find her, she can’t hide her stink.

At that moment, Logan comes crashing through the wall, grabs Amiko, and knocks Kia to the ground. With precious little time on his hands, Logan orders Amiko to follow the claw marks on the walls, they’ll lead her back to Yukio. He then tells her to get her out, she’s hurt bad. Once Amiko leaves, Kia gets up and starts to go after Amiko. Logan, however, stops her by slashing her across the face just as she jams her sword into his chest. Enraged, Kia states that he just ruined her face. Preparing to slash her again, Logan asks her bad day, it gets worse. Just as he is about to slash her again, Kia grabs the sword in his chest, uses his momentum against him and flings him over her into the pit below. At the last second, Logan is able to grab Kia and take her down into the pit with him.

In another location in the compound, Amiko attempts to drag Yukio to safety. Yukio tells her that she’s slowing her down and that she should go on ahead, she’ll wait for Logan. Amiko tells her no way, they leave together or not at all. Pointing his gun at them, one of Yolyn’s guards tells them that they will die together. They must pay for Yolyn’s life with their own. Before he can take a shot, the Silver Samurai appears behind the man and kills him. As he does, he tells him that they have paid too much already. Today it is the Kaisheks who must settle their debts. After disposing of the guard, he tells Amiko and Yukio that there are still many guards about so stay behind him. He also adds to Amiko to please do what she is told this time.

Deeper in the compound and during their tussle, Logan and Kia have cracked open up pipes full of gas. Picking himself up from underneath a pile of barrels, Logan tells Kia to come out girl *cough*; she can’t escape. The gas won’t *cough* hide her scent from him. Appearing behind him, Kia tells him to be careful how he *cough* moves those metal pipes, if they strike together and make a spark. With that, she jams her sword again into Logan’s chest. Surprised he isn’t dead yet, Kia asks him how he can still live, she will cut his throat.

When she pulls the sword out and goes to strike again, Logan pops his two outer claws and places them on either side of her face. He tells her to stop and hand him *cough* the blade or he’ll pop the middle one. Kia replies that he’s *cough* sealed her fate already, hasn’t he? Logan tells her maybe, she’s betrayed and killed her own kin and manipulated his. She’s a thief and a murderer – after all she’s done, does he owe her any less? Kia asks thief, she claims what is hers. She claims it by right of birth, she claims it in blood. With that, she slams her own blade onto one of Logan’s claws. Once that happens, it causes a spark and an enormous explosion.

Outside the compound, the Silver Samurai, Amiko and Yukio make it out alive just as the compound explodes in a fiery blast. They then witness Logan being burnt alive and tossed into the air. Bouncing a couple of times after he lands, Logan lands in a burning, smoking mess. Rushing over to him, Amiko begins to sob and asks him if he’s okay. Logan tells her “d-don’t *cough* worry, he’ll b-be fine. Let’s just go home.”

Characters Involved: 


Silver Samurai


Yolyn Kaishek

Kia Kaishek

Various men under the direction of Yolyn Kaishek (all unnamed)

Story Notes: 

Haan Kaishek shot his brother Gom, back in Wolverine (2nd series) #151.

Kia Kaishek killed her brother Haan, back in Wolverine (2nd series) #152.

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