Wolverine (3rd series) #14

Issue Date: 
June 2004
Story Title: 
Return of the Native - part 2

Greg Rucka (writer), Darick Robertson (art), Studio F (colors), Virtual Calligraphy’s Rus Wooton (letters), Warren Simons (edits), Axel Alonso (supervising editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

The Native continues to hide in the Canadian wilderness, sheltered by a cave. Sabretooth reports to Willoughby and Murray that Logan is now joining the hunt. Logan camps in the woods, looking for the Native. The Native finds him at his campfire, and keeps a safe distance. As the campfire slowly dies, the Native creeps closer to Logan. They fight, and the Native is revealed to be a mutant woman with the same claws as Wolverine. Wolverine finds the Native’s cavern, complete with cave paintings of the escape from Weapon X, and a few loose military souvenirs. Logan and the Native fight again, and this time, as Logan tries desperately to explain his sympathy for her, she relents. They sheathe their claws and kiss passionately.

Full Summary: 

North of Vancouver, BC:

The Native continues to hide out in a cavern in the wilderness. Its eyes sparkle with cat-like ferocity as it sniffs for food.

Seattle, WA:

Sabretooth barges into Willoughby’s office without warning, and the secretary, Nancy, apologizes. Willoughby tells Nancy to leave, and Sabretooth delivers a report. He asks: “She’s cute. Can I have her?” I regards to Nancy. The other man, Mr. Murray, asks Creed if he found Logan. Sabretooth said that he said he would, so he did. Willoughby shouts at Creed, “Why aren’t you following him?” Sabretooth explains that he isn’t following Logan because that will get the runt’s paranoia flowing, and that will cause more delays. Murray asks if Creed is sure he’ll be able to track the Native again, as it took two weeks last time. Creed says that he now has Logan’s stink to help.
Canadian Wilderness:

Logan boils some coffee over a campfire. The Native creeps up nearby, and Logan tells it that he missed it. The Native hides in the shadows, and Logan insists that he is alone. He offers to stand in the darkness, waiting until the Native is ready. The campfire burns out over the course of a few hours. The Native crawls toward Logan, revealing herself a strangely attractive mutant woman. The Native plays with Logan’s camping gear, and is frightened by a sudden gust of wind. Wolverine says that he isn’t going to hurt her, and the mutant looks on, frightened. She looks into Logan’s eyes, and sees a flash of Logan in the Weapon X containment tank before he broke free. She snaps, draws a set of claws identical to Wolverine’s, and attacks. As she stabs Logan in the chest, he begs her to stop. She roars, freezes, and runs into the woods again. Logan goes to sleep.
The next morning, Logan continues to track down the Native’s scent through the woods. He finds human footprints to track. He finds the cavern that she calls home, and uses a flashlight to investigate. Logan is startled, as he finds a series of cave paintings that provide insight into his own past and the Native’s existence. The paintings depict a child torn from her parents, thrust into a test tube alongside Logan and another subject, tortured with experiments, and finally, the two of them breaking free and going on a killing rampage. Logan cries that he doesn’t remember anything. He looks around the floor, and finds a box hidden away, where there are shotgun shells, military tools, a bandana, sunglasses, and other broken appliances. Logan thinks that the military is trying to recapture her. He also finds two sets of dogtags. One says “Wolverine.” The other says “Feral.” Wolverine frowns suddenly, and smells trouble. He turns, finding the Native hiding behind him, growling angrily. Logan shouts that he understands; he isn’t one of them and he won’t hurt her. The woman lunges at him with her claws, and Logan tries desperately to explain that they aren’t animals, and the he knows what it’s like. She cuts through him, and Wolverine finally draws his claws and they fight. After a brief fight, they stand off in a clearing, where they stare at each other, each appearing less frightened. They both sheath their claws and kiss.

Characters Involved: 

The Native

Mr. Willoughby

Mr. Murray

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