Wolverine (3rd series) #15

Issue Date: 
July 2004
Story Title: 
Return of the Native - part 3

Greg Rucka (writer), Darick Robertson (pencils), Jimmy Palmiotti & Tom Palmer (inkers), Studio F (colors), Virtual Calligraphy’s Rus Wooton (letters), Axel Alonso (editor), Warren Simmons (asst. editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher).

Brief Description: 

Sabretooth continues his manhunt for Wolverine and the mysterious Native through the wilderness. Willoughby, his employer, insists that Sabretooth follow the rules, but Sabretooth refuses to obey. Meanwhile, Logan and the Native waken from their sexual encounter, and the Native, pleased that she has found someone just like her, playfully continues to flirt with Logan as he wakes up. Logan shows the Native the cave paintings of Weapon X, and tells her that they are coming back. He evacuates her from the area, but not before Sabretooth finds them. Sabretooth shoots both of them to slow Logan down, but as he comes to collect the Native, he finds that she heals much faster than either of them, and she rips Creed apart. Willoughby immediately fires Creed, as Wolverine and Native escape to a cabin on the mountain that Wolverine recognizes. The Native tells him that they are home.

Full Summary: 

Pacific Northwest:

Sabretooth sniffs around by the riverbank, looking for an indication of either Wolverine or the elusive Native. He picks up a stained rock and licks it, immediately tasting Wolverine’s blood. Creed wanders deeper into the forest, following a visible trail of blood, as it appears that Wolverine was cut deep. Creed follows the trail and finds claw marks in trees matching Logan’s claws, and clumps of hair from the Native. Sabretooth’s radio goes off, and Willoughby looks for a check up from his field agent. Sabretooth tells Willoughby not to bother him again. Willoughby persists in knowing where the Native is, but Sabretooth says not to call again – he’ll be in touch.

Elsewhere, in the cavern that the Native calls home, she and Wolverine wake up after their night of passion. Native playfully tries to tickle and kiss Wolverine, but Wolverine panics out of his sleep and grabs her, telling her that he doesn’t like to be touched when he doesn’t see it coming. Wolverine tells her that they have to leave right away, because Creed is using Logan to get to her. Native doesn’t listen, and keeps trying to kiss Logan. Logan gets up angrily and tells her “no more.” Wolverine puts his jeans back on and walks over to the Native’s cave paintings, and gestures to the painting of the people breaking out of the glass test tubes. Logan tells her that the people ho did that to her are coming back to take her away. Logan stares at the painting some more, and says that he can’t remember any of it – or if that is even him. The Native walks outside and waves for Wolverine to follow.

Wolverine asks where to, but suddenly, a bullet goes through Native’s spine. Before Wolverine can figure out what just happened, a bulled hits him in the face. Both of them fall to the ground, immobile and disoriented. Sabretooth tells them that it was far too easy – all he had to do was pick where to put the bullets. Sabretooth says that the injury won’t kill him, but it will buy him enough time to get the Native back to the LZ (loading zone). Sabretooth says that he believes in insurance, and aims the gun at Logan’s head, but before he can pull the trigger, the Native snaps her claws right into Creed’s groin. Creed screams in pain, and immediately, another set of claws goes straight into his head. Creed staggers away in pain, blind, as the Native rushes to Logan’s aid. Logan is still trying to heal from his spinal injury, and the Native waits while he gets his legs together again. As he finally heals, the Native continues walking up the mountain. Logan says not to do that, as they need to go back down and stop Sabretooth before he can come back with help. Native refuses to listen, and continues her march up the mountain.

Elsewhere, Creed sits down, continuing to howl in pain as his eye are taking too long to heal. Willoughby radios him again, looking for a report. Sabretooth flips out, telling Willoughby that he is on it, and to give it a rest for once. Willoughby asks if they got away. Sabretooth tells Willoughby “bite me.” Creed insists that they were lucky, but Willoughby isn’t willing to tolerate any more excuses. Sabretooth threatens Willoughby for his attitude, but Willoughby terminates Creed’s contract and says that the professionals will take over from here. He says that Logan’s and Creed’s days are over, but the Native is the way of the future. Creed snaps the radio into pieces, and walks away, muttering that she isn’t much of a future if she’s dead.

Wolverine and Native continue their climb, with Wolverine clueless about the destination. Wolverine asks if she even understands him. She touches his face gently, and he knows that she does. Finally, they come to a small cabin on the mountain, and Wolverine begins getting lost in thought, as he realizes he knows this place. He opens the door, and they enter. Logan recognizes the smell. He looks around, finding some books and old tools and furniture, realizing that he’s been here before… and so has she. Native tries to say something, and Wolverine rushes to understand:

“…s’om… …s’home… …home…”

Characters Involved: 

Wolverine / Logan


The Native

Willoughby (on radio)

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