Wolverine (3rd series) #16

Issue Date: 
August 2004
Story Title: 
Return of the Native - part 4

Greg Rucka (writer), Darick Robertson (pencils), Jimmy Palmiotti & Tom Palmer (inkers), Studio F (colors), Virtual Calligraphy’s Rus Wooton (letters), Axel Alonso (editor), Warren Simmons (asst. editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher).

Brief Description: 

The mysterious men that seem to be behind Weapon X locate the Native in the wilderness near Vancouver. Mr. Murray orders his paramilitary group to obtain her and kill Wolverine and Sabretooth. Creed continues looking for the Native, hoping to kill her before the organization gets her. The Native keeps trying to tell Logan that the cabin on the mountain was their home, but Logan can’t remember any of it. The Weapon X group attacks the cabin, with dozens of soldiers and helicopters raiding the area in a blitz maneuver. Logan fights bravely, but is finally taken out by the soldiers, and nearly killed by an electrical discharge as they take the Native into custody. That evening, Sabretooth finds him, and kicks him awake. Sabretooth offers his help to find the girl.

Full Summary: 

McChord Air Force Base, Washington:

The men associated with the mysterious Murray and Willoughby of Weapon X gather on Willoughby’s private jet, announcing that they have a GPS location for Sabretooth’s last known whereabouts. Willoughby pulls out an envelope containing a satellite photograph of the Native, which was taken 18 minutes ago. Murray asks if she is still under surveillance, and Willoughby says that the Glasseye has another 68 minutes of tracking time. Murray tells him to mobilize all the retrieval teams and prepare for complete mutant suppression detail. Murray says to get “Vapor” in position for reprogramming. He also says to make sure that everyone knows they want the female alive. As for Creed and Logan, they are to be killed.

Wilderness, near Vancouver:

Sabretooth is furious at being humiliated by the Native. He climbs the mountain toward where the Native and Logan were last seen. He mutters about how smug Willoughby will be when he finds his little prize dead. Sabretooth hears a sound, and looks above him to find half a dozen attack helicopters flying overhead in Logan’s direction. Sabretooth curses them all.

On the mountain in the abandoned cabin they found, Logan and the Native struggle to figure out where they are. Logan asks if she said that they were home, and she says yes, “Logan home!” Logan flips out because he can’t remember, and smashes a table. Native draws her claws and shakes them at Wolverine, but he calms down.
They both hear a sound outside, but before they can do anything, several armed guards are surrounding the cabin, and one group quickly breaks the door open and throws a gas grenade in. Before they can get their masks on, however, the grenades come rolling back out, and knock out the men standing right close to the door.
Wolverine walks out calmly, asking “Who’s next?” and immediately, a guard walks up to him and tries shooting, but Logan calmly guts him and throws the corpse aside without making eye contact. Logan calls for the girl, and sees her standing around the corner of the house, and asks if she’s okay.
Before they can do anything else, though, a helicopter comes screeching right for them. The helicopter blares over the loudspeaker that the Native is their property, and if he surrenders her, he will be free to go. Logan smiles, and tells the Native to run for the trees and not to come back until it is all over. She starts to run, and the lead chopper orders them all to open fire. Logan starts running towards the helicopter with his claws drawn.
As they all continue to fire, no one can see exactly what is happening, as there is too much debris. Out of nowhere, Logan emerges from the fire, and the chopper radios to Mr. Murray that he is trying to fight. Murray orders the retrieval teams to go. Logan uses his berserker rage to dive into the lead chopper and blow it up with his claws, Logan climbs out of the wreckage, again asking “Who’s next?”

Another chopper opens fire on Logan, but Logan runs at it again, this time, however, Logan slashes the tail, causing it to crash. As Logan struggles to get out of the second wreckage, he sees a team loading the Native into another helicopter. Logan screams at them to put her down, and chases them, but just as Logan is about to jump into the chopper, the men use a cable weapon to pump a massive continuous charge of electricity into Logan’s body, seemingly killing him.

That night, Sabretooth gets to the place where Logan is lying. He laughs at Wolverine’s misfortune, and kicks him to get up. Creed says that Logan is getting slow in his old age. Logan says that he’s fast enough for Creed. Sabretooth replies that they’ll figure that out later – after they get his puppy back.

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The Native



Several dozen agents and employees of Weapon X program

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