Wolverine (4th series) #313

Issue Date: 
November 2012
Story Title: 
Sabretooth Reborn. Chapter Four: Revolution

Jeph Loeb (writer), Simone Bianchi (artist), Simone Peruzzi (color artist), Comicraft’s Albert Deschesne (letterer), Idette Winecoor (production), Jennifer M. Smith (assistant editor), Jeanine Schaefer (editor), Nick Lowe (senior editor), Axel Alonso (editor in chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer), Simone Bianchi & Simone Peruzzi (cover), Art Adams & Jason Keith (variant cover)

Brief Description: 

In Italy, Romulus and Logan begin to fight. Before long, Sabretooth joins the battle and turns it in Romulus’ favor. Using his claws, Romulus enacts one of Logan’s memories back to before he was a test subject of the Weapon X facility. It was in Canada and he was there with Creed, Romulus and Remus. After running into four agents of Department H, Logan summarily disposes of them with a sword, which he promptly gives to Remus afterwards. Back in present day, Logan, with Cloak, Dagger and Remus take the fight to Romulus and Creed. As the battle continues, Creed brandishes an explosive device (plan B), which he uses to destroy the villa. Landing in the water below, Logan first goes for Creed but is stopped by Romulus. After a tussle underwater, Logan is able to subdue Romulus and turn him over to authorities, who will house him at the Raft. In the South Pacific, Logan, Remus, and Cloak and Dagger take a much needed vacation. Logan recalls a memory from when he was in the Weapon X facility and Remus tried to get Romulus to cut him loose. When Romulus declined, Remus left her brother. Once she was gone, Romulus turned to the Professor and ordered him to remove all of his memories regarding this, including his sister. Logan doesn’t know if that was a real memory or a false memory but for now, he’ll enjoy his happy ending. With that, he engages in a passionate embraces with Remus.

Full Summary: 

I’m Wolverine. And I’m the best there is at what I do.” I can’t remember the first time I ever said that. Much less thought it. Takes a special kind of arrogance to come up with that. Or believe in it. Unless, of course… it’s the truth. Half the problem with claimin’ you’re the best at anything is you’re settin’ yourself up for everybody to take a shot at knocking you down. Killers like Sabretooth have made a’ living outta comin’ at me. The latest test case is Romulus. Even put himself into the same agonizing process I went through years ago at Weapon X. Starting with having adamantium forcefully grafted to my bones. If nothing else, Romulus is a master of lies. Now, he claims that the Weapon X Project, where I was tortured, brainwashed, and twisted into what I am today, was somehow my own doing.

In Italy, Logan pops his claws and tells Romulus that he’s insane. Popping his own claws, Romulus replies “quod sum eris.” “I am what you will be.” Complete with adamantium claws. Rushing towards Romulus, Logan says what a waste of perfectly good adamantium. Moving forth to attack Logan, Romulus asks Logan what bothers him more. That he’s successful in this quest or that it was all his idea in the first place? Slashing Romulus across the face, Logan retorts that what bothers him is that he’s still alive and tonight they’re gonna end that. Romulus states that he really doesn’t want that to happen or he would’ve done it years ago.

Picking himself up off the ground, and watching Logan and Romulus go at it, Creed states that the smell of blood really gets him going. Grabbing Romulus by his hair, Logan jams his claws into Romulus’ chest and says let’s see how he does without a heart to keep him standing.

Romulus tells him that’s it, let the berserker rage out. His civilized self was never more than a façade. Just then, Creed comes up behind Logan and punches him in the back while Romulus punches him in the face. Holding Logan at bay, Creed tells Romulus to do it now, tear his head off. Logan says how about they tear off each other’s heads and do the world a favor. Romulus informs Creed that he has something far more painful in mind. They’re not going to kill him. They’re going to make him remember. Jamming his claws into the side of Logan’s face, Romulus utters “quod sum eris…”

@#$%. Somehow, Romulus claw dug into my head and out pops this… memory. Long time ago… in Canada… only I’m in with Romulus, Creed, and that’s Remus. Why don’t I remember any of this? Standing on a nearby cliff, Romulus points down to the building below them and introduces his team to the Weapon X facility. It’s theirs for the taking and improving upon. Just then, four individuals with powers appear before them. One of the individuals with the appearance of a wolf tells them to stop. By orders of Department H, they are trespassing on government property.

Electrode, Savage, Bayonet, and Black Wolf. Department H?! I… seen files on this bunch. Before Alpha Flight. Whatever happened to this team… was marked classified. Why? Upon hearing Black Wolf threaten them, Creed says ain’t that cute, their animal talks. Romulus remarks so does theirs and tells Logan to clear a path. Using his sword, Logan slices through the four men with ease. Oh. …the best there is at what I do…

Romulus says that in case there was ever any doubt… Victor… the Canadians were kind enough to provide them with a super-soldier program. They just don’t know that they’ve brought their own Steve Rogers. Imagine… using Logan’s DNA as their blueprint… the empire they can build. A revolution in evolution. Turning to Remus, Logan gives her his sword with the Japanese writing on it and tells her that he wants her to have it as a gift. When Remus asks isn’t he going to need it, Logan tells her not if this goes sideways. Remus proceeds to ask him why go through with it then. Logan tells her what good is an empire if you’ve got nobody to share it with. Just then, Romulus tells Logan that through the gates is his future. Logan says “quod sum eris.” Romulus tells him yes, my friend. They hope to be lucky enough to become what he will be…

…Ughn…back in the present. Have to keep my head straight. Romulus is a liar… a manipulator… Whatever he’s done to Sabretooth, I can’t let that happen to me. Picking himself up off the ground, Logan says “quod sum eris.” He proceeds to tell Romulus that he took the time to look that up. It’s Latin, he’ll give him that. But it’s not a call to arms. Or the battle cry of some decorated Roman general. It’s on a grave marker, a tombstone. “I am what you will be.” The last laugh from a rotted corpse. Popping his claws, Logan defiantly states “I ain’t dead yet.” I’m better than Romulus. Better than both of them. And I brought help.

Just then, Cloak appears with Dagger and Remus in tow. Turning around, Romulus notices Remus while Creed recognizes the Cloak and Dagger brats. Next time he says they kill someone, they kill someone. Hitting Creed with her light power, Dagger tells him these “brats” are going to kick his ass. He’ll think long and hard before coming at either of them again.

Facing Remus, Romulus asks “et tu sister?” Remus answers that she’s finishing what she should’ve done years ago. Romulus says that he’s so much more than what he was back then. He’s taken the best from both Sabretooth and Wolverine.

Lashing out at Creed, Cloak angrily tells him that he doesn’t care what he did to him but he’ll never lay a hand on Dagger again. Firing back with a punch to Cloak’s jaw, Creed asks him if he thinks sidin’ with Logan gives him any cred. He’ll kill his little girlfriend and make him watch.

Slashing Remus across the face, Romulus tells her that she could’ve shared the future, this revolution. Instead, she let her emotions take her like always. Jumping into the fray, Logan slashes Romulus and thanks Red for bringing the cavalry. Remus says she thought he could use a moment to breath. Logan tells her she thought right.

As he starts to envelop Creed with his cape, Cloak tells him there’s a darkness inside him that rivals his. Let’s bring that out, let him show him what he fears the most…

Continuing his assault on Romulus, Logan says to him that he claims to be like thousands of years old. Watched empires fall. Take a good look. His is about to… Just then, Creed punches Logan while holding a device in his hand. As he does, he tells him that there was a time he would’ve fought this one out. Never would’ve thought of having a “plan B” before. He hits this switch on the device and they all go boom in three… two… Turning to Cloak, Logan tells him to take anybody he can out… now! As Romulus calls out to Creed “no,” a large explosion occurs and Romulus, Creed and Logan are blasted out of the wreckage and into the water below.

All at once, everything goes sideways. Even in all this crazy, I think I spotted Sabretooth still up top. Can’t let that @#$% escape. As he swims to the surface and after Creed, something grabs his leg. Romulus. The more evil of two evils. If I can’t have one I’ll have the other. As strong as Romulus is, he hasn’t had enough time to adjust to all that new adamantium in his body. The weight of it alone. Underwater? All the healing factor in the world, you still gotta breath. I’d like to think Creed hasn’t gotten smart enough to set Romulus up to take the fall…

Saturday, somewhere in the South Pacific… I’ve come to appreciate that being with a woman who has amassed a large fortune through hundreds of years ain’t half bad. But I’m not kiddin’ myself. This could be over tomorrow. I’m glad it didn’t end with the girl being dead and me gettin’ drunk for weeks on end… Romulus is being held at the Raft. He’s not going anywhere for a long time. And worse, he knows it. I guess my being an Avenger has some perks. Took Ty (Cloak) and Tandy (Dagger) with us. Not sure how Cloak’s dealin’ in an SPF 45 world. The kid did good. Pulled the ladies out just before the house fell down. They talk about headin’ to New York. Hope they can keep their heads on straight. Sabretooth is alive and out there. And smarter I guess from all of this. He’ll come for me. That much I’m sure. Whether or not any of what Romulus told me is true, I can’t worry about that right now. That was the past. I have to live in the future. Until a situation presents it otherwise… Remus’ kiss… I remember that much now.

Suddenly, I’m back in the tank. Weapon X. All I know… this was years ago. Seeing Logan in the tank, Remus asks Romulus can’t he let him out now. Turning her back to her, Romulus informs her that this is for the best. When Remus replies that it isn’t for her, Romulus tells her it’s what he wants. Remus says that, in his frame of mind, Logan doesn’t know what he wants. Let him out or she will go. Romulus tells her to be careful of what she does next. Her, more so than anyone, knows that matters of the heart have no place in what they are building.

Remus asks what good is an empire if there’s no one to share it with. With that, she bids her brother good-bye and leaves. Once she does, Romulus turns to the Professor and orders him to go deep. He’s to remember none of this. Take it all, particularly his sister.

A memory. Or a false memory planted there. Maybe I’ll never know for sure. What the hell…I deserve a happy ending. Standing in the ocean, Logan holds Remus as they engage in a passionate embrace.

Characters Involved: 




Remus (Romulus’ twin sister)

Cloak and Dagger

Various unnamed S.H.I.E.L.D. agents

(Wolverine’s memories)





Bayonet, Black Wolf, Electrode, and Savage (members of Department H)

The Professor

Story Notes: 

Remus provided Logan with a sword that had Japanese writing on it back in Wolverine (2nd series) #311. According to this issue, it was Logan who gave said sword to her many years ago.

This issue marks the first appearance and mention of Bayonet, Black Wolf, Electrode and Savage.

Creed would indeed terrorize Logan, specifically in Wolverine (4th series) #20 and (2nd series) #300-304. Chronologically speaking, this story-arc would go before those issues, probably somewhere between Wolverine (4th series) #19 and 20.

Logan was shown to have been abducted by agents of the Weapon X program and had adamantium laced to his bones back in Marvel Comics Presents #72-84. On hind sight, it does seem bit odd that three guys took down a mutant with a healing factor when you think about it.

Romulus and Remus were twin brothers in Rome’s foundation myth.

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