Wolverine & Jubilee #3

Issue Date: 
May 2011
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Kathryn Immonen (writer), Phil Noto (art), Phil Noto w/ Nathan Fairbairn & John Rauch (colorist), VC’s Clayton Cowles (letterer), Bill Sienkiewicz (cover art), Jody Leheup (assistant editor), Jeanine Schaefer (editor), Nick Lowe (group editor) Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (Exec. Publisher)

Brief Description: 

The redhead vampire teleports Jubilee away and tells Wolverine that he can get her back by getting a certain parcel for her. Wolverine has to enter the Chernobyl exclusion zone and there runs into another monster, the record keeper. He is forced to kill him and finds a box with trinkets like the one Jubilee got from the vampire. Meanwhile, Jubilee seems to be in another dimension but nevertheless can communicate with Wolverine. Elsewhere, Rockslide visits the port of Oakland and where the containers used to be he finds a dry-cleaning shop. When he presses the old lady inside for answers, she turns into a dragon.

Full Summary: 

Still holding the bedraggled Jubilee, the red-haired vampire woman, tells Logan she bets she knows what he is thinking. Growling, he jumps at her, claws extended, only to hit the wall head first, the vampire being gone already. Angrily, he mutters about their superspeed, then follows their trace until he finds the room where she sits on a couch Jubilee propped against her.

Logan threatens they can keep doing this all night. He’ll still kill her in the end. Kill her too! Jubilee says weakly. Why stop with the woman? He can’t keep doing this. She can’t keep doing this! Weakly, she gets up. He let her fight, feel like she is on fire and then dopes her up with his healing factor. And it makes her crash so hard, she can’t see straight. She’s at everybody’s mercy. See what he‘s done to her?

It’s no way to live, the redhead adds in mock disappointment. Angrily, Logan points out the X-Men are helping Jubilee. It’s the vampires that made her that way. How can he talk to her like that and not see that he’s talking to her too? Jubilee asks. She’s nothing like Jubilee! he insists. She is not the same!

She’s not human. She’s not mutant. She’s a vampire! Jubilee shouts. She is exactly the same! When she left Utopia, the woman found her. She can help her. It’s either both of them or none at all. And he knows it.

Not even close, he replies. The redhead takes a trinket she’s been playing with and throws it at Jubilee, who disappears.

Wolverine slices off the vampire arm holding the ring and pegs her to the ground, asking what she did to Jubilee. She wouldn’t do that if she were him, she warns. After making some fun of him, she admits she doesn’t know where Jubilee has gone but, if he dissects her, he will never find out how to get Jubilee back. She’s got Jubilee. What else does she want?

Accusing him of being dense, the vampire points out she needs him. He already has a job, he snarls, and didn’t come around halfway the planet to become her gun for hire. Of course, he did, she replies. She wanted to transact their business back in Oakland, but was detained. She wants him to retrieve a package for her. When he gets it, he’ll have what he needs to locate Jubilee. Simple. She’d do it herself, but radiation is radiation, sunlight or otherwise, and she is vampire. With his healing factor, he should be alright, if he is quick about it. She did think that herding all those others down there, at least one would survive… What others? he asks.

Back on Utopia, Rockslide, Pixie and Armor watch Jeopardy. What is the Death Star? Rockslide guesses. What is Canada? Pixie offers. What is the White House? Armor adds bored, giving the correct answer. Isn’t there anything else on? she sighs. Pixie replies she cannot find the remote, so they can’t change the channel…

What is the Fantastic Four? What is the Empire? Rockslide suggests. What is Japan? Armor adds annoyed. Did Pixie ever think of getting up and going to the TV? Her grandma used to do that, Pixie replies.

Don’t everybody get up at once, Rockslide announces as he gets up. Pixie muses Jubilee could use her superspeed to help out if she were here. Now that is a great reason to have a vampire around, Armor agrees sarcastically.

As Rockslide touches the TV, he sees a familiar mark on his hand, reminding him of the thing Jubilee had around her neck which he crushed. He tells the girls he has to check on something…

Deep under the Chernobyl exclusion zone:

After his discussion with the redhead vampire, Wolverine lets himself down. He checks the portable Geiger counter – lethal amounts of radiation but has no choice but to follow Jubilee’s scent. He passes dozens of corpses…

Rockslide has reached the port of Oakland and enters a dry-cleaning shop. An unimpressed clerk informs him the washrooms are for customers only. She rattles down a list of excuses, not allowing him to formulate his question, until impatiently he explains he was here a couple of days ago but this was a container storage yard. She retorts they’ve been here more than fifty years before asking who does the X-Men’s laundry. She can give a bulk deal.

Meanwhile, a swearing Jubilee is falling until she finally lands. She calls Wolverine on his cell phone. Where the hell is she? he demands. No idea, and stop yelling at her! she snaps. She is in a kind of children’s room. When she cannot tell him anything important, he hangs up.

Wolverine turns around to see an elderly man, arms akimbo, stand there. So, she finally found a bagman, the stranger observes. When he opens his arms, it shows his hands are missing. He’s just here to do a job, Wolverine announces. The other man mocks he probably doesn’t know what it really is. Wolverine suggests he enlighten him on their way out, and grabs his arm. He isn’t going anywhere, the stranger replies. He’s found a nice radiation-free sinkhole and has got most of his arms to keep him warm. He can leave anytime he wants. He’s got all the know-how but he is safe here. He tells Logan to get lost.

Safe from what? Logan asks. Is he a prisoner or a survivor? Neither is the reply. Wolverine continues. Is he protecting something for her? Not the way he thinks. The man asks him to let go. Wolverine threatens to do the opposite unless he makes sense.

He’s an accountant, the man explains. It’s his job to keep the debts to his boss. And he’s gotta tell him, it’s a fulltime job. The dame’s in it up to her eyeballs. Debt to who? Wolverine asks. The man asks what does he care. What has she got on him? He’s trying to locate a friend of his. The stranger guesses. One minute she’s there, the next she’s gone. Unusual accessory involved. His friend has been impounded. Submitted as payment on a debt. He will never get her back.

They’ll see, is the reply, but the two of them and the parcel are leaving. One way or the other. Then she wins, the vampire points out. He can handle her, Wolverine claims. Her, sure, but they are both under contract to the same employer. And that is a fight he won’t win.

If he is just the record keeper, why is he so important? Logan asks. Where he comes from, the record is as good as the real thing, he’s told. There’s no copy. Erase him, erase the obligation. Wolverine refuses to leave! He begins to grin. He’s glad Wolverine is here, because he is getting a little tired of chewing on his own arm…

In the laundry, the woman tries to throw Rockslide out. He stands his ground, wanting answers. So stop giving him the evil eyeball! Only a gypsy can give good evil eyeball, and she is not a gypsy! she replies and transforms into a dragon. And not a little old lady either, Rockslide intelligently states.

Jubilee stands in front of a door and opens it to enter a beautiful inside garden. Dryly, she figures she is either in the Savage Land or an episode of Space: 1999. She walks and, finding a darkened window, hears snatches of a conversation: Someone warning someone else away.

The vampire warns Wolverine to stay away and leave it. Instead, he slices off the vampire’s head and opens the box with his claws. Gold medallions like the pendant Jubilee got are inside. He hears Jubilee’s voice. He tells her to stay put.

Elsewhere, Rockslide is attacked by the dragon.

Logan tells Jubes to stay put. Jubilee opens the darkened door and, peering outside, remarks that’s not going to work. She stares into a chaotic space with all kinds of objects from dinosaurs to rockets floating around.

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Armor, Pixie III, Rockslide

Red-haired vampire

Chernobyl vampire

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