Wolverine & Jubilee #4

Issue Date: 
June 2011
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Kathryn Immonen (writer), Phil Noto (art), Phil Noto w/ Nathan Fairbairn & John Rauch (colorist), VC’s Clayton Cowles (letterer), Bill Sienkiewicz (cover art), Jody Leheup (assistant editor), Jeanine Schaefer (editor), Nick Lowe (group editor) Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (Exec. Publisher)

Brief Description: 

Jubilee finds herself in a strange place, full of odd floating collectibles owned by a very angry dragon. In Oakland, when the dry cleaner lady turned dragon sees the symbol in Rockslide’s hand, she sends him to Jubilee’s side and Wolverine finds his way there as well. Together, they fight the dragon. When it is about to burn Jubilee, she finds herself with the vampiric ability to turn into smoke, enabling her to surprise and kill the dragon. While Emma Forst still worries about Jubilee, Wolverine is sure she is on a good way.

Full Summary: 

While able to communicate with Wolverine, who is in Siberia, Jubilee is somewhere else altogether, apparently another dimension stuffed full of all kinds of objects floating in space. Logan informs her that some jerk told him she’d been impounded and is being held in hock. What did he say? She inquires. He sliced his head off. Awesome, she sighs. Can he shut up for a second?

She jumps into the chaos and holds onto a ship’s antenna. She wonders aloud how she can hear him. If that is a consequence of her having to drink his blood, he is dead meat, she warns. He tells her he thinks he opened a direct line, as he sits in front of the many floating necklaces like the one Jubilee still has. That thing transported her and, the closer he stays to the pile of them he has here, the louder he hears her. That’s mystical objects for you, she deadpans, they like to stick together.

She lands on the ship. He asks what’s going on. Jubilee announces she is trying to find the edge of wherever she is. Wow, pyramids! She is in Egypt? he asks. Less like Egypt and more like that video game where you run around and roll stuff up. What’s it called? She wishes Rockslide was here. She bets he’d know. She jumps onto the head of a statue. When he tells her to be careful she reminds him she is a vampire, so stop babying her!

Hanging onto the bottom of the statue, she sees someone. She wants to go there despite Logan’s protests. What she sees is the entrance to Hotel Baltimore with a white-haired man standing next to it. Even hell’s got a front door, she announces. She’ll race him to it.

Port of Oakland:

Rockslide is thrown out of the dry cleaner’s and chased by a dragon. Cut it out! He shouts as the dragon breathes fire at him. He’s trying to do the right thing here – he doesn’t want to hurt it! It’s probably like endangered or something!

As he holds out his hand, the dragon notices the symbol on it and takes his hand. Why didn’t he say so in the first place? It apologizes profusely and asks him to come inside. He should have said he is here on business. Rockslide repeats that he came here a couple of days ago and got this thing on his hand, and now it’s like part of his hand and he wonders if he should be worried.

The dragon admonishes him. She goes through her things, muttering about the boss. May she see his hand again? She takes something out of a box, the other half of his claim check. Does he have sun glasses? Some folks prefer it. The two halves of the amulet join.

Elsewhere, Jubilee asks the man what he wants. What does she want? he replies belligerently. She asked first, Jubilee retorts. They are lenders and deal in commodities, property, objects of great value, the rare, the curious. Why is she here? He asks. Because she is rare and also curious. Who are they? Who sent her? he demands. Suddenly, a dragon claw impales him.

The dragon bursts through the doorway, asking who has entered his domain without his permission. Falling down, Jubilee calls for Logan and orders him to hurry up. She lands on one of the floating souvenirs, a jumbo jet.

Elsewhere, Logan looks at the corpse, recalling the man told him he could leave any time he wanted. That it was all in his noggin. He searches the corpse while the dragon chases Jubilee.

Noggin, Logan realizes and looks at the head. Zombie-accountants. It’s all about the brain with those guys. He reaches into his mouth and pulls out a glowing ring. The glow surrounds him and he disappears.

Jubilee is thrown against a train. Look out! somebody shouts and Rockslide lands on her. He apologizes profusely and begs her not to hate him. Actually, though, she is relieved to see him. He’s here to rescue her, right? She doesn’t need to, he begins. It’s fine, she assures him. She’d like him to. Please get in on the action. He likes action. As the dragon is about to attack, he admits that’s too much action. She’s revoking his teenage boy card, Jubilee criticizes.

He hits the dragon and she slides off the train (which has morphed into a plane). Wolverine grabs her arm and pulls her up. She admits she’ feeling a little goofy. He didn’t happen to bring any… The only Wolverine blood is still in the original packaging, he tells her, but she can-- She’s okay for now, she claims and hushes him. The let’s go have some fun, he replies.

Calling the dragon “Thesaurus Rex,” Jubilee tosses a train carriage at him. See what she did there? she tells Wolverine. She added injury to insult. He tells her to keep together. She ignores him and tells him she’ll take right; he can take the left and Rockslide can come from behind. Confused, he asks about Rockslide, then orders the boy to get them moving. What does she think she’s doing? Rockslide wonders.

Come and get me, I’m delicious,” Jubilee lures the dragon, who angrily calls her “vermin.” His property has been defiled and must be cleansed!

Jubilee flees from his fire breath. She stumbles and falls. When the wall of flame hits her, nothing is left. Wolverine cries NO! and wildly attacks the dragon.

However, the smoke coalesces, turning back into Jubilee. Die! the dragon screams and breathes fire at Wolverine. Not if she can help it, Jubilee decides and shoves a giant spear through the dragon’s skull, killing it.

Later, Emma Frost has joined them in Northern Siberia and is told the story. Clearly she is not all right, Emma summarizes Jubilee’s state. Maybe, but she’s different, Logan insists. When she was shoving that spike though the gatekeeper’s head, she was making a decision, not just reacting. Finally.

The X-Men need her making good decisions, Emma stresses. Logan tells her to get over herself. Jubilee got them back here. He axed the accountant but Jubilee took out the whole damn circus. He doesn’t guess Oakland ever busted the vampire bimbo who left those migrant workers to die in crates? Last she heard, the paper trail went cold at the border to some country that wasn’t even a country six months ago.

Well, the lady’s still out, Logan remarks. Emma tells him to collect Jubilee. He informs her she isn’t here.

Emma knows Jubilee decorporalized. She needs to come in so they can find out how and why. Is it vampire or Logan’s blood or the fact she was once a mutant or if she is just special? They’ve seen it before, Logan scoffs. Claw Sect can do it. After centuries of training, Emma points out. She’s had training, he remarks, and was headed for oblivion. It was the vampire version of a hundred-pound woman lifting a bus off a baby. It was a fluke.

Angrily, Emma tells him this is serious. Jubilee is always going to be their responsibility. They need to find her and bring her in. So she can submit herself to further testing? he asks. She calls him a jerk. He knows exactly where she is, doesn’t he? And she’s loaded with his healing factor, so there isn’t anything to worry about? He agrees.

Jubilee and Rockslide sit at the Golden Gate Bridge. Rockslide reminds her that Wolverine said they had twenty four hours to get their asses back to headquarters before full daylight or they’d be grounded. He promised. She promised too, she laughs. And he’s not her dad. He sure acts like it, Rockslide replies. Was that awkward? He acts like everyone’s dad. Not just hers, not that she needs a dad. Jubes orders him to stop talking. He’s too old for her.

They watch the sunrise. Rockslide points out if she really likes Wolverine and now she is immortal…. She was joking. Okay, that was awkward, he admits. Does he know what the shortest amount of time is? It’s the Planck time and the longest is the age of the entire universe. So which one is she? She guesses somewhere in between. She decides it’s time to go home.

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Emma Frost, Wolverine

Drycleaner lady

His servant

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Jubilee’s story continues in X-Men (3rd series).

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