Wolverine: Origins #13

Issue Date: 
June 2007
Story Title: 
Swift and Terrible – Part 3

Daniel Way (writer), Steve Dillon (artist), Matt Milla (colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Michael O’Connor (assistant editor), Axel Alonso (editor), Joe Quesada (chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Cover by Joe Quesada, Danny Miki, and Richard Isanove

Brief Description: 

In Brussels, Wolverine enacts a plan to get into the bank where the C-Synth is being kept. First, he sets fire to the building next door. When the firefighters show up on the scene, he is able to take the uniform of one of the firefighters. From there, he breaks into the bank next door and makes his way to the vault. However, before he can obtain the C-Synth, he is met by Daken. They begin to fight and, while he is able to get some strikes in, Daken is much faster than Wolverine and is able to beat him pretty soundly. The final blow is a claw-slash to Wolverine’s neck, taking him down. Daken then turns his attention to the lockboxes but is stopped in his tracks when Cyber appears. Wolverine is shocked, but Cyber tells him to relax. He’s not there for him – he’s there for the little boy.

Full Summary: 

In Brussels, Wolverine is flicking a lighter outside a building. He says if you wanna make an omelet you gotta have fire. A moment later, a massive, fiery explosion blows the front door off of a building.

Before long, fire trucks appear on the scene. As the firefighters begin to pour out of the trucks, the leader calls out that they need to move. They don’t have much time. There’s no telling how long the structure will last. One of the other firefighters tells the leader, Anders, that he doesn’t want to second guess him but this is a business and it’s long past closing hour, does he really think it’s worth looking for… Anders cuts him off and tells him that yes he does. The woman who made the emergency call said that she saw someone inside the building. He’s going to find that person, even if they’re…

He is stopped in his tracks by the sound of the building creaking. Before he can move, a beam falls on top of him. One of the other firefighters takes over and tells the others that the structure is coming down and that they need to get out of there now. Another asks what about Anders? From the wreckage, another firefighter comes out holding Anders. As he hands Anders off, he tells them that he doesn’t have any burns. He recommends that they take him so he can go see if he can find any others. The lead firefighter begins to tell him no, they need to… He is cut off by the firefighter that saved Anders, who tells them to go. Now!

Outside the burning building, the firefighters inform the police that just arrive up to move their car back. If they need their help, they’ll tell them. The policeman replies that he’s not there because of the fire; he’s there because of the alarm going off in the building next door. The firefighter asks the bank? He then calls the policeman an idiot. Those alarms are vibration-sensitive; of course they’re going off. The police reply regardless they still need to…

He is cut off by the firefighter, who tells him what he needs to do is move their car so it doesn’t interfere with their trucks. The police tell them that they’re only trying to do their job. The firefighter tells them to do their job then and help them set up a perimeter to keep people back. The police concede and call back to base to tell them that the bank alarm turned out to be nothing, a false alarm.

Inside the bank, Wolverine, wearing a firefighting uniform, uses his axe and his claws to slice open an entrance into the bank through the wall from the adjoining building. Once inside, he ditches the uniform’s turnout jack and gear into the hole he created in the wall to reveal his brown and tan costume. In the bank, Wolverine thinks to himself that it wasn’t the most subtle plan in the world, but it did the trick. He thanks Anders for the gear and hopes that knock on his head don’t leave a scar. He adds that it would’a been nice to just walk in there durin’ business hours but then, it’d be nice to not be wanted by every law enforcement agency in the world, too. At least he don’t hafta wait in line.

If he’s right, an’ at this point, he can’t afford to be wrong, he continues, his son has followed him outta Berlin, lookin’ for some payback. Which he deserves, but before they go toe-to-toe, he has to get the C-Synth, which the Black Widow stashed in this bank, into the hands of somebody who can use it to make some carbonadium. That’s about as much of a plan as he has, right now. Entering the vault, Wolverine utters the number of the lockbox five-thirty. He doesn’t know how close his son is, or when he’s gonna make his move, but it could be any… Wolverine stops in his tracks when he hears a loud boom.

As he turns around, he pops his claws and realizes that the vault door just closed. He doesn’t think it was the wind. He knows he has company. It could be a fireman or a bank security officer but there’s no scent. Just then, Daken calls out daddy? Wolverine’s eyes open wide. It’s just like back in Berlin, there was no scent then either. Daken asks him if he will play with him. Wolverine is desponded. He doesn’t want to do it now, not here. Daken tells him it was a rhetorical question. Wolverine wonders if he knows about the C-Synth. Is he… Before he can finish his thought, Daken strikes, quickly, and stabs Wolverine in the chest with his claws. As he is doubled over in pain, Daken asks him what was that… He couldn’t quite… He then says please tell him he was about to pray.

At that point, Wolverine becomes enraged. He wonders why his son won’t let him talk to him. Growling, he pulls his mask down over his head. As Daken begins to remove his coat he tells Wolverine that he never understood that about him. Why he feels the need to hide his true face behind a mask. He has no mask, his costume are the clothes that he wears every day. With that, he removes his shirt, revealing that the left half of his torso, including his arm, has a tribal tattoo.

Wolverine takes a swipe at Daken but misses. When he stabs Wolverine in the shoulder, Daken says, Uh-oh, daddy mad.” As he stabs him in the leg, he adds that he’s also slow and predictab… Before he can finish his sentence, Daken slips in the blood on the floor. Wolverine uses the advantage to grab Daken by the neck. When he does, he calls him a stupid kid. Daken replies that his name is not kid; it’s Daken! He then uses the third claw from inside his wrist to stab Wolverine through the arm and follows up with a kick to his chin. <>

As Wolverine backs up, he gets a wild look in his eyes and sheathes his claws. He says to Daken that he’s weak – he thought he had a son. Daken sheathes his claws as well and they begin to fight. As Daken is able to connect with a kick to Wolverine’s stomach and follows up with a punch to his chin, he tells him that, biologically, he may be his son, but he has never been, nor will he ever be his father. That honor belongs to…

Before he can finish that sentence, Wolverine connects with a claw slash to Daken’s face. Daken notices that he’s bleeding and realizes he’s on the verge of going berserk. He says to himself that he’s in control. He’s not like him. Just then, Wolverine charges but is taken down quickly with a claw slash to this throat. As Daken stands over him, he tells him that he’s better than he is.

While Wolverine is on the ground, he thinks to himself that Daken is right. He’s the best at what they do. It’s just such a damned shame that all they do is kill people. When Daken heads over to the lockboxes, he asks Wolverine what he was there for anyway. Something in one of the boxes? Five-thirty, he believes he said. Would that be box number five-thirty?

On the ground, Wolverine laments that it’s over; he lost ‘im. Just then, Wolverine hears somebody enter into the bank and hears the klump, klump, klump of heavy feet. When he catches the scent of who it is, his eyes widen. In front of him, Cyber appears and tells him to relax little man. He’s not there for him. He’s there for the little boy.

Characters Involved: 


Daken (Wolverine’s son)

Silas Burr/Cyber

Various emergency personnel (Anders is the only one named)

Story Notes: 

The Black Widow informed Wolverine where the C-Synth is kept back in Wolverine: Origins #9.

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