Wolverine: Origins #14

Issue Date: 
July 2007
Story Title: 
Swift and Terrible – Part 4

Daniel Way (writer), Steve Dillon (artist), Matt Milla (colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Aubrey Sitterson (assistant editor), Axel Alonso (editor), Joe Quesada (chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Cover by Marko Djurdjevic

Brief Description: 

In Brussels, Cyber and Daken engage in a deadly brawl. Cyber demands to know where he can find Daken’s master but Daken won’t give in and, ultimately, he manages to get away with the help of Wolverine. Cyber proceeds to pound Wolverine unmercifully until he is felled by a heart arrhythmia. Turns out, the body of the boy he took over, Milo, has a bad heart. Wolverine takes advantage of this and is getting ready to kill him but doesn’t when he realizes that Cyber can provide him with information. After taking him to the sewers, Wolverine interrogates Cyber. When Cyber tells him about his story, it is one where he was being tried for atrocities back in 1912. During the trial, a gun battle broke out and he was taken away by one of the bailiffs, a man eventually known as Sabretooth. Sabretooth took him up to Canada, where he met a man who needs his services, a man by the name of Hudson. Before he can tell more, Cyber almost passes out, causing a desperate Wolverine to try to wake him up. When he asks him what they can do for him to keep him alive, Cyber tells Wolverine that the Tinkerer can help him. So directed, Wolverine grabs the C-synth and starts to take Cyber to the Tinkerer.

Full Summary: 

As Cyber faces off against Daken, he tells him that this shouldn’t take long. Daken calmly replies to Cyber that he looks, what’s the word he’s looking for? Alive… Cyber asks him if he’s surprised. Daken replies not as surprised as he’s about to be. He then calls out get him “dad.”

When Cyber looks down at the fallen Wolverine, Daken takes advantage and catches him with a claw slash to his face. Cyber grabs Daken’s arm and gets him in a rear choke, following it with a head butt to the back of Daken’s skull. As he continues to choke him out, Cyber tells him that his master and he have some matters to discuss. Like why he thought he could get away with selling him up the river. He asks Daken where he is. Daken chokes out buk-tu. Cyber asks him what did he just say? Daken is able to toss Cyber over his shoulder and tells him #@$& you!

As Cyber crashes into the wall, he tells Daken that he’s good. He adds then again, he always was, he was his best student. On the ground, Wolverine hears that part and his eyes open in shock.

As Cyber continues to stalk Daken through the bank, he asks if that’s it. He asks if he’s just going to run away. He tells him that’s okay. He found him once, he can find him again. He adds that it’s pointless to fight him anyhow. It doesn’t really matter that he’s a more skilled fighter than he is and faster too. The fact of the matter is that he’s covered in adamantium. He tells Daken that he can scrape at him with his little claws all he wants. It’s not going to hurt him.

When he enters a darkened room, Daken smashes him with a statue and tells him hurt him – no. He’s going to kill him. He then wraps a telephone wire around Cyber’s neck and attempts to choke him with it. Cyber instinctively reaches back, grabs hold of Daken’s leg and flings him against the wall as if he was a child. When he picks him back up again by the throat, he asks him where were they. Just then, Wolverine enters the fray and grabs Cyber in a full nelson. He tells Daken to take him out, this is his chance. Daken walks away and tells him that there have already been several and there will be others more to his liking, free of interference. With that, Daken leaves.

Once he has left, Cyber tells Logan that he is going to pay for that. Wolverine replies that he knows. Using his brute strength, Cyber breaks free of Wolverine’s arms and delivers a backhand, knocking him across the room. As Wolverine attempts to regroup, Cyber tells him that Daken can run all he wants but eventually he’ll lead him to who he’s looking for. He tells him that what he did, his pathetic little display of fatherly love was pointless. He then tells him not to be stupid. If his son couldn’t get the best of him, he doesn’t stand a chance.

Enraged, Wolverine pops his claws and gets up. Cyber laughs to himself. He tells him that he always liked that about him, he never was afraid to take a beating. As Wolverine leaps towards him, Cyber mentions that this should be informative. He’d been wondering how far he can push this new body of his. He then catches Wolverine by the neck and slams his back down on his knee. As he does so, he tells Wolverine that his boy gave him a nice little workout but he couldn’t really unload on him like he can on him. He doesn’t have the adamantium skeleton; he’d break. He easily dodges a claw slash and flings Wolverine up against the wall. He continues that, if he broke Daken, he wouldn’t be able to question him. Fortunately, he doesn’t need any information from him… Cyber stops dead in his tracks and clutches his chest wondering what is going on.

In a police station, one of the older detectives informs another that Milo Gunderson, the kid, man, whatever, the guy who killed his dad the other night an’ threw him through the wall, Mrs. Gunderson’s son. Whatever it is that made him grow so fast an’ so big put a lot of strain on his heart. His mom wanted to make sure that, when they find him, he gets his medicine. The younger detective asks if their perp might be dead. The older detective answers that he sure hopes not. He wants to get an arrest an’ a conviction on this thing. The younger detective mentions that they should probably canvas the local hospitals then, see if he’s been in for treatment. The older detective answers that is a good idea. From what he knows, he doubts he’s smart enough to do that but they should cover all the bases.

As they leave the police station, the younger detective mentions that wouldn’t it suck if, right when they’re about to bust this guy, he keels over from a heart attack. The older detective answers yeah, that would suck.

In the bank, Cyber is on the ground, clutching his chest. Wolverine comes up behind him and gets him in a rear chokehold. As he holds his claws up to Cyber’s face, Cyber asks him what he is waiting for. In his mind, the memories of Cyber saying “You were my best student” and “I found him once, I can find him again” cause Wolverine to rethink his strategy. He lets Cyber go and puts his claws away. He then tells Cyber to get up and that he’s gonna hafta at least try to walk. He’s too damn big to carry. With that, he offers his hand to Cyber and helps him to his feet.

After some time, Wolverine takes Cyber into the sewers and chains him to a pipe. When Cyber asks him why, Wolverine replies that it’s because he doesn’t trust him. Cyber laughs and says that he shouldn’t, but he was asking why he didn’t leave him to die. Wolverine tells him that it’s ‘cause he wants to know what he knows. Cyber asks if he will exchange the favor, but Wolverine answers no, but he will let him live. Cyber responds that is fair enough and asks where he should start. Wolverine tells him to start at the beginning. Cyber tells him the beginning for him started in Sioux City, Iowa in the spring of 1912.

(the past)

It was during his trial. The judge told him that the court has heard testimony from his subordinate agents and from aggrieved witnesses, all of whom have confirmed that he, Silas Burr, have, during his tenure as a Pinkerton agent, committed atrocities against man, woman and child, frankly, too heinous for him to recount. Throughout, neither he nor his appointed counsel have been able to produce evidence to contradict the accusations or provided the court with any explanation, whatsoever, as to why he did or did not commit these acts of which he was accused. He asks him if he now, before the court passes its final judgment upon him, wish to speak. Silas replies that he was just doing his job.

The judge angrily asks your… He points out to Silas that he slaughtered seven union organizers as if they were cattle. He pistol-whipped a woman to death. He boarded up a schoolhouse and set fire to it, with fourteen children inside. He asks if he was doing his job then. Silas smiles and tells him, yeah, all except the women. They did that for fun. He then looks back to his fellow agents and asks them isn’t that right. The prosecuting attorney reminds the judge that the other agents are immune to prosecution due to their cooperation with the…

He is cut off by Silas, who mentions to the agents that those dock workers they skinned alive, out at the Lancaster farm was pretty fun too. One of the agents angrily accuses Silas of fooling with their heads. They didn’t know what they were doing. Silas answers that he, Henry, knew what he was doing, especially with that girl in Boston. He asks him if he remembers her, or at least what was left of her.

At that moment, Henry pulls a gun out of his suit pocket and goes to shoot Silas. Silas pulls his attorney in front of him and uses him as a shield. Silas tells Henry to stop firing; he was never any good with that thing… As Henry continues to shoot, the judge yells out for the bailiff. As the bailiff goes to take care of the shooter, another bailiff stops him and tells him that he will take care of it. Silas eventually makes his way over to Henry and grabs him by the wrist. As he rips the gun out of his hand, he mentions to him that all he could leave him was one bullet and then proceeds to pistol-whip him. Just then, the bailiff tackles Silas to the ground.

(the present)

Cyber says he confesses to Wolverine that he remembered thinking, when it happened, that no one had ever really gotten the drop on him before. Also that he was really looking forward to an honest-to-god tussle.

(the past)

On the ground, the bailiff cuffs Silas and quietly tells him that he’s a friend and all of this is being taken care of. All he has to do is get up and play nice. Once Silas rises to his feet, the judge tells him that the court finds him guilty on all counts. His sentence – he will be hung until dead. The sentence will be carried out in no less than two days and no longer than a fortnight. He then tells him to pray that God has mercy on his rotten soul.

Once the bailiff escorts Silas out of the courtroom, he finds that the guards are all dead. The bailiff tells him to never mind them, they have to get out of there.

(the present)

Wolverine asks him if the “friend” was Sabretooth. Cyber indicates that it was. He adds that he drove him all the way up to Canada.

(the past)

Once they reach their destination, a military base, Sabretooth escorts him into a building. The man is pleased to see them and asks Sabretooth to remove his shackles. Silas does it himself by pulling his hands apart, breaking the chain. When Silas has a seat, he asks the man what his name is, to which the man asks if it really matters. Silas informs him that it does to him, he likes to know who he’s dealing with. The man replies that he will never know, but he can tell him that his name is Hudson.

(the present)

Incredulous, Wolverine asks Cyber what was his name? He asks again and smacks Cyber across the face. He tells him to wake up. Cyber weakly tells him that he can’t breathe. Wolverine thinks to himself that Cyber can’t die on him now. He then grabs Cyber’s face and tells him to think about his revenge and to think about what he’s going to do to them. Cyber answers that he’s not going to be able to do anything until he’s patched up. Wolverine asks him how is that going to happen, he’s not exactly a prime candidate for open-heart surgery. Cyber tells him that he knows a guy, the Tinkerer, he set him up with a lab in the Hague. He knows how to work with exotic metals. Wolverine goes and picks up the carbonadium synthesizer and frees Cyber from his chains. As he helps him up, he tells him that they need to go see him then.

Characters Involved: 


Daken (Wolverine’s son)

Silas Burr/Cyber

Margie Gunderson (Milo’s mother)

Detectives and various other police officers (all unnamed)

In Cyber’s memories:

Silas Burr

Judge, attorneys, and other court personnel (all unnamed)

Other Pinkerton agents (Henry is the only named)


Guards at a military installation (unnamed)


Story Notes: 

Pinkerton agents were part of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. It was a private U.S. security guard and detective agency established by Allan Pinkerton in 1850. During the labor unrest of the late 19th century, businessmen hired Pinkerton agents to infiltrate unions, and guards to keep strikers and suspected unionists out of factories.

Cyber took over the body of Milo Gunderson in Wolverine Origins #11.

Chances are the Hudson in this issue is an ancestor of James MacDonald Hudson, the first Guardian and creator of Alpha Flight.

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