Wolverine: Origins #25

Issue Date: 
July 2008
Story Title: 
The Deep End – Conclusion (Part Five)

Daniel Way (writer), Steve Dillon (artist), Avalon’s Matt Milla (colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Aubrey Sitterson (assistant editor), John Barber (editor), Axel Alonso (group editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Simone Bianchi (cover art), Simone Peruzzi (cover color)

Brief Description: 

In the abandoned warehouse, Deadpool continues his battle against Daken. For the most part, Daken holds the upper hand during the battle and is able to stay calm. All of that changes when Deadpool tells him that he’s just like Wolverine. When that happens, Daken snaps and loses his focus. He is able to quickly regain the upper hand and before he finishes off Deadpool for good, Logan, freed from his restraints, faces off against his son. However, today there is no battle, as Logan has Bucky shoot Daken in the back of the head with a carbonadium round. Logan then reveals that his plans have come to fruition, even the “hiring” of Deadpool to take him out. All of it was done so that he can help his son to get his mind back. Logan then picks up his son and takes him away as Deadpool lays on the ground, a beaten man.

Full Summary: 

As Logan is submerged in the tank of water after Daken pulled the lever, Deadpool says to Daken that he was gonna do that. Daken replies yes, well it looked like he could use a hand. The one-handed Deadpool peers at him and says “oh no, you didn’t just steal my thunder.” He’s the guy who took out Wolverine and that’s a big deal. That’s something you get what the kids call “mad props” for. He then calls Daken some bushwhacking euro-trash weirdo. He’s the man!

Daken calmly asks him if he’s done yet. With his good right hand, Deadpool points his gun at him and tells him no. As soon as he opens up fire, Daken is nowhere to be found. In the next split second, Daken kicks Deadpool’s arm, causing the gun to fly out of his hand. Deadpool tells him big deal, he can disappear or he has super-speed. Oooooh, he’s so impressed. He’s taken out plenty of guys like him and it’s not because he was born with some… Daken, taking off his jacket, cuts him off and tells him that he doesn’t have any super-powers or, at least, none like he’s described. As loathsome as it is to admit, he’s no faster than he is.

Deadpool immediately pulls out a knife and leaps towards Daken. As he does, he wonders if you ever had one of those moments when you really needed a killer line but you couldn’t think of one? When his knife meets only the wall, Daken is out of the way again and slugs him in the face and follows that up with a kick to his spine. While he flings Deadpool against the wall, he tells him that he can’t disappear. He is simply, always, where his enemy isn’t looking. It is a skill that he learned from the master himself.

Picking himself up off the floor, Deadpool tells him oh yeah “grasshopper,” he has some skills too. Daken peers towards the ground and notices two grenades laying there with their pins pulled. Calmly, he kicks them into the tank as Deadpool calls out to him not to. When they land in the water, they explode. The corresponding blast flings Logan out of the water and frees him from his bonds. As he lays on the ground unconscious, Deadpool asks Daken if he had any idea how hard it was to get Logan in there. Daken responds boo-hoo.

At that moment, Deadpool flings himself through the air to deliver a flying kick to Daken’s face. Daken grabs his leg and jams one of his claws into his leg which causes Deadpool to call out in pain. Preparing to deliver a punch, Deadpool tells him no fair. With extreme calmness, Daken slices off his other hand and tells him definitely not “fair” but then how could it be. Lying on the ground, Deadpool tells Daken that he’s just like him. At that moment, Daken’s face goes from calm to extreme anger and he proceeds to tell Deadpool that he should not have said that. Seeing he has pushed a button, Deadpool says why, does that bother him?

Daken replies by taking a swipe at Deadpool which he is able to dodge. Deadpool replies that he guesses he’ll take that as a “yes.” After dodging the swipe, Deadpool is able to kick Daken in the back of the head, slamming his face into the wall. As Daken slumps against the wall, Deadpool tells him “not bad, eh.” And if he thought that was an impressive display of hand-to-hand combat wait’ll he sees what he can do when he actually has hands. As his hands grow back, Deadpool says to Daken that Logan stole his stylist away, right. That’s why he’s so peeved with Wolverine. Because now, he’s like wandering blindly through the fashion jungle, ineptly feeling his way through the dark with that stupid freakin’ shark fin he has on top of his head.

Enraged, Daken responds by kicking Deadpool in the spine and punching him as hard as he can. As he does so, he screams that Logan’s his father. Holding up Deadpool, and pointing his claws at him, Daken tells him that he’s going to kill Logan for it, not him. Deadpool replies so he’s not gonna kill him, sweet. Daken looks at him and says yes, he’s – wait, no. He meant… Deadpool looks at him and says that he meant what jackass. Livid with that comment, Daken slices Deadpool across the chest. As he falls the ground, Deadpool tells him gutsy move. Daken laughs and says thank you. His approval means so very much to him. Deadpool weakly says that he means it’s one thing for him to go toe-to-toe with Wolverine. He’s crazy. What’s his excuse?

At that moment, Logan stands behind Daken and tells him it’s time. Removing his shirt, Daken replies that it’s long past time old man. Logan informs him that this won’t hurt a bit. Daken says yes, it will. Without moving, Logan tells him no it won’t, Bucky’s a helluva shot. Daken wonders who and then a gunshot is heard. From a nearby rooftop, the Winter Soldier, once known as James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, stands there with a smoking rifle.

Bucky then recalls what has brought him to this point – him admitting that he murdered Logan’s wife and unborn baby. Emma Frost telling Logan that Itsu’s baby, his son, lives and Logan telling him that they got some unfinished business an’ someday soon, they’re gonna settle it. He also recalls when the Tinkerer made Logan the carbonadium rounds and how they were left for him with a note from Logan informing him that that he’ll let him know who and when. He also recalls Deadpool being offered the job to take Wolverine out. Taking the remaining two rounds, Bucky walks away. While he does, he says to himself one down, two to go.

Inside the warehouse, Logan tells Daken that, after what he did in Berlin, springin’ him from the S.H.I.E.L.D. facility, he knew he’d never let anybody take him down permanently, anybody but him. So he got Bucky to put on a costume an’ hire that clown over there, referring to Deadpool, to do just that, take him out. All in the hope he’d come to him because he would’ve never found him otherwise. He then tells Daken that there’s a rifle slug make o’ carbonadium lodged in his brain. Logan then recalls when members of Team X research team experimented with the carbonadium and how it slowed the healing factor to a relative crawl. Logan then tells Daken that the carbonadium will keep his healin’ factor from kickin’ in. Not forever, just long enough for him to take him someplace secure. It took almost a hundred years for him to get his own mind back. Now, he’s gonna get his back, too. Picking up his son, he tells him it’s gonna be okay, he’s with him now.

A he walks away Logan tells Wade that if he can hear him to listen up. This was what it was, there ain’t no money. An’ maybe he could’a taken him out, maybe not. He don’t give a damn an’ neither should he. But if he come gunnin’ for him like this again, he’ll kill him. Then he’ll cut him up into pieces an’ eat him. He’d like to see him come back from that. Laying on the ground, Deadpool says he would. He’s like bad Mexican food, he’ll always come back to haunt him. In his deranged mind, it’s already round two between him and a skinny Wolverine.

Characters Involved: 


Deadpool/Wade Wilson


Winter Soldier/Bucky

In flashback sequences:


Winter Soldier

Emma Frost

The Tinkerer



Team X researchers

Story Notes: 

The “grasshopper” reference refers to the TV show “Kung Fu,” in which a master calls his pupil “grasshopper” during training.

Bucky admitted that he killed Logan’s wife and unborn son back in Wolverine (3rd series) #39.

Emma Frost informed Logan that his son was still alive back in Wolverine Origins #5.

Logan told Bucky that they have unfinished business to deal with back in Wolverine (3rd series) #40.

The Tinkerer provided Logan with three carbonadium rounds back in Wolverine Origins #15. Logan provided those rounds to Bucky in the same issue.

Deadpool was hired by an unknown person, now known to be Bucky, to take out Wolverine back in Wolverine Origins #20.

Daken broke Logan out of the S.H.I.E.L.D. facility, but gutting him first, back in Wolverine Origins #10.

Logan remembered the effects of carbonadium on a mutant healing factor back in Wolverine Origins #6.

Deadpool’s adventures will be followed up on in his new upcoming series in September 2008. It will be written by Daniel Way and drawn by Paco Medina.

This issue also includes a reprint of New Mutants (1st series) #98, the first appearance of Deadpool.

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