Wolverine: Origins #33

Issue Date: 
April 2009
Story Title: 
Weapon XI – Part I

Daniel Way (writer), Doug Braithwaite (pencils), Bill Reinhold (inks), Andy Troy (colors), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Jody LeHeup (assistant editor), John Barber (editor), Axel Alonso (group editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Doug Braithwaite & Andy Troy (cover art)

Brief Description: 

In a bar in Canada, Nick Fury tells Logan what he learned from Cyber. How Logan was a weapon used by both the Canadian and United States governments and also about his connection to the Hudson family. Elizabeth Hudson was Logan’s mother. Frederick and Elias Hudson were her brothers. Elias ran the Hudson Bay Company where Logan worked, while Frederick ran a camp where Logan was later trained. Frederick also fathered who named her child with his secretary, who named him Frederick Hudson II. Frederick II in turn fathered three sons – Truett Hudson, the Professor; Victor Hudson, and James MacDonald Hudson. Fury then tells Logan that he believes Romulus’ plan is to turn Daken into the next-generation Wolverine and plans on bonding his claws to the same metal that comprises the Muramasa blade. Logan then heads off to San Francisco but changes his route to New York when he learns that Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Cannonball, Armor and Colossus have gone to confront Daken.

Full Summary: 

In a bar up in Canada, Nick Fury asks Logan if he knows where his son, Daken, is. When Logan tells him no, Fury informs him that he knows at least where he was 7 hours ago. He was in New York, wearin’ Logan’s costume, playin’ Wolverine for Norman Osborn. Taking a sip of his drink, Logan states that he guesses that means he can finally take that vacation. Fury says no skin off his nose if he does but before he packs his sandals, he’d like him to tell him all about him. ‘Cause that kinda information might come in handy in the future.

Peering at Fury, Logan asks him what makes him think he’d tell him anything about his son. Fury tells him that, if he does, he’ll tell him what he knows about the Weapon X program. Continuing his drink, Logan says he already knows about Weapon X, he was there. He was it, an’ if there’s anything about it he don’t know then it’s probably somethin’ he don’t wanna know. He then tells Fury to try again. Fury says okay and asks how about he tells him what he knows about Romulus?

Logan proceeds to ask Fury if it was he that Cyber talked to. Fury tells him yeah, it was. At first, he thought Cyber was trying to run a game on him, but the thing is a lot of what he told him actually panned out. They always wondered who the hell commissioned the Weapon X project because, contrary to what’s in the official dossier, it sure as hell wasn’t them. And the Canadian government didn’t even know about it until they accused them of developing bio-weapons behind their backs.

Logan remarks that he worked for the Canadian military, he remembers. Fury tells him of course he did. An’ he worked for them too, that was the deal they made. They wouldn’t blow the whistle on them to the international community as long as they got to use him and the rest of Team X too. Nobody knew exactly why he was made but everybody knew what he was made for – killing. At least, they thought they did. But they weren’t thinking big enough.

Fury then asks Logan if the name “Hudson” means anything to him. After hearing that name, Logan thinks back that after Sabretooth killed Silver Fox an’ after he did what he did… the massacre at Mount Logan… he ended up doin’ work for the Hudson Bay Company, “protectin’” the company’s interests from the locals. Soon after that, he ended up at the trainin’ facility that Cyber was workin’ for. He told him in Amsterdam that a guy named Hudson was the one runnin’ the place. Then there was James Hudson – “Mac.” He and his wife found him out in the woods, right after he’d escaped from Weapon X. An’ it was Mac who brought him into Alpha Flight. One o’ his first missions for Alpha Flight was to take down the Hulk, which led him to Professor Charles Xavier. At every wrong turn in his life, in every dark corner, there’s somebody named Hudson.

“What does it all…?” Interrupting, Fury informs Logan that Cyber told him about a training facility in Western Canada, he said he worked there as a trainer. Said that’s where he first met him, Logan. And he said that the man in charge was named Hudson. Logan agrees and says that’s the same thing he told him. Fury then asks Logan if he knows anything else about this “Hudson” guy. When Logan tells him no, Fury replies that he does.

His name was Frederick Hudson. His brother was Elias Hudson, owner of the Hudson Bay Company, who he worked for. Frederick and Elias Hudson were the last of their family line after their parents died aboard a passenger ship that sank off the coast of Vancouver Island. Their sister had died around the turn of the century. Her name was Elizabeth Hudson, she was his, Logan’s, mother.

Logan asks Fury what else he knows about his mother. Fury replies that’s it, just her name. And it took years for him to find out that much. But what he does now is that tragedy seems to follow the Hudson family like a shadow. And he believes that shadow has a name. Logan grits his teeth and says “Romulus.” Fury continues to tell Logan that Elias Hudson committed suicide in his office shortly after he left the company. There were no witnesses. Frederick died when the training facility he was overseeing burned to the ground for unknown reasons (Daken).

That would’ve been the end of the Hudsons, since neither of the brothers had any children, or at least none by their wives. Turns out, Frederick had fathered an illegitimate son by his secretary, a young lady named Caitlyn MacDonald. She named her boy after Frederick as well as giving the child his father’s last name, completely in spite and anger for what Frederick had done to her. Caitlyn MacDonald was found hanging outside the hospital window by her bed sheets two days after giving birth.

Frederick Hudson II was raised in an orphanage. Ultimately, he would die from a stab wound received in a bar fight around the age of 30. But, before his untimely end, he did his best to make sure the Hudson family survived. He fathered three sons by three different women.

The first was Truett Hudson who grew up to the Professor. He believes he met him, back when Logan’s bones were fused with adamantium at the hands of Weapon X. The second was Victor Hudson, born blind and mute. Victor was raised in solitude by his mother Bernice. One day, Bernice walked into her local church proclaiming that she had given birth to the devil’s child and that, the previous night, the devil had not only revealed himself to her, but had taken child back into his bosom. Then she blew her brains out all over the congregation. No one ever saw Victor Hudson again.

Last in line was Logan’s pal, James Hudson, head of Department H. Logan informs Fury that he knows who James is. Fury tells him was, he means. He’s dead. This brings him to his point. He believes the Hudsons have been the pawns of Romulus for over a century. He uses them like puppets so that he doesn’t have to expose himself. But as soon as one of them serves his or her purpose, they’re taken off the board. He, Logan, is a Hudson. So is his son and they’re both still alive. Which he thinks means…

Logan finishes his thought that Romulus still has plans for them. Fury states that he believes that plan is Weapon X. Logan remarks that Weapon X is a thing of the past. Anything that came afterward. Deadpool, Wild Child, Sabretooth… Fury cuts him off and says ‘was an unsuccessful attempt to create the next-generation Wolverine.’ And the reason is simple, Weapon X didn’t create him, Romulus did.

Closing his eyes, Logan asks that Weapon X was just an attempt to control him? Fury informs him that may have been a secondary goal but he thinks the primary goal of the Weapon X project was to upgrade him, to bring him up to speed to outfit him for the age of super-powers. A weapon made of flesh and bone wasn’t enough anymore. He had to be made stronger, unbreakable. He was born to kill; Weapon X made him capable of killing super-heroes.

Logan asks Fury if he thinks that’s what Romulus wants. Fury replies that he didn’t get it; at least not from him. When Charles Xavier brought him into the X-Men, he came under his psychic protection. Romulus couldn’t get into his head anymore. That may have slowed him down, but it didn’t stop him. He doesn’t think anything short of death would. For more than a century, Romulus has been systematically refining and revising his perfect killing machine – him, Logan. When he became untouchable, he thinks he simply switched tracks. Daken is the next-generation Wolverine by birth, but that’s not enough for Romulus. He thinks he intends to make him the next-generation Weapon X as well.

Fury tells Logan that he was a weapon created to kill super heroes. Logically, the next step is to create a weapon that can kill him, but that’s not possible, or is it? A while back, he came across a recording or a teleconference between the president of the United States and Kenuichio Harada, the Silver Samurai. He’s telling the President about a sword. Logan asks Fury that he knows about the sword? Fury says “the Muramasa blade, yes.” Logan then asks what that has to do with Daken or Weapon X. Fury tells him that he thinks together, they are Weapon X, the next generation of Weapon X. And he thinks Romulus is trying to make sure they come together. When Logan asks what, Fury tells him that his claws, basic as they are, are incredible tactical weapons, he can’t be disarmed. When they were encased in adamantium, they became even better. They made him capable of taking down the hard targets. He adds that Logan’s son has claws too. If they were to become encased in the metal the blade is made of, Daken would be able to take down the hardest of targets – him. Logan remarks that he wouldn’t know how. Fury tells him that the Tinkerer would and he’s been spotted in New York yesterday. Fury tells Logan that he’s going after the sword and proceeds to ask him where it is.

At the X-Men’s headquarters, Scott Summers, the X-Man known as Cyclops gathers the Muramasa blade while his lover, Emma Frost, asks what he is doing. Looking at a monitor, Emma informs Scott that that’s not Wolverine on Osborn’s team. Scott tells her no, it’s someone worse: his son. Emma replies then let Wolverine deal with him. Scott informs her that’s not his style, not anymore. They may know that isn’t the real Wolverine but no one else does. To the public at large, he’s one of them, an X-Man. Everything he does reflects upon them. Emma says but they don’t know what he’s going to do, they can’t assume… Scott tells her that she’s been in Daken’s head, what does she think he’s going to do? Bowing her head, Emma replies that if he kills his son, Wolverine will kill him. Nothing will stop him. Raising the blade, Scott says this will.

Outside the bar in Canada, Logan tells Fury that he needs to get to San Francisco now. Fury replies that he’ll drive and leads him out to an alley. When Logan sees Fury’s broken down vehicle, he asks him is that the best he can do? Fury tells him yup and pushes a button on a remote control. Immediately, the broken down vehicle transforms into a flying craft. Fury informs Logan that it’s a prototype. The bean counters at S.H.I.E.L.D. deemed it too expensive for production, so they warehoused it. He stole it. Logan tells him that after what the way they’ve treated him, he doesn’t blame him one bit. Entering the craft, Fury tells him that he stole it seven years ago.

Once in the air, Logan calls Hank McCoy and asks him to patch him through to Scott. When Hank tells him that he can’t, Logan asks him what he means. Hank informs him that Scott is radio silent until he lands, he doesn’t want anyone triangulating his position. Logan asks that he’s deployed, where’s he goin’? Just then, Emma enters Logan’s head and tells him that Scott has taken a team to New York to confront his son. He said he’s only going to warn him, but he has the Muramasa blade with him.

Upon hearing that, Logan curses and tells Fury to fly to New York. He then tells Emma that she has to get a message to Scott to stay the hell away from Daken. Emma replies that she knows he wants to protect his son, but… Logan cuts her off and tells her that it’s a trap, he’s flushing him out. Daken wants the blade out in the open so he can take it.

At that moment, in New York, the Blackbird lands and Colossus, Cannonball, Armor and Nightcrawler exit. Leading them is Cyclops, toting the Muramasa blade.

Characters Involved: 

Armor, Cannonball, Colossus, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Nightcrawler, Wolverine (all X-Men)

Nicholas Fury

Various patrons of a bar in Canada (all unnamed)

On monitors:

Ares, Wolverine (Daken), Hawkeye (Bullseye), Spider-Man (Venom) (all Dark Avengers)

In flashbacks:

Logan, Victor Creed, and Maverick (all Team X)

Various residents of Mount Logan (all unnamed)

Silas Burr

James MacDonald Hudson (Guardian), Sasquatch, Shaman, Northstar, Aurora, and Snowbird (all Alpha Flight)

Elizabeth Hudson (Logan’s mother)

Elias Hudson and Frederick Hudson (Logan’s uncles)


Caitlyn MacDonald (Frederick’s mistress and mother of Frederick Hudson II)

Truett Hudson (the Professor)

Victor Hudson

Victor Hudson’s mother Bernice

Various members of a local church where Bernice shot herself (all unnamed)

Wild Child, Deadpool, Sabretooth and Romulus (in shadow)

Cyclops, Storm, Thunderbird, Banshee, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Professor Charles Xavier (all X-Men)

Story Notes: 

This issue has a lot of information in it. Some of it can be quite confusing, so here are Cliff Notes.

1. Logan was born in 1894, give or take.

2. Frederick Hudson was born in 1890.

3. Logan was trained at the Hudson facility in 1912 at the age of 18 before he served in World War I under the command of Cyber. (Wolverine Origins #14)

4. Frederick Hudson impregnates his secretary in 1912 at age 22. She then gives birth in 1912 to Frederick Hudson II. Note - There is a problem here as it was revealed in Wolverine Origins #27, that this event occurred in 1959. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work anywhere in this time-line if Caitlyn MacDonald’s child grows up to be Frederick Hudson II who fathers the Professor (who would have been alive in 1944). As a result, the 1959 is most likely the error.

5. World War I ran from 1914 – 1918.

6. Frederick Hudson II fathered Truett (the Professor) in 1926 at age 14.

7. World War II ended in 1945. At that time, Truett would have been about 18.

8. Logan fathered Daken around 1946. (Wolverine Origins #26)

9. Daken was found by Romulus in 1955 at age 9. (Wolverine Origins #27)

10. Daken is training at the facility run by Frederick Hudson by age 13 – 1959. (Wolverine Origins #27)

11. Daken kills Frederick in 1959. At that point, Frederick would have been about 69 – possible considering Romulus is involved.

While not perfect, it does explain some things. It was mentioned in this issue that Romulus uses people until they are of no use to him. He could have used his powers, which are unrevealed at this time, to keep Frederick Hudson alive as long as he wants.

Logan massacred the people of Mount Logan with an axe as revealed back in Wolverine Origins #24.

Cyclops came into possession of the Muramasa blade back in Wolverine Origins #5 after Logan first found out about his son.

Daken became Wolverine for Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers team as revealed in Dark Avengers #1.

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