Wolverine: Origins #34

Issue Date: 
May 2009
Story Title: 
Weapon XI – Part II

Daniel Way (writer), Doug Braithwaite (pencils), Bill Reinhold, Cam Smith, & Paul Neary (inks), Art Lyon & Andy Troy (colors), VC’s Cory Petit (letters), Randall Miller (production), Jody LeHeup (assistant editor), John Barber (editor), Axel Alonso (group editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer), Doug Braithwaite & Andy Troy (cover art)

Brief Description: 

While Emma tries to convince Norman Osborn to call off Daken, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Cyclops, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Armor and Cannonball all arrive in Prospect Park in New York. In short order, Armor, Nightcrawler, Cannonball and Colossus are all picked off systematically by Daken. After an explosion knocks off Cyclops visor, Daken steals the Muramasa blade and goes to deliver the killing blow. However, before he can, Logan arrives and the sword is knocked loose. They both rush towards it, but Logan is able to grab hold of it and tells Daken to stand down. During that time, Cyclops recovers and proceeds to blast not only Daken but Logan too. As he drags Daken to the Blackbird, Logan asks him to leave his son with him; he can keep the blade. While he ponders the decision, Daken awakens, stabs Cyclops in the leg, grabs the sword and goes to kill Cyclops with it while Logan leaps at him, yelling no!

Full Summary: 

Once the Blackbird lands in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York, the residents take off. Watching them run, Cannonball mentions to Cyclops that it looks like the locals are suitably impressed and proceeds to ask him what Wolverine’s kid is doing there. Cyclops informs him that’s what they’re there to find out. Cannonball asks that it’s gonna take all of them to do that, this guy must really be something. Cyclops tells him he’s something all right.

Cyclops then informs the team that they know that Daken’s been spotted coming in and out of an apartment in Park Slope that belongs to a man named Alessandro Volara. They think this man’s been providing Daken with a place to stay, possibly more. Cannonball asks “more?” Cyclops informs him that Volara has been indicted twice for arms smuggling but never convicted. If he and Daken are working together, it’s possible that he’s supplied Daken with military-grade ordnance. Cannonball says oh, that kind of more.

Cyclops continues that Volara’s place is four blocks away and that their landing place was the best and most logical staging area. When Colossus asks him that Emma is not able to give them a specific location for Daken, Cyclops tells him that she might be able to, but she won’t. Armor then mentions to Cyclops that it would seem the two of them do not agree on the merits of this mission. Cyclops tells her that they don’t have to agree. Emma and he share many things, but leadership of the X-Men isn’t one of them. Bowing, Armor tells him her apologies, she does not question his leadership, only their circumstances. Cyclops tells her, Hisako, no apologies necessary, suffice it to say they can’t count on Emma.

In the X-Men’s base of operations located in San Francisco, Emma Frost enters a room and secures a channel. She then utters the words “contact codename: great and terrible.” When she does so, Norman Osborn is shown on a large screen, flanked by Ares and Spider-Man (Venom) stationed in Avengers Tower. Norman informs Ms. Frost that he is surprised to be hearing from her. When Emma tells him that she doubts that, Norman asks does she? He’s hurt. Emma tells him that she doubts that even more. Emma then tells him that they had a deal. Norman asks “had” a deal? Emma tells him not to play coy with her and tells him to call Daken off. Norman asks her why he would do that.

After a short period of time, Norman informs Emma that, if she’s attempting to read his mind, don’t bother. Even if they psychic shields that surround him weren’t state-of-the-art, he’d have no problem telling her that he has no idea what Daken is up to. But now that his curiosity is piqued, he thinks he’d like to. He then tells Ms. Frost that she talked her way into this, let’s hear her talk her way out. What is Daken up to?

In the jet, making their way to New York, Nick Fury asks Logan that if Daken gets hold of the Muramasa blade what can they expect. Worst-case scenario? Logan tells him that he can expect the worst-case scenario. Smacking the steering wheel in disgust, Fury asks Logan why he gave the blade to Summers for safekeeping? He should’ve given it to him. Logan replies no offense, but that would be like givin’ the A-bomb to Hitler. Fury remarks that Hitler had the A-bomb, they stole it. Logan tells him exactly. Seems to him he steals a lotta things, the jet for instance. Fury informs him that he takes what he needs to do the job. Logan remarks that havin’ somethin’ like the Muramasa blade would go a long way toward that, wouldn’t it? Fury replies yeah, it would.

When Logan asks Fury what their E.T.A. is, Fury tells him nineteen minutes at top speed but they’ll have to slow down to subsonic and drop below the deck once they near the city or they risk getting picked up on radar. Gritting his teeth, Logan tells him to keep the hammer down, they’re gonna hafta chance it. Nineteen minutes may be all the time the X-Men have.

On the ground in Prospect Park, Colossus leads the team while they make their way to Volara’s apartment. Cyclops tells the team to keep their eyes open. With Daken, they never know what angle the attack will come from but believe him, it’s coming. Further up, Daken watches them from his position in the trees, unbeknownst to them. Nightcrawler then asks Cyclops that he doesn’t think they will catch him unaware, corner him perhaps? Cyclops responds that he thinks that’s the last thing they want to do.

Just then, Colossus holds up his hand, informing the team to halt in their tracks. As he armors up, Cyclops asks him what… Colossus cuts him off and informs him landmine. Just then, a massive explosion occurs which tosses Colossus to the ground. When Cyclops asks him if he’s okay, he is told that he is fine. However, when he asks Armor, she takes a few steps and then collapses. When another explosion occurs, Cyclops shouts that Daken’s triggering them by remote, he’s somewhere close by.

Watching the explosions from the jet, Logan tells Fury to put them down there. Fury informs him no can do. He’s getting pinged by at least four different towers, he can’t risk the exposure. He knows he promised to get him there, but he’s got his own problems to deal with too. Logan informs him to do a fly-by then over the lake. After that, they’re done. Fury tells him he’s insane. Jumping out of the plane without a parachute, Logan replies that it runs in the family.

As the explosions continue to rock Prospect Park, Cyclops points into the trees and tells Cannonball there he is. Flying off, Cannonball tells him that he’s way ahead of him. In a clearing, Cyclops sees an injured civilian and tells Nightcrawler to get him clear. Teleporting in, Nightcrawler tells the man in the hooded sweatshirt that he begs his pardon but this may cause him some discomfort. As Nightcrawler puts his hand on the man’s shoulder, he tells him that he needs to go. Turning around, the man reveals himself as Daken and tells Nightcrawler that he was about to tell him the same thing and proceeds to stab him in the gut with his claws.

Across the park, Cannonball discovers the man that he has “saved” is not Daken. He then asks the man who he is. Stammering, the man informs him that h-his name is Alessandro Volara and begs him to help him. He can pay him; just get this thing off of him. Looking down at the man’s chest, Cannonball sees him covered in what looks to be batteries. Less than a moment later, elsewhere a button is pressed by Daken and an electric current rushes from the device on the man’s chest which takes Cannonball out of action.

After more explosions occur, Cyclops calls out to fall back to the ship. While Colossus carries Armor and follows his leader, Cyclops uses his transmitter and calls out to Nightcrawler and Cannonball to report. Before he can proceed any further, an explosion happens in front of Cyclops which knocks his visor off. Covering his eyes, Scott tells Colossus that they have to gather the X-Men and conduct an emergency evac… Colossus informs him that they are cut off from the ship.

After more explosions occur in front of them, Colossus tells Scott that they have to go the other way. When Scott tells him No!, they have to find the rest of the team, Colossus states that he will come back for them. However, a few steps later, Colossus falls into a deep pit, filled with water. As he sinks down into it, Cyclops blindly grabs Armor’s arm and pulls her safely out of the pit. Collapsing to the ground in a heap, Daken grabs the Muramasa blade and holds it to Cyclops forehead. Pursing his lips in a snarl, he tells him not to open his eyes even though he’d love for him to see this.

However, before Daken can deliver the killing blow, Logan appears in his yellow and blue costume and proceeds to slash the sword out of Daken’s hands. As they face off, both rush off to get to the sword. Daken wins and tells Logan “too slow old man.” Logan responds by jamming his claws into Daken’s arm and grabbing hold of the sword. Holding it up to Daken, Logan tells him “boy, you will listen to me now.” He tells him it’s over, it’s done, it ends here. He will not allow him to become him. Daken asks him that he thinks that’s what he wants? No, he is destined to become something far, far greater.

Before Logan can ask him what he is saying, Cyclops blasts Daken with an optic blast. After another blast fells Logan, Cyclops picks up the sword, grabs Daken and begins to drag him towards the Blackbird. Putting another visor on, Scott calls Hank and informs him that he has Daken. Hank asks him that he took him alive? Scott informs him that he needs to secure him onboard, then gather up the rest of the… Hank cuts him off and warns him to think about what he is doing.

Just then, Logan picks himself up and tells Scotts to listen to Hank and give Daken to him. He can keep the blade; just give him his son – please. While Scott ponders his decision, Daken wakes up, stabs Scott in the leg with his claws, grabs the sword and prepares to deliver the killing blow. As he does, Logan leaps at him and exclaims “No!”

Characters Involved: 

Armor, Cannonball, Colossus, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Nightcrawler, Wolverine (all X-Men)

Nicholas Fury


Alessandro Volara

via comm. Transmission


On monitors:

Norman Osborn, Ares, and Spider-Man (Venom) (all Dark Avengers)

Story Notes: 

Cyclops came into possession of the Muramasa blade back in Wolverine Origins #5 after Logan first found out about his son.

Daken became Wolverine for Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers team as revealed in Dark Avengers #1.

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