Wolverine: Xisle #1

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June 2003
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Bruce Jones (writer), Jorge Lucas (artist), Studio F’s Oscar Carreno (colors), David Sharpe (letters), Nova Ren Suma (assistant editor), Mike Raicht (associate editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

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Logan and Amiko are at a museum, where they are staring at a painting of a pirate stranded on a desert island. Logan says he doesn’t like it, so Amiko tries to tell him about the painter. They wonder around the museum until Amiko realizes that Logan really isn’t into it. Per Logan’s suggesting, they go to a carnival, where they go on a few rides such as the haunted house and then grab some food. They come across a game and Amiko wants the prize teddy bear from it, so Logan takes a ball and knocks over all the glasses behind the counter. However, the stall owner realizes he’s a mutant and refuses to let him have the bear. Wolverine becomes angry and causes a scene, embarrassing Amiko. Later on, they sit on the Ferris wheel and Logan tries to apologize. From up high, they see a crowd gathering and so they decide to investigate. A bunch of people are crowding around the entrance to the freak show. Logan is disgusted by it but Amiko tells him if people don’t go and see it then the freaks don’t eat. Logan reluctantly goes to pay but the man running it makes some derogatory comments and so Logan walks away, leaving Amiko there. Later on, Amiko finds Logan and says she gave the guy some money but didn’t go in. They go off to try and win Amiko a teddy bear again. They come to a stall and Logan pays some money. He picks up a knife and goes to throw it at a target. Just then, some hecklers walk by and distract him, causing him to miss. He tries to throw another knife but he misses again, this time because he is getting angry. A crowd starts to gather around him as he loses his temper. He forces the game owner to let him play again and then violently knocks Amiko aside when she tries to get him to calm down. He throws another knife at the target before the crowd starts to attack him. Suddenly, they are stopped by someone screaming. Logan runs and finds Amiko who in turn runs away from him. Later on, he drowns his sorrows in a bar. He gets so drunk he passes out and when he wakes up he finds himself on a beach.

Full Summary: 

says he doesn’t like it and Amiko tells him it’s called “Marooned” and it was painted by Howard Pyle. She looks in a brochure and reads him some facts about the painting. Nevertheless, Logan puts his hands on his head and tells her he still doesn’t like it. As they stand in front of the painting in a museum, Amiko tells him that Pyle was a genius that taught N.C. Wyeth and Frank Schoonover. Logan says he has never heard of them and so Amiko mentions Norman Rockwell. Logan says he has heard of him and Amiko sighs. She muses on the fact that of the eight million foster fathers in the world she gets him. She recites more information from the booklet as they walk downstairs.
Logan says he hasn’t seen her in months and says they should split to see the carnival in town. She says he has taken her to the carnival before. She’s growing up; she needs culture.

When they come to a painting with lots of naked women on it, Logan says he likes this one. Amiko looks at the painting and says it figures… it has violence and naked chicks on it. Logan stares closely at the painting and says it isn’t that. He looks at a man on the bed and says it’s him. Everyone else in the painting is going ape but this guy on the pillow is cool as glass. Now that’s a winner. Amiko looks in her booklet and tells him the painting is Death of Sardanapalus by Delacroix. It’s about an Assyrian ruler who spent two years losing to his enemies before his palace fell. He placed his treasures, horses and concubines in his bedroom and had them put to death before his eyes. She tells him that he is a loser. In jest, Logan asks what a “concubine” is and the incredulous Amiko gives up and says he wins… they can go to the carnival.

As they leave the museum, Amiko asks what he would do. He asks what she means and she clarifies what he would do if he were the pirate who was stranded in the Pyle painting. They go to a car park and he sits Amiko on his motorbike. He tells her it would never happen, as he hates the sand. She says it could happen to anyone under the right circumstances. She asks if he knows what she thinks as they drive off. He says he doesn’t but he has a feeling she’s going to tell him. She says she thinks everyone is trapped on their own little private islands. But they are too stubborn or arrogant to admit it. Or maybe too scared. Logan chips in and says maybe they are too mature for a thirteen year old.

As a man points a gun at a growling werewolf, it slashes him with his claws. Amiko smiles and holds onto Logan. She tells him it’s pretty realistic. He asks if she’s kidding. He points out that isn’t the way to use your claws. He could show that werewolf a thing or two. They are sat in a car on a haunted house ride passing by an animatronical display. Amiko says he should say it louder so everyone can hear what he is. He asks if she meant a mutant and then says “big deal.”

As they leave the ride, he tells her he doesn’t see why he should hide his powers, but Amiko isn’t listening. She runs off for some cotton candy instead. Logan continues and says he also has his own set of unbreakable claws. Amiko scorns men and says it’s all about who’s got the biggest toys or who’s the strongest or fastest. She tells him no matter how many people he beats up he will eventually meet someone stronger and faster. She sighs and says there must be a reason why she loves him so much. Picking candy floss off a stick, she says maybe it’s the hair; it makes him look like a big teddy bear. Logan looks at her and asks what she just said. She tells him a big hairy teddy bear to cuddle up to. All growling on the outside but soft as pudding underneath. Logan walks off and asks how she would like to be marooned on a flume ride. She pretends to be scared and then says not to abandon her Mr. Teddy.

She suddenly spots a big teddy bear on one of the carnival stores. The man behind the counter shouts out to them and tells Logan to prove his manhood before the little lady’s adoring eyes. Amiko stares at the big pink teddy bear and says she thinks she loves him. Logan turns to walk away saying the games are fixed. The man at the game asks if he’s afraid of looking bad in front of his kid. He gestures to the game that consists of a bunch of bottles stacked on top of each other. He tells the man to stand out of his way as he goes to the stall. Behind him some passersby remark that he looks like a werewolf. Logan picks up one of the red balls and hurls it at the bottles behind the man. He knocks them all over with incredible force, surprising everyone around him. The crowd starts to comment that he isn’t human and the game owner says the game isn’t for mutants. Logan grabs the man and drags him over the counter. He says he knocked down the bottles and now he wants the bear. The man goes to hand Logan the bear and says he doesn’t want any trouble. Amiko pulls on Logan’s arm and says it’s not important. She drags him away from the game and tells him she’s thirsty.

Later on, they are sat on the Ferris wheel as Amiko sips on a soda. After a few moments of silence, Logan tells her that it isn’t easy being a mutant. She adds “with a lousy temper?” He says he knows he disappoints her sometimes but before he can finish she interrupts. She pretends to be him and says he loves her even if he is occasionally stubborn, churlish, bull-headed and… Logan speaks up and says he can talk for himself. He says he supposes she would have been as sweet as syrup with the guy before and she would have let everything go. She says not everything; she would have taken the bear. Down below, a big crowd starts to gather outside one of the tents, causing Amiko to wonder what’s going on.

As they walk towards the crowd, Logan suggests going on a rollercoaster but Amiko is more interested in what is causing the crowd. As they walk through the crowd, they see a man standing on the stage ushering people closer to it. Behind him are a number of people, many with physical deformities. The man invites everyone to see the misfortunate creatures that Mother Nature has seen fit to torment. They are all live and real and there is much more inside. Logan turns to go but Amiko says she wants to go in. He says to forget it but she tells him that if they don’t pay to see them then these people don’t eat. He says to let them get jobs like other people. Amiko pushes him forward and says that they are not like other people. He can be really thick sometimes. They go to the ticket booth and the man on stage yells down at him. He says to give the girl and education to see how the other half lives. Logan becomes angry and Amiko tells him to ignore the man. He starts getting angry but when all the deformed people on stage start to look at him he calms down. He hands Amiko some money for the tickets and tells her to have a ball. He tells her to meet him by the rollercoaster when she is down and with that he walks away.

A short while later, Logan is leaning against the railings to the rollercoaster. Amiko comes up to him and he asks if she enjoyed the freaks. She tells him she didn’t go in but she did give the man the money. He tells her she’s a pretty good kid. He puts his arms around her and says he’s getting grumpy in his old age. They start to walk off and he says she still doesn’t have a teddy bear. They go up to a stall and Amiko says it doesn’t matter. He tells her it does and points to a bear and asks how it looks. Logan walks up to the counter and asks the guy how much. The man tells him he has to get one knife dead center and the bear belongs to the little lady.

Logan pays some money and takes a knife. Just then, two people who had been heckling him at the other stall earlier come up behind him. They recognize him and the woman says “it’s the werewolf guy.” The man with her says he looks more like a badger. Logan gets angry and throws the knife at the target board. He misses the center and the stall owner says he will have to go better than that. Another man behind him says a man like him shouldn’t be allowed a knife. Logan throws another knife and it misses the center again. The stall owner commiserates him and then asks who’s next. Logan gets some money out for another try but Amiko says to forget it. The man behind the stall tells him to let someone else have a go, but Logan grabs him by the scruff of the next and forces him to give him another try. He throws another knife and misses yet again. The woman behind him says to her husband she wants to see the freak show, but the man says they are seeing it. The crowd around him starts laughing and Logan turns to the man and says he has a big mouth on him.

Logan is still holding a knife and Amiko grabs his hand and tells him they should go. He angrily pushes her away, causing her to fall backwards into the stall. In a blind rage, he takes the knife and throws it at the board again. The crowd suddenly starts grabbing Logan and pulling him to the floor and attacking him. Logan unsheathes his claws and sends everyone flying. Suddenly, a scream rings out and everyone stops fighting. Logan runs to find Amiko. She is sitting on the floor against the stall and crying. As he goes near her, she runs away.

Later on, Logan is sat at a bar, getting drunk. As he stares into a shot glass, he remembers chasing Amiko across the beach. Eventually, he slumps over holding a drink.

When he wakes up, he finds himself on a beach.

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Tourists at museum

Tourists at carnival

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