Wolverine: Xisle #2

Issue Date: 
June 2003
Story Title: 

Bruce Jones (writer), Jorge Lucas (artist), Studio F’s Oscar Carreno (colors), David Sharpe (letters), Nova Ren Suma (assistant editor), Mike Raicht (associate editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Logan wakes up on a beach and can’t remember how he got there. He sees the words “Get out of this one wiseass” scrawled on the sand. He walks off along the beach, hoping to find someone but ends up back at the writing again. Realizing he is stranded on an island, he tries to figure out how he got there and who did it. A young boy finds him by throwing stones at him. Logan tries to get information out of him but the boy remains elusive. Logan hears some music coming from the nearby jungle and the boy realizes it’s almost night time. He runs off and Logan follows. Night time comes and Logan has lost the boy and he wanders through the jungle. He realizes he is being followed and assumes it’s the boy. He goes to confront him but no one answers. When he continues on, a giant hairy monster strikes him and knocks him down, injuring his shoulder. However, before he can fight back, the monster disappears. He tries to get some sleep but is woken up by noises. He follows the noises and comes across an inn. He enters and finds the music he heard earlier was coming from the jukebox. He tries talking to the patrons at the bar but they ignore him. When Logan asks for some food, the barmen just tells him to hurry. Someone throws a bottle at him but he can’t find who did it. He suddenly realizes he is bleeding profusely from his shoulder. He collapses on the floor as everyone around him ignores him.

Full Summary: 

Logan lies on a barren stretch of sand. As he regains consciousness, ocean waves splash around him. He staggers to his feet and sees a jungle ahead of him. He looks around to find himself standing all alone on a sandy, tropical beach. He looks down at the sand to see the words “get out of this one wiseass!” scrawled in it. Muttering it must be a joke, he starts to walk along the beach and wonders how he got there. He continues to walk along the desolate beach, talking to himself. He says he will have to walk for hours with no food or water until he gets to a European restaurant. At which point everyone will jump out and yell “surprise.” However, what he doesn’t realize is he’s on an island covered in dense forest and no sign of life.

Eventually, he walks so far he comes across the writing in the sand again and realizes he’s back where he started. Sitting on a rock looking out to sea, he figures he’s marooned. He’s on some island in the middle of the Atlantic, judging by the smell of the ocean. He wonders who marooned him there and how they did it. He’s got a mutant healing power, so he can’t be drugged, but he cannot remember anything before waking up on the island. He gets angry and slashes at the sand and says someone will pay. He mutters to himself that it’s too bad his claws aren’t water wings.

He sits on the beach looking at the ocean for a while. Eventually, a seagull flies down and lands on a nearby rock. Logan throws a stone at it but misses. He laments on the fact he’s marooned, starving and now he’s lost his throwing arm. As he stares at the seagull, he imagines it sneering back at him. Suddenly, a stone clips him on the back of the head. He turns to see a small boy in the distance, holding another stone. The boy says he isn’t too controlled. Logan says he’s right if he means his temper at the moment.

He asks the red-headed boy if he lives around there and the boy tells him all his life. Logan asks where that is and the boy throws a stone at him and says the island. Logan starts to get irritated but he is suddenly distracted by some music coming from somewhere. He turns to see where it is coming from as the boy throws another stone. He catches it as he asks if the boy can hear the music. The boy asks what he means and Logan says he can hear music. He heads off towards the jungle and turns to see the boy standing still. The boy looks at the setting sun and then says he’s got to go. With that, he runs off as Logan shouts after him. The boy says “he” comes at night as he runs into the jungle. Logan runs after him but when he gets in the jungle he loses him.

Logan turns around to watch the sun set at an incredible rate. He makes his way through the jungle in the darkness, but ends up tripping over a tree root and becomes angry because he can’t see. He’s supposed to be a hotshot tracker, Logan tells himself. Suddenly, he smells something and realizes it’s water. He runs off and finds a small pool of water in the stump of a fallen tree. As he sips, he hears the music again and realizes it sounds like carnival music.

Logan goes off in search for it, wondering through the jungle. Soon, he hears a crack of a tree branch and stops still. He shouts out, thinking it’s the kid from earlier. No one answers but he continues to hear something in the jungle around him. He unsheathes his claws and says he knows someone’s out there. As he stands in a grassy clearing, he shouts out again for them to come out and fight like a man. He gets irritated, sheathes his claws and begins to wander through the jungle again. Suddenly, a huge hairy monster tears through the undergrowth with its claws and knocks Logan down, tearing the shirt at his shoulder. Logan unsheathes his claws again and rushes at the monster. He dives at where it stood but he finds it gone. He looks around but cannot see it. He says it was all bark and no bite.

Logan tries to get some sleep. He curls up on the floor but is soon woken up again. He hears some strange noises and goes off in search of what’s causing them. Eventually, he sees a large house in the distance. He walks up to it and sees that it’s actually an inn called The Risposte. He enters and sees a jukebox playing the music he heard earlier. He turns to some men sitting at a table and asks if this is what they call music around here. It’s got a good beat to it but you can’t dance. The men stare silently back at him. He tells them it’s just the way he feels about it. He tells them his name is Logan and goes to the bar.

He asks the large man behind the bar if he serves food, but the man stares back at him without saying a word. Logan gets angry and says to the man he was talking to him. The barman smiles the same sinister smile the seagull gave him earlier. The barman tells Logan to hurry causing Logan to ask what he meant. Before he replies, a bottle is thrown at Logan from behind him. It misses him and hits the bottles behind the bar, smashing and spraying alcohol everywhere. He spins around to see who threw it but can’t see anyone. The shoulder which the monster hit earlier suddenly starts bleeding profusely. Logan begins to feel weary and slumps against the bar saying he can’t get his head on straight. The barman simply looks at him and tells him to hurry again. Logan asks what he’s talking about and then looks at his shoulder. It dawns on him he isn’t healing. He drops down to the floor and says he is supposed to heal; he isn’t supposed to die. With that, he falls face down on the floor in a pool of blood as the barman and his customers go about their business.

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Young Boy



Drinkers at inn

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