X-Factor (1st series) #100

Issue Date: 
March 1994
Story Title: 
Mahapralaya !

J.M. DeMatteis (writer), Jan Duursema (penciler), Al Milgrom (inker), Glynis Oliver (colorist), Richard Starkings (letterer), Kelly Corvese (editor), Bob Harras (X-editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Havok, Polaris, Strong Guy, Multiple Man and Random find themselves confronted by Wolfsbane and Valerie Cooper who have allied themselves with Haven and her brother Monsoon, in order to bring about the Mahapralaya hundreds of years before it supposed to occur so that a new humanity may be born. A lot of discussion about right and wrong goes on, and Haven explains how she hopes to usher in the Mahapralaya, encouraged along by the voice from within that speaks to her, - with a satellite moving towards the Californian coast which will exltro-magnetically stimulate several major fault-lines, creating devastating earthquakes. The sympathetic Madrox dupe also allies himself with Haven. Valerie decides to give X-Factor a chance to fully understand the Mahapralaya, by sending them on a personal Pralaya. Haven observes Havok, Polaris, Multiple Man, Strong Guy and Random as they experience twisted versions of themselves, before waking in a prison inside Haven’s fortress. After trying to escape, they are freed by Monsoon - and Valerie, who, as it turns out, had known about Haven’s plot for eight months, when Monsoon contacted her, and has been spending that time preparing to infiltrate Haven’s fortress. But Haven has been on to Valerie, and as they attempt to escape, Haven’s warriors step in to try and stop them. Wolfsbane grows increasingly concerned, while the real Multiple Man seeks out Haven, hoping she may be able to cure him from the Legacy Virus. Valerie has a plan on how to stop the satellite - but it involves Havok and Polaris using their powers to the upmost precision. The lovers do so - and the satellite is destroyed. The rain begins to pour down as Haven, admitting defeat, appears with Wolfsbane and the motionless Multiple Man. Polaris reveals that Multiple Man has the Legacy Virus, and Haven puts it to Havok as to whether or not she should use her power to cure him. Havok is reluctant to make the decision, let along agree to help from the terrorist, but reluctantly agrees - however, it doesn’t work, and Multiple Man dies. Havok is furious and attacks Haven, who teleports away. X-Factor are left to grieve for Multiple Man, while Haven genuinely appears upset by the loss.

Full Summary: 

Haven’s fortress, in the mountains of Northern California. ‘I’ll do what I please, Alex summers. Ye’ll not be controlling me ever again! I’m muh own person now - with muh own mind!’ Rahne “Wolfsbane” Sinclair exclaims. Inside Haven’s throne-room, Rahne declares that she will from now on be making her own decisions, before announcing that what she chooses, is to stand with Haven! With that, Wolfsbane walks over to stand alongside the very smug Haven, as well as Haven’s brother Monsoon, and Dr Valerie Cooper.

X-Factor gather in front, while Alex “Havok” Summers remarks that Rahne talks about being her “own person” but that it is clear Haven has done something to her mind, that Haven is somehow controlling her. ‘As leader of this team, I’m responsible for you - and there’s no way I’m letting her do this! You’re ours, Rahne - and she isn’t taking you away from us!’ Havok exclaims. X-Factor’s reluctant ally, Marshall Evan Stone the Third a.k.a. Random remarks that when Havok starts talking like that, he can almost believe that he has a backbone. ‘Shut up, Random!’ Alex retorts, while Lorna “Polaris” Dane, Guido Carosella a.k.a. Strong Guy, and James Madrox the Multiple Man, accompanied by two dupes, round out the gathered mutants.

Angrily, Wolfsbane, in her human form, makes a fist and asks Havok to listen to himself. She points out that he is talking about her like she is some piece of property to be traded back and forth. ‘How dare ye?’ she asks, remarking that she is not Alex’s any more, as Haven broke the psychic bond between them, and now the only person she belongs to is to herself. ‘D’ye hear me? Muhself!’ Wolfsbane shouts. Haven smiles and puts a hand on Wolfsbane’s shoulder, telling her to be calm. Haven remarks that Havok no more wanted the Genoshan bonding any more than she did, and he is simply worried about her, as are all of X-Factor.

‘If you knew me better, X-Factor, you would see that all I’ve done to Rahne is set her free’ Haven announces. Random tells Haven that they know her well enough to know she is a terrorist and a murderer. ‘No. No! After all my explanations, you still don’t understand’ Haven exclaims, before asking X-Factor to come with her and learn the truth. Random asks Havok what he is waiting for, suggesting they blow the witch away, but Alex holds Random back: ‘You so much as breath without my say-so, Random, and I’ll -’ Alex begins, ‘You’ll what?’ Random retorts. ‘I’ll stop payment on your check!’ Alex threatens him. Random mutters that Havok really knows how to hit a man where it hurts, while Polaris asks ‘What about Rahne?’

Guido pipes up and exclaims ‘Yeah: We’re not gonna let her stay here with Haven, are we? I mean, it just isn’t right!’ Havok agrees, and remarks that Wolfsbane is just a scared, confused kid, and he would never be able to live with himself if anything happened to her. Coughing as he speaks, Madrox tells his teammates that the fact of the matter is that Haven cured Rahne, succeeded where they all failed. ‘I’d be just as grateful if I were in her shoes’ Jamie admits, asking his teammates what right they have to tell Rahne what she can or cannot do. Following Haven into a large communications room, Havok tells Jamie that as long as he is leading this team, questions of right or wrong take a back seat to the safety of his people.

Haven welcomes X-Factor to her communications center, explaining that it is from here that she is engineering the redemption of the planet. ‘Redemption? You call planning the deaths of three-fourths of the world’s population redemption?’ Havok snaps. Arms folded across his front, Monsoon declares that his sister’s vision is divine. ‘She sees what ones such as you cannot’ he exclaims. ‘I wasn’t talking to you, Monsoon - so just get out of my way before -’ Alex begins, before Monsoon shouts ‘ENOUGH!’ and declares that Haven seeks to win them with words, but he sees that all their kind understands is power. Monsoon raises a hand, and energy crackles around.

“My kind?” Alex quotes, declaring that what his kind has been struggling for - dying for - is a world where man and mutant can live side by side in peace. Alex unleashes a burst of plasma energy, but Monsoon leaps over it. ‘And that’s the guy who told me t’take it easy?’ Random remarks, to which Polaris points out that they all have their moments. Lightning crackles around Monsoon as he declares that Xavier has accomplished nothing. ‘All these years chasing his precious dream - and still man and mutant hate, suffer, struggle and die!’ Monsoon points out, announcing that Haven is their only hope, that she - and she alone - can purify this world and lead them into the golden age. ‘A golden age bought with innocent blood?’ Alex asks.

Monsoon leaps down at Havok, who shouts ‘We don’t want any part of it!’ Monsoon tells him that he need not worry, as he will not live long enough to see it. Suddenly, Haven tells both of them to stop it. ‘But, my sister, I -’ Monsoon begins. Haven addresses her brother as Aloba and tells him that she tolerates his temper because she knows the goodness of his heart. ‘But I tell you again, these people are important to me. To my cause. They are not our enemies…or at least they won’t be - once they understand’ Haven tells her brother, while Havok asks Haven if she is planning to mind control them as well.

Haven remarks that Havok is lost, like so many, in duality, polarity, the constant battle of opposites. ‘You aren’t happy unless you can see the world in terms of “us” versus “them”. ‘Why do you waste your breath on -’ Monsoon begins, but Haven tells him to be silent. ‘As you wish, sister’ Monsoon mutters. Valerie and Wolfsbane stand alongside Haven as Haven declares that it is her mission to end divisions, not to create more of them. ‘I say again that I approach X-Factor as a benefactor…and a friend’. Haven remarks that unlike the other X-Men, X-Factor stand as a bridge between man and mutant.

Haven continues, explaining that the voice that speaks to her and shows her the world to come, has told her how important X-Factor will be in shaping their glorious future. She tells X-Factor that she wants them to join her, as Valerie Cooper has and as Rahne has. ‘Together - we can bring forth the golden age…and birth the new humanity!’ One of the Madrox dupes stands and watches Haven in awe. ‘Incredible, isn’t she, Jamie?’ he exclaims. The other dupe frowns and replies ‘Yeah, Jamie - it’s incredible that anybody could fall for that line of new age bull’. The other dupe asks him how he can be so cynical, to which the reply comes ‘How can you be so unbelievably naive?’ The real Madrox asks his dupes to stop it, as they are giving him a migraine.

Haven puts her hand on Alex’s arm and tells him that she knows how hard this is for him. ‘But think - if you knew, with absolute certainty, that the taking of one human life would mean a thousand years of world peace - would you hesitate to take that life?’ she asks. Alex replies that he hopes to God that he would, before declaring that even if he wouldn’t, Haven is not talking about one life. But about millions of lives - global destruction. ‘All because some imaginary inner voice told you that -’, but Haven interrupts, assuring Havok that the one within her is anything but imaginary.

‘You think I’m some madwoman. Some fanatic. If only I was…then my work would be far easier’ Haven declares, adding that she knows full well what it is she has done - and what she intends to do. Haven announces that she knows she will have to carry the burden of her deeds to her grave and far beyond. She remarks that they are trapped, all of them, in their limited perceptions of their lives and of themselves. ‘We must widen our vision - and attempt to see the larger picture. Just allow the possibility that I’m right, Havok. That man and mutant are not separate species - but one race, evolving toward and evolutionary leap that, in seven hundred years, will change the course of humanity - and usher in the golden age you mock’.

Haven tells everyone to imagine that this age of peace and harmony can only come about if preceded by the great destruction - that Mahapralaya - that will cleanse the Earth and allow the new race to rise from the ashes of the old. ‘I have said it before - and I will say it again - why must we wait?’ Haven asks. ‘Why must we allow hundreds of years of suffering to pass before the golden age arrives?’ Haven declares that if they can bring the Mahapralaya on now, bring the past down in flaming ruins - the future they crave so desperately will come all the sooner, and this troubled world will finally know peace.

Haven reveals that is why, even now, a satellite is moving towards the California coast, preparing to electro-magnetically stimulate several major fault lines, and bring on a series of earthquakes that will devastate the entire state. Looking proud of herself, Haven exclaims that piece by piece, her Mahapralaya will unfold across the face of the world, and das the death toll mounts, as the suffering increases and intensifies, the hearts of all men - human and mutant like - will cry out for peace - for salvation - for haven. ‘And I will answer them…and lead them into a new age!’

Furious, Havok spins around and asks Val if she is listening to this. ‘Whatever our differences, I always respected your intelligence! I can’t believe that you’d really fall for the messianic nonsense!’ Alex tells X-Factor’s former Government Liaison. ‘You call it nonsense - I call it the truth!’ Valerie replies, telling Alex to look at the world, where there is nothing but violence and hatred, war and confusion. ‘Haven can end all that! She will end all that - if we help her! Think of it: Heaven on Earth!’ Valerie exclaims. Rahne listens intently as Havok tells Valerie that even if what Haven is saying is the truth, handed down by God himself, he would rather spend eternity in Hell than see Heaven come about this way.

Wolfsbane approaches Haven: ‘If there’s even a chance that yuir vision is wrong -’ Rahne begins, but Haven tells her that it isn’t, any more than she was wrong when she said she could cure Rahne. ‘I know our path isn’t an easy one, child…but it is the right one. I swear it’ Haven declares. ‘That’s enough!’ Havok shouts, declaring that he promised Lorna that they would hear Haven out, give her a chance to explain the charges against her. ‘Well, I’d say you’ve explained more than enough’ Havok points out, before informing Haven that she is under arrest by order of the United States Government. ‘X-Factor - we’re taking her in!’ Havok declares.

‘Fools! Why Can’t you understand? If I don’t do this - there will be seven hundred years more suffering and destruction! I’m begging you…please…help me to end it’ Haven declares, before calling out to Lorna: ‘I know you believe me! Tell them! Convince them!’ she pleads. Lorna replies that she wanted to believe in Haven, that when she read Forge’s files, she couldn’t accept it, she kept hoping that what she felt when they first met was real - that Haven was someone who could join X-Factor in their battle, who could use her influence among men and mutants to help make their dream a reality. ‘But you’re as deluded…as sick and twisted….as Magneto or Sinister or Apocalypse!’ Lorna exclaims.

Suddenly, the sympathetic dupe walks up the stairs to where Haven is standing, ‘How can you say that?’ he asks Lorna. ‘From the moment I read her book, I knew she was the one I’d been waiting for all my life’ he declares. He turns to Madrox and exclaims ‘Jamie - you can feel it, can’t you? Just being in her presence…fills me with hope. Look at what she did for Rahne! If she can cure her, then she can certainly help -’, but Madrox interrupts him, telling him to shut up. Madrox exclaims that he is sick to death of his dupes running around acting like they’ve got minds of their own. ‘You don’t!’ he tells them, declaring that he is the only Jamie Madrox. ‘Do you hear me? You’re just a lousy carbon copy - and it’s time I sent you back where you belong -’ but as Madrox reaches out for his dupe, the dupe shouts ‘Don’t touch me!’ and punches Madrox backwards.

‘I’m not a carbon-copy - I’m a man! You don’t own me any more than Alex owns Rahne!’ the dupe shouts, before informing Haven that she has herself another recruit. The other dupe helps Madrox up, while Random exclaims ‘So, big-shot - can we start kicking some butt now?’ Alex replies that of this moment, they can kick anything they like, and the remaining members of X-Factor get ready to strike. But Haven and her allies stand strong, ‘My sister - shall I -’ Monsoon begins, but Haven announces that she will see to this. ‘What are ye going t’do?’ Wolfsbane asks.

Haven reaches out and declares that in order to fully understand the Mahapralaya, she thinks X-Factor must experience a smaller, far more personal Pralaya of their own. Suddenly, Havok, Lorna, Guido, Random, Madrox and his dupe are engulfed in Haven’s energy - and then vanish, leaving a small pile of energy on the floor where they stood. ‘They’re - they’re gone!’ Valerie exclaims, shocked. Wolfsbane looks worried, while the dupe frowns. Haven smugly replies that they are gone from this reality, but they still exist, in a way. “In a way?” the Madrox dupe asks, while Rahne exclaims ‘But - ye’ll bring them back, won’t ye, Haven -? Tell me ye’re going to bring them back!’

‘They are part of your past, Rahne…discarded when you allied yourself with me. They are not your concern any more. Of course, if you - if any of you - regret your decision to join me…if your faith in me is so weak - then you are free to join them - in the heart of oblivion’ Haven declares as she leads everyone from the room, while Valerie and Wolfsbane look back at the smouldering remains of their friends.

Blackness all around, suddenly X-Factor come into light, and Haven observes them, knowing that they are not in oblivion, for she has sent them to oblivion’s edge - the outermost reaches of existence - the borderland between the everything and the nothing. Here, X-Factor are stripped down to their psychic essence - their hearts and minds laid bare, their deepest fears and deepest hopes exposed. This is where Haven will come to understand them. She will carry them up, through their weaknesses, to a wholeness they have never known before. ‘Resist me - and you will fall into a river of darkness…that will sweep you away’.

X-Factor and Random appear in distorted comical caricature versions of themselves, and Havok and Polaris reach out for each other, while Haven observes them, thinking to herself that love is the one constant in a constantly changing world, and that it radiates between Alex and Lorna with a power, a desperation, that is almost overwhelming. Haven declares that as long as Alex and Lorna stand together, it does not matter if the universe blows apart, as they will survive, they will triumph. But if the connection is broken, they are both alone, adrift.

Beneath Lorna’s strength hides a woman terrified of losing herself, of having her identity ripped away, as it has been ripped away so many times before. While beneath Alex’s certainty, there is lurks a reluctant warrior who is uneasy with the responsibilities of leadership, dreading the day when a decision - a wrong word - results in tragedy for those under his command. So they cling to each other like life rafts, afraid of drowning alone. Alex and Loran manage to take hold of each other, and kiss, while Haven points out that when dependence and love become interchangeable, the soul suffers, as they both shall suffer if they continue on this path. Haven offers to show them a different way, a better way, and the two powerful lovers appear in a merged form - one side very male and Alex, the other very female and Lorna.

Next is Strong Guy, who appears in an overly distorted muscular version of himself - with a tiny head in between his grotesquely oversized chest. Haven remarks that there is such pain, that it eats at Guido, every cell of his body, every thought, ever feeling, has pain at its center. Every minute of every day, Guido struggles against it, repressing it, denying it, but his resistance only makes it stronger. So Guido laughs at it, a barrage of humor, a cocoon of puns and jokes and gibberish. But Haven knows that beneath that laughter is a constant scream of agony, and announces that she can help Guido release the scream, and make peace with his pain.

Random is next, but he is new to Haven, who notes that he hides deep and bitter wounds, but they are beneath his own, carefully crafted façade - a killing machine with no heart and no conscience. Random clutches his head as he loses control over his malleable form, while Haven notes that the slightest pressure, and the façade dissolves, melts in a molten flow of abuse and sorrow - and a loneliness so profound it makes her want to weep. She tells Random to weep with her and that together they will face the heart of his despair and set him free - but Random’s form has completely dissolved into a pile of muck with oversized teeth.

Haven observes Jamie Madrox and asks ‘Which face is the real one?’ remarking that his mind is a hall of mirrors, multiple images, fractured and reflected. She moves past the mirrors and finds a core of fear so bright it blinds her. Haven realizes that the fear is the result of a childhood spent in solitude, with only shadows of himself for company. She wonders if Madrox has ever let anyone touch this place before - or if he has ever looked past the mirrors and seen his true self. She sees that he is so small, so frightened and so very alone, but notes that with time, she could show him how to embrace aloneness - and use it to make him stronger. ‘But for you, of all these tortured souls…it may be too late’ Haven decides as Madrox is separated from his dupes, alone in the darkness.

Haven tells X-Factor that the voice that speaks within her has guided her out of darkness, as she could guide them, if they would only let her. ‘But still you fight against my influence! Still you see me with eyes blinded by naïve preconceptions!’ Haven tells the Children of the Atom that she loves them with all her heart, and that she wants them to join her in her holy cause. ‘Join me! Be healed! And heal the world in the bargain!’ she exclaims, while reminding X-Factor that she knows them now in way no other ever has, and warns them that if they continue to stand against her, she promises that knowledge will be used to destroy them.

Everything goes black, and suddenly, X-Factor are restored to their true forms, and find themselves in a cell of sorts. ‘Weird. I feel like…I just say through…a “Twilight Zone” marathaon’ Strong Guy remarks. ‘I think I’m gonna - be sick’ Madrox and his dupe declare, while Alex calls out to Lorna, who replies that she is okay. ‘But I’ve really had my fill of Haven’s new age psycho-babble!’ Lorna declares. ‘You and me both. So what say we get ourselves out of this cell and -’ Alex begins, before the hear some moaning. ‘What’s that?’ Alex asks. ‘Oh my Go - Random?’ Lorna exclaims as they turn and see a pile of greyish-purple muck, moaning.

Alex and Lorna race over, ‘What the devil happened to him?’ Alex asks. Polaris replies that she doesn’t know, but that they have to do something. But suddenly, the muck forms back into Random, telling them to stay away from him. Marshall stands up in his default form, while Lorna asks him if he is all right. ‘Yeah. No problem’ Random mutters, folding his arms across his chest. ‘No problem? You were just lying there on the floor like -’ Lorna begins, while Random tells her that it was probably something Haven did, messing around with his mind like that, but he is okay now.

Lorna asks Random why he had a physical reaction to Haven’s psychic probing, but none of the others did. ‘What can I say? I’m one of a kind’ Random replies, while Lorna asks him why he is being so sarcastic, as she is trying to help him. Random pushes Lorna aside, telling her that he doesn’t want her help. ‘I don’t need you! I don’t need anyone!’ Random exclaims. He declares that he doesn’t need anyone, and asks if they can get out of here and finish this. ‘I wanna get away from you losers ASAP!’

Havok tells Random that they will be delighted to see him go, as soon as they take Haven out and neutralize that satellite. ‘If I don’t neutralize you first’ Random mutters. ‘Why, you arrogant -’ Alex begins, while Lorna tells him not to, as Random is just trying to get under his skin. ‘And I’m succeeding, too’ Random declares. Guido smiles and tells Alex that he doesn’t know about this California thing. ‘Maybe we should let it fall into the Pacific. I mean, who’s gonna miss the Fox Network?’ he jokes, to which Madrox suggests his cans the lame jokes and starts punching them a path out of here.

Strong Guy smiles and points out one of the observation cameras, informing his teammates that they are all over the place. How do we attempt a surreptitious breakout if they’re watching our every move?’ he asks. Havok remarks that it is a little too late for discretion, and that it is time they tried something more direct. With that, Alex unleashes a powerful funnel of plasma energy - which slams into the wall before rebounding and smacking Alex backwards. Random kneels beside Havok and lights another cigar while pointing out that the defense system channelled his plasma blast right back at him. ‘I figured it would. I mean, Haven’s not gonna stick us in a cell we can just waltz out of’ Random remarks.

‘Have you got a point?’ Alex asks, frowning. Random replies that he doesn’t and that he was just trying to annoy Alex some more. ‘At least you’re good at something’ Alex remarks, while Strong Guy announces that he hates to interrupt the wry banter, but the doors are opening. Madrox and his dupe suggests that perhaps Alex’s blast did more damage than they thought, but a voice from the other side of the doors declares that Havok could have blasted his way free in an hour or two, but that it is quicker and easier when you know the security code. ‘Time for our execution, Monsoon?’ Havok asks. ‘Far from it, Havok! It’s time to end Haven’s madness - once and for all!’ Monsoon declares.

‘Wait a minute! Since when are you on our side?’ Havok asks. ‘Since he first contacted me, eight months ago - asking me to help him stop his sister before more innocents died at her hands!’ Valerie explains as she appears at Monsoon’s side, informing X-Factor that they have got thirty minutes to blow that satellite out of the sky. Everyone follows Monsoon through the corridor, while Guido declares that he knew Val wasn’t a traitor. ‘Uh…you’re not leading us into a death trap or anything…are you?’ Guido asks Val, while Polaris asks Val ‘What about the cameras?’

Val explains that with a little help from one of Forge’s toys, she did some tinkering with the system. ‘Far as the boys on monitor duty can tell you’re all safe and sound in your cells’ Val explains, while Havok asks if Forge was in on this and didn’t tell them. Monsoon explains that they needed to work in secrecy, that the fewer people who knew the less chance there was of exposure - but suddenly, everyone comes to a halt, as down the corridor, the sympathetic dupe appears with several of Haven’s warriors. Polaris declares that it looks like all that secrecy paid off and aside from those six hundred armored goons nobody suspects anything.

The dupe points at Valerie and asks her ‘You didn’t really think Haven trusted you - did you, Val? You’ve been under constant surveillance since you arrived here!’ before warning X-Factor that they have got five seconds to surrender. Alex tells the real Madrox to call off his dupe. ‘Just get me close enough - and we’ll find out’ Madrox replies, while the dupe tells X-Factor that their time is up. ‘Do you surrender, or are we gonna have to do this the hard way?’ he asks. Hovering overhead, Polaris replies ‘Come on, Jamie - you should know by now - that we always do it the hard way’, as X-Factor engage the warriors in battle.

‘Electric whips, huh? Sorry guys - but that kinda stuff just doesn’t turn me on’ Guido jokes as one of the warriors throws a whip around his neck. ‘No killing, Random, is that understood?’ Alex asks. ‘Yeah, yeah…sure! I’ll just stick to maiming and mutilation!’ Random replies as he unleashes weapons fire on the soldiers.

Nearby, Rahne approaches Haven and tells her that it is turning into a war out there, that there must be something she can do to stop it. Haven tells Wolfsbane to be patient and trust her, that events will unfold according to his will, and they will all come crawling to her, soon enough.

Back at the battle, the weak Madrox punches his fist against a wall, creating several dupes, that is all he can do as he is so weak. But Madrox notices that his dupes are featureless and directionless, staggering around like mindless automations, they are easily taken down by Haven’s warrior. Jamie wishes that he could think straight, but his fever is back up and his lungs are burning. ‘It’s the Legacy Virus…eating away at me! Sucking the - life out of me!’ Jamie thinks to himself as he is knocked to the ground with ease by one of Haven’s warriors. Jamie gets up, and begins walking down a corridor to a glowing light, thinking that his dupe was right, that maybe the only hope for salvation is Haven.

The aggressive dupe slams his fist against a wall, calling out to the sympathetic dupe, asking him ‘How could you do it, Jamie? You’ve betrayed X-Factor! Spit in the face of Charles Xavier’s dream!’ he shouts as several dupes are produced. The sympathetic dupe slams his own hands together, creating an army of dupes, while replying ‘You still don’t get it, do you, Jamie? I’m doing this because of the dream!’ he declares that her has had enough of living in a world of war and hatred and disease. ‘Haven can end it all - and lead men and mutants into paradise!’ The two dupes clash while their own duplicates begin battling. ‘Paradise? Take a look around! Look at the foundation your paradise is being build on! She’s turned you against your friends! Against yourself!’ the aggressive dupe exclaims as he slams the other dupe over.

He continues, exclaiming ‘All these years…no matter how hard life might have been…we always had each other - and now she’s robbed us of even that!’ The sympathetic dupe lashes back, punching the aggressive dupe in the face as he shouts ‘I don’t NEED you!’ and declares that he is sick and tired of just being another face in a crowd of Madroxes, that he wants his own thoughts, his own feelings and his own life! Haven and Wolfsbane watch the battle unfold over a large monitor, while Polaris asks Monsoon what happened to make him turn against his sister like this. As he keeps the warriors at bay, Monsoon replies ‘You don’t know how long I closed me eyes, Polaris - trying to convince myself that Haven was doing the right thing!’

Monsoon asks how long a man can stand by and watch such madness unfold, how many people have to die before he realizes that the sister he reveres died long ago, and a stranger stands in her place. Lorna asks Monsoon if he doesn’t believe in Haven’s vision of a golden age, to which Monsoon replies that he believes it all, that the Mahapralaya will come, followed by a global transformation of consciousness. ‘Clothed in different worlds…different cultural trappings…these visions are the heart of virtually every religion in and spiritual path!’ he exclaims. ‘But if you believe….?’ Lorna begins, ‘Why did I rebel?’ Monsoon asks as he unleashes a downpour of rain on several warriors.

Monsoon reveals that he rebelled because he trusts God to unfold his plan in his own time. ‘For my sister to wrest the divine plan from the Lord’s hands - is the height of arrogance! The height of EVIL!’ Monsoon declares, asking who among them can say how the true Mahapralaya will come. ‘Perhaps the great destruction arrives one heart at a time?’ he suggests. ‘Perhaps the new humanity is born each time one of us struggles through the darkness in his own soul - and chooses love over hate…mercy over contempt!’ Monsoon assures Polaris that he loves his sister, more than even she realizes, but that the madness cannot go on.

Haven frowns and turns from the monitor, ‘Do you see, Rahne? How well he’s played his role? How he’s become at deception?’ Haven declares that what she asks of those who follow her is not easy, that she knew that there would be some without the courage to stick to her, that traitors would arise to betray her cause. ‘But my own brother -?’ Haven informs Rahne that she has had second sight since childhood, that she has watched the future of mankind unfold within her heart, but never expected to be betrayed by her brother. Wolfsbane tells Haven that she is sorry, but Haven tells her not to be, declaring that even if she is betrayed on all sides, even if she is left alone to do this work, it will be done. ‘And no one…not Aloba…not X-Factor…can hope to stop me!’

While Haven speaks to Wolfsbane, X-Factor continue to battle, With Havok and Random fighting side by side, Strong Guy keeps several warriors at bay, before Valerie orders everyone to leave. They follow her down a corridor, with Random blasting back at the remaining warriors.

Shortly, X-Factor and company take refuge in the mountains, but the warriors continue to pursue them. Alex tells Guido and Random to buy them some time, not to let the warriors get to them. ‘Easy for you to say!’ Guido replies as he and Random engage the soldiers in battle. Havok and Polaris stand with Monsoon, while Valerie looks up to the sky, holding a device in her hand. Alex asks ‘Why did you drag us up to the top of the fortress? What good can we do here?’ Monsoon explains that only Haven knows the satellite’s abort code, but reveals that they have been able to shift its orbit slightly, bringing it directly overhead in about two minutes.

Val declares that it doesn’t give them much time before it begins transmitting that electro-magnetic signal that will stimulate the fault lines, but she thinks Alex and Lorna should be to take it out quickly enough. ‘Oh, really? And how are we going to do that?’ Lorna asks. Val replies that it is simple, explaining that Lorna is going to use her magnetic powers to stop the satellite’s orbit and block the EM waves, long enough for Alex to get off a plasma-burst that will blast it out of the sky. ‘Oh, is that all we have to do?’ Lorna mutters, while Havok tells Val that a trick like that is going to push them to their limits, that there is no guarantee they can pull it off. Still battling the warriors, Guido calls out ‘Y’think you guys can stop debating and get on with it? It’s getting a little hairy down here!’ while muttering to himself that he can use all the hair he can get.

Back inside, ‘Haven…’ a desperate Multiple Man calls out as he approaches Haven and Wolfsbane. ‘So - you have come to me at last’ Haven remarks. ‘Jamie? Jamie…what’s happened to ye?’ Rahne gasps, telling him that he doesn’t look well. Jamie drops to his knees in front of Haven, his face sunken and hollow, sweat pouring down over him, he tells Haven that she has to help him, before he collapses at her feet.

‘How’re we doing?’ Lorna asks. ‘It’s coming up now’ Val replies, holding the device up she announces that the satellite is going to be directly overhead - and begins a countdown. Lorna surrounds herself in a magnetic force field, while Random and Guido continue to battle the warriors. ‘Now, Lorna!’ Val orders, so Polaris unleashes a burst of magnetic energy upwards - and it makes direct contact with the satellite above. The task is enormous, and Lorna is strained as she announces that she has it, but doesn’t know how long she can hold it for, as the EM waves are pushing against her field and the strain is incredible.

Valerie tells her friend to hang on, before turning to Alex and telling him that the instant Lorna drops the field he has to give it everything he’s got. ‘If those EM waves hit a fault line, even for a second, we’re going to have a full-scale disaster on our hands!’ Val exclaims. Havok tells Val to just give him the word, and a second later, Val orders Lorna to drop the field and shouts ‘Alex - GO!’ Indeed, Havok reaches upwards and unleashes a powerful burst of plasma energy, which streaks through the sky - and slams into the satellite - shattering it!

Alex and Lorna collapse on the ground, while Random exclaims ‘Nice light show, guys’ before asking them if they can get off their butts and lend a hand, as he cannot hold off the goons forever. Suddenly, ‘You won’t have to, Random - with the satellite destroyed, there is no more need for battle’ Haven announces as she stands overhead on a hover-disc, carrying Madrox in her arms, and Rahne stands at her side, Haven orders her warriors to lay down their arms. ‘Jut like that, Haven?’ Alex asks as he and the others gather around. Random points out that Haven has Madrox, while Val wonders what she is up to now.

Haven exclaims that to continue this would be pointless, adding that she accepts the dictates of the divine will. ‘Are you saying - you surrender?’ Lorna asks. Haven replies that she is not surrendering, as ultimately, she will succeed, and this world will burn and be reborn - but not tonight. ‘In that case - you don’t mind if I divest your little tin soldiers of their weapons’ Lorna remarks as she casually forces all of the warriors’ weapons away with a burst of magnetic energy. Haven declares that for all her efforts, X-Factor still does not trust her, does not believe. ‘But I believe in you. Having X-Factor beside me is far more important than this one aborted plan’ Haven declares, claiming this is why she has brought Jamie Madrox to them.

‘A hostage?’ Havok asks, but Haven replies ‘No, Havok - a friend’ and explains that he came to her, suffering and afraid, asking for release from his pain. ‘And I will give it to him. Just as I freed Rahne from the psychic bonding of the Genoshans, so shall I free Madrox from the Legacy Virus’ Haven declares as it begins to rain. ‘The virus, Jamie?’ asks a surprised Guido. Random and Havok look angry while Lorna hangs her head. ‘What are you talking about? Jamie doesn’t have the virus!’ Havok shouts. Suddenly, a forlorn Polaris informs Havok that Jamie does have the virus, that it happened in Genosha, when he saved the runaway mutate.

‘You knew?’ Havok exclaims as the rain beats down hard on them. Lorna assures Alex that she only pieced it together two days ago, and there never seemed a right time to tell him. Rahne calls down to Alex, telling him that Haven helped her when no one else could not - even Professor Xavier. ‘Think…think of what she could’ve done for poor Illyana! Please! We canna let Jamie die the way she did!’ Rahne exclaims. Monsoon flies up towards his sister and addresses her by her true name, Radha, telling her that this has all gone far enough. ‘We both know that your power has limits! You’re not God!’ he exclaims. Calmly, Haven replies that she is not God, but she is his instrument.

‘In the name of all that’s holy! Listen to me! You can’t just -’ Monsoon begins, but Haven frowns and exclaims ‘Listen to you? From this day forth, Aloba Dastoor, I dent you! From this day forth - I have no brother!’ she exclaims. Monsoon looks upset, ‘Oh…Radha…’ he whispers, before Haven lowers the hover-disc closer to the ground, Rahne drops from it, and Haven declares that Havok leads this team and claims responsibility for these people, so the decision is his. Havok frowns and replies that he has no right to make this kind of decision, as it is Jamie’s life, and only he can - but Haven interrupts: ‘Do you dare wait? Look at him!’ she exclaims, pointing out that he is unconscious and burning with fever. ‘He may be dying right now! The one within me tells me that this must be done immediately - or our opportunity will be forever lost!’

‘Choose, Havok Now. Or I leave him to destiny. I leave him to death’ Haven exclaims. Random grits his teeth. Rahne clasps her hands together, eyes wide. Guido remains unusually silent, most likely concerned for his best friend. Lorna looks side ways at Alex, who hangs his head and clenches his fist. He remains silent, before looking up at Haven through the pouring rain and shouts ‘DO IT!’ through clenched teeth.

Haven glows with energy, before wrapping Madrox in the energy cocoon that she had done to Wolfsbane earlier. The energy gets smaller and smaller, before vanishing, then returning, and dissolving, leaving Madrox in Haven’s arms once more. ‘It’s done!’ she smiles. ‘Rejoice, X-Factor! I have sent your friend on a journey to the heart of oblivion - and returning him to you, healed and whole…’ Haven declares as Madrox stands on the platform, before collapsing. ‘Oh, no. Oh, mey dear God - NO!’ Haven shrieks as Madrox lies before her, she announces that he is dead.

‘WHAT?’ Havok booms. Solemnly, Haven replies that she doesn’t know how this could have - before exclaiming ‘Yes…yes…I understand now. He has explained it to me’, and Haven announces that this is mutant kind’s own Mahapralaya, that through the Legacy Virus, the mutant population of this world will be purged and purified, and those that survive will be the seeds of the new humanity, the heirs of the new age ‘You murdering witch!’ Havok shouts. ‘The virus didn’t kill him - you did!’ he declares as he unleashes his plasma energy on Haven, who disappears as he does so.

‘Alex, stop! Stop!’ Lorna calls out, remarking that Haven is gone, as she pulls the hover disc down to them with a stream of magnetic energy. ‘Well, let’s find her, blast it, before she -’ Alex exclaims, but Lorna tells him that the only one who is important right now is Jamie. ‘The Jame-ster’s okay, isn’t he Lorna…Haven was just messing with our minds again, right? She -’ Guido whispers, while Lorna kneels at Jamie’s side. The rain pounds down. Valerie, Guidio, Rahne, Lorna and Random are all in various states of shock. Lorna comforts the crying Rahne, while Alex turns away from his teammates, and a tear falls from his eye.

Five miles away, a woman stands alone on a mountain top. Alone - except for a voice that speaks within her. ‘You knew there would be sacrifices’ the voice whispers. ‘You knew there would be pain’. Clutching her throat, an anguished Haven thinks back ‘Yes. But I didn’t know how much pain - until now’…and the rain continues to beat down.

Characters Involved: 

Havok, Multiple Man, Polaris, Strong Guy, Wolfsbane (all X-Factor)

Dr Valerie Cooper



Haven’s followers and warriors

Story Notes: 

The cover of this issue is a red-foil material.

The first page repeats the final page of X-Factor (1st series) #99, at least in terms of Wolfsbane’s speech to Havok, but new illustrations appear.

Haven returned Wolfsbane to her human form, freeing her of her Mutate state and breaking the bond between her and Havok in X-Factor (1st series) #99.

Madrox exposed himself to the Legacy Virus while saving the life of a mutate on Genosha in X-Factor (1st series) #91.

The young Illyana Rasputin died of the Legacy Virus in Uncanny X-Men #303.

Haven returns in X-Factor Annual #9 and X-Factor (1st series) #117.

Monsoon’s final appearance, although he does appear in a flashback in X-Factor Annual #9, and is confirmed powerless following M-Day [New Avengers (1st series) #18]

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