X-Force (1st series) #12

Issue Date: 
July 1992
Story Title: 
Traitors To The Cause

Rob Liefeld (plotter), Fabian Nicieza (writer), Mark Pacella (penciler), Dan Panosian (inker), Chris Eliopoulos (letterer), Dana Moreshead (colorist), Bob Harras (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

This issue starts off with another prologue focusing on the Externals. Gideon has gone to Madripoor to recruit Crule for a mission. After the two duke it out Gideon, the victor, tells Crule that he needs him to kill Cable. The main story starts off with the entire X-Force group questioning "Domino". Everyone’s upset with her betrayal. Instead of killing her, Cable uses her for his plan. He has her contact Tolliver to set up an explosion at their base to fake the death of X-Force. Then they will go after Tolliver. Also, Weapon PRIME is introduced to Grizzly, their newest member. Bridge tells them to get ready cuz they’ll be there in 16 hours. A little later, Kane bumps into Rictor and finds out his secret to why he wants Cable brought to justice. When the time comes for the assault, Weapon PRIME is ready. Elsewhere, Gideon brings Crule back to his penthouse. Roberto doesn’t understand why Gideon would bring home a man such as Crule. Gideon beats ‘Berto up and leaves him unconscious. He still has plans for the boy.

Full Summary: 

Prologue: X-Ternals- part 2

We see Gideon walking towards a seedy-looking bar on the island city of Madripoor. Crule is inside and he’s tearing things apart. He was playing cards and one of the guys was cheating. After he’s done trashing the place, he takes a bottle of ale and chugs it. Then Gideon enters the bar, much to Crule’s surprise.
Crule leaps at him and knocks him down. He punches him a couple of times and then kicks him in the face. He puts him in a bear hug, but Gideon manages to break free. He thinks to himself that maybe it wasn’t wise to involve Crule. Crule is considered to be the bad seed of the Externals.
Gideon uses his mutant power to duplicate the genetic-energy template of Crule and starts pounding on him. He finishes him off with a knee to the skull. Gideon tells him that the Externals need him. Crule understands what they must want or else they would have never contacted him. He wants to know whom Gideon wants killed. Gideon tells him that the name of the man is Cable.

Main Story:

Copycat is surrounded by the whole X-Force team. They’re all pretty upset and they also want answers. Finally Cable speaks up and asks her why she would betray them. She says that she didn’t have a choice. That Tolliver wanted revenge on him for screwing up one of his operations. She also tells him that she didn’t owe him anything after how he left Kane and Hammer like he did. Cable wants to know how much she was being paid. She says that she was paid enough to cover Hammer’s operations. She hints that it was Cable’s fault for what happened to Hammer. He tells her “No!” in disbelief.
Boom-Boom speaks her mind and agrees with Cable. She says that there is no reason to trust her over Cable since they know even less about her. Feral wants to slice her up, but Copycat asks them to listen to her. She was sent to spy on them, but when she got there, she started liking everyone. Cable asks everyone what they think they should do with her. Shatterstar suggests executing her like they would have on his home world. Cable disagrees. He’s got a plan of his own and needs her alive for it.
Over the Australian outback flies a SHIELD personnel assault carrier. On board are the members of Weapon PRIME. Commander Bridge introduces the team to their newest member, Grizzly. Rictor wants to know if Grizzly’s heart is in it. Grizzly assures him that he is more than willing to bring Cable in. He personally wants to tear Cable apart. Now Rictor wants to know when they can engage Cable. Kane tells him that they have information on X-Force’s whereabouts. They’re supposedly located at an old Sentinel base in the Adirondack Mountains. Bridge tells everyone to be ready in 14 hours. That’s when they’re going after him and whether they arrest him or kill him is up to Cable.
Back at the X-Force HQ, Copycat is relaying a message to Tolliver. She is going to plant explosives around the X-Force base and set them off during a workout session. Tolliver is pleased and signs off. This conference call was part of Cable’s plan. Now, when the building explodes, Tolliver will think X-Force to be dead and then X-Force can go after him. Copycat wants to know what will happen to her after that. Cable tells her that he doesn’t know.
Back on the SHIELD IPAC unit, Kane runs into Rictor and asks him if he’s ready for the mission. Rictor tells him of the first time he met Cable. Back when he was a boy, Cable killed his father in cold blood. He assures Kane that he’s ready. Kane becomes angry thinking of everything Cable had done in the past. He guarantees to himself that he will get Cable.
In Denver, Gideon’s helijet lands on top of his penthouse apartment. He alerts Roberto to his new guest, Crule. Roberto is shocked at the sight of Crule. He asks Gideon what kind of business he has with him. This angers Gideon and he sucker punches ‘Berto. He kneels over him and pounds him with his fists. Next we see him unconscious on the steps. Crule wants to know what will happen with Roberto. Gideon tells him that he will soon find out.

Near the X-Force base, Bridge is preparing the Weapon PRIME for the assault. They are all psyched up.

At X-Force’s base, Boom-Boom is complaining that they have to move. Cable explains to her that too many people know where they are and he doesn’t want anyone to have access to their hardware or computer files. He knows they’re all upset, but the only way to make it better is to take out Tolliver.

Characters Involved: 

Boom-Boom, Cable, Cannonball, Copycat, Feral, Shatterstar, Siryn, Warpath (all X-Force)

Sunspot, former New Mutant

Crule, Gideon (both Externals)

G.W. Bridge, Grizzly, Garrison Kane / Weapon X, Rictor, Tigerstryke, Wendigo (all Weapon PRIME)


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