X-Force (1st series) #2

Issue Date: 
September 1991
Story Title: 
The Blood Hunters

Rob Liefeld (plot, penciler, inker), Fabian Nicieza (scripter), Chris Eliopoulos (letters), Brad Vancatas (color art), Bob Harras (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Weapon X is assigned to stop Tolliver from getting his hands on some Japanese software. Deadpool is the man assigned to get the software for Tolliver. Needless to say, they fight each other. Kane just about wins, when Commander Bridge shows up. Bridge wants Kane to help him bring in Cable. Over at X-Force HQ, they’re performing a field exercise. It’s the whole team versus Feral and one of the X-Force members gets eviscerated. Also, at the World Trade Center, Black Tom and Arianna are working on a teleporting machine. And just whom they’re bringing back is a pleasant surprise.

Full Summary: 

(Port Menier, Quebec: 11:57 P.M.)

Weapon X, better know as Kane, is hanging out at a shipyard in Quebec. He has been sent on a mission to stop the crime lord Tolliver from getting his hands on a shipment of Japanese software. Tolliver has hired the “merc with a mouth” Deadpool, to make sure the heist goes down as planned. However, Kane has other ideas as he leaps from on high at Deadpool.
They knock each other silly, focusing on each other’s jaws. Kane loses two teeth in the process. As the fighting continues, they comment on the Weapon X program and how Deadpool hates it. Eventually Kane gets the upper hand (literally) as he fires his left hand at Deadpool’s throat. This takes Deadpool out of the fight. Just as he is about to haul ‘Pool off to jail, Bridge startles him from behind.
Deadpool sees this as his chance to escape, so he starts to run. Bridge pulls out a gun and shoots him down. Kane gets upset and tells Bridge he shouldn’t be interfering with his business. G.W. tells him about Cable and how S.H.I.E.L.D. wants him for questioning. While they’re talking, Deadpool teleports away much to Kane’s dismay. Bridge asks him if he wants to join the mission to bring Cable in, but Kane declines the invitation. He walks away and Bridge calls in to be picked up.
(Adirondack Mountains: 8:45 A.M.)

The X-Force team is out in the woods. Cable wants to train them on how to handle an ambush in the field. They’re playing a game of tag with Feral. One of them must find Feral before she can tag them and they’ve got 15 minutes to do it.
Cannonball is flying around when out of nowhere, Feral jumps on top of him. She steers him towards Warpath and they both end up knocking down a tree (Feral’s bloodlust is in high gear). Next comes Boom Boom firing away with her wrist launchers at Feral. Feral leaps at Boom Boom and forces some of her time bombs to hit Cable in the face. Domino steps in to break it up and instead receives a double kick to the gut. Shatterstar decides that it’s his turn to tame the kitty. A battle to the bone as he says!
Cannonball comes flying in to break up the fight. In her bloodlust, Feral slices open his abdomen. Sam goes limp and starts bleeding everywhere. Cable shoots Feral with some tranquilizers and she goes unconscious. Warpath grabs Cannonball and Cable picks up Feral and they all hurry back to the Medilab.
(Manhattan, World Trade Center: 9:47 A.M.)

At the World Trade Center, Black Tom and Arianna are starting up an interdimensional locator and teleporter. This machine was part of the deal for Black Tom.
(X-Force Headquarters in the Adirondacks: 10:22 A.M.)

Sam’s in the recovery bed with a bandage around his waist. Cable tells Same he's going to be all right, but wonders what they should do about Feral.
(Manhattan, World Trade Center: 11:37 A.M.)

The teleporter starts shaking and glowing. It explodes! Out of the smoke comes Black Tom’s best bud, the one and only Juggernaut.

Characters Involved: 

Boom-Boom, Cable, Cannonball, Copycat, Feral, Shatterstar, Warpath (all X-Force)

Kane (Weapon X)


Commander G.W. Bridge (SHIELD)

Arianna Jankos, business woman

Black Tom Cassidy


Story Notes: 

Boom Boom uses her new wrist launchers for the first time.
Sunspot and Gideon were attempting a buyout of the Jankos corporation during the last issue. Instead, they were taken hostage by Black Tom at Ariana Jankos' request.

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