X-Force (1st series) #44

Issue Date: 
July 1995
Story Title: 
... Already In Progress...

Jeph Loeb (writer), Adam Pollina (pencils), Mark Farmer (inks), Marie Javins (colors), Electric Crayon (color separations), Chris Eliopoulos (lettering), Bob Harras (editor)

Brief Description: 

Cable and Professor X are having a meeting at the mansion. The rest of X-Force is very eager to find out what they're discussing. After getting busted eavesdropping by Domino, they leave. Most of them go outside where they run into Sunspot. Some uneasiness about Roberto causes everyone but Sam to leave. Meanwhile, Warpath is doing his best to locate Siryn. However, nobody seems to know where she is. A bit later, Cannonball explores the Hangar Bay where he runs into Cyclops. They have a talk, which seems to pep up Sam's spirits. Shatterstar and Tabitha end up in the Danger Room control deck, but the program they find running shocks them: Victor Creed in his skivvies relaxing in an idyll. Sam busts in and yells at them for fooling around. Before they can discuss it, Cable contacts them telepathically and tells them to meet with him. At the meeting, Sam thinks they want to disband X-Force, but it's just the opposite. They're going to work more closely with the X-Men. On top of that, Sam has been promoted to an X-Man. Filling his roster spot on X-Force is Caliban. However, not all is well as Rictor decides it's time to leave and think about things. A bit later, Sam and Tabitha reaffirm their love. Elsewhere, the whereabouts of Siryn are revealed: The Weisman Institute for the Criminally Insane.

Full Summary: 

At Xavier's mansion, Cable and the Professor are having a private meeting in Charles' office. The rest of X-Force is impatiently waiting for it to end. Both Cannonball and Boomer press their ears to the office door hoping to hear what's going on. Sam secretly wonders if the meeting pertains to disbanding of X-Force?! They're soon joined by Warpath who insists he has better hearing. Shatterstar is pacing nearby. He's tired of all the waiting. They've been out there for hours and he wants to know what's going on. He suggests they kick the door down and find out. He asks Rictor his opinion of the situation, but Ric's not really paying attention.
Domino walks in and clears her throat. She glares at them and sarcastically asks them if they haven't got anything better to do. Busted, they all look towards Domino. Sam asks her if she knows what's going on in the meeting. Domino sidesteps the question and reminds Sam that Cable has his own way of doing things. He'll let Sam know what's going on only when he's ready to. The rest of X-Force starts asking questions of Domino. Boomer wants to why she has a new uniform on, Shatterstar wants to know where they're going to live, and Rictor asks how much longer Cable's going to keep them waiting. Domino doesn't answer them, but instead tells them all to do something else, somewhere else. The team leaves, only Warpath remains. He asks Domino if she knows where Siryn is. She yells at him to get lost and points to the door. He leaves.
Sam, Julio, Tabitha and Shatterstar make their way outside and onto the mansion grounds. Sam tells the team his doubts about Cable's meeting. He wonders where X-Force stands now with the Generation X kids around. Shatterstar asks him if he's implying that they want to get rid of X-Force. He tells him he's not totally sure. After all they've been through, it's hard to imagine.
In flies Sunspot to see what's going on. They relay that there's nothing new to report. Sam puts his hand on Berto's shoulder and tells him that his new flying ability is going to take some getting used to. Berto smiles and asks if anyone wants a ride. Everyone comes up with a quick excuse to get out of there. Boomer and Shatterstar head to the Danger Room while Rictor leaves to call his folks. Sam calls them all jerks under his breath and apologizes to Sunspot. Sam suspects they're not used to the new and improved DaCosta. Bobby doesn't blame them, though. He's just happy to be rid of Reignfire and for his recent power boost. Sam asks him if he's really ok with everything that's happened recently. Bobby tells him he'll be all right as long as they're still friends. Sam concurs they still are. Bobby heads off to play with his new powers some more. He tells Sam to get him when Cable's ready to talk.
In the mansion's computer room, Warpath has Sean Cassidy up on the phone-screen. Banshee tells him he has no idea where Theresa is. He asks James what Cable knows. Jimmy tells him that Cable won't tell him anything and it's got him worried. He's got a few more things to check out, though. Banshee tells him to do that, but before signing off, remarks on James' new look. Warpath tells him he wanted to make some changes for the better in his life. He gives Banshee the "ok"-symbol with his hand, and signs off.
The Danger Room control room:

Shatterstar and Tabitha enter still discussing the events from earlier in the day. Shatterstar wonders what Rictor meant by "maybe we should move on". Tabitha assures him that Julio was just letting off some steam. Shatterstar, satisfied with her response, moves over to the control panel and starts hitting some buttons. He manages to open the blast shield. They look out the window and see that another program is already running. The room's been turned into a veritable forest, complete with bunny rabbits, flowers and many other woodland inhabitants. There's even a quaint cottage off to the side. The only thing that seems out of place is a half naked Victor Creed happily lounging beneath a tree. Shatterstar and Tabitha look at each other, clueless.
Sam takes a stroll through the Hangar Bay. He hears someone call out for him to watch out. A wrench falls from above and drops between his feet. He picks it up and flies towards the Blackbird, intent on telling the mystery mechanic off. He arrives and is surprised to find Cyclops standing there. They have a quick heart to heart where Sam confides in Scott his insecurities about X-Force. Scott tells him he felt about the same way when he joined the X-Men. He also tells him to cheer up because things usually work out for the best. Sam thanks him for the advice.
Back in the Danger Room, Sabretooth starts to growl. He jumps to his feet and races through the grass. Shatterstar and Boomer look at each other once more and wonder what's going on. He disappears from their view, but reappears moments later when he leaps onto the viewing window full force. He lets out a roar. Tab wonders if the glass will hold him back. Sabes' demeanor quickly changes from aggressive to questioning. Before anyone can react, Sam comes storming in.
He demands to know what's going on. Tabitha tells him they've got it all under control. He disagrees and closes the blast shield. He yells at Tabitha, telling her that Sabretooth's a killer. Tabitha's not so sure anymore. She thinks the fight with Wolverine might have changed him. Sam replies angrily, telling her she's no authority on the subject. Suddenly, they receive a telepathic call from Cable. He wants them all to report to Xavier's office. The trio leaves right away.
A bit later, everyone's arrived outside Xavier's office. They're all confused as to how Cable was able to telepathically contact them. Before they can discuss it further, the doors swing open. It's Cable and he uses his telepathy once more to tell them to join him inside where he'll answer all their questions.
The team walks in and takes their place before Cable and Xavier. Cable starts it off, talking about his and the Professor's different philosophies. While he thinks the X-Men aren't aggressive enough, he does believe in fighting for the dream of human and mutant peaceful coexistence. That's why they had the meeting. He wanted to examine how X-Force can better achieve that goal. Sam whispers to the rest of the team, fearing what's coming next. Cable continues on, bringing up the Legacy Virus becoming public news and what it's done to mutant hostility. He knows they must act quickly to fan the flames or it will be too late.
Sam comes forward at this point, pleading the team's case. He tries to take the blame for whatever Cable thinks is wrong with the team. He tells him that X-Force shouldn't be disbanded. Xavier speaks up at this point, asking him why he assumes they're being disbanded. Cable takes over and tells Sam they will not be disbanding. He [Cable] will continue to lead X-Force like before, but they will work more closely with the X-Men. In fact, they'll be moving into the mansion for the time being.
Cable reaches into a crate to his right and lifts out some new uniforms for the team. He makes his way down the line handing them out. He tells them they'll work on increasing their power levels. When he gets to James he hands him a Bo staff. James tells him he doesn't know how to use it. Cable assures him that he will learn. At the end of his speech he mentions that they will be working more telepathically. Rictor's taken aback by this revelation and doesn't look pleased. Cable's finishes handing out the uniforms, but there's still one person without one.
Sam heads over to the crate and looks inside. There's no more left so he asks Cable where his is. Cable responds cryptically, telling him he has no uniform because he has no place on X-Force. Roberto and Tabitha look at each other shocked. Sam starts to plead his case, saying he always supported him and was there from the beginning. Sam's totally shocked too. Cable finally fills him in on the rest. The reason he won't be on X-Force anymore is because he graduated. He'll be part of the X-Men. Sam's face goes from total shock to total amazement. He can't believe it! And he can't wait to see the look on his sister's Paige's face when she learns qbout this. Tabitha and Roberto rush over to congratulate him. Cable takes his positive reaction as a yes.
The doors open once more and Domino and Caliban walk in. Caliban has one of the new uniforms on. Domino wants to know if it's all right if they come in (she's getting tired of playing Chutes & Ladders with Caliban). Cable gives her the thumbs up. He goes on to say that Caliban will be added to the team. His strength and tracking ability will be a great addition. Under his breath, Cable mutters, "And where we're headed, we're gonna need him!" Warpath walks over to Caliban and kindly welcomes him to the team. The openness of the former very angry young man surprises Cable and Domino.
Rictor takes this opportunity to approach Cable about his plans. He tells Cable that he'll remain on the team, but doesn't want him traipsing around in his head. Cable thinks for a moment, but then explains to Rictor that it's for the best. Rictor becomes very angry and starts yelling at him. He doesn't think Cable's plans are anything new and wants no part of them. He charges out of the room, pushing Caliban aside. Shatterstar leaps over to his friend and tries to work something out. Rictor tells him he has to think about it. He'll probably go visit his family whom he hasn't seen in a while. Shatterstar looks dismayed. He pleads with Julio, telling him he needs him. He goes on to say that he's his best friend, his only friend. Julio doesn't change his mind, though. He tells Star and the rest of the team that if they ever need him, they only have to ask. Rictor walks out, leaving a sulking Shatterstar behind.
A while later, Cannonball's standing in a hallway with his new X-Men uniform on. He's gazing out of a window when Tabitha shows up. She compliments him on the new duds and he does the same for her. She wants to know what will happen to their relationship now that they're on different teams. He tells her it will be difficult, but if they really want to, they can make it work. She tells him she does and then they kiss. They stop and Sam suggests she go back with the team. She grabs his hand and asks him if she'll see him later. He tells her "Yes!". All of a sudden, his wrist communicator comes to life. Scott Summers is on the other end summoning him to the Blackbird. Sam confirms the message and heads out for his first mission as an X-Man.
Meanwhile at the Weisman Institute, an ambulance pulls up to the building. Two medics get out of the front of the vehicle and walk towards the back. The driver warns his buddy that the patient is a bit of a wildcat. They step inside and pull out a straitjacketed, gagged, redhead. They carry her inside the building where a doctor greets them. The doctor says, "Gentlemen, see that Ms. Rourke gets safely to her room." Then she closes the entrance door. The sign on it reads: "The Weisman Institute For The Criminally Insane".

Characters Involved: 

Boomer, Cable, Caliban, Cannonball, Domino, Rictor, Shatterstar, Siryn, Sunspot, Warpath (all X-Force)

Cyclops, Professor Charles Xavier (all X-Men)

Banshee (co-leader of Generation X)


Dr. Weisman

Story Notes: 

This issue's cover is a homage to the cover of UXM #138 which shows a dejected Cyclops leaving the X-Men.
This issue's story captions are all taken from a letter Sam wrote to his mother, telling her of recent events and of his promotion to the X-Men.
X-Force's former headquarters - Arcade's Murderworld - was blown up in X-Men Prime.

Sunspot was seemingly revealed to be the terrorist Reignfire in X-Force #43. Cable's "exorcizing" Sunspot from the Reignfire persona took place off-panel between X-Force #43-44.

Wolverine popped a claw into Sabretooth's brain in Wolverine #90.

The public learned of the Legacy Virus in X-Men Prime.

Cannonball's younger sister Paige AKA Husk is a very ambitious young girl who joined Generation X with the goal of becoming an X-Man. She mentioned in the past that she felt that Cannonball's X-force was moving away from Xavier's dream. Hence Sam's glee at the thought of how she'll react to his "promotion".

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