X-Force (1st series) #8

Issue Date: 
March 1992
Story Title: 
Flashed Before My Eyes

Rob Liefeld (plot, frame art), Mike Mignola (guest penciler), Bob Wiacek (Guest Inker), Fabian Nicieza (scripter), Chris Eliopoulos (letters), Steve Buccellato (color art), Bob Harras (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Sauron gloats about killing Sam. Boom-Boom’s yelling causes Cable to have a flashback. We’re given a glimpse of Cable’s past for almost the rest of the issue. He’s the leader of a team called Wild Pack. They’re invading a Hydra research facility in search of a stolen component. After dispatching the goons, they get inside the lab. Hammer accidentally triggers a fail-safe and Baron von Strucker’s image appears everywhere. He threatens to kill them so they quickly retrieve the device and body slide out of there. It turns out that they were working for A.I.M. Later on, the team goes their separate ways. Cable ends up time sliding into the future where he’s actually from. He finds out from his computer, Professor, that there’s a new possible awakening. The name of the possible High Lord, Sam Guthrie. Cable decides it is his duty to train Cannonball and heads back in time, six months to a year before his Awakening. Back in the present, Sam isn’t waking up. Cable wonders if he truly was a High Lord. He vents his anger on Sauron, by blowing him away.

Full Summary: 

Continued from previous issue, Sauron is gloating about his first kill on the battlefield, Cannonball. Cable yells for him to back away from Sam. Boom-Boom is yelling desperately for Sam to wake up. The phrase “wake up” triggers memories in Cable’s mind. We experience Cable’s flashback and catch a glimpse of his mysterious past.

We see Cable, Domino, Bridge and Grizzly raiding a Hydra research facility with guns a blazin’. They were sent on a mission to retrieve an energy converter that was stolen from their employers. The opposition keeps coming at them and they keep mowing them down. It’s obvious by now that Cable is the leader of Wild Pack.
From a tower close by, three Hydra soldiers fire a plasma generator cannon at the group and hit Grizzly in the chest. He’s all right, but mighty mad! He walks over to the tower and starts shaking it. The three Hydra men fall off along with the cannon. They come up to a wall and have to climb it. Cable makes some references that no one understands. It’s as if he’s from another time they remark. As they reach the top they find the remaining members of Wild Pack, Hammer and Kane, waiting for them.
Their job was to take topside and they did a might fine job at that. Everyone starts bragging about how well they did. Cable shuts them up by pointing out that it was he who made them as good as they are. He tells them that they still have to finish the mission.
Next, we see Wild Pack walking down a set of stairs into a laboratory. The entire place is empty which unnerves Cable. He tells the team to be prepared. We find out that Hydra has been working on a 21st century version of the Hydrogen bomb. The component they’re attempting to steal back is vital to the weapon’s operation. It’s Hammer’s job to retrieve the device.
Cable starts to worry and wants Hammer to hurry up. Kane starts acting all cocky towards Cable and he tells Kane that things just aren’t right. Right then, Hammer says, “Uh-Oh”. All of a sudden, Baron von Strucker’s face shows up on all the monitors. It’s a prerecorded message for anyone invading the facility. He tells them they have 20 seconds to evacuate or else they’re dead. Everyone starts yelling for Hammer to get the fibrillator. When he finally gets it, Cable bodyslides everyone out.
The building explodes as they fly away in a helicopter. Cable’s surprised that Hydra actually blew up the building. When he mentions that he doesn’t know who von Strucker is, another reference to him being from another place is made.
It turns out that the device originally belonged to A.I.M. Hammer gives it back to one of the A.I.M. members and they, in turn, give him their paycheck. They tell them that the fibrillator actually didn’t work to begin with. They just wanted to see how far Hydra had gotten with building their weapon. They’re guessing, that if they blew up the building, not far.
Later on, Cable and the rest of Wild Pack are parting ways. They want to know when they’ll meet again and Cable says he’ll find them. He drives away on his motorcycle and requests a time slide. He goes through a portal and enters a room with three levitating robots. Their names are Scott, Jean and Hank. They tend to his needs. Apparently, Cable was gone one year his time, one day the robot’s time. It turns out that Cable is from thousands of years in the future.
Months later, Cable is at his computer and asks Professor if there is anything new on the research front. He wants to know if there’s a new Awakening to report. Professor tells him about Samuel Guthrie. How he was affiliated with Charles Xavier and there were reports of him being around in the 24th century. Cable refers to him as a possible High Lord. He says that if Sam is to be a king, then he must be a man first. Cable decides to become his teacher.
Cable wants to time slide 6 months to a year before Sam’s Awakening. The robots warn him that he’s made many enemies in this time and that the mutant population is on a verge of a civil war. He goes through the portal anyway.

Cable is wondering if Sam will wake up. He wonders if Professor was wrong. Maybe Sam isn’t a High Lord. Cable and Boom-Boom keep yelling for Sam to wake up. Sauron tells them that he is dead. Cable says that Sam won’t be the only one to pay for his stupidity. He aims his gun and blows Sauron away.

Characters Involved: 

Boom-Boom, Cable, Cannonball (X-Force)

Sauron (Brotherhood of Evil Mutants)
In a flashback

G.W. Bridge, Cable, Domino, Grizzly, Hammer, Kane (all Wild Pack)

Baron von Strucker

Story Notes: 

Two Cable pin-ups by Rob Liefeld are in the last two pages.

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