X-Force: Sex and Violence #2

Issue Date: 
October 2010
Story Title: 

Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost (writers), Gabriele Dell’Otto (art and cover), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Jody LeHeup (assistant editor), Jeanine Schaefer (editor), Axel Alonso (executive editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Wolverine and Domino defeat Razorfist and send him back to Belladonna, the leader of the Assassins Guild, with a message to leave them alone. They then retire to a hotel room and have sex. Belladonna, meanwhile, doesn’t take kindly to Wolverine’s threat, and summons all of her top agents to kill Wolverine and retrieve the money from Domino. Her agent Bushwacker ambushes Wolverine and Domino in their hotel room. After realizing Belladonna won’t stop until she retrieves the money Domino stole, they kill Bushwacker and travel to New Orleans to confront the leader of the Assassins Guild. They arrive in New Orleans under surveillance by a sniper—only it isn’t Belladonna’s assassin who is watching them, but agents of the Hand, who have a score to settle with both the Guild and Domino.

Full Summary: 

The streets of San Francisco. Now…

A dumbfounded Wolverine, glaring angrily at Domino, repeats the question Razorback just asked her: “Where’s the money?!?” As they take cover behind the upturned car, Domino concedes that maybe she forgot to mention one teensy little detail. Wolverine incredulously repeats the question again: “Where’s the money?!”

They endure a barrage of bullets at the hands of Razorfist and his Assassins Guild cohorts. Wolverine, now brandishing his claws, asks Domino the question one more time. Domino asks him to stop saying that and help her. Fine, he says, but if he doesn’t like the rest of her story, he’ll deliver her to the Guild himself. Domino considers that proposition fair enough.

Wolverine vaults over the top of the car and lunges at the Guild members. Domino backs him up with a series of rapid gunfire. Her bullets don’t hit the Guild members, however, instead striking the concrete supporting the roof. The assassins can’t believe she missed; they thought she was supposed to be lucky. Just as one of the assassins is finishing this thought, the concrete beneath them begins to crumble away, and the group of them, including Razorfist, tumbles off the roof and to the hard asphalt below. At least one of them hits with deadly force.

As the others begin formulating their plan of attack, Wolverine descends on them. He splits the skull of one of the assassins into three pieces with a quick swipe of his claws. As another orders his men to take him down, Wolverine pierces his brain with his other set of claws. He continues ravaging the assassins, splitting their guns—and limbs—into pieces. Razorfist, however, catches him unawares, and pierces him through the torso with the blade that protrudes from the end of his right arm. Wolverine cries out in pain.

With his blade still protruding from Wolverine’s torso, Razorfist informs his old foe that this conflict has nothing to do with him. Because of that, he is willing to give Wolverine just one chance to walk away. Wolverine, ignoring this gracious offer, thanks Razorfist for the laugh. With one swift motion, he elbows the flat part of the man’s blade and snaps it in two, separating the rest of Razorfist from the blade in his abdomen. He turns and swipes his other set of claws across Razorfist’s other arm-blade, shattering that one as well. The coup de grace to Razorfist comes in the form of a sharp headbutt to the nose.

“Wait! Don’t kill him!” Domino cries out as Wolverine dismantles their foe. “We need to insult him first!” Razorfist, meanwhile, crumbles to the ground in a heap. Through the blood spilling out of his broken nose, he tells Wolverine that he and Domino are both dead! The Assassins Guild will never—

Suddenly Wolverine thrusts his fist into Razorfist’s neck—with his claws retracted, of course. “How about we give him a new name?” he asks Domino. She responds by saying she likes the name Razor Legs. Wolverine, holding one of Razorfist’s blades dangerously over the man’s left leg, tells him to listen up; since he likes giving chances so much, they’ll give him one too. If Wolverine ever hears the words ‘razor’ and ‘fist’ used together in a sentence, he’s going to find him and kill him.

“Razorfist,” Domino says. Wolverine tells her that wasn’t a sentence. Getting up, he orders Razorfist to tell Belladonna to stop this now, before someone important gets hurt.

Later, when Wolverine and Domino are alone again, she fills in the parts she omitted from her story.

Like she said before, she honestly didn’t know they were the Assassins Guild. When they got to the pier, it was all ninja ninja ninja, kill kill kill. She was only there to play lady luck—to make everything go smoothly so they could find the cash. When she found the girls, however, she had no choice but to be an upstanding citizen about it!

“Which kind of pissed me off, because, you know…money,” she adds. She tells Logan that she found a truck nearby and used it to get the girls out of there. She started driving the girls to the Japanese consulate in Texas, just a hop, skip and a jump away. She figured she would drop them off and give them a chance at a better life—no harm, no foul. Sure, the Hand was going to slaughter the Guild members who hired her, but hey—that’s life.
“No harm, no foul,” Logan says, interrupting her. “I’m going to put that on your gravestone. He asks where they’re going. Continuing, Domino reminds him that she mentioned the truck she found. As she leads Wolverine into an old, abandoned barn, they come upon the truck, and Domino opens its back door. She claims it wasn’t until she had left Louisiana that she noticed what was in the back of the vehicle.

Wolverine curses as he peeks inside the truck’s cargo bay, which is filled with a veritable mountain of cash. “Lucky, right?” Domino says. “I had the girls count it. They each got a million. I got a million, too…give or take 237 million. That’s a lot of money, Logan,” she says, giving him a seductive look. When he acknowledges her statement, she suggests that they go and find a hotel room to work this out.

“…Yeah,” Wolverine responds.

Shortly thereafter, Wolverine and Domino find themselves in a hotel room in San Francisco. They waste little time in exorcising their sexual tension. With his lips locked firmly over Domino’s, Wolverine grabs her by the wrists and slams her into the mirror, never once breaking their moment of intimate contact. Domino pushes off and pins him to the bed, removing his mask. Resting on top of him, she pauses tenderly over his face for a moment before arching her back upright and removing her top. Logan’s jaw drops at the sight of the beautiful woman in bed with him. He takes her once more and they tumble beneath the sheets in a passionate embrace.

New Orleans…

Inside a bayou villa, a head matriarch of the Assassins Guild sits on her throne while a holographic projection addresses her. The hologram depicts the assassin Razorfist as he beseeches Belladonna, his employer. He confesses to her that he lost both Domino and Wolverine. Belladonna asks if there’s any reason she shouldn’t have him killed for his failure.

Lifting his head, Razorfist informs her that he managed to plant a tracer on Wolverine with his blade. He can find them, he insists. Belladonna, speaking to the rest of her men, instructs them to summon whatever other specialists they currently have in the country. They are to drop all other assignments, she says; the Guild is calling in a favor.

The call goes out to Atlantic City, where Boomerang, an agent equipped with weaponized boomerangs, receives it via text message.

The call also goes out to Chicago, where the shadow-bending knife man Nakh receives the message. He takes a break from slitting a man’s throat to answer it.

Clay, a sniper with the ability to create duplicate snipers, gets the call in Dallas.
In Miama, Black Mamba, an assassin whose limited telepathy and Darkforce generation makes her an expert in strangulation, answers the call as well.

The call also goes out to Bullet, a superpowered assassin based in New York City.

Bushwacker gets the call in Los Angeles. A killer with a healing factor and a cybernetic gun arm, he finishes slaughtering the patrons of a restaurant before answering the phone and saying he can be there in two hours.

San Francisco…

After wrapping up their bout in bed, Wolverine and Domino lay next to each other, finally relaxed. They practically roll in the cash scattered around the room and on the bed. The shirtless Wolverine shoots a smile at the barely clothed Domino and tells her this doesn’t make anything better. Well, she feels better, she says. Good for her, Logan answers. She suggests they give it another go and see if they can’t turn his frown upside down.

Changing the subject for a moment, she acknowledges that Warren has money and all, but doesn’t Wolverine realize how much good they can do with 137 million dollars? Logan says he thought there was 237 million. “Finder’s fee,” Domino answers as she throws a fistful of dollars into the air. As it flutters to the floor, Wolverine begins to ask her a question. Unfortunately, his rebuttal is interrupted by a series of gunshots that fire into their hotel room.

Wolverine immediately positions his body between Domino and the gunfire; several rounds connect with his back and embed themselves in his flesh. Move, he shouts at her! Domino rolls out from beneath him, grabs her gun, kicks him to the side and aims at her assailant. Whoever he is, she says, he just made a big mistake!

As luck would have it, Domino’s gun doesn’t fire; it’s out of bullets. “Fudge,” she says. Her assailant towers over her. As he points the barrel of his fleshy, cybernetic arm cannon in Domino’s face, Bushwacker tells her to make her peace with God.

Right as he fires, Wolverine springs at him and brings his claws down across his arm, severing the gun from the rest of his body—temporarily, at least. The round barely misses Domino’s face. Regaining control of himself, Bushwacker kicks Logan aside. He tells him that when he found out he was involved, he was glad; he feels they left things unfinished last time. As his meaty arm-gun rebuilds itself, Bushwacker tells Logan he still wants to repay him for what he did to his face.

He fires, but both Domino and Wolverine manage to leap out of the way. Domino, still wearing nothing but a bra and panties, remarks to Logan that everyone seems to hate him. He barks at her to just shut up and shoot! Fine, Domino says as she leaps backward, deftly evading Bushwacker’s bullets. She aims her handguns right down the barrel of Bushwacker’s cannon, expertly sending a round straight into its barrel. His arm explodes; he screams.

Enraged, Bushwacker tells Domino that they told him to keep her alive—at least until she gave up the money. She should have kept it hidden, he says; she would have lived. As he speaks, however, a trio of claws burst through his right pectoral muscle. They thrust upward, rending his shoulder to shreds. Bushwacker falls to the ground with a sickening thud.

Wolverine, wasting no time, stands over him and brings his two outermost claws down around the assassin’s neck. The middle claw, he leaves retracted, but ready for release. How’d he find them, Logan asks? Through stunted breaths, Bushwacker reveals that Razorfist planted a tracer on them. “Razorfist?” Domino says. “Hey! That was a complete sentence! Now we can kill him!”

Ignoring her, Wolverine asks Carl who else Belladonna is sending. Bushwacker answers with one word: everyone. Logan lifts his head and addresses Domino. They have to move the money, he says; if the Guild gets the cash, they have no leverage. As if to punctuate his sentence, Wolverine releases his middle claw into Bushwacker’s neck with a familiar SNIKT sound, sending forth a spigot of blood.

Meanwhile, in New Orleans, a member of the Assassins Guild informs Belladonna that Bushwacker is not responding. She pauses for a moment, then states that Wolverine and Domino will be coming there soon. Put Clay at the airport, she says—and when they arrive, kill Wolverine, then bring Domino to her. At Belladonna’s side, Black Mamba, Bullet, Boomerang and Nakh stand at attention.

The Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport…

A plane lands on the runway. Logan and Domino disembark shortly thereafter and make their way through the airport, chatting as they go. Domino tells him she always knew he must have had a way to get through airport security, but wow—that was something. Anything he wants to do while they’re in New Orleans? she asks.

Kill her, Wolverine grumbles. Domino takes umbrage at that; she makes him a member of the Mile High Club, and that’s the thanks she gets? He wants her too much to kill her, Domino reminds him. Logan urges her not to tempt him. Now, she admits she’s confused.

As they walk, a man watches them through the scope of his sniper rifle. “They have arrived,” he says. The speaker, however, is not Clay of the Assassins Guild. The sniper rifle is his, but the samurai sword lodged in his forehead prevents him from using it, much less breathing. The Hand ninja immediately behind him continues speaking to his fellow warriors. Wolverine and Domino will lead them to the Assassins Guild—and all who crossed the Hand will die.

Characters Involved: 

Domino, Wolverine (X-Force)

Black Mamba, Boomerang, Bullet, Bushwacker, Clay, Nahk, Razorfist (mercenaries working for Belladonna)

Belladonna Boudreaux (Assassins Guild)

Various Assassins Guild members

Various Hand Ninjas

In flashback only:

Various teenage sex slaves

Story Notes: 

Razorfist holds a grudge against Wolverine stemming from his near-death interaction with him in MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS (1st series) #2-9.

Razorfist is mistakenly referred to as William in the issue, which is the name of his dead twin brother.

Bushwacker, the alter-ego of Carl Burbank, first appeared in DAREDEVIL (1st series) #248. Originally a priest, he became a mercenary with a grudge against mutants. His anti-mutant activities earned him the wrath of Wolverine, who eventually teamed up with Daredevil to bring him to justice. Although Daredevil stopped Wolverine from killing Bushwacker, the conflict did result in Bushwacker’s face becoming horribly burned in a gasoline fire in DAREDEVIL (1st series) #249, hence the grudge he holds against Wolverine.

Boomerang, real-name Fred Myers, is the perhaps the longest-standing supervillain to appear in this issue. He first appeared in TALES TO ASTONISH (1st series) #81 and most often spars with Spider-Man.

Black Mamba first appeared in MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #64. A member of the Serpent Society and BAD Girls, Inc., she has not only clashed with the Avengers on numerous occasions, but also once worked for Domino’s associate Cable in CABLE & DEADPOOL #20-23.

Clay first appeared in MADROX #2, when he was hired to kill Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man. He later appeared in X-FACTOR (3rd series) #22, in the employ of the Purity Singers, which brought him into conflict with Siryn and M. Although he is killed at the end of this issue, it’s uncertain whether or not it was the Clay Prime who died, or one of his dupes.

Bullet first appeared in DAREDEVIL (1st series) #250 as a mercenary working on behalf of the United States government.

As confirmed by a post in Comic Book Resources on 8/11/12, Nakh is an original creation by Craig Kyle and Chris Yost. This issue is his first appearance. [Source: http://forums.comicbookresources.com/showthread.php?334734-X-Force-Sex-and-Violence-2-Review-Thread-%28SPOILERS%29&p=11708914&viewfull=1#post11708914]

The Mile High Club is not an official club, but an unofficial group comprised of people who succeed in having sex on an airplane while in flight.

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