X-Men (6th series) #1

Issue Date: 
September 2021
Story Title: 
Fearless, chapter one: “In Threes”

Gerry Duggan (writer), Pepe Larraz (artist), Marte Gracia (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Clayton Cowles (letterer), Tom Muller (designer), Pepe Larraz &Marte Gracia (cover artists), Larry Houston & Chris Sotomayor; Rob Liefeld; Peach Momoko; Russell Dauterman & Matthew Wilson; Nick Bradshaw & Morry Hollowell; Doaly; Rian Gonzales; Patrick Gleason & Marte Gracia; Tom Muller; Skottie Young (variant cover artists), Juann Cabal, Carmen Carnero, Peach Momoko, Iban Coello, RB Silva, Natacha Bustos, Patrick Gleason, Joshua Cassara & Alejandro Sanchez (Stormbreakers Connecting Variant Cover Artists), Jonathan Hickman (Head of X), Nick Russell (production), Annalise Bissa (associate editor), Jordan D White (editor), CB Cebulski (editor-in-chief)
X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

The history of a man called Kelvin Heng is chronicled. A brilliant scientist who changed his name to Feilong, he was invested in making huge scientific advancements for humanity, including a plan to establish life on Mars – until the Krakoans beat him to it, claiming Mars, or Arakko, as their own. Several Krakoans have also established themselves in New York City, as the heroic X-Men. Their HQ is in Central Park, and is visited by curious civilians – and an inquisitive reporter called Ben Urich from the Daily Bugle, who interviews Cyclops on several matters – but when he asks Cyclops about the apparent death of a mutant called Jumbo Carnation – who is now very much alive – Cyclops evades giving any explanation, and ends the interview. Cyclops finds Synch helping Forge to put the finishing touches on the HQ, called the Treehouse, before Polaris arrives, to move in. Cyclops provides Polaris with a tour of the sprawling complex, and shortly, Jean Grey is telepathically alerted to some possible danger nearby. Rogue is on hand to check it out – it appears to be some large robot with tentacles. It attacks Rogue before Cyclops, Jean Grey, Polaris, Sunfire, Synch and Laura Kinney arrive on scene. The robot releases some energy which gives everyone in the tristate area a migraine, while the X-Men work well together, using metal from a construction site to create a large robot which they then control and fight the enemy robot, eventually defeating it. Afterwards, the robot they made becomes a lighthouse on the Krakoan archipelago in the Atlantic, while the robot they defeated is examined, and the X-Men discover it is actually some form of living, or once-living, speices. Meanwhile, on Gameworld, a creature called Cordyceps Jones begins a contest to defeat Earthlings. The High Evolutionary is present when this contest is announced. At the Oblivion Institute, Dr Stasis is conducting experiments and has a fascination with how mutants are being resurrected.

Full Summary: 

(in flashback images)
His mother was a Nobel Prize winner from Servia, and his father was China's finest nuclear physicist. He is Kelvin Heng, who graduated MIT summa cum laude at age 13. He didn't believe in any god, but he hoped his ancestor on his mother's side, Nikola Tesla, would be proud of him. Like Tesla, he was unlucky in the business  of creation. He was taken advantage of when his first IPO – at age 15 – earned over a hundred million dollars on day one. His parents believed Kelvin was a one-hit wonder and shorted him. They strangled their golden goose, and Kelvin saw his money – and his parents – disappear forever. After a five-year absence, he came roaring back. Kelvin Heng was nothing but a dead name in the first paragraph of Feilong's wiki. Both the man and his company shared a new name. His second IPO promised planet-size innovations in biology and climate science. Feilong turned a lifeless desert green and accomplished what had never been done on this planet – and he sought to give his gift to humanity in its conquest of Mars. For years, Feilong planned carefully.

One night, the gods mocked Feilong. He and several of his employees look up at a large monitor which depicts breaking news of the Krakoans settling on Mars.

His office is now empty, his staff are gone, while he sits at his desk. A glass of alcohol and a gun are set out before him. He touches a small statue, the plaque reads “Mars”. Changing his body for Mars was far easier than changing Mars for his body. He punches the glass dome surrounding the statue, it's a piece of rock, which he now holds in his hand, as suddenly, everything he ever wanted in life was out of reach – but the question remained – who would pay for the theft. 'No. Not me... them' Feilong declares, narrowing his eyes.

A few days ago, the southwest corner of the 86th Street Central Park Transverse changed hands in a real estate deal that shook New York. Neighbors barely had any time to lose sleep over their views of the park becoming obstructed by some towering eyesore because – of all darn things – New York City work to discover a treehouse had sprung up overnight. And, like everything the mutants are doing lately, it has become worldwide news. The large tree stands tall over the park, and civilians are able to walk on the grounds around the tree. Several large domes sit within the tree. Down below, Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops smiles as a young boy takes a selfie with him. 'Nice to meet you, folks. Come back again' Cyclops waves. Other civilians walk about the grounds, looking at statues of long-dead mutants like Thunderbird. 'Excuse me, Cyclops?' a man in a trenchcoat calls out, waving to Cyclops. 'Oh. Hi there. You're Ben Urich, aren't you? The writer?' Cyclops asks as he shakes Ben's hand. 'Yes, with the Daily Bugle. I'm technically the co-owner, too' Ben responds.

Cyclops tells Ben not to let all that responsibility get in the way of doing what he loves. 'Too many of us making that mistake these days... anyway, I'm a big fan – you're a fantastic writer' Scott remarks. 'You mean for a human?' Ben replies. 'I mean for anyone' Scott declares. Ben looks up at the sprawling treehouse and tells Cyclops that it is amazing that they built this building overnight, and asks him what the thinking behind it was. Cyclops smiles as he replies 'At the end of the day... if I'm being honest? I just like creating. It makes me feel alive – it's fun... like when I was a kid. I dunno. Maybe that's why we're calling it the Treehouse.' Scott then asks Ben if he likes it. 'I really do. Sincerely' Ben replies, asking if it isn't every kid's dream to live in a treehouse. 'Right?' Scott agrees, before telling Ben that if he is interested in getting one, he knows a guy. Scott offers Ben to take a look around.

Ben remarks that the park around the Treehouse is called Seneca Gardens, and tells Scott that he is impressed, as most people don't know the story of this part of town. Cyclops states that even though this park is a monument of mutant achievements and to those of them who never lived to see Krakoa, he thinks it is important to honor the place where they set roots. Ben tells Cyclops that he knows he has to go save the world, and tells him that is a nice uniform he has, commenting on his black and blue costume. 'Is that from the House of Carnation?' Ben enquires. 'I think it is, yes. If you're interested in owning one of your own -' Scott starts as he enters a Krakoan portal. 'Ben flips through his notebook and tells Cyclops that he has one more question: 'It's nice Jumbo is, uh... well. I covered his  death. Back then, there was a lot of talk: was it an overdose? Was it a murder? A hate crime?'

Cyclops answers the question by telling Ben that there is so much bad news these days, and when there is some good news, he tends to just be grateful for it. Ben peers over the top of his glasses: 'Lotta unanswered questions about that one, but not one of them was whether he was dead or not. Cause he was very dead. I visited the coroner and -' but Scott cuts Ben off, bidding him a good night and telling him it was a pleasure, before he disappears through the Krakoan portal.

'Remind me again why I said we needed to be in New York?' Cyclops asks Jean Grey as he is transported up into the Treehouse. He steps out of a portal opening into a large open space where Jean Grey is waiting for him. 'Talking to reporters is never a good idea' Scott remarks. Jean tells him that she couldn't help but eavesdrop, and asks if Ben is going to be a problem. I hope not. He's very talented' Scott replies, before he and Jean kiss. They walk into another area of the Treehouse as Scott asks Jean if she is not second-guessing New York City, too. 'No. But, Scott, the X-Men have never fought the zoning board of Manhattan before' Jean replies. 'I believe in us, Jean' Scott replies, before suggesting that they leave those heavies to X-Corp. This area of the Treehouse appears to be some sort of lab, where Everett Thomas a.k.a. Synch is busy connecting some strange Krakoan plant-like wires together. 'How are the finishing touches to the Treehouse coming, Everett?' Scott asks. 'A lot easier since I synced up with Forge' Synch replies. He remarks that he knows Magneto can drop new cores into planets, but on a day like this, he thinks Forge might be their most powerful mutant. 'What an amazing mind' Synch exclaims. 'My ears are burning' Forge calls out as his head suddenly pokes out from a space above Synch where he is working. 'I know you asked me to take a look at your work, but you should know: I'm not a better me than you, Synch' Forge admits. 'Appreciate it' Synch smiles.

Suddenly, 'Hello? Anybody around to help with luggage?' Lorna Dane a.k.a. Polaris wearing her new green mini-dress costume calls out as she arrives at the Treehouse. Cyclops walks over to Polaris and greets her, offering a hand. 'We don't have – you know – sidekicks or something?' Lorna asks. 'Maybe next year' Scott suggests, before offering to show Lorna around. They enter another area of the Treehouse which consists of dozens of computer monitors. Scott tells Lorna that it is operations, where they can talk to almost everybody here, and will have a published contact number. 'Hangar deck' Scott points out as they pass through a room with a large jet stationed inside it. 'Lemme guess: It's the Blackbird?' Lorna asks, her luggage floating at her side as she follows Scott down some stairs. Scott informs her that they are trying to decide between the Thunderbird and the Proudstar, as they would like to honor John’s sacrifice.

They reach what Scott calls the habitat level, where several individual rooms are positioned within the Treehouse. He tells Lorna that they are all the same. 'This one seems bigger. I'll move my gear' Lorna exclaims as she claims that room, before looking over to another room where Laura Kinney a.k.a. Wolverine can be seen, and calls out 'Hi Wolverine'. Laura offers some vague answer as she stares back through the window-like open compartment. As Lorna drops off her luggage, she tells Cyclops that she needs to confess something. 'If you killed Wanda, please don't' Cyclops responds. They begin to climb another set of stairs and Lorna admits that when she heard they were living in a tree, she almost shifted the Earth's magnetic poles. 'Glad you kept your powder dry, Lorna' Scott replies. 'Same. This is much cooler than I imagined' Lorna exclaims. They then walk through another area and Lorna waves to Synch as Scott tells Lorna that he never had a treehouse growing up, but that he always wanted one.

'And last – and hopefully used the least – our medical bay' Scott remarks as they come to another part of the Treehouse. He adds that they are only a short walk away from the Healing Gardens back on Krakoa if things get really bad. 'And if they get really, really bad, there's always resurrection at Arbor Magna' Lorna points out. 'I sure hope not' Scott remarks, before Lorna asks if there is a place to entertain. 'There is...but I don't think you will have the time' Scott tells her. 'Hang on, you two' Jean Grey calls out as they approach her. Jean telepathically announces that she is getting a psychic wave of excitement from downtown, of people seeing a fireball in the sky. Jean asks Rogue if she can do a fly-by.

'You were right on the money, Jean. Ah clocked it over the water and wasn't too worried until it changed direction toward the city' Rogue responds as she flies between the New York City skyscrapers, a powerful blast of energy can be seen above her, blasting through the sides of buildings. 'Whatever it is, it's not too big' Rogue adds, as she flies upwards and grabs the object within the energy, where she uses her incredible strength to divert the blast into a nearby body of water. But, suddenly, from the water, a large robot-like creature with what appears to be tentacles protruding from its abdomen, rises and towers above everything around it. 'Oh...he's much larger in person' Rogue utters, before asking Jean if she is seeing this. 'Yes. We're seconds out – don't provoke it' Jean replies. But a minute later, the robot lashes out, slamming Rogue with one of its tentacles, which sends her careening backwards through several apartment blocks.

'Let's come up with a plan!' Synch exclaims as he skates through the air on some sort of metal disc. Wolverine leaps alongside him, while Jean Grey telekinetically lifts herself and Cyclops through the air. Polaris uses her control over metals to propel herself at the front of the group, while Shiro Yoshida a.k.a. Sunfire flies alongside his new teammates with a blaze of flame around him. 'Is she -?' Sunfire begins, while Jean reports that Rogue survived. 'How about I show this thing what I can do with metal?' Polaris suggests as she comes to a stop in front of the large being. 'So... you've come to Earth to kick my friends? Well, I have some bad news for you. I -' Polaris calls out, her hands glowing with energy, when suddenly, a look of confusion falls across her face, as she tells her teammates that if it is metal, it is one she can't control. The creature suddenly brings a large tentacle down towards Polaris – who is rescued by Rogue, who speeds onto the scene and pulls Polaris to safety. 'Owe you one' Polaris remarks. 'It's early days for our team – ah'm sure ah'll collect' Rogue responds.

A moment later, Polaris and Rogue lower themselves onto the edge of a building where their teammates have gathered. 'That ugly thing hits hard' Rogue tells everyone. Cyclops suggests they contain it until they can communicate, but Jean announces that there is no scannable mind that she can discern. 'If we want it back in the water, then allow me to -' Sunfire begins, but before he can carry out his plan, the machine emits a massive burst of energy which ripples across the area, leaving everyone in the tristate with a migraine. The energy also sends debris and other matter flying through the air. 'Stay close to me!' Polaris calls out as she uses her powers to protect her teammates, who are all clasping at their heads, from the flying debris. Polaris then manipulates the large steel beams on the building, twisting them into a bubble which she wraps around her teammates, keeping them safe from the energy wave.

'Nice save, Polaris' Cyclops tells his teammate inside the darkened space, which Sunfire lights up with a fiery glow around his body. Jean reports that they are safe inside for the moment, but that the psychic attack is escalating. Sunfire tells the others that he thinks it might have been a microwave burst, while Synch announces that he has an idea, as he is still synced with Forge. 'Here's an idea. Find me a soft spot into that thing, or I'll carve my own' Wolverine suggests. Sunfire offers to turn the being into slag, while Jean, straining under the psychic pressure of the mysterious creature, tells the others that whatever they do, they need to do it quickly, as she is shielding as many minds as she can – but she can't shield them all. Cyclops asks Synch what his idea is, and Jean then telepathically shares it with the group. 'Yes! Sorry, but we must do this!' Sunfire exclaims. Jean looks at Synch and tells him to keep thinking about everything he needs. 'It'd need as much high-quality steel as you can manage' Synch replies matter-of-factly. 'Steel is easy. We're surrounded by construction sites. What else?' Polaris asks as she flexes her fingers.

'We're gonna hit harder and move faster with some solar panels and batteries for Sunfire to charge up... and we're probably going to need a backup camera' Synch announces, while Polaris begins to manipulate more of the steel in the area. Unfortunately for New Yorkers, their city has always been an interesting place to live. Attacks may come from above… or below, but they always come. Polaris uses her powers to grab several solar panels, and she begins to latch them onto the steel she is manipulating. 'X-Men, go!' Jean calls out. Cyclops asks Sunfire if he is ready, and the powerful mutant replies 'Here we go!' as he unleashes a powerful fiery blast, which strikes the solar panels, igniting a huge flaming “X”, the pattern of which Polaris made with the solar panels. It's lucky the X-Men moved to town. This signal catches the attention of the strange robot, as the structure that Polaris created – a large robot itself, with one eye in the center of his face, which glows with optic energy. The flaming X on its chest continues to burn, and its fists remain at the ready.

'Linking us up!' Jean calls out from within the robot. Cyclops tells the X-Men to create a breach in the armor, and to call out if they see an opening. 'Polaris is up – Rogue's in on the on-deck circle' Cyclops instructs the others. 'We're planting our feet!' Synch announces, as the X-Men's robot suddenly rushes forward, and slams into the face of the other robot. 'That's a direct hit – we disrupted the psi-attack!' Jean alerts the others, as civilians can be seen nearby, free of the robot's hold. Suddenly, Jean tells everyone to hang on and brace for impact, as the strange robot's tentacles lash out and wrap around the X-Men's robot's fist. 'Dammit! I lost an arm!' Polaris calls out as the alien robot tears the arm off of the X-Men's robot. 'Lemme get some optics on the situation' Cyclops jokes as he fires an optic beam, which blasts out of the X-Men's robot's eye and strikes the other large robot, blasting it backwards. Sunfire asks if they can move in closer, and Rogue tells him that she can do, and that she will make sure the enemy doesn't move, as she controls the other arm, which grabs the alien robot by its neck. Panels on the X-Men's robot begin to open up, as someone tells Jean to shield them.

The X-Men don't hold back, as an enormous surge of fiery energy pours outwards from their robot, courtesy of Sunfire. But neither does their murderous foe, who lashes out with an energy that knocks the X-Men's robot back across the water where they battle. The heroes of Krakoa take the full brunt of its mental barrage – but death will not win today. The X-Men all cry out in pain as the attack courses through them, before Wolverine announces that she sees it – they made a hole. 'Kick me over there!' she calls out. 'THE DOOR'S OPEN!' Wolverine shouts as she is propelled through the air, towards the crack which has formed in the alien robot. 'Let's goooo!' Wolverine exclaims. She falls through the opening in the robot and begins slashing away at the strange alien robot with her claws. 'I'm gonna keep cutting until this thing is on its ass' Wolverine calls out. Part of the alien robot explodes, and Jean telepathically thanks Wolverine, telling her that thanks to her good plan, the alien robot is no longer broadcasting death.

Suddenly, the X-Men receive communications, firstly from Captain America, who reports that the Avengers are 30 seconds out from lower Manhattan. The Fantastic Four's Thing then announces that he is a few seconds away with the rest of the Fantastic Four. Jean responds by thanking the others, and reporting that the X-Men are on-site and hope to have this one wrapped up by the time they arrive. A moment later, the alien robot plummets into the water, creating a massive wave around it. 'I need a shower' Wolverine utters as she emerges from the robot. Wolverine then raises her claws to the other X-Men inside the robot, while Spider-Man can be seen swinging nearby. 'Honestly glad I didn't have to clock in on this one' he calls out. 'Nice job, X-Men' Captain America announces from inside the Avengers' jet. The Fantastic Four's jet can be seen nearby, and the Thing reports that he would stay for the high-fives and whatnot, but he has a brisket in the smoker.

'And that ain't a euphemism. Welcome back – we missed you guys' the Thing adds. The X-Men are standing on top of their robot, as Jean smiles and tells the Thing it was nice to speak to him. Synch grins as he admits that being cheered is going to take some getting used to. He then asks if they have to scrap the X-Mech, referring to the large robot. 'Ah hope not' Rogue smiles, while Cyclops tells everyone they did a wonderful job, and that he thinks a lot of great tings are going to come their way. Polaris smiles and waves, while Sunfire lifts up his mask and smiles, too. 'As for our creation today...' Cyclops begins, suggesting that he thinks the Krakoan archipelago in the Atlantic could use a new lighthouse, and that they can keep tinkering with it if they need it again. Cyclops tells the others that he is eager to get a piece of the alien robot back to the lab at the Treehouse to find out who threw a rock at Earth.

The X-Mech is transported to the Atlantic, where a storm rages around it. A bright beam glows from the X-Mech's large eye, acting as a lighthouse beacon indeed.

Back at the Treehouse, in the laboratory, the X-Men are gathered around a large holographic screen showing all sorts of data and analysis from the piece of the alien robot which lays on the lab floor. Synch stands up close to the holographic screen. Sunfire, Cyclops and Jean stand close to him, while Polaris, Wolverine and Rogue stand or sit further back. Synch tells his teammates that the analysis is not complete, but that it seems as though this is the robot form of possibly a living – or once-living – species. He reports that it had two purposes – to psionically destroy mammalian brains and to replicate itself using whatever they had here on Earth, and also that the robot is not on any of the databases they have access to. 'Only mammalian brains? Maybe someone out there hates dolphins?' Wolverine jokes. Jean points out that whoever they are swung and missed. 'So we'd better be ready for whoever it was to swing again' she suggests.

Meanwhile, on Gameworld, located in space, where the worst people in the universe come to have the best time. Dual black holes convey the opulent planetoid, and time passes slower here as a result. Need a vacation? You could spend a month here over your weekend. The best part is...you can wager on anything. Results are telepathically broadcast to the gamblers. 'All bets are closed' a strange alien calls out as it stands at a table, where several other aliens are gathered around. 'C'mon, you gorgeous behemoth! Liquify their brains!' another alien exclaims as they all look at a miniature version of the alien robot that was battling the X-Men on Earth. The alien at the head of the table then reports that the Mind Reaver's gambit against Earth's civilization has failed. 'AHH! I'm ruined!' one of the aliens shouts, grabbing their head, while the other aliens all look at him. The alien at the head of the table then reports 'Your accommodations have been extended by a rotation. We hope you'll play again'.

A large green alien with scales suddenly sounds a large gong, and a small blue-skinned alien with four arms wearing a tuxedo addresses the other aliens: 'Welcome, honored guests. We hope you're enjoying yourselves. If you would kindly turn your attention to our host, the one, the only...Cordyceps Jones!' On a throne-like seat which looks over the busy room, the body of a humanoid figure in an orange astronaut's suit can be seen. Suddenly, a strange alien being emerges through the eye sockets of the skeleton's skull. The alien, Cordyceps Jones, has a large mouth with lots of teeth, and it thanks the small alien wearing the tuxedo, addressing the alien as Spimvar. Cordyceps Jones is able to manipulate the skeleton, which raises its hand, a martini glass included. 'First, a toast to you, my clientele. For sticking with this place through the change in management. We're going to have a lot of fun together' Cordyceps Jones claims. The strange alien declares that there is much to wager on, but that they know the most popular game at this tournament will be the Sol system.

'Earth has finally ruptured like a tumor, and now  it's got to go. Let's take out the Earthlings before they ruin a planet we all care about' Cordyceps Jones exclaims. Several aliens stare back at the other alien – among them, not an alien, but the powerful being known as the High Evolutionary. Cordyceps Jones states that the contest is simple – to beat the Earthlings, but to leave the planet. 'I can't stress that second part enough' he adds, stating that there is no sense in wasting a good planet already in a habitable zone. The High Evolutionary sips his drink, as Cordyceps Jones grins and declares that it would be the perfect neighborhood – if it weren't for the Earthlings.

Meanwhile, deep in the ground of a particularly evil part of New Jersey. Inside the Oblivion Institute, where Dr Stasis presides. In a large chamber, a strange black mass is suspended in the  center of the chamber. This is Leviathan body “bravo” test two, with the same radiation levels as previous. Dr Stasis tells himself that humanity is born to die – but if he lived millennia, it would not be enough. There is too much to discover. Too much to accomplish. A figure falls from the black mass, humanoid with strange additional limbs protruding from his back. Doctor Stasis decides that they work for the betterment of mankind, as they must overcome these fragile shells they are trapped in – must establish new upper thresholds for what these bodies can survive. Behind radioactive proof doors, Doctor Stasis works, connecting cables to machinery – and a moment later, the figure in the chamber is engulfed by radioactive green energy.

'How much pain must our shells endure as we try to strive. If we do not adapt to our challenges – well, then, we'll go the way of the dodo' Doctor Stasis remarks to themselves as the figure in the chamber tries to shield away from the radioactive energy. Doctor Stasis is reminded to check to see if there is viable dodo DNA in any of the museum samples. Doctor Stasis decides that lesser men die many deaths. 'I do not plan to die at all' Doctor Stasis boasts, watching through a window as the radioactive energy takes cloud form and surrounds the unknown being. Flames rise around the being in the chamber, as Doctor Stasis notes that the subject survived almost a minute longer than the first iteration. 'If I can continue to double the results...I will be satisfied with that accomplishment'. The figure with the extra limbs collapses to the ground as radioactive fires rage around him.

Doctor Stasis goes about their business, thinking to themselves: 'I've labored so long, and to be eclipsed by inferiors was so demoralizing, but I continue to preserve because I must'. Doctor Stasis walks through a corridor lined by several tanks containing what appear to be other life forms. Doctor Stasis decides that there is no time to ruminate on past failings. 'I must learn how I was bested'. Doctor Stasis comes to a stop in some sort of office, where several newspaper articles, photos, maps and other documents are on display. Doctor Stasis examines the materials and states that Krakoa is a dangerous tumor on this planet, and it is metastasizing. 'It will be the death of humanity if I am not able to cut it out. But first, I must know...how are the mutants resurrecting their dead?' Doctor Stasis looks closely at a photo of Jumbo Carnation....

Characters Involved: 

Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Polaris, Rogue, Sunfire, Synch, Wolverine III (all X-Men)

Ben Urich
Captain America, Spider-Man, Thing

Feilong/Kelvin Heng
Feilong Industries personnel

High Evolutionary

Mind Reaver (alien robot)
Various aliens|
Cordyceps Jones

Doctor Stasis
Unknown figure

(in flashback images)
Kelvin Heng
Kelvin's parents
Feilong Industries personnel

Story Notes: 

This series takes place following X-Men (5th series) #21 and Planet-Size X-Men #1.

First appearance of Kelvin Heng a.k.a. Feilong.

Jumbo Carnation's death took place in New X-Men (1st series) #134.

This issue includes a one-page text-only set of information on the Treehouse, noting how it came to be.

Cordyceps Jones previously appeared in Rocket (1st series) #4.

This issue includes a one-page article from the Desk of Ben Urich, commenting on the state of mutantkind and setting out his day visiting the Treehouse.

First appearance of Doctor Stasis.

This issue concludes with an advertisement asking “Has Arakko caused you distress” and whether you have lived on Sol's fourth world (Mars/Arakko), or were born on or stranded on Mars, and if the terraforming of Mars has caused any emotional, physical or psychic distress, then to contact Blurd, Space Lawyer! The advert includes contact numbers for various regional offices belonging to Blurd.

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