X-Men '92 (2nd series) #10

Issue Date: 
February 2017
Story Title: 
Final Performance a.k.a. Earth X

Chris Sims & Chad Bowers (writers), Alti Firmansyah & Cory Hamscher (artists), Matt Milla & Dono Sanchez Almara (colorists), Virtual Calligraphy's Travis Lanham (letterer), David Nakayama (cover artist), Carlos Lao (production), Heather Antos & Jordan D White (editors), Axel Alonso (editor in chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)


Brief Description: 

Cyclops and Jean Grey are in the year 2099, training that reality's X-Men. That reality's Doom confronts them and sends them back to the present, with the Darkhold. They find themselves in the Danger Room with several students, and wonder where the X-Men are. The X-Men, along with X-Factor, X-Force, the allies of Apocalypse and President Robert Kelly are a short distance away, where Cable has wounded Apocalypse. He wants to destroy Apocalypse, but President Kelly orders X-Factor to protect Apocalypse. Professor X asks the X-Men to defend Apocalypse, too, pitting both teams against X-Force. Apocalypse is able to reveal his grand plan to defeat Xodus the Forgotten – by turning the entire world into mutants. Wolverine and Cable go head to head, until Cyclops and Jean arrive, and Cyclops stops them fighting. The X-Men are pleased to see their friends, and it becomes an even happier event as Jean finds the photo of her from the future in Cable's pocket, and for the first time their familial connection is acknowledged. Apocalypse reports that with SWORD's technology at his command, he can construct a device that will activate the x-gene in every human on Earth. But Abigail Brand informs President Kelly that Xodus is wrecking havoc with their systems and they have a total blackout on their station. Cyclops argues with Apocalypse, before Dead Girl reminds everyone what she did with the Darkhold to defeat the vampires. Cyclops has the Darkhold with him and gives it to Dead Girl. Professor X is concerned about changing everyone in the world into a mutant without their consent, so he projects himself around the world, informing everyone on Earth about the looming destruction of the world that they currently face. The X-Men return to the mansion, where they spend their last few hours before certain death with their loved ones, reminiscing or thinking about what could have been. A short time later, hundreds of humans arrive at the X-Mansion and inform the Professor that the answer is yes. Dead Girl casts a spell from the Darkhold and humanity is transformed into mutants. Xodus arrives fully on Earth as the world of mutants prepares to confront him.


Full Summary: 

America, the year 2099. Inside a run-down old building where an unshaven Cyclops is flanked by this era's X-Men - Bloodhawk, Krystalin, Meanstreak, Metalhead, Skullfire and his lover, Jean Grey. 'Okay, people... this is it. The last one. Make it count' Cyclops tells everyone as they prepare themselves for battle.

Meanstreak asks what it is going to be this time – Magneto, again? Bloodhawk suggests it could be Sentinels, for the hundredth time, while Metalhead declares that it doesn't matter – he is going to rock the shockin' house down. 'Figuratively, I hope. After all, the X-Mansion is a historical landmark' Krystalin points out, as Skullfire asks Cyclops if he is sure the Damage Room can take another round. 'That's Danger Room' Jean corrects him, and tells the others to give Cyclops a break – he can't help it if he is stuck in the past. 'You too, Jean?' Cyclops asks. 'Sorry, hon' Jean replies, before Cyclops tells other others that he gets it – he is in the future now – so it is time he started acting like it!

Suddenly, the Danger Room program kicks into life, and the heroes find themselves confronted by this era's versions of Doom, Hulk, Spider-Man, Punisher, Vengeance  and Ravage. Bloodhawk attacks the Hulk, but Jean joins in with a psychic attack, warning Bloodhawk to take it easy, as fighting a Hulk is not like fighting anything else on Earth. Ravage attacks Krystalin, 'Ouch, that hurt – no fair!' Krystalin exclaims. Ravage declares that he doesn't play fair or by the rules – he makes them. Spider-Man dodges the fists of Metalhead, and tells him to keep trying, that he will hit something, eventually. 'These guys need a serious beating!' Metalhead declares. 'I don't need a beating – all I need is hate!' Punisher calls out as Skullfire blasts him with energy, and asks 'What is wrong with this man?'

Suddenly, Cyclops declares that he has seen enough, and frowning, calls out 'End program!' Vengeance stops mid-sentence as he exclaims 'Vengeaaaa...' while Punisher freezes up, and so do the Hulk and Spider-Man.

'You shut it down?' We were killing it out there! Why'd you -?' Skullfire starts to ask. 'Getting killed is more like it. Couldn't watch you embarrass yourselves any further!' Cyclops declares. 'Scott -' Jean begins, but Cyclops tells Jean that they need to hear this. He informs the X-Men that he is pushing them hard, he knows. 'But Jean and I can't – we won't – leave the future of the X-Men -' Cyclops begins, before Jean points behind him and asks if the program is still running.

Cyclops turns around and sees Doom looming over him. 'Danger Room! Terminate simulation: Delta Oscar Oscar -' Cyclops shouts, but Doom tells him to save his breath, and boasts that he is no paltry hologram, but Doom!

'Holy shock, it's the President!' Metalhead exclaims. Cyclops asks Doom what he wants, and points out that they are not breaking any of his laws. Doom tells Cyclops to cease his prattle, and hands him a book. 'What's this -' Cyclops begins. Doom informs him that it is the Darkhold, a tome containing evil far beyond that conjured by the living, and now, after nearly a lifetime in his possession, it desires to go home.

Desires to...” Jean quotes Doom, while Cyclops asks if the book is alive. Cyclops then tells Doom that if he thinks the X-Men are interested in running his ridiculous errands, then he is out of his tin-plated mind. 'Not “The X-Men,” Cyclops – just you two!' Doom responds, tossing two discs at Cyclops and Jean, which glow and surround the two of them. 'What the -' Cyclops begins. 'Scott! His thoughts! It's a...' Jean begins, before they vanish. The X-Men turn to Doom and ask him what he did. Doom tells them that the whereabouts of Cyclops and Jean Grey are not their concern. 'Your future, however... is mine' Doom warns them.

A century earlier, at the X-Mansion, several students are in the Danger Room, sitting on a destroyed Sentinel, as Vivisector complains to Synch that firstly they weren't allowed to go to Lilapalooza, and now they aren't even trusted in the Danger Room. 'This Sentinel program is a joke!' he exclaims. Synch points out that all the Professor did was turn down the difficulty levels so that they don't hurt themselves while he is away looking for the X-Men. 'All I did was bump into this thing! It's not supposed to explode from a stiff breeze!' Vivisector declares. While Doop and Blink ride some skateboards across the Sentinel, Vivisector tells Synch that he really hopes Xavier finds the X-Men soon, as this place is  a bore when they aren't around. Referring to Blink and Doop, Synch points out that they seem to be making the most of it.

Blink tells the others that Doop figured out how to hack into the level structure, and even though they can't get any baddies, they made a killer skate park if they want to shred. 'Might as well' Synch supposes. Vivisector agrees, deciding that with nothing else going on they may as well make the most of the “Safety Room” - when at that moment, Cyclops and Jean Grey materialize, as Jean concludes her earlier comment to Cyclops: '... time machine!' As Blink teleports around them, Cyclops, still holding the Darkhold, tells Jean to get into a defensive formation, as they are under attack. Jean tells Cyclops to take another look, and puts a telekinetic bubble around them as she levitates the two of them over to Synch and Vivisector. 'Those uniforms. You're the new students! That means...' her voice trails off as Synch asks if they are Jean Grey and Cyclops, and Vivisector enquires as to whether they are supposed to be in Alaska. 'Haha! No, sweetheart – we're exactly where we need to be' Jean smiles. Cyclops tells Jean that he hates to be a downer, but Beast and Cyclops should take a look at the book. 'Never a dull moment, I guess' Jean frowns, before asking the kids where keep the teachers around here. 'Where are the X-Men?' Jean asks them. 'Uhhh...' Synch replies.

A short distance away: 'Still breathing? I've got just the thing for that!' Cable tells Apocalypse, who he has just shot with a very large weapon at close range, while a large group of mutants including members of the X-Men, X-Factor and X-Force look on. 'You've always been a man of impeccable timing, Cable...but your actions today put this planet in harm's way' Apocalypse announces. 'That thing in the sky – it's your doing, I know it!' Cable replies, while Professor X urgently asks him to put down the gun. 'Please!' he exclaims. An angry President Robert Kelly asks '“Please”? Are you serious, Xavier?' and instructs X-Factor to protect Apocalypse. 'Are you sure, Mr President? You want us to protect Apocalypse?' Havok asks. 'Did I stutter?' President Kelly snaps angrily. 'X-Force! ATTACK!' Cable commands, while havok, Polaris, Strong Guy and Wolfsbane leap towards him. Multiple Man and Forge can be seen moving towards X-Force as well, while Wolverine announces that they have to get in there and finish off that monster while he is down. 'Gladly' Psylocke tells him as she and Bishop leap into the battle as well.

'No! Professor X calls out to his X-Men. He tells them that he knows this is difficult to understand, but that he has looked into Apocalypse's mind. 'We've all suffered at Apocalypse's hands -' Xavier begins. 'And none more than Cable' Psylocke declares, while Wolverine tells the Professor that Apocalypse is a monster, and no matter what he says, the longer Apocalypse is alive, the worse this gets. Xavier pleads with his X-Men, telling them that if they have ever believed in him, to trust him now and save Apocalypse!

Cortez rushes over to Apocalypse, and addressing him as “Gamesmaster” asks him if he was ever planning on telling them who they were working for. Mystique tells Cortez that now is not the time, before Archangel approaches them. 'You served Apocalypse without having a choice? I wonder what that's like' he remarks sarcastically. Apocalypse struggles to stand up and turns to Archangel, calling him his finest Horseman. 'I've waited years to destroy you -' Archangel begins, but before he can act, he screams as Betsy shoves her psi-knife into his mind. 'Sorry, darling – you'll have to wait a bit longer!' she tells Archangel, who collapses. 'You saved -' Fabian Cortez begins, but Betsy tells him not to say anything, for if she has to think about it, there is a good chance she will change her mind. Mystique looks nervously at Bishop who goes over to her and stands guard over Apocalypse. 'You better be worth it' he tells Apocalypse, before calling out to X-Factor and asking them to keep X-Force off their backs while they keep Apocalypse alive.

Cable leads Shatterstar, Deadpool, Domino and Feral forwards and tells his team to hit them hard, as they won't get another chance to save the world. 'Jeez, good thing they got those extra pages – 'cause this is gonna be a big one!' Deadpool jokes as he moves towards Storm, before he is blown backwards as Storm shouts 'Winds! Rise to my command!' Cable fires his weapon towards Rogue, while Beast and Wolfsbane lunge towards Feral. Domino leaps past Gambit and kicks Strong Guy in the stomach as he asks if they can't just talk this out. 'Za's Vid! My swords!' Shatterstar gasps as Wolverine slices the swords down to their handles with his claws. 'Is that what those're supposed to be?' Wolverine asks.

Storm flies over the battle and bad weather rises around her. 'Stand down, or face the wrath of the forces of – NO!' Storm gasps as a bolt of lightning suddenly strikes Forge. 'Ooh, bad luck' Domino tells her, before blasting Storm with a weapon and tells her to feel free to try again when she wakes up. Deadpool finds himself surrounded by Multiple Man dupes, one of whom asks 'Can one of us just shut him up?' While another replies that they tried, and Deadpool bit him. 'Ugh, I don't get paid enough for this' one of the dupes complains. 'Wait! You guys get paid?' Deadpool asks. 'Remy!' Rogue calls out to Gambit as Cable smacks him in the face. Cable announces that he remembers the X-Men being a lot tougher. 'Especially you' he tells Rogue as he blasts her and remarks that he doesn't know what changed, but that she is in no shape to get the job done today.

'The big guns're down! Ain't much left between Cable and Apocalypse unless we can do something' Wolverine remarks to Polaris and Joseph who stand at his side, while Shatterstar is kneeled before him. Joseph and Polaris release a wave of magnetism, and Wolverine asks them if they have ever heard of a Fastball Special. At that moment, Andreas and Andrea von Strucker the Fenris twins are making a run for it. Andrea tells her brother to come along, as she thinks the Upstarts have outstayed their welcome. Andreas agrees and suggests it is time to regroup, when suddenly, a voice calls out 'Y'know, I heard the Prof say the X-Men need to protect Apocalypse – but nobody said anything about you dweebs!' Jubilee declares as she blasts her firework powers towards Andrea, while Monet slams a fist into Andreas's face. 'My eyes!' Andrea exclaims.

Cable makes his way towards Betsy and Bishop, both former members of X-Force and asks them if this is how they want to be remembered – defending history's worst monster on the day he brought hell to Earth? Betsy tells Cable that whatever this is, Xavier says it isn't Apocalypse, and that there is more going on here than any of them know. 'Listen to reason -' she begins, to which Cable exclaims that he has got five thousand years of reasons to hate Apocalypse. 'Now get out of my way, or -' Cable begins, before Wolverine lunges at him, and knocks him away from Betsy, Bishop and Apocalypse. 'Lord Apocalypse?' Exodus asks as he and Bastion rush over to their master. Professor X and President Kelly approach him as well. Apocalypse announces that he lives, but that he is not well. Xavier asks Apocalypse how they stop Xodus, what his plan is.

Apocalypse remarks that with time, he would have created a team that could fell a god, but that with mere hours at best, their only hope is to attack Xodus with that which he fears most, and in overwhelming numbers. 'We need an army – not of dozens, but billions. I must activate the latent X-gene in all humans. We must create a world of mutants!'

'Hear that? Six billion Horsemen to do Apocalypse's bidding. 'That's his idea of saving the world!' Cable exclaims as Wolverine forces him down, claws to Cable's large gun, Wolverine tells Cable that on any other day, he would have been right there with him, but at least this way they have still got a world to fight for when it is over. 'Unacceptable' Cable declares, before telling Wolverine that he doesn't like doing this, but knows his powers. 'You'll live' Cable assures Wolverine, holding his weapon point blank at Wolverine's face, when suddenly, Wolverine is blasted away, landing several feet from Cable, a large scorch mark across the ground in front of them. 'The blazes – the blast! It looked like -' Wolverine begins, as Cyclops and Jean Grey approach the X-Men. 'Sorry we're late' Jean calls out. 'We got lost in the future' Cyclops explains.

Jean and Cyclops walk past the X-Men as the Professor calls out to Jean, and Beast to Cyclops. 'My friends -' Storm begins. Cyclops tells them all it is good to see them, but to give them a minute. 'Ain't you a sight for sore eyes!' Wolverine exclaims as he shakes Cyclops' hand. Cyclops asks Wolverine if he is all right, to which Cyclops tells him to forget him and asks where Jean is going, as Cable is out of his mind, and they have to stop him. 'Logan. Let her' Cyclops replies. Jean looks up at Cable and asks him if he remembers the first time they met. 'I got in your head – or tried to, at least – the psychic backlash was almost unbearable. But I saw something that day. Something that didn't make sense...until now' Jean tells him. 'Don't know what you're playing at, Grey -' Cable begins, but Jean interrupts him, telling him that he is right, they have wasted so much already. 'I don't have time for games' Cable exclaims, before Jean reaches towards Cable's waist and tells him that she always wondered what he kept in these pouches.

Jean opens one of the pouches on Cable's waist as he frowns at her, and Jean tells him that she won't pretend to understand what it was like for him, growing up in that world. 'But when you got here... why, Nathan? You could have come to us' Jean remarks. 'And what would I have said, Jean? It was never part of the mission. I wasn't made to be a son...' his voice trails off as Jean pulls the photograph that was taken of her in the future from Cable's pouch. 'That doesn't mean you aren't one. Doesn't mean you're not mine' Jean points out. She puts a hand on Cable's face and tells him that it is like she is seeing him again for the first time. 'My beautiful boy' she remarks, while Cyclops steps forward and tells Cable that he promised they would find him again, and apologizes for taking so long. Wolverine, Deadpool, Storm and Archangel look on as Cable wraps his arms around Cyclops and Jean, and the reunited family smiles. Cyclops then turns to the Professor who is with Beast, Jubilee and Shatterstar and asks someone to tell him what that thing up in the sky is, and then show him how they can beat it.

One very detailed explanation later, Apocalypse announces that with SWORD's alien technology at his command, he can construct a device that will activate the x-gene in every human on Earth. 'A world full of new mutants with zero training? Kiss the planet goodby!' Cable exclaims. The Beast remarks that Cable makes a good point, and asks Apocalypse how exactly he intends to get his troops to fall into line? Apocalypse reveals that he designed Cassandra Nova to be the most powerful telepath on Earth, and with Fabian Cortez boosting her already considerable mental energies, convincing the population to follow his head will be child's play. 'And what of their freedoms? What right have you to -' Storm begins defiantly, but before they can debate the matter, President Kelly announces that he has badn news – the worst they will probably ever hear. He informs everyone that he just spoke with Director Brand. Abigail Brand appears on a monitor with the alien Openmind at her side and announces that the Peak is down, that there is a total blackout up here, and reports are coming in from all over. She adds that tactical nukes are not responding and wreaking havoc with the world's weapon systems.

'Impossible!' Apocalypse exclaims. 'What is it? President Kelly asks. Apocalypse tellls him that it would seem as Xodus nears Earth that his very evolutionary essence negates any opportunity thy might have utilized to oppose him. 'He's defeating us before we can even begin to fight back!' Apocalypse explains. 'Stings, doesn't it?' Cyclops asks Apocalypse, adding that it would be funny if it wasn't so tragic. He tells Apocalypse that this “survival of the fittest” stuff he has been spewing for years, now they know it was him preparing mutantkind for some god-like mutant killer from outer space. 'And this was your one plan?' Cyclops asks. 'To make everyone on Earth just like us – how crazy are you?' he asks Apocalypse, suggesting that he could have just come to the X-Men, prepared and trained them. 'Do not confuse me with Charles Xavier, boy. I am no teacher. Mine has always been the work of warriors – not students' Apocalypse points out.

Standing with Monet and Chamber, Jubilee exclaims that it depends on the students. 'You guys met Dead Girl yet?' she asks, while Chamber encourages Dead Girl to tell them. Dead Girl nervously steps forward and asks 'Um... well… remember how I – how we turned all the vampires into humans? If we could do that , can't we just do the same thing now to turn humans into mutants?' she suggests. The Beast adjusts his glasses as he remarks that given what they already know about its ability to alter genetics on a planetary scale, he supposes that, theoretically, the Darkhold would have that kind of power. 'But the program purged itself from Cerebro. We simply don't have it to use' he reminds everyone.  'Wait. “Darkhold”?' Cyclops asks, turning to Jean, who recalls that Doom said the book wanted to be here. Cyclops calls out to Husk and asks her if she has the book that he gave her back at the school. Smiling, Husk rushes over and hands the book to Cyclops, who asks the Beast if this is what he was looking for. 'Incredible! How did you -' the Beast begins, to which Cyclops tells him it is a long story and asks if they can use it or not.

Storm looks closely at Cyclops, while the Beast rubs his nose and tells Cyclops that he doesn't know. Dead Girl reaches out for the book, and Cyclops gives it to her. The Beast states that if Apocalypse is right, using the Darkhold before is what led Xodus to being here now. 'If we use it to alter every human on Earth, what might the cost be then?' he asks. 'If we had time to translate it, to find out what spell to cast...' his voice trails off as Dead Girl asks 'Can we use this one? It, uh... it opened tight to this page' she remarks. Apocalypse puts a hand on Dead Girl's shoulder and tells her to cast the spell. 'Time is short – if we are to survive -' he begins, but Xavier interrupts him, calling out 'No'. Xavier points out that none of them chose to be mutants, but all of them, regardless of what teams they have aligned with, have chosen to stand here today in defense of their home. Storm, Betsy, Bishop, Rogue, Strong Guy, Havok, Multiple Man, Polaris, Domino, Feral and Cable gather behind Xavier as declares 'We will not – we cannot – take that choice away from them'.

Xavier continues, and points out that if humans choose to join them as mutants, to risk their very lives in defense of this world, it will be the most important evolutionary leap since they stepped on land. 'We cannot decide for humanity. Humanity must decide for themselves' Xavier explains, to which Jean suggests they ask them. Xavier closes his eyes and sends forth his telepathic message. It reaches New York, where Spider-Man and Punisher take note, and the UK, where Meggan, Captain Britain, Motormouth, Killpower and Dark Angel hear him. His telepathic call is transmitted to Latveria, and is heard by Dr Doom, and to Japan where Silver Samurai takes note. The Black Panther in Wakanda hears the call, as do Red Guardian and Vostok in Russia. Xavier introduces himself to the world, and explains that he is speaking directly into their minds. Xavier informs the world that Earth is facing an impending crisis from a cosmic force known as Xodus the Forgotten, that he will destroy the planet as he has so many others, simply for the crime of evolution. 'If he succeeds, we will all perish – human and mutant alike'.

Xavier continues, reporting that the X-Men have a plan to defend the world, as they always have, but that this time, he fears they cannot do it alone. Xavier reveals that there is a way to alter the human genome on a planetary scale, to change every human on Earth into a mutant, and together, as one people, they can defeat this Destroyer who threatens their very existence. Xavier announces that Xodus will fully emerge into this dimension in less than two hours, but it will be too late by then, he needs an answer within the next sixty minutes. 'The choice remains with you, but know this: Regardless of what you decide, whether or not you stand alongside us...the X-Men will fight for you'. 

In the last hours of Earth as we know it, back at the X-Mansion. 'And who's this?' Cavle asks as he sits between Jean and Cyclops and looks through some photo albums, while Wolverine stands in the doorway, watching them. 'My grandfather!' Jean tells him. Cable remarks that he was tall, and Cyclops tells him that he was six-foot-six, so they know where Cable gets his height from. Wolverine smiles, and pulling his mask over his face leaves the room, announcing that is a better life than he could ever give Jean – and he can live with that.

Wolverine walks outside, near where Chamber and Jubilee are sitting on some steps, looking up at the sky, Chamber asks 'So, this feeling like we're all gonna die...that's normal for the X-Men, yeah?' to which Jubilee tells him that it sort of is, but that that this time it feels like it is really the end, and informs Chamber that if it is, she is glad he is in her life – or what is left of it. Chamber puts an arm around Jubilee, while Dead Girl watches them from inside, and sighs. 'What's wrong?' a voice calls out. Dead Girl looks over as Monet walks towards her. 'Let me guess. Heartbreak?' Monet asks. '... yeah' Dead Girl confirms, before the two of them walk down the corridor, as Monet glances back at Chamber and tells Dead Girl 'Yeah, me too. Best make the most of it, hm?'

Gambit walks past Monet and Dead Girl and finds Rogue, standing on a balcony and looking up at the sky. Gambit rubs the back of his head and informs Gambit that if this is going to be their last chance, then he has something he needs to say. 'Uh-uh, Swamp Rat' Rogue tells him, turning around, she tells him not to come out here all Louisiana charm and aftershave just because they are about to get taken out by some space monster. 'You got something to tell me? You tell me after, when you gotta stand by it. And you darn well better' Rogue exclaims as she flies off the balcony, leaving Gambit to utter in French, that he loves Rogue with all his heart.

Rogue flies across the grounds, near where Shinobi Shaw, the Fenris twins, Fabian Cortez and Trevor Fitzroy have gathered. Shaw asks the others if they are really doing this, and whether anyone has thought about what happens when this is over, and the X-Men remember that they have been trying to kill them. The five mutants look over in shock as a voice calls outr 'Kid, believe me... it's all I've been thinking about' Deadpool exclaims, twirling a machine gun in front of them.

Professor X is talking to Cassandra Nova and Joseph and tells them to remember that no matter what they were created for, that their destinies are their own. Suddenly, the Beast rushes into the room, and tells him that he is going to want to see this. With Storm, Cyclops, Jean Grey, the Beast, Rogue, Gambit, Psylocke, Bishop and Jubilee at his side, the Professor goes out to the front of the X-Mansion, 'Oh, my' he gasps as spread across the front grounds, and beyond the mansion gates is a sea of humans. Men and women from all walks of life, stand before him and a pregnant woman announces that there are others behind them, and more gathering all over the world. 'The answer is “yes”, Professor. Let us help you' she smiles. Xavier smiles back and closes his eyes. 'Very well. To me -' he begins.

'- my X-Men' Dead Girl utters as she sits around a table with Forge, Apocalypse and the manifestation of the Darkhold, while her hand hovers over the glowing Darkhold book. Forge remarks that Xavier is psychically linked to Dead Girl, who gasps 'Oh no – he's here!' Apocalypse asks her who is here, and Dead Girl tells him it is the Darkhold, she can see him. The Darkhold dwarf grins and remarks that Dead Girl has returned, with another request, which of course he will grant. He bursts into laughter, and energy rises from Dead Girl. 'What's happening? She's on fire -' Forge begins, while Apocalypse explains that the book's power is too great, and it is killing her to feed the spell. Outside, Jean and Storm look on in horror as energy rises from Xavier, too, who reports that Dead Girl's mind can't contain the psychic backlash. 'But mine can' Xavier tells Dead Girl, as the two meet in the Astral Plane, and Xavier kisses Dead Girl's forehead.

'No, Professor!' Dead Girl gasps as she opens her eyes. 'What is it, girl?' Apocalypse asks, while Forge tells them to look at the book, as a light rises from it. 'A world of mutants, and Charles Xavier doesn't get to see it. That was your price this time, X-Men. Pleasure doing business, the Darkhold dwarf announces. Back on the front step, Wolverine has joined the others, while Cyclops declares that Charles has gone. 'Oh, Charles...' Jean utters. 'No!' Jubilee exclaims, while Wolverine mutters 'Blasted magic' and asks if it even worked. 'Yes' Storm tells him, as she looks out to the humans – who have been transformed into mutants, some of them showing their powers.

Storm turns to the humans-turned-mutants and tells them that she knows they are all frightened, that this is a dark day for them all, to be sure. Storm announces that Charles Xavier has not died in vain, that he would not want them to see this as a loss of life, but rather, the realization of a dream. She tells them that Charles taught them not to ponder on how things are, instead, he urged them to concentrate on how things could be – how he knew they would be one day. 'The dreamer may have gone, but here – in all of you – the dream is alive!' Looking back at her teammates who are still gathered around Xavier, Storm informs the new mutants that right now, an enemy beyond comprehension prepares to destroy them, that he hates mutants, and fears what they may become. 'And by the Goddess, he should!' Storm declares.

Storm continues, and informs the new mutants that they are changing, and that they do so because they chose to. 'Each of you now becoming something new and different; beautiful and terrifying!' Storm adds that today they are not X-Men or Upstarts or heroes or cowards, not mutants not man. Those words have no meaning to a world in jeopardy. 'Today, we are legion!' Storm exclaims. A girl who has been transformed into a fish-girl smiles and asks 'Um, can I still be an X-Man when this is over?'. 'Heh. Only if I can, too' Storm tells the girl, asking her to hold on tight, as it is about to get windy.

Forty miles north of New York City, just shy of the Connecticut border, a couple miles down Graymalkin Lane from the town of Salem Center... stands Professor Charles Xavier's School for Gofted Youngsters. A very special school for very special people. At that moment, Xodus lands in New York City. A storm rages around him, and he looks over, in the direction of this school, home to these special people, known to the world at large as thre X-Men, as the united legion races towards him....

Characters Involved: 

Beast, Bishop, Cyclops, Gambit, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Psylocke, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine, Professor X (all X-Men)

Blink, Chamber, Dead Girl, Doop, Husk, M, Synch, Vivisector (all students at the Xavier School)

Forge, Havok, Multiple Man, Polaris, Strong Guy, Wolfsbane (all X-Factor)

Archangel, Cable, Deadpool, Domino, Feral, Shatterstar (all X-Force)

Commander Abigail Brand

Openmind (X-Brood)



Bastion, Exodus, Mystique

Cassandra Nova


Fabian Cortez, Fenris, Trevor Fitzroy, Sebastian Shaw (all Upstarts)

President Robert Kelly


Darkhold dwarf


Xodus the Forgotten


Bloodhawk, Krystalin, Meanstreak, Metalhead, Skullfire (all X-Men 2099)

Doom 2099

Hulk 2099, Punisher 2099, Ravage 2099, Spider-Man 2099, Vengeance 2099 (holograms)

Captain Britain, Dark Angel, Killpower, Meggan, Motormouth (all Excalibur)

Red Guardian, Vostok (both Winter Guard)

Black Panther

Dr Doom



Silver Samurai



Story Notes: 

Unfortunately this is the final issue of X-Men '92 (2nd series).

A footnote indicates that Doom's confrontation with the X-Men 2099 is continued in Doom 2099 #26.

Cyclops and Jean Grey met the child Cable, who was left with the photo of Jean, in X-Men '92 (2nd series) #5.

The genetic state of all vampires was changed in X-Men (2nd series) #4.


Written By: