X-Men '92 (2nd series) #3

Issue Date: 
July 2016
Story Title: 
The World is a Vampire

Chris Sims & Chad Bowers (writers), Alti Firmansyah (artist), Matt Milla (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Travis Lanham (letterer), David Nakayama (cover artist), Carlos Lao (production), Heather Antos (assistant editor), Jordan D White (editor), Axel Alonso (editor in chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Beyond time and space, the Council of Cross-Time Draculas meets, and observes that on Earth-92131, the very nature of the vampire will be changed forever. Storm, Bishop, Psylocke and U-Go Girl meet with Dracula, who Storm believes can help the X-Men. She briefly explains to Dracula what has transpired and he agrees to help them – only if Storm becomes his bride. Storm is unimpressed and creates a raging storm as she warns Dracula that unless he does everything in his power to help save Jubilee she will use her powers to keep him bathed in sunlight for eternity. Dracula agrees to Storm’s terms, but warns her that nothing in this world comes without a cost. At the Xavier School, Husk, Dead Girl and Artie are being pursued by other students who have been transformed into vampires. The Beast comes to their rescue, while Chamber finds Xavier in the control room, shortly before the older man is overcome with pain as some evil burns its way into his thoughts. Chamber is left to control the mansion defenses, as Alpha Red arrives at the school, with Wolverine, Rogue, Gambit, Maverick, Darkstar, Red Guardian, Vostok and Ursa Major all under his control. Alpha Red finds Jubilee, and with Maverick they go to Cerebro, where Maverick confirms that the program on the disks Bishop took from him has been implanted into the network and taken over the system. Alpha Red puts the Cerebro helmet on and proceeds to boot up the Darkohold program. Back at Castle Dracula, Bishop wonders what makes Dracula better than Alpha Red, which leads Dracula to inform the X-Men that Alpha Red is his son. Dracula reveals Alpha Red's origin to the X-Men, before he accompanies them back to the Xavier School, where they find the mansion in ruins. Storm uses her power to tear away the clouds that cover the sky, bathing Alpha Red, Jubilee and Wolverine in sunlight – but they are not harmed by the sun, and Alpha Red tells the X-Men to look upon their successors.

Full Summary: 

Somewhere beyond space and time, in the blackest corner of Limbo, far from any sun...they gather together from countless worlds, dark deacons of some heretofore unknown universal collective. The Council of Cross-Time Draculas! 'Children of the Multiversal Midnight! I call you to order!' one of the Draculas calls out to the assorted Draculas gathered before him inside a castle that floats on some sort of asteroid belt. 'Dark Master, why have you brought us here so hastily? I was mere moments away from draining the accursed Ulysses Bloodstone -' one of the Draculas remarks, before the one called Dark Master shouts 'Silence!', then asks his brother if he presides over this assemblage lightly. 'No, I have felt it again, as I'm sure you have. Across the void between dimensions, a shift in the balance of power on a neighboring Earth'. He adds that tonight they gather to witness the victory of one of their own. 'Earth-92131, where soon, the very nature of the vampire will be changed forever... and another world will run red with blood!' the Dark Master declares as screens depict Alpha Red attacking Jubilee, and several X-Men confronting that world's Dracula.

That Earth, specifically, Transylvania, where Dracula sits on his throne as Ororo “Storm” Munroe, Betsy “Psylocke” Braddock, Lucas Bishop and the student Edie Sawyer a.k.a. U-Go Girl stand before him. He welcomes the X-Men, and tells Storm that she is more breathtaking than he remembers. He then calls her his “Dark Enchantress” and tells the X-Men to make themselves comfortable.

'Hold on a bloody minute. Storm and Dracula -' Psylocke begins, but Bishop shushes her and tells her to be ready for anything. Storm tells Dracula that his hospitality is appreciated, but that this is not a social call. 'We X-Men have suffered a great tragedy' Storm informs him, adding that she has reason to believe that he can help them. Sipping a red liquid from a wine glass, Dracula points out that “can help” and “willing to help” are two very different things, but tells Storm that he will allow of her to ask what she will. “Allow?” Bishop asks, before telling Storm, with all due respect, that he is tired of Dracula's face, and either he be allowed to teach him some manners, or Storm has to tell them what she expects to accomplish here.

'Shame on you, Ororo. Keeping secrets. Will you share, or shall I?' Dracula asks. Storm informs Dracula that Bishop and Psylocke are new to the team, and therefore are unfamiliar with their... history. Her eyes glow white, as she remembers Dracula standing behind her while she held the limp body of Jean Grey in her arms. Blood trickled down Storm's mouth, while her teammates Wolverine, Cyclops, Colossus and Nightcrawler lay strewn about at her feet.

She turns to Bishop and Psylocke, and calling them friends, tells them that despite what it might have looked like back at the Mansion, Jubilee is not dad, but afflicted with a dreadful curse, one she herself has suffered through. Storm explains that soon, Jubilee will rise again, however she will not be the same child they know and love. 'But as lord of all vampires, Dracula has the power and the capability to cure our young friend. The question is... will he?' Storm asks.

Getting to his feet, Dracula announces that he supposes he will. 'You have my thanks' Storm tells Dracula, before turning to Psylocke, and informing her that she needs to revive U-Go Girl. 'If.' Dracula declares. 'Excuse me?' Storm asks, turning back to the vampire lord. Dracula informs Storm that he will help her if – and only if – she gives him what he wants in return. 'I should have known' Storm mutters.

'You may refuse, but I would remind you that your young friend's eternal soul hangs in a very delicate balance' Dracula points out. 'As if I could forget' Storm replies, before asking Dracula what it is that he wants. Dracula grins as he declares that it is a simple promise, and tells Storm he will break this curse upon the X-Men – on that she has his unholy word – and Storm will become his bride!

'This again?' Storm asks, telling Dracula he forgets his place. There is a loud BOOM before Dracula asks 'Do I?' before reminding Storm that she acknowledged him as Lord of all Vampires. 'Am I not King of the Undead?' he enquires, telling Storm that he offers her eternal life, and that she would rule the night as his queen. 'Indeed, you are a king. But perhaps you've forgotten – I AM A GODDESS!' Storm shouts as lightning crackles down towards Dracula, knocking him into the air. Bishop uses his body to shield Betsy and U-Go Girl from the debris that starts flying around the room as Storm creates a powerful wind. Storm remarks that she believed Dracula to have some semblance of honor in that black heart of his. 'But if this is the only language you understand – so be it!'

Storm suggests to Dracula that they bargain then, and asks if he will help them and do everything within his considerable power to save Jubilee. 'HOLD ON!' Bishop tells Betsy and U-Go Girl, while Dracula, clinging to his throne, leers at Storm. 'In exchange... I will not call upon the forces of nature to rend your home from its very foundations' Storm tells Dracula. Sun starts to stream through the storm clouds outside, and Storm tells Dracula that she will also not use the entirety of his power to keep him bathed in sunlight for all eternity. 'Do you agree to these terms?' Storm enquires. Dracula laughs, 'Quite so, Windrider. But know this, mutant... nothing in this world comes without a cost' Dracula grins.

Meanwhile, in Westchester, at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, there is a scream as the students Husk, Dead Girl and Artie rush down a darkened corridor. 'Pretty sure it's this way, guys. I really should've paid closer attention during Gambit's tour of the school' Dead Girl admits, telling Husk and Artie to keep running and not look back. 'But what's wrong with 'em, Dead Girl? What'd Jubilee do to 'em?' Husk asks. 'Does it matter?' Dead Girl asks, telling Husk to focus on making it to the panic room. 'We're sure to be safe there' Dead Girl suggests, when suddenly, 'Boo!' Kid Sensitive calls out as he and Monet St Croix drop down before their fellow X-Men students. 'Y'know, any room can be a panic room as long as you've got the right motivation' Monet remarks, showing off her fangs. 'Back off, you jerks!' Dead Girl declares, standing in front of Husk and the frightened Artie, who projects an image of a gravestone. 'Oh, stop being so dramatic. We don't want you' Monet tells Dead Girl, pointing out that her blood is probably all gross and clotted anyway. 'Artie, on the other hand...' Monet begins. 'I can already tell he's gonna be tasty!' Kid Sensitive exclaims. 'No, now, Mister Smith, you know the rules – no snacking after curfew!' the Beast a.k.a. Dr Henry McCoy declares as he swings down from a chandelier and pulls Dead Girl up in his arms, while grabbing Artie and Husk with his feet. 'Professor McCoy!' Dead Girl gasps.

The Beast tells Dead Girl that he applauds her commitment to formality, but suggests using his nom de guerre in the heat of battle. 'Ready, Beast?' a voice calls out over a communication system. 'Now, Charles!' the Beast replies, and in the Ops Center, Professor Charles Xavier presses a red button: 'Systems online!' the Professor calls out, as the X-Mansion defenses are activated. 'What's that -' M begins as a net falls towards her and Kid Sensitive, trapping them. The Beast drops Husk, Artie and Dead Girl to the floor, and points out that net launchers have snagged Monet and Kid Sensitive, and while the hallway is clear for now, it won't be for long. 'Pardon my French, Beast, but what the heck's going on here?' Husk asks. 'This isn't just some elaborate fire drill, is it?' Dead Girl enquires. 'Afraid not' the Beast responds, while the Professor's voice can be heard the communications system again, asking the Beast if the children are safe. 'Safe enough' the Beast replies, adding that they need to move.

At that moment, in the Ops Center, Charles announces that he is routing the Mansion's defenses to clear them a path to the Ops Center. 'Join me here as soon as you're -' Charles begins, as Chamber enters, and informs the Professor that the students are revolting. 'Now, Mr Starsmore, that's no way to talk about your classmates' the Professor replies, before instructing Chamber to close the door behind him, as it is not safe out there. Chamber tells the Professor that he went to say goodbye to Jubilee, but she was gone. 'What's happening, Sir? Where is she?' Chamber enquires. Professor X reveals to Chamber that Jubilee and over half the student body have been transformed – into what, he is not sure. He starts to psychically scan the school, when suddenly, he clutches his head and cries out in agony. 'Professor, what is it?' Chamber asks. Xavier tells him that it is evil – and pain, excruciating pain, a mind so dark it is burning its way into his thoughts. Xavier declares that he is still too weak to fight, and instructs Chamber to help Beast. 'Use the Mansion's defenses... protect the...' Xavier utters, before he falls into unconsciousness. 'Bollocks' Chamber mutters.

'Ph, Beast! It's Chamber on telepathic link! Can you hear me?' Chamber calls out to the Beast, who fires some sort of weapon at the student called Vivisector. Chamber reports that something has taken the Professor out, so he is at the controls now. 'Stars and garters! What's happened to Charles?' the Beast enquires. 'No clue. But...I think he wants me to press the red button' Chamber responds, as Charles utters 'Rrrred'. 'The Juggernaut Protocols?' the Beast asks, surprised, before telling Chamber that whatever he does, stay away from the red button, as these are still his fellow students, and the yellow defenses should suffice. The Beast then hands the weapon to Husk and instructs her to shoot anything with fangs – excluding him. 'Never shot a gun before!' Husk replies. The Beast explains that it is a quick-setting polymer restraint, basically harmless. 'That's funny' a voice calls out. 'They used to say the same thing about me' Jubilee grins as she bares her fangs. 'Fangs! Fangs! Fangs!' Husk gasps, firing the weapon at Jubilee, but she dodges the polymer with ease. Heh. Too slow' Jubilee remarks, before the Beast tells her that they can help her. 'Help me?' Jubilee asks, standing by a recently boarded-up hole in the wall, which she pulls down and declares 'You guys're the ones who need help, Beastie!'

'So this is the vaunted home of the X-Men. I wonder, might I have a look inside?' Alpha Red asks as he strides across the Mansion grounds, followed by those under his vampiric control – X-Men members Wolverine a.k.a. Logan, Rogue and Remy “Gambit” LeaBeau, as well as their ally Maverick, and most of the members of the People's Protectorate – Darkstar, Red Guardian, Vosok and Ursa Major. 'Mi casa es su casa, bub' Wolverine tells Alpha Red. 'Er, should I go ahead and hit the red button then?' Chamber asks, while Artie projects images of several gravestones this time, and Dead Girl and Husk both look on in fear. 'No, no, skip the red. Go straight to black' the Beast instructs him. 'And anyone else wth a pulse – run!' the Beast declares. 'Black-level defenses online. Omega-level threat identified. All non-combatants seek cover' a computer voice announces, as the Mansion's defenses are unleashed upon Alpha Red and those under his controls. Wolverine cuts to shreds shards of metal that reach out to him. The same weapons attack Vostok, and are neutralized by his power. Large spiked balls are tossed towards Rogue, who punches them into shards, while Darkstar obliterates the spiked ball that attacks her with her Darkforce powers. Red Guardian uses his shield to block some laser fire, while Gambit throws some kinetically-charged playing cards at the werapons, while Maverick attempts to take them out also. Ursa Major tosses a large bear trap aside with ease, while flame-throwers dowse Alpha Red in flames, but he continues to walk forward.

Followed by Jubilee and Chamber, Alpha Red slashes his way into a room within the Mansion. “Cerebro” Jubilee reports, adding that she used to think this was the spookiest room in the house, but not so much anymore. 'What're we doing in here anyway, boss?' Jubilee asks. 'Making history, child. Changing everything' Alpha Red boasts. Alpha Red announces that for the better part of a  century, he was locked away in a tomb, kept alive on recycled blood and rodents, forced to serve others – like those von Strucker fools, by arcane rules of magic they scarcelyb understand. Alpha Red picks up the Cerebro helmet and declares 'Never again. Today, I toss off the shackles of my inheritance. At last...it is ready, yes?' 'Affirmative, Master. Everything is as I suspected' Maverick reports after checking the console. Maverick announces that the program implanted itself into the Cerebro network when that oaf Bishop searched his data files, it has taken over the whole system. 'Excellent. Now we begin' Alpha Red exclaims, grinning, as he puts the Cerebro helmet over his head. Alpha Red touches some of the keys on the console before him, 'Boot up the Darkhold Program' he declares. 'Let us give this world something to be afraid of!'

Back at Castle Dracula, 'How are you feeling?' Storm asks U-Go Girl who sits at a large table, and replies that she is awake, but she just needs a few more minutes. Dracula hands her something and tells her to drink it, as it will give her strength. He promises that it is not blood. 'Fine. Someone's got to say it' Psylocke remarks, before telling Storm that her desperation to save Jubilee is clouding her judgment. 'This plan – trusting him – it puts us all in harm's way!' Psylocke points out. Bishop tells Storm that Psylocke has a point, and adds that even in his dark future, stories of “The Dracula” are still used to scare children. 'What makes this monster any better than Alpha Red?' Bishop asks. 'Did you say - “Alpha Red”?' Dracula asks. 'He is the vampire responsible for your current plight?' Dracula enquires. 'You know him? Figures' Bishop remarks, clenching his fists. 'You're gonna tell us everything about him, leech, or so help me -' Bishop begins, but Dracula tells Storm to call off her “dog”. As U-Go Girl drinks the liquid Dracula gave her, Storm tells Bishop that threats will not save Jubilation. 'But you think he will?' Bishop asks.

'So, what's the story, grandpa? Maverick told us Alpha Red's been locked away for more than fifty years. You don't seem like the visiting type, so I'm guessing you two go way back' Psylocke remarks. 'Oh, indeed. I've known him his whole life' Dracula replies, smiling as he reveals that Alpha Red is his son!


Flashback images, narrated by Dracula:

Dracula tells Storm that she is not the first mortal woman to capture his affection, and that there was one such maiden, a century ago. 'And unlike you...she was receptive to my charms'. He reveals that their love bore fruit – a child they named Janus, the heir to his dark powers. 'But what good is an heir to an immortal?' Dracula asks. Dracula explains thay Janus was blessed – perhaps cursed – with his father's ambition, and Janus sought to take Dracula's place as lord of the unliving. 'But his powers were no match for my own'. Janus was obsessed with being more than Dracula – anything that could make him stronger – demonic pacts, forbidden texts – he sought them all, and eventually he allied himself with Russian scientists trying to replicate the success of the American Super-Soldier Program. They combined their technology with the darkest of magics to amplify his powers, and in the process, they made him far deadlier than even they thought possible. His even greater than Dracula's, his cruelty knows no bounds, and his bite turns in seconds, not days.


Dracula reveals that there was, however, a consequence, for the bite that turns so quickly burns through its victims, rather than immortality, it grants a death sentence – a single night before they crumble to dust. U-Go Girl yawns, and Dracula suggests that perhaps they should have left sooner. 'What? Jubilee was attacked hours ago! It's nearly dawn in Westchester – she's already out of time?' Storm exclaims, leaning in towards Dracula. 'Not yet, she isn't' U-Go Girl declares. Storm helps the younger mutant up and asks her if she is certain. 'Yeah, I'm good. Let's do this. I can do this. Everybody hold on. Here we – GOOOO!' U-Go Girl exclaims as she takes Dracula's hand and her teleportation power kicks in, transporting them all to the Mansion. 'kay...night...' U-Go girl utters as she collapses into Bishop. 'By the Bright Lady... the Mansion! It – it has been destroyed!' Storm gasps as she and the others look upon the ruined Mansion. 'We were only gone a few hours. Who could have done this in -' Bishop begins, when suddenly, 'Welcome home, X-Men' a voice calls out from inside the ruined Mansion.

'No... Storm utters. 'And you've brought a guest, I see' the voice adds. 'Janus' Dracula declares as he sees Alpha Red walking out of the Mansion, Wolverine and Jubilee at his sides. 'Good morning, father. As fortune would have it, you have all arrived just in time' Alpha Red reports. 'Dracula's yer old man? Explains a lot' Wolverine remarks, while Jubilee greets Storm and asks her if she likes what they have done with the place. 'Creature of darkness! You have violated the sanctity of my home, attacked my friends, and put my students – my family – in danger!' Storm declares as she summons the forces of nature around her, announcing that she knows how to stop him. Storm rises into the air as dark clouds appear above her, 'I call upon the winds to split open the heavens. For now is the dawn, and with it comes the light!' Storm shouts. The light breaks through the clouds, and Alpha Red looks up into the sunlight. 'It tingles, just a bit' he grins. Dracula shields himself from the light, 'How – Janus, what have you done?' he asks his son. Alpha Red, Wolverine and Jubilee then walk out into the full light that bathes over them, 'What you never could, oh Lord of the Vampires' he declares, while telling Jubilee and Wolverine to step out into the light.

Alpha Red reveals that by using magics which his father ignored for centuries, he has eliminated their vampiric weaknesses and made their kind stronger than they have ever been. 'No longer will we be made to languish in the shadows of a world that fears and hates us' Alpha Red declares, adding that it is fitting that the X-Men should be the first to witness their victory. Jubilee smiles as Alpha Red tells the remaining X-Men that where they once stood as the evolutionary replacement of man, vampires now take their place. 'Behold, mutants! Look upon your successor... and despair!'

Characters Involved: 

Beast, Bishop, Gambit, Jubilee, Psylocke, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine, Professor X (all X-Men)

Artie Maddicks, Chamber, Dead Girl, Husk, Kid Sensitive, M, U-Go Girl, Vivisector (all students at the Xavier School)



Darkstar, Red Guardian, Ursa Major, Vostok (all People's Protectorate)

Alpha Red


The Council of Cross-Time Draculas


In Storm's memory:

Colossus, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)



In Dracula's flashback:

Dracula and his bride

Janus / Alpha Red

Russian scientists


Story Notes: 

Artie Maddicks is miscolored green this issue.

Written By: