X-Men '92: House of XCII #3

Issue Date: 
September 2022
Story Title: 

Steve Foxe (writer), Salva Espin (artist), Israel Silva (colorist), Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Sabino (letterer), Jay Bowen (designer), David Baldeon & Israel Silva (cover artists), Mike del Mundo (variant cover artist), Lauren Amaro (assistant editor), Jordan D White (editor), CB Cebulski (editor-in-chief)

X-Men Created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

Wolverine is attempting to investigate the mysterious rockface where he picked up a familiar scent when he gets a distress call from Jean Grey, requesting his presence at the Inner Circle chamber. Wolverine leaves, unaware that Sabretooth is sniffing around the rockface too, and picks up on that familiar scent. Wolverine arrives to find Professor X, Magneto, Apocalypse, Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops and Arclight gathered over the body of Forearm. Wolverine is surprised about this, and learns that Forearm was killed away from Krakoa, as he and Arclight went through an unfamiliar portal and found themselves in another realm, when a woman attacked and killed Forearm.. Arclight then gives Apocalypse a gemstone which is a communicator – and there is a message from Arkon, who reveals that Krakoa was once connected to Arakko, an island of hardened warrior mutants which he has now conquered and wants to reunite with Krakoa, he announces that he and his new bride have set a tournament and want to pit their warriors against ten of Apocalypse's mightiest champions – and if they lose, Krakoa will belong to his realm, Polemachus. Without delay, Apocalypse assembles Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, Shatterstar, Archangel, Psylocke, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Silver Samurai and Solarr. After saying farewell to Jean Grey and Gambit, the warriors depart throug the portal to Polemachus. Meanwhile, at the Hatchery, the Beast is resurrected after a recent death, and watches as the Five are instructed to resurrect Forearm, bringing him to the front of the queue, despite X-Factor not completeing their investigation into his death. Soon, Forearm is restored to life, only he now has six arms and is aggressive in nature. Magneto restrains him while the Beast deduces that some property of Polemachus must affect the resurrection of mutants in an unpredictable nature. Xavier is unable to telepathically contact the others on Polemachus, so the Beast heads there in person. On Polemachus, Apocalypse and his warriors come face to face with Arkon and the warriors he has gathered – enemies of the X-Men in the form of Juggernaut, Lady Deathstrike, Ms Marvel, Erik the Red, Arcade, Sauron, Famine, War, Pestilence and a large Brood. The battle begins, and Solarr is the first to fall, slain by War. Rogue battles Ms Marvel, while Storm takes out Arcade with ease. Archangel fights Sauron mid-air, while Cyclops attempts to take down Arkon, but Arkon defelcts Cyclops' optic blast into Shatterstar. Storm turns her attention to the Juggernaut, while Psylocke confronts the Brood, only to discover that it's actually Deadpool inside a Brood robot. The Beast arrives with his warning, but doesn't get to fully explain why he has arrived before the Brood robot falls on both he and Silver Samurai. Lady Deathstrike confronts Wolverine and the battle, with Wolverine shoving his sword through Deathstrike before she reveals that Bolivar Trask is alive. Apocalypse approaches Erik the Red, the two are ready to fight – but before their blades can even clash, Arkon is decapitated – by his own wife, Genesis, the former wife of Apocalypse. They are reunited and Apocalypse decides to remain on Polemachus as its new ruler with Genesis. Archangel and the other Horsemen, War, Famine and Pestilence, all decide to remain on Polemachus, too, before Genesis opens a portal to Arakko. The survivors of the battle return to Krakoa, and Magneto notes that two positions on the Inner Circle are now open, while Professor X points out that they will have to personally supervise the three resurrections required. Later, members of X-Force are on hand as the resurrection of Beast, Solarr and Silver Samurai takes place – only they are all changed, too. The Beast listens as Magneto and Professor X talk about Jubilee not saying anything to them about Genesis or Arakko, and Xavier expresses his concern about how the world will react knowing the mutant population has suddenly doubled – but Magneto has a plan.

Full Summary: 

The mutant nation of Krakoa, where Logan a.k.a. Wolverine stands next to a large rockface and pops his claws. 'Time to find out what Chuck and Magneto don't want the rest of us to know...' but before he can shove his claws intro the rockface, he receives a telepathic call from Jean Grey, urgently telling him that he is needed at the Inner Circle meeting chamber right away. 'What's the matter? Summers want some help with the big purple vacuum cleaner after all?' Wolverine replies. Jean tells Logan that the Tri-Sentinel isn't the problem – there has been another attack. Wolverine growls and tells Jean that he will be there soon, and suggests she tell Cyclops not to get his tights in a bunch. Wolverine leaves the rockface, and Victor Creed a.k.a. Sabretooth drops down from a tree above. 'Shadowing your little hunt is only fun if you make it a challenge, Wolverine. You're just getting sloppy at this point' Sabretooth remarks. He sniffs the air close to the rockface and tells himself that he thought he smelled something suspicious before – but now it just seems frail.

'All this over Forearm?' Wolverine asks as he arrives at the Inner Circle's private meeting room and finds Jean Grey, Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops, Ororo Munroe a.k.a. Storm, Apocalypse, Professor X and Arclight standing over a table where Forearm lies motionless. 'Wolverine! Have some respect for a fallen Krakoan!' Storm scolds Wolverine, who points out that it seems to him a bunch of Krakoans fell today, and asks if they are going to have family meetings about all of them. Professor X turns to Wolverine and explains that Forearm wasn't on Krakoa when the Tri-Sentinel attacked. He then asks Arclight if she would repeat what she witnessed. 'The story ain't gonna change' Arclight remarks, revealing that she and Forearm were on the far side of the island, seeing if they could find anything to pawn in Madripoor. 'Judge all you want, but some of us still like human money' Arclight adds.

Arclight continues, explaining that Forearm spotted a gateway, but that it didn't look right. 'And when we went through it...it was like walking into some nerd's tabletop campaign. But before we could find anything worth pocketing, she attacked. Blew Forearm away, roughed me up and sent me back with a message' Arclight announces. She hands a small rock to Apocalypse and repeats that message: “Tell Apocalypse...it's time to see if the fittest will truly survive”. 'Do you know who she -' Magneto begins, before the rock that Apoclaypse holds suddenly appears to be some sort of communicator, as a holo-image of a muscular, shirtless man appears, and starts to speak.

'Mutants of Krakoa! It is I – Arkon, ruler of Polemachus!' Arkon introduces himself, he says that once, his realm sought Krakoa's help, buut now, he issues a challenge to Apocalypse – supposedly the strongest of all mutants. Arkon states that many eons ago, Krakoa was joined to Arakko, a land of hardy, warrior mutants. He boasts that he has conquered Krakoa's lose twin, and now desires a complete set. Arkon claims that he is a fair tyrant, but his new bride has asked that he gives them a sporting chance. He then challenges Krakoa to a ritual crossing of swords, and announces that he will choose ten warriors to represent his realm against Apocalypse's mightiest champions. 'Should you emerge victorious, Arakko will be free. But if I win, Krakoa belongs to Polemachus' Arkon declares. 'Professor, we can't possibly -' Cyclops begins, before Apocalypse crushes the rock in his hand. 'The time for talk is over. Lead me to this gate...and I will teach this Arkon why my name means The End of All Things' Apocalypse frowns.

Shortly, Apocalypse stands near the strange gate on the far side of Krakoa. He holds a large sword overhead, and several other mutants, all carrying swords, stand near him. Cyclops, Wolverine and Storm are there, along with Archangel, Psylocke and Rogue. Nightcrawler, Shatterstar, Silver Samurai and Solarr round out the group. 'You represent the finest warriors of Krakoa. Do not disappoint me' Apocalypse snarls. 'Some pep talk...' Rogue mumbles, before turning to Remy LeBeau who is standing with Jeanv Grey. 'Root for me, Cajun?' Rogue asks. Gambit tells Rogue that he will hold down the fort for her, and asks her to come back to him in one piece. Jean and Cyclops hug, and Jean reminds Cyclops that there is so much they don't know about Polemachus. Scott tells Jean not to worry, and just to focus on working with the Professor to breach whatever barrier is stopping psychic scans from reaching through the gateway. 'We will. Just stay safe in there...all of you' Jean calls back as Apocalypse and his warriors pass through the gateway.

Back at the Hatchery, Dr Hank McCoy a.k.a. Beast emerges from an egg. 'Ah, Professor Xavier. A comforting face to gaze upon following a post-death experience' he remarks. But Professor X informs Hank that he is here on buisness, as he has need of the Five's services to fast-track a resurrection. 'Protocol states that X-Factor must confirm all deaths before -' Healer begins, before Magneto interrupts him, using his powers to levitate the slab that Forearm's motionless body lies on. 'Is this not confirmation enough? I can assure you the body is quite cold' Magneto exclaims. The Five all look up at Magneto, with Fabian Cortez smirking, and Karma and Tempo looking shocked. 'Oh my. I believe I have some catching up to do' the Beast remarks, adjusting his glasses.

Soon, 'An interesting choice of warriors. I'd love to hear Apocalypse's quantitative reasoning for his selection -' the Beast remarks, while he, Magneto and Xavier look at an egg which the Five have prepared for Forearm's resurrection. Suddenly, Forearm roars as he bursts through the egg – but he's different. 'Fascinating! It appears Forearm is now Morearms' the Beast remarks, noticing that where once he had four arms, now he has six arms. Magneto wraps Forearm in some metal restraints while the Beast assumes that some property of Polemachus must affect the resurrection in an unpredictable manner. Xavier announces that they must alert the others. 'Whether an extra set of arms is an improvement or not, the secondary mutation clearly seems to be distressing our newly reborn friend'. Xavier reports that even with Cerebro, he still can't access the other side of the gateway. 'Then it appears I will have to convey the warning to our wayward warriors in person!' the Beast exclaims as he runs from the Hatchery.

Meanwhile, on Polemachus, Apocalypse and his warriors have arrived and examine their new surroundings. 'Whoa, Nova Roma's got nothing on this place' Solarr remarks. 'Quiet' Cyclops tells him, pointing out that Arkon could be leading them into a trap. 'The rightful ruler of Polemachus has no need for tricks. Not with the forces I've assembled...' a voice calls out. Wolverine scowls and tells Arkon that he isa playing dirty. 'These bruisers ain't from Polemachus or Arakko' Wolverine notes as he looks at the warriors Arkon has gathered for his team: Juggernaut! Sauron! Ms Marvel! Lady Deathstrike! Arcade! Erik the Red! War! Pestilence! Famine! Brood! Apocalypse frowns, while the scantily-clad Arkon notyes that he never said Apocalypse's warriors had to hail from Krakoa. 'I would have happily defeated the Avengers or Fantastic Four in your place...if you still call them allies, that is'. 'Enough talk! Let the crossing of swords begin!' Apocalypse booms as he raises his large sword and points towards the enemy.

The two powerful groups rush towards each other, swords at the ready on both sides. 'Finally! A chance to prove that I'm the strongest mutant of all!' Solarr boasts as he raises his sword – only for War to strike him with his sword. 'Solarr is already down – I told you he wasn't up to this!' Cyclops exclaims to his Apocalypse while raising his own sword made of optic energy. 'Weak links draw out the wolves. Now you all know not to hold back' Apocalypse responds. 'Carol! Ah thought we made good!' Rogue calls out as she flies towards Ms Marvel, their swords clashing against each other. 'You stole my powers and my mind, Rogue... I may be an Avenger. But I can still hold a grudge!' Ms Marvel adds as she smacks Rogue hard in the face. 'Well then, Sugah – I hope your Avengers have a good insurance plan!' Rogue replies as she wipes the blood from her mouth.

'I once believed we loved one another, Arkon! Does that mean nothing to you?' Storm asks as she creates a twister which knocks Arcade aside. 'You had your chance to rule by my side, Weather Witch. Now I have a bride worthy of my might in battle!' Arkon responds as he uses a shield to deflect an optic blast Cyclops aims at him towards Shatterstar, striking him down near Erik the Red. Sauron and Archangel can be seen battling in the air as Storm shouts 'Then let the atmosphere of Polemachus rage with the fury of a goddess scorned!' A powerful surge of lightning is cast through Storm's sword, down to the ground, where it separates Nightcrawer and Pestilence, and also strikes the Juggernaut's large hammer, at the same time that Cyclops fires an optic blast at the Juggernaut. 'Two against one – ain't fair!' the Juggernaut protests.

The large Brood hisses as it looms over Psylocke, who stands ready with her psi-blade, when suddenly, a voice comes from within the Brood's head: 'Ooh, wait! Before we do this – are you still British in this reality? Or are we just going to skip over the problematic body-swap stuff?' the voice asks. One of the Brood's large yellow eyes suddenly pops out, and Deadpool is revealed to be inside the Brood's head. 'Yeah, yeah. I know I wasn't really doing the meta thing in '92, but this is so far out of continuity anyway' Deadpool jokes. 'Enough senseless prattle. If you stand against Krakoa, I won't hesitate to put you down, Deadpool' Psylocke declares. 'You think I'd sell out the mutant homeland to Arkon the Barbarian over there?' Deadpool asks, quietly adding that he “totally would” before pointing out that he can barely operate this Brood Ur-Brood here, and that he just wanted to sneak in a cameo before they all find out about the Jubilee thing.

Suddenly, the Beast arrives and leaps into the battleground. 'Everyone! Cease the fisticuffs at once!' he calls out near where Silver Samurai and Famine are engaged in battle. 'If you perish on Polemachus, you come back -' the Beast starts to explain, before the large Brood Ur-Brood falls on both the Beast and Silver Samurai. 'Oops!' Deadpool calls out as he leaps from the Brood robot's eye. 'Your foolishness cost Beast and Silver Samurai their lives, mercenary!' Psylocke exclaims as she shoves her psi-blade through Deadpool's skull. 'I DESERVE THIS!' Deadpool shouts.

'Was that Beast? What's the furball doing here?' Wolverine asks. 'The same thing you'll be doing if you turn your back on me again – dying!' Lady Deathstrike calls out as she takes a swipe at Wolverine with her short sword, although Wolverine ducks the blade. Deathstrike lunges at Wolverine again, and slices his costume with her blade. 'You and me, we got a lot of history, Yuriko' Wolverine remarks, before he uses his own blade to cut Deathstrike's blade in half. 'More than you know' Deathstrike responds, adding that she regrets she was not on the Master Mold Station when the X-Men tried and failed to stop them. 'You mean – you're part of Orchis?' Wolverine asks as he knocks Deathstrike backwards, he then tells her that the X-Men put that operation down hard. 'Your mutant hate club is done for. AND SO ARE YOU!' Wolverine shouts as he shoves his blade through Deathstrike's stomach, skewering her. 'Bolivar will Avenge me, Logan...fall of the mutants...is just beginning' Deathstrike utters with her dying breath, while Wolverine looks shocked: 'Trask? But he can't be alive...' Logan remarks.

Nearby, Apocalypse shoves Erik the Red off a platform and then turns his attention to Arkon: 'Enough distractions. Face your end' Apocalypse calls out. Arkon fires a blast of energy from his sword which strikes Archangel, knocking him backwards, then turns to Apocalypse: 'Ha! Humor before battle. A welcome respite from shows of bravado' he remarks, before raising his sword and exclaiming 'She told me all about you. I admit, I thought you'd be...more intimidating. But I suppose it's good that this won't take long. I'll be back on my throne before -' Arkon boasts, before he is decapitated – by a woman resembling Apocalypse, who holds a large sword in her hand. 'Genesis. Aftere all these millennia...I am finally reunited with my wife' Apocalypse declares.

'Waiting to end that bloviating fool felt like an eternity all its own' the woman called Genesis remarks, before telling Apocalypse that it is good to see him. 'I had to know you would fight for Arakko...and that Earth's mutants were strong enough to welcome us back' Genesis explains. Apocalypse and Genesis embrace, and Apocalypse tells his wife that he would expect nothing less, and asking her if he has met her expectations. 'It seems like the fittest have indeed survived...and flourished' Genesis smiles. 'Aww...puppy love' Deadpool remarks as he looks over, Psylocke's pis-blade still stuck in his head. The others have stopped fighting, too, and Wolverine, Cyclops and Storm regroup, before Genesis takes Arkon's helmet and raises it in the air: 'Mutants of Krakoa. You have fought and died bravely today. The Arakkii will respect those among  you willing to shed blood' Genesis exclaims. She adds that she wishes her husband could see firsthand the islands reunited after all this time.

As Genesis places Arkon's crown on Apocalypse's head, Cyclops approaches them and asks if Apocalypse is not returning to Krakoa. Genesis explains that with no head of state, Polemachus will dissolve into chaos. 'As much as that might have once entertained me...' Genesis begins. '...the promise of Krakoa is that mutants would harm no other land to establish what is rightfully ours' Apocalypse smiles, while putting a finger on Genesis' face. 'We will fix this broken realm, together' Genesis responds. Suddenly, 'We'll help you. It's time this twisted family herals its wounds, too' Archangel calls out as he drops down behind Apocalypse, holding the limp body of Famine in his arms, while War and Pestilence stand nearby. 'Can someone tell me if we won? Ah'm  startring to have mah doubts...' Rogue remarks. Genesis holds up a Krakoan flower and explains that all of mutantkind won today. 'Let me introduce you to your long-lost siblings' she announces.

Soon, back on Krakoa, 'Scott! Logan! You're okay!' Jean Grey calls out as she and Cyclops hug. 'Where are the others? Did the Beast find you?' Jean asks. Gambit, Xavier and Magneto stand nearby, while Wolverine, Storm, Rogue, Shatterstar, Nightcrawler and Psylocke, holding Silver Samurai's helmet, stand near the Krakoan gateway. Psylocke announces that Archangel and Apocalypse chose to stay behind, while the others were not so lucky. 'See for yourself' Psylocke adds as she telepathically connects everyone. Magneto points out that there are now two open spots on the Inner Circle, while Xavier remarks that there are three resurrections they need to oversee personally. 'And about ten thousand new Arakkii mutants to welcome home' Storm adds, as other mutants begin to step through the Krakoan portal.

Later that night, in the Hatchery, where Xavier and Magneto stand over three large eggs waiting to be hatched. The members of the Five are watching from several feet away, while X-Force members Cable, Bishop and Domino are on hand, aiming large weapons at the eggs. 'We're locked and loaded just in case, Professor' Cable announces. Xavier thanks Cable, and tells him that he hopes this won't be necessary. The three eggs suddenly crack open, and the Beast, Silver Samurai and Solarr are reborn – but they are changed. The Beast is grey, with shaggy hair, the Silver Samurai's armor is gold, and Solarr appears to look more like the moon or the night than the sun. Xavier leans forward and asks Hank if he remembers where he is, and whether he feels like himself. 'Why, Professor. I'm exactly where I belong...and I've never felt better' the Beast snarls.

Xavier and Magneto speak privately, away from the others, and Xavier informs Magneto that it is like the mutants who perished on Polemachus are invisible to Cerebro. 'We'll have to take them at the word' he suggests. Magneto tells Xavier that they will, before remarking that he doesn't care for these many surprises of late. 'Jubilee said nothing of Genesis or Arakko' he points out. The Beast is watching Krakoa's leaders though, and quotes “Things fall apart. The centre cannot hold...mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”. Xavier tells Magneto that he shudders to think how the human governments will react to a sudden doubling of the mutant population, and Magneto projects a hologram of an asteroid, and suggests that perhaps it is time they were done with this world.

Characters Involved: 

Beast, Cyclops, Gambit, Jean Grey, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)

Apocalypse, Professor X (both Inner Circle)

Bishop, Cable, Domino, Psylocke (all X-Force)

Fabian Cortez, Healer, Karma, Proteus, Tempo (all the Five)

Archangel, Arclight, Forearm, Nightcrawler, Sabretooth, Shatterstar, Silver Samurai, Solarr (all Krakoans)






Ms Marvel

Lady Deathstrike



Erik the Red

Famine, Pestilence, War


(in flashback)

Arclight, Forearm

Story Notes: 

This issue includes an article on Arkon from the “Dominions & Demons Villain Manual”.

This issue also includes an arcade game style “Choose your Player” screen image with Arkon and his allies available as playable characters.

Lady Deathstrike was not on the Master Mold Station during the X-Men's attack in X-Men '92: House of XCII #1.

Deathstrike and Trask were revealed to be lovers in X-Men '92: House of XCII #2.

Deadpool was briefly seen being brought to Krakoa in X-Men '92: House of XCII #1.

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