X-Men Adventures (Season I) #13

Issue Date: 
November 1993
Story Title: 
Days of Future Past, part 1: And All Our Yesterdays
Brief Description: 

Ralph Macchio (writer), Andrew Wildman (penciler), Ariane Lenshoek & Mickey Ritter (inkers), Michael Higgins (letterer), Tom Vincent (colorist), Kelly Corvese (editor), Bob Harras (group editor), Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief)

Based on the Teleplay by Julia Jane Lewald

Full Summary: 

 In the year 2055, mutants have been hunted to near extinction. Two young mutants are pursued by the deadly Sentinels, but are rescued when one of the remaining rebels, Wolverine, saves them – only for all three to be captured by a mutant tracker named Bishop, who takes them to a mutant termination center, where, to his surprise, he is informed by a Sentinel that there is no further use for him, and that he will be terminated, too. Bishop and Wolverine walk past the gravestones of several X-Men, before the two young mutants lead a fight against the Sentinels. Wolverine joins in the fight, before the two young mutants are killed. Bishop realizes that he and Wolverine have to escape, and do so, running for safety to a hideout where Wolverine and his associate, Forge, have been holed up. They reveal to Bishop that they have devised a time portal and plan to go back into the past – to put a stop to the information assassination of the 1990s which led to this diabolical future. Bishop realizes that means they are going after one of the X-Men, and offers to go back in place of Wolverine, as he is a tracker and will have more luck finding the X-Man. Forge agrees with Bishop's plan, and Wolverine reluctantly does so, too. Bishop is given an armband transceiver which will keep him in the 1990s time period, but is warned that if the armband is destroyed, he returns to this time. Suddenly, they find themselves under attack. Wolverine and Forge do what they can to hold the attacker off as Bishop enters the portal, only he thinks something latched onto him. But, he arrives back in the 1990s, slightly disorientated, and isn't sure what his reason for being here is, until he sees a newspaper article about Professor Xavier. He tracks down the X-Men's home and breaks in, where he confronts Cyclops and Jubilee. Wolverine lunges at him and they fight, until Professor X breaks them up. Bishop agrees to undergo a psychic examination, and the Professor pulls from his mind horrible images of the future. Bishop puts forward his case for completing his mission to stop the X-Man that will assassinate the anti-mutant leader. But his transceiver is activated and Bishop realizes he has been followed from the future. He heads back to the place where he arrived, accompanied by Cyclops, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Storm and Jubilee, where they encounter the robot that followed Bishop after taking out future Wolverine and Forge, a superior form of Sentinel known as a Nimrod. The X-Men battle the Nimrod, but the robot is very powerful. Eventually, Storm is able to defeat it, and Bishop destroys the Nimrod's transceiver, sending it back into the future. They return to the X-Mansion, where they are joined by Gambit and Rogue – and upon seeing Gambit, Bishop remembers that Gambit is the assassin – and opens fire!

Characters Involved: 


New York City – things have changed. 'HALT, MUTANTS!' A Sentinel shouts as it knocks down a building as it chases after two young mutants, while firing eye beams at them. 'Move, Rachel! Another one's after us!' the man with blond hair, wearing blue jeans and a green jacket calls out to a woman in a red one-piece with a brown jacket. 'Halt or -' the Sentinel begins, before it starts to malfunction as it comes to a stop and stands over the mutants without acting any further. 'The Sentinel's stopped! And its speech's slurred!' the young man declares. 'What happened to it?' Rachel asks, when suddenly, the Sentinel collapses to the ground, and a figure leaps from its back: 'Couple o' adamantium claws stuck in the cranial case is what happened!' the mysterious figure exclaims as Rachel and her companion watch him. 'Who -?' the young man asks as the figure, clad in a yellow and blue costume and wearing a brown jacket, introduces himself as Wolverine.

His hair is gray and as he retracts his claws, he remarks that he used to take those big buckets of bolts down in half the time he does now. 'Must be getting rusty in my old age' he jokes. 'Then you're a -' Rachel begins, as Wolverine confirms that he is a rebel – a mutant who isn't rolling over and playing dead for the scum that is running things.

The trio are unaware that in the shadows nearby, a muscular man carrying a large weapon is watching them. 'Keep talking, old man. Keep your attention diverted – you're as good as mine!' he thinks to himself before suddenly steing out of the shadows and firing his weapon, striking Wolverine, Rachel and the young man. 'Never knew what hit them!' he shouts, adding that he likes it that way – no begging, no screaming – clean. He stands over them and calls himself Bishop as he boasts that once he gets on the scent – only one destination is likely – a mutant termination center. He wears a blue and yellow costume and a large X on his waist. A red scarf hangs around his neck.

Soon, a small hovercraft that Bishop pilots, with three pods, containing the mutants, arrives at the bleak mutant termination center. 'It's the reward for taking the losing side in this war' Bishop remarks to himself as the hovercraft comes to a stop in front of two Sentinels. 'ID tracker, Bishop, three recoveries!' Bishop tells the Sentinels.

One Sentinel instructs Bishop to enter and display his identification card. Bishop does so and passes his ID card to the Sentinel, demanding payment – but he goes wide-eyed as the Sentinel burns his ID card. 'Why?' Bishop calls out, to which the Sentinel informs Bishop that he is no longer required, and that he is to be terminated with the rest. 'Move this way' the Sentinel instructs Bishop as the door to the mutant termination center opens.

'Great retirement policy they got, Bub. I must o'been crazy not to join this outfit' Wolverine snarls at Bishop. Wolverine carries Rachel in his arms, while Bishop carries Rachel's companion and tells Wolverine to shut up and follow him.

Inside the mutant termination center, they are in a graveyard and walks past dozens of headstones – including headstones marking the graves of Cyclops, Storm, Rogue and Jubilee. 'The legendary X-Men... their final resting place' Bishop remarks. Wolverine glances at the graves and warns Bishop that they are going to buy it too unless he gets set for a little action. A Sentinel pokes Wolverine, causing him to snarl 'Hey, Robo-Cop... quit pokin' me with that finger or you'll end up choking on it!'

Suddenly, Rachel leaps from Wolverine's arms and blasts energy towards the Sentinel. Wolverine tells Bishop not to look so surprised, and reveals that he and the two other “prisoners” had a quiet little powwow while he was bringing them in. 'Good girl! Go fer the face!' Wolverine calls out to Rachel, when suddenly, the young man leaps from Bishop's arms. 'Put me down, buster!' he shouts. 'We've been tormented by the robots long enough! I'll show you how a free mutant fights for his life!'

The young man boasts that he can change his hands into clubs, and does so, transforming both hands into large clubs, and declaring that they are going to come in really handy. 'That's for all of my people you murdered – you monster!' the young man shouts at the Sentinel as he slams one of his club-hands into its leg, knocking the large robot backwards. 'Don't lose yer head, kid! We gotta make every punch count!' Wolverine tells the young man as he leaps onto the Sentinel and starts shoving his claws into the Sentinel's chest, when another Sentinel suddenly reaches down and grabs Wolverine, who cries out in pain as the Sentinel starts to crush him – only an instant later, the Sentinel releases him, and Wolverine falls safely to the ground, realizing that someone struck the Sentinel from behind. Wolverine looks over and sees Bishop, his fists glowing with energy. 'Tracker!? Don't know what ya hit him with – but he's hearing up the mechanical brides!' Wolverine exclaims. Bishop explains that he used plasma bursts from his hands. 'Great. Now let's grab the teenyboppers and split, before -' Wolverine begins.

But, as he and Bishop look over to Rachel and her companion, they are shocked as a Sentinel blast strikes the two of them. 'They gotta be hurt bad!' Wolverine calls out. 'A direct hit like that – not even time to cry out – they're dead!' Bishop shouts. 'THEY WERE JUST KIDS, BLAST YA!' Wolverine roars as Bishop holds him back. Wolverine warns Bishop to let him go, as he is going to rip the Sentinels into scrap metal. 'Take your own advice! Don't lose your head!' Bishop suggests to Wolverine, adding that they must get over the wall, as it is their only chance. Bishop and Wolverine head to the wall surrounding the mutant termination center, and dodge blasts that the Sentinels fire at them. 'I hate to say it, tracker – yer making sense. It's too late for them now. Stick with me, I know a place we can hole up in' Wolverine remarks, as the other mutant asks Wolverine to call him Bishop, and adds that his tracking days are behind him.

One half hour later, after a series of back alley runs through crumbling Manhattan, Wolverine and Bishop come to a door. 'You know this city inside and out. No wonder you weren't caught by a tracer until today' Bishop rematks. 'Only takes one time' Wolverine replies as he knocks on the door. They enter a sparse lab, and Wolverine walks towards an elderly man who sits on a chair next to some computer monitors. Wolverine calls him Forge and tells him that the two he tried rescuing didn't make it back. Wolverine introduces Bishop as a former tracker, who is now on the side of the angels. Wolverine informs Bishop that Forge is a Native American with a gift for tinkering and inventing gizmos like nobody's business. Wolverine adds that Forge is a mutant, and is also the big gun in the rebel movement. 'And the longhair I report to' Wolverine points out, before asking Forge how the project is coming along. 'We got us a working time machine, or what?' Wolverine enquires. Forge reveals that he was just making the final adjustments as they came in. He greets Bishop and welcomes him to their little insurrection.

Everyone turns to a frame that has been set up in the middle of the room, and Bishop touches it, commenting that it is almost beyond belief, a device which appears to be merely an airport security walk-through, is a doorway in time. 'That is the postulate' Forge remarks. 'In other words – it ain't been tried yet' Wolverine points out. Touching a monitor, Forge announces that it will be, shortly, as he is activating the chronal power-grid. Light flashes within the doorway, and Forge reports that they are ready. He hands Wolverine an armband and Wolverine remarks that it is his oneway ticket out of here. 'Guess it's show time' he adds, while Bishop asks what part this plays in their scheme. Forge explains that the the armband is a temporal transceiver, that it maintains the individual in time. Forge adds that if the armband is disturbed, then you simply return to the time period from which you originated – unless the primary platform is inoperative.

'That reminds me, Forge... yer gonna trash this hunk o' machinery once I'm gone so nobody or nothing can follow, right?' Wolverine asks. Bishop enquires as to how Wolverine will return, to which the old mutant points out that he won't. 'Surprised? He asks Bishop. 'What is this all about?' Bishop asks. Forge informs him that the rebels have a theory – if the infamous assassination of the 1990s never occurred, then this future of enslavement and decay would never have come about. 'And the way to stop the assassination is to stop the assassin, kapish?' Wolverine adds. 'But that means you’re going after -' Bishop begins, surprised. 'You get the prize, pal. And i'll kill if it comes to that. Trust me' Wolverine replies, when suddenly, an alarm sounds and Wolverine declares that it looks like the Sentinels are busting up the old gang sooner than expected. He tells Forge to keep the doorway cranked up – as he is coming through.

But, as Wolverine steps towards the doorway, Bishop grabs him, and asks to go in his place. 'I'm years younger – a tracker by trade – and your fight is now mine!' Bishop exclaims. 'Get yer hands off me! I gotta job to do and -' Wolverine starts to reply, before Forge tells him that Bishop is right. Forge asks Wolverine to let Bishop go, as his chance of success is much higher – and he knows the assassin as well as they. Wolverine hands the armband over and announces that he is doing this under protest. 'You got the future in yer hands, Bub. Don't fumble it' Wolverine warns Bishop who takes the armband, just as the wall to the lab is blown open. 'Too late fer second thoughts, 'cause company's coming!' Wolverine calls out, urging Bishop to get that band on his arm, otherwise he will be out of luck before he starts. Forge stands next to the doorway and informs Bishop that the transceiver will provide him with all the information he requires once he presses the lower button. As an explosion is set off in the lab, Wolverine turns to Bishop and tells him that he hopes he is up to the job. 'Look...you couldn't handle me alone. How could you ever battle the X-Men? I'm the man!' Bishop replies. 'Sorry I asked. Now beat it!' Wolverine snarls.

As Bishop steps towards the gateway, wearing the armband, he feels like something has struck him on the arm – but he knows he can't worry about that now. 'Gonna hold 'em off as long as I can! Don't look back, friend – it ain't gonna be pretty!' Wolverine calls out as he pops his claws. Bishop knows that he needn't look back – he knows that Wolverine and Forge are sacrificing themselves for him – for them all. 'I swear to you – it won't have been in vain' Bishop thinks as he hears Wolverine roar in agony as something blasts energy at him – courtesy of a strange robot that knocks Forge aside as it steps into the doorway, 'Former tracker Bishop has entered portal. Sentinel designate: Nimrod continues pursuit once a temporal tranceiver is acquired' the robot states.


Several seconds later, if such a phrase has meaning in this context, the time-traveling mutant appears in New York's South Bronx. 'I'm through!' Bishop calls out as he materializes through a portal. He knows that he is dazed, disorientated, and his memory is fuzzy. He knows that he needs to get his bearing, but looking at the armband, he sees that the transceiver was damaged. He looks at the panel on the transceiver, and sees that it is trying to present a clear image, but it is distorted. Bishop notices a newspaper on the ground which indicates the date is 1993, and he is pleased that the portal worked. He picks the newspaper up and reads an article with a photograph of Professor Charles Xavier and the headline “Professor Charles Xavier Delivers Speech on Growing Mutant Persecution”. The armband begins to react and self-corrects, as it flashes with a picture of Xavier and lists all relevant information. 'I remember – that's why I'm here. I must find Charles Xavier – and his band of X-Men' Bishop declares, deciding that the logical place would be the headquarters, which the transceiver has pinpointed on a terrain grid. 'Beware assassin' Bishop exclaims.

Exactly one hour later in Westchester County, at the School for Gifted Youngsters, inside, the young mutant called Jubilee reclines on a chair in the War Room, where she keeps watch over several monitors. 'Drag-o-reeno! Like this monitor duty jazz is worse than getting noogies from Gambit!' Jubilee thinks to herself, wondering if maybe she can get one of these things tuned to MTV, just in time for Beavis and Butthead. Suddenly, Jubilee sits up in her chair 'Some dude snuck in while I was daydreaming. And he's headed this way – carrying a big gun!' Jubilee thinks to herself as she sees Bishop on the monitor, running down a corridor. Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops appears behind Jubilee and tells her that she should already have put their security systems on high alert. 'Cyclops! Don't sneak up on my like that!' Jubilee mutters, looking out the corner of her eye, while telling Cyclops that she can handle one bozo with a popgun any day of the week. 'Chill out, y'know!' Jubilee exclaims. 'We'll discuss it later, young lady. But that intruder is almost on top of us! We've got to alert the others or -' Cyclops begins, before he throws himself over Jubilee as there is an explosion, blasting the wall towards them. 'He's inside!' Cyclops shouts.

'DIE, ASSASSIN!' Bishop shouts as he enters the War Room, weapon at the ready. 'YOU'LL NEVER GET THE CHANCE TO MURDER NOW!' Bishop exclaims. Cyclops and Jubilee turn and face Bishop, with Cyclops raising his voice and replying 'Assassin – murder? What are you talking about?' and telling the intruder to put his gun down. 'I'm here to save the future! You must -' Bishop begins, when suddenly, Wolverine leaps into the room, wrapping one arm around Bishop's neck, and his other hand, adamantium claws at the ready, pulled back, ready to strike. 'You ain't gonna have not future, pal, if you don't drop the weapon!' Wolverine snarls as Bishop topples to the floor. Wolverine holds his claws to Bishop's face and asks him 'Who are you and what are you doing here? Talk – or you'll be having these fer lunch!' But Bishop says nothing, he looks at Wolverine in shock. 'C'mon! You got yer mouth open, that's step one. Now – spill it!'

Bishop tells Wolverine to get off him, and declares that he has to do this, that it is the only way to save everything. 'Wrong answer!' Wolverine replies. 'You miss out on the Bermuda trip, Bub! Wanna go fer second prize – or are we talkin' permanent disqualification?' Wolverine asks. Bishop remembers the future Wolverine and tells this Wolverine that they have fought together, and introduces himself as Bishop. 'I don't care what church ya belong to! You ain't said anything worth squat yet!' Wolverine replies, adding that he is losing his patience, and suggests to Bishop that if he doesn't want a matching scar on his left cheek, he will start talking. But, Professor X enters the War Room and tells Wolverine to stop this. 'He's down and defeated. If he won't willingly speak... perhaps Cerebro may aid us in the disclosure process' Charles suggests.

Thirty minutes later, Bishop sits in a chair next to Professor X, who taps at some buttons on a monitor station in front of him. Cyclops looks at Bishops gun, while Jubilee leans back in a chair. Jean Grey looks at the gun as well, and Ororo Munro a.k.a. Storm asks the Professor what the procedure is. Xavier reports that as he enters Bishop's mind, images will flash on Cerebro's screen. Jean frowns as she tells Scott that Bishop's weapon is set on low intensity. 'And it still demolished a reinforced door, I know' Scott replies. 'Wow! Don't leave home without it!' Jubilee exclaims. Charles tells Bishop to relax and explains that he will be establishing a telepathic rapport with him. Charles suggests to Bishop that he doesn't resist, as it could be painful, and Bishop replies that he appreciates the warning. Xavier closes his eyes and a jumble of images flood his mind – they are disturbing images of mutants under assault, being hearded into detention camps. 'The Sentinels have seized control of the world!' Xavier exclaims, opening his eyes.

Wolverine, Jubilee, Jean Grey and Cyclops look at the monitor which depicts an image of a Sentinel, as Xavier tells them that mutants and humans alike are being hunted, imprisoned and exterminated – in the name of maintaining some insane form of order. 'And all this precipitated by one violent act!' Charles adds. 'It's horrible! Scott, if this happens – then all we've worked for, all we've -' Jean begins, horrified. Cyclops tells her not to lose hope yet, and suggests they see where this goes. 'Now you have seen the future, Xavier. My future – your future! That is why I must complete my mission!' Bishop exclaims.

Charles tells Bishop that he believes what he has shown him is the truth, and will assist him in piecing this puzzle together. 'Assist him? You outta yer gourd, Chuck? This guy tried to kill us – and  you wanna hold his hat while he's taking aim again? Whose side you on?' Wolverine asks. 'Logan, that's the most unfair thng -' Jean begins, but Charles tells Jean that it is all right, that he understands how Logan feels. 'Bunk! You understand beans! I've seen enough o' Terminator Three – and I ain't buying!' Wolverine exclaims as he tears the cables connecting Bishop to Cerebro.

Charles frowns at Wolverine and tells him that his outburst has solved nothing, and that they are faced with a grave situation. 'You should listen to the man, Wolvester – unless you can explain where this cool looking gun came from!' Jubilee suggests as she pokes her finger into the gun. Storm tells the young mutant to watch her fingers, as there is probably more to that weapon than they know. 'There's more to all of this' Cyclops declares, and announces that he sides with the Professor, and that he wants to know what purpose their deaths serve. He then tells Bishop that no threats satisfy them. The X-Men listen as Bishop informs them that it is known in his day that one of the X-Men will slay a national anti-mutant leader – and that this will bring about the total repression that they saw in the images. Suddenly, his transceiver is activated, and Bishop discovers that he has been followed from the future. The Professor instructs Cyclops to lead the team and assist Bishop in locating this person.

'This better not be a trick, or -' Wolverine begins, but Cyclops interrupts him and points out that the Professor must believe this is urgent, and asks Bishop to lead the way. The Professor watches as Bishop, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Wolverine and Jubilee leave the War Room, and he thinks to himself that what he felt in Bishop's mind was too strong to be a lie. He wonders if it is possible that the hoped for union of man and mutant will never occur, and that has harbored and nurtured a catalyst to this horror in his own home. 'Pray to God it isn't so' Charles thinks.

A cautious trip to the South Bronx finds Bishop and the X-Men in the alley where Bishop materialized in this time period. 'Is this the spot?' Cyclops asks. Bishop assures him that the temporal displacement definitely took place here. 'Right. And the Yellow Brick Road does lead to Oz, Dorothy' Wolverine mocks. Bishop leans into Wolverine and tells him that in his time the X-Men are thought of as gods. 'You make me ashamed of that worship' he declares. 'In yer ear, buddy! I don't see nothing here, but a glowing wall! Where's this man of the future?' Wolverine snarls. 'Your answer has just appeared!' Bishop points out as a figure can be seen at the end of the alleyway. 'It looks like a Sentinel – but its size' Cyclops comments. Bishop tells Cyclops not to be fooled, as this is the Nimrod model, ten times as deadly as the present-day Sentinels. The Nimrod opens fire on the x-Men and Bishop warns them that Nimrod's attacks are swift and unerring. 'Too bad. I like slow and erring ones' Jubilee jokes, as Storm is suddenly hit and falls backwards. 'We gotta take him out – or we'll all go down!' Wolverine calls out.

'Subject designate: Former tracker, Bishop – located has banded with hostile mutants of this era' the Nimrod declares as it moves into full view of the X-Men. Bishop opens fire, while Jubilee hurls her plasma fireworks at Nimrod. Cyclops blasts Nimrod with his optic energy and Jean Grey uses her telekinesis to smash several trash cans into the robot. Nimrod states that despite this multifaceted assault, it is equipped to destroy the attackers with less than fifty percent power response. 'We're hitting it with everything we've got, Bishop! Does it have any weak points we can get at?' Cyclops calls out. 'None that I am aware of' Bishop replies, adding that the Nimrod is his time's perfect killing machine. 'Like, did anybody try harsh language?' Jubilee jokes. 'Think, man – we need a clue – a hint of what might work!' Cyclops exclaims. Bishop points out that if Cyclops' powers have failed, then it will take a miracle to defeat Nimrod.

'Then miracle you shall have!' Storm announces as she recovers and takes to the air. 'Let the elements swirl and gather above! Let them roil with bare restraint as they await my command!' Storm declares. 'Now you'll see something to write home about' Cyclops tells Bishop. 'Winds – howl and halt the progress of our enemy!' Storm commands the elements an icy wind bares down against Nimrod, followed by hail. 'Smite him relentlessly and make the ground beneath too slippery to stand!' Storm declares. Nimrod manages to fire a blast at Storm, but she dodges the blast and tells Nimrod that his attack slackens as he struggles to regain balance. 'There will be no respite, you thing of metal and wire! The arctic winds I direct will freeze you – as your rigid, helpless form tumbles... victim of the natural forces which no manmade object can withstand!' Storm exclaims as Nimrod is covered in ice and topples to the ground, where it lays unmoving.

Bishop looks on, wide-eyed, 'Such power and control. It's hard to imagine a being like that ever knowing death. But I have seen the tombstone beneath which her body lies' Bishop thinks to himself, deciding that perhaps this victory today is more significant than he knows. Bishop then informs the X-Men that Nimrod possesses a temporal transceiver, or else it could not remain here. He announces that while Nimrod is helpless, he will destroy the transceiver. 'And watch Nimrod's body fade as it slips back into the timestream!' Bishop declares as he blasts Nimrod, detroying the transceiver and causing Nimrod to vanish. 'Heavy!' Jubilee smiles, before remarking that Bishop wasn't fibbing. 'About such matters I would never... fib, child' Bishop replies. Wolverine supposes that he owes Bishop and apology, but warns Bishop that he still isn't turning his back on him. 'Nor I you' Bishop replies, adding that at least they have an understanding. Cyclops tells Storm that she was magnificent, and that the Professor will be so proud. 'I am an X-Man. I did what was necessary' Storm replies.

Later, back at the X-Mansion, Bishop has joined Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey and Jubilee as they speak with the Professor, who points out that with the Sentinel gone, they must return to the original reason for his visit. Bishop reveals that he suffered a small memory loss in transit through time, but that he knows one of the X-Men becomes a murderer – what has escaped him is which one of them is the culprit. He adds that to save the future, he was willing to kill all of them to prevent the bleak days ahead. Suddenly, Rogue and Remy LeBeau a.k.a. Gambit enter the room. Rogue greets everyone and announces that she and Gambit just got back from visiting the Beast in jail. Gambit adds that the Beast kkeeps his furry chin up, before noticing Bishop, and telling him that he doesn't believe they have met before. 'You! Traitor!' Bishop suddenly shouts, raising his weapon, he announces that the sight of Gambit has restored his memory. 'You are the cause of all the misery to come!' Bishop admits that he wasn't sure he could carry out this mission when the time came. Gambit looks at him and replies that he doesn't understand, and as Bishop raises his weapon and aims it at Gambit, Jean shouts 'Bishop – don't! You can't!' But too late, as Bishop opens fire and declares 'Now I know I can! DIE, ASSASSSIN!'


Story Notes: 

Cyclops, Gambit, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine, Professor X (all X-Men)






in 2055:



Rachel Summers

Franklin Richards



Issue Information: 

This issue is based on “Days of Future Past (Part 1)” which screened on 13 March 1993.

Franklin Richards is unnamed this issue, and Rachel's last name is never mentioned on panel.

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