X-Men: Age of Apocalypse #5

Issue Date: 
May 2005
Story Title: 

Akira Yoshida (writer), Chris Bachalo (penciler), Florea, Irwin, Leisten, Mendoza, Olazaba, Sowd & Vey (finishes), Studio F (colorist), Chris Eliopoulos (letterer), John Barber & Sean Ryan (assistant editors), Nick Lowe (associate editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Logan takes out his anger on Magneto, but holds back on killing him. He knows he needs Magneto alive to find Jean. He demands answers, as does everyone else, so Magneto relates the story of his meeting with Sinister and the deal they made with each other. He gives the details of how Jean saved the country and not him. The X-Men are upset, but that doesn’t stop them from doing what they have to do: find Sinister and rescue Jean. Through an unusual method Wolverine figures out where Sinister is hiding and off they go. The X-Men find Sinister’s lab in New York and Logan starts trashing the place looking for Jean. Suddenly, they’re teleported outside by Cloak and are face to face with Sinister and his crew, the Sinister Six. Logan’s prayers are answered as he finds Jean. She is the final member of Sinister’s henchmen.

Full Summary: 

Saying Logan is very upset, is an understatement. He pops the claws from his stubbed wrist and yells at Magneto for lying about Jean; Magneto knew how much he loved her and still loves her. He drives his fist into Magneto’s chest apparently retracting his claws before impact. Rogue rushes over while everyone else stands around in disbelief. She grabs Logan’s shoulder and asks him what he’s done to her husband. Kirika tells Rogue she’s lucky Logan didn’t kill Magneto for what he did. Rogue is about to throw down when Magneto stops her and admits to everyone that he deserves it.
Pietro doesn’t want his father killed either and rushes to his side. Magneto tells him and everyone else to stay back. He knows he brought this upon himself. He looks Logan straight in the eyes and apologizes. Logan, still holding Magneto against the wall with his stub, pulls back his right arm to strike. He pops those claws and Rogue yells for him to stop. Logan lets out a loud growl, and then lets Magneto go. He tells Magneto that he had no right to keep this information from them and that he’s lucky he’s not dead. The only thing saving him, Logan tells him, is the fact that he needs to know what really happened to Jean. Logan sheathes his claws.
Magneto catches his breath and tells them what really happened on that fateful day.

As the bombs were falling he was standing there with Rogue and Charles. He watched as the destruction came closer and closer. Suddenly, the flames of annihilation were being contained and pushed back. It was as if time had stood still for him. Then he saw an image of the Phoenix. He felt as if it was Jean’s last message letting him know that they had a chance at accomplishing the dream.
After the image went away, Magneto realized everyone else was unconscious and he seemed to be the only person aware of what happened. People were assuming he was the one responsible and looked to him as their savior. He knew that although he had killed Apocalypse, he didn’t save their world. The only thing that kept him from telling the truth was the sense of hope he saw in people and as word spread the nation reunited. His only fear from that day forward was that his lie be discovered, which turned out, was on the day Sinister came to meet him.
Months after the incident, Magneto was home and feeling distraught. He went to the bathroom to wash-up. Sinister entered and asked him if keeping his lie was too much of a burden to bear. He turned around and was shocked to see whom it was. His worst fears were realized. Someone knew the truth.
Sinister put his arm around his shoulder and congratulated him, saying they both won. He told Sinister to get off and knocked him away. He asked Sinister what he meant by “they both won” and then threatened his life. Sinister was prepared and warned him of the bomb he had strapped to himself, which would be triggered by any heightened magnetic activity. He told Sinister he thought he was bluffing. Sinister asked him if he was willing to take that chance.
He resigned not to kill Sinister and instead, asked him what he wanted. Sinister told him that he would have need of the X-Men sometime in the future. Also, Sinister wanted him to make sure nobody would come looking for him. Sinister didn’t want anyone to know he even existed. He asked Sinister why he presented himself if he didn’t want people to know he’s alive. Sinister explained that he knew the X-Men would search for him no matter what, but it was important that he be left alone. Initially he didn’t agree to Sinister’s terms, with his obligation to his people and as the Director of Mutant Affairs. However, Sinister used that very fact to exploit him.
Sinister reminded him that he only received the position because the U.S. believed him to have saved them from extinction. Sinister asked him what would happen if they knew the truth, that it was Jean who saved them all. Sinister explained to him that he knew everything that happened. He knew of the Phoenix that rose from the ashes. Sinister even thought it was ironic that they were the only ones to know about it. He had asked Sinister how he came upon the truth.
Sinister reminded him that he once had Jean Grey under his care for a long while. Sinister told him that after Apocalypse’s defeat, he went back to his lab and found his instruments had captured what happened that day. The manifestation had matched data Sinister had on-file of Jean Grey. He had told Sinister that nobody would believe what he had to say. Sinister even agreed, but he had proof. Sinister handed him a hand-held viewscreen showing Jean Grey locked inside some sort of containment chamber.
He was upset to see Sinister’s desecration of Jean. They had buried her after all and Sinister had come and dug her up. Sinister explained to him that Jean was alive and well and should never have been buried in the first place. Then Sinister asked him if they had a deal. Sinister reiterated the terms, that nobody would come looking for him and in return he would keep the secret safe. Sinister made sure to mention what could have happened to human/mutant relations if it was ever found out that he had lied to them. Sinister told him that he would keep his secret, but when the time came that he needed his X-Men, he better answer. Sinister warned him that if he betrayed him, his secret would be out.

Silver Samurai, Kirika and Gambit all voice their displeasure at Magneto. Dazzler tries to be the voice of reason, but Wolfsbane comes running, mid-wolf form, calling Magneto a liar. Logan snatches her up and tells her they still need Magneto alive. She states how Magneto told them he was doing all he could to catch Sinister. Rogue assures Wolfsbane that although she’s not exactly sure what’s going on, she will never have to worry about Sinister again because he is going down for what he did.
Pietro kneels down at his father’s side. He tells Magneto that Rogue is right and that they have to go after Sinister. Storm tells him he can ask for people’s forgiveness and tell them you’re sorry, but points out that actions speak louder than words. Logan asks him where Sinister has Jean. Magneto tells him he’s not sure and that the government has a few leads. Logan walks over to Husk’s body, snikts a claw and jabs it inside. He pulls out and sniffs the blood from his blade. He tells Magneto that she’s in New York. He asks Logan how he can know that. Logan tells him the smell of New York is on Paige’s blood, which means she’s been there recently. Kirika quips, “That’s my dad!”
Magneto believes he knows where Sinister is then. He magnetically reaches out for his helmet from across the room, but it gets sliced in midair. Logan tells him he doesn’t want the helmet around anymore. He tells Magneto that in order to gain trust he has to stop hiding behind the mask. He also tells Magneto that he’s not going to act on his rage right now, for Jean’s sake, but when this is all over he has a few painful lessons to teach him. He informs Magneto that he will never forgive him for this.
Liberty Island, New York City, the X-Men are outside Sinister’s old place of operations. Rogue can’t believe he went back to his old place and nobody suspected. Kirika reminds her that their suspicions may have never been followed. At the entrance, Silver Samurai uses his sword to break the seal. The X-Men enter and find Sinister’s machines up and running. A ruby quartz visor and set of claws are lying on a table nearby.
Logan starts smashing things crying out for Jean. Suddenly, the entire team is enveloped in darkness. Moments later they find themselves outside being greeted by Sinister, who introduces them to his Sinister Six. Behind him stand Sauron, Sonique and Dagger. Next to them stands Cloak, who was the one responsible for their teleportation.
Magneto tells Sinster that he’s tired of all the secrets and lies. He demands to know why Sinister wanted him to keep everyone from searching for him. Magneto assumes it was because Sinister wanted to pick up where Apocalypse left off. Sinister laughs at him. He reminds Magneto of the power they witnessed by Jean Grey and is surprised Magneto still thinks this is all about genetics and genocide.
Logan takes off towards Sinister and asks him where Jean is. Sinister tells him not to worry and that Jean is alive and well. Logan demands he give her back to him. Sinister tells him he will oblige, but has to fill him in on something first. He explains that he is not actually part of the Sinister Six. The sixth member is Jean. Right on cue, Jean appears in the air, in a Dark Phoenix outfit and with a fiery raptor surrounding her.

Characters Involved: 

Dazzler, Gambit, Magneto, Quicksilver, Rogue, Silver Samurai, Storm, Wolfsbane (all X-Men)


Weapon X


Cloak, Dagger, Dark Phoenix, Sauron, Sonique (all Sinister Six)
In flashback:

Magneto, Quicksilver, Rogue (all X-Men)

Charles Lensherr

Jean Grey

Phoenix Entity


Story Notes: 

All six covers of this limited series line up to make one giant picture.
On the opening splash page where Weapon X jams his stub into Magneto’s chest, “The Age Of” can be distinguished amongst the floating debris surrounding Logan. “The” is by his head, “Age” is under his right armpit and “Of” is under his left. If you look closely at his uniform, you can make out the word “Apocalypse”. It’s written sideways beginning at his right pectoral down and finishing at his waist.
This issue picks up directly from where the last issue left off.
The flashback to Sinister’s meeting with Magneto continues directly from where the fourth story of the X-Men: Age of Apocalypse One-Shot ended.
Wolfsbane was once a prisoner of Sinister’s pens, which is why she was so upset with Magneto for making a deal with him.
The sixth member of the Sinister Six was not shown in this issue, although it was clearly intended. Maybe Lavalanche (my favorite fan suggestion for the unnamed character), who is revealed next issue, was standing behind Sinister.

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