X-Men Legacy (2nd series) #24

Issue Date: 
May 2014
Story Title: 
For We Are Many

Simon Spurrier (writer), Tan Eng Huat (artist), Craig Yeung (inker), Jose Villarrubia (colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (letters), Mike Del Mundo (cover), Xander Jarowey (assistant editor), Daniel Ketchum (editor), Nick Lowe (X-Men group editor), Axel Alonso (editor in chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

After they finish making love, David and Ruth’s astral forms separate as David starts to lose control again. As the giant energy mass wrecks havoc in the real world, David spots the last remaining personality, the Weaver, wandering through his mindscape. He wonders why it resisted him and is shocked when the personality replies back. David begins to think back over his life and all the possibilities he could have had if he’d had different opportunities. Regardless though, he was the whipping boy of fate and, as he inspects the tree-like timeline map, he begins to accept his fate. As Blindfold starts to be consumed by the energy, a voices calls to her and, as she then lingers on the brink of death, she hears it clearly. She tells David his father is speaking through her and that he is proud of his son. David is overwhelmed by those words but is shocked when the Weaver advances on him. He sees the Weaver has his own head on it and he realizes that it is a reality warper. The Weaver and David merge together and, for the first time, he feels whole. With a new-found confidence and set of powers, David looks at the timelines and begins to change things. He manages to break up the giant energy mass and undo all the carnage from the recent fight. He then begins to wonder how much he should use his power and who he should save or condemn. He sees all the things he has done over the years and says that he doesn’t want the power of a god. Realizing what he must do, he smiles and then destroys all the timelines, removing himself from all of existence. The world turns white around Blindfold and, when she wakes up, she discovers that time has been turned back to the moment Charles Xavier died. Ruth is distraught and wonders where David is, but Pixie doesn’t know who she is talking about and says Xavier never had a son. David then speaks to Ruth and reveals a fragment of him now resides in her head. Ruth smiles, and leaves a very confused Pixie behind. 

Full Summary: 

As David and Ruth finish psychically making love, their astral forms start to separate, as David cannot keep time frozen anymore. They say they love each other and David apologizes as Blindfold’s form drifts away. David muses that the things that mean the most are only realized with perspective and distance. The things that stay with you forever are the ones that come to an end.

Blindfold’s astral form rejoins her physical body and she can only watch helplessly as David’s remaining control over his giant energy form breaks. As it grows larger, David once again apologizes, this time for murdering all of mutantkind. He looks down on Blindfold, who has hacking at the energy with her sword, and realizes she hasn’t the strength to stop him. He tries to stop fighting against her but he doesn’t have the power to do it anymore and he isn’t in control.

He morbidly realizes he is going to kill her and, inside his mind, he turns away as he doesn’t want to watch. He looks around his mindscape to see the Weaver, the only one of his personalities that resisted being absorbed into David. He looks at the giant, spider-like creature and wonders why it resisted him all this time. Surprisingly, the personality replies “I rule me” and a shocked David states that it’s his line. It doesn’t matter anyway because it was a lie; he never really had any control over himself. He starts to wonder what life would have been like if it had taken a different course. Not that it matters, as he is the slave of fate and whipping boy of destiny.

As Ruth starts to succumb to the powers of David’s energy form, he tells her he can’t help the sickness, so there’s no point raging against it. He begins to wonder again what it would have been like if he had better opportunities, healthcare or even better parents. Inside his mind, David inspects the tree-like display of timelines and looks at the fatal point on which they all converge. He wonders what the thing was that caused him to be the one to become tangled and tied to this future. He realizes that it was his father. His father’s shadow: duty and legacy. David could never match or impress him… and he could certainly never be him.

Speaking to Ruth, David tells her that “legacy” is just another word for burden. You don’t get to cry that it’s unfair though, and you don’t get to blame other people. You have to play the hand you’re dealt and if it was a *$%* hand that was stacked from the start then at least you still got to play.

Outside, Blindfold is being consumed by the swirling energy but, as she struggles, she hears a faint voice call out to her. She has been hearing the voice over the past day but she was unable to make it out. This time, though, she can hear it clearly and assumes that it’s because she is dying. As David stares at the converging point of the timelines, Ruth speaks to him and says that someone has been trying to pass a message on. She asks if he is listening closely and then reveals that David father, Charles Xavier, has been trying to tell his son he is proud of him.

David is stunned to hear this and the Weaver, now displaying David’s head on its body, comes forward. It says that self-belief, despite being so simple, is very important to everyone and he marvels that his father is proud of him. As the Weaver cranes its long neck down to him, David is dumbstruck to see that the enormous personality has his head. The Weaver pities David, calling him a split personality, and tells him he has been through so much. David tries to tell the Weaver that it is the split personality but, before he can finish, the two forms start to merge together. As their bodies mix together, David realizes the personality is the maker of dreams and shaper of realities. After the transformation, David is back to looking like his normal, human self and he discovers he is now whole at last.

With newfound confidence and abilities, David goes back to the timeline map and inspects it carefully. In the outside world, his massive energy form starts to explode, as the various psyches he absorbed rush out of him and back to their bodies. As David tries to find a timeline that isn’t doomed, he can’t help but muse on the fact his father is proud of him. It’s no effort for David to resurrect Agent Brand, Chamber and Karuso Tengo, who all died in the recent fight. Where does he stop though? Which kinks does he iron out and whom does he save? Does he save his mother? Should he save Soboto Tengo and should he let Luca Aldine still die?

In a lifetime of rage and chaos, he has killed gods, torn holes in creation and seeded new dimensions. For every moment of horror, happiness is also created as well. He could burn it all away and create a new world where they would say “Legion was right” but they would just end up as buggered as this one. Speaking to his father, David says he is not a god, as he isn’t that arrogant. He isn’t a judge, or even some acolyte trailing after him. He is just problematic, never-quite-fit, little him. People think that growing up is accepting responsibility, but it’s more than that. It’s knowing when to step off.

David continues to inspect the timelines and sees that it is knotted and mutantkind is always doomed. In the end, there is only one responsible thing to do and that’s to let history sort itself out. He decides to let the dimensions spiral and swirl, as he is sure they will continue to survive on their own. David smiles and says that it isn’t an unhappy ending, or even defeat. He refuses to submit to a universe where he cannot rule himself. With that, he raises his arms high above his head and smashes the knotted web of timelines. This isn’t death; this is never being born. As the timelines burst with energy, the darkness of the void cracks under the strain. Just as reality tears itself apart, David tells it he was too good for the place anyway.

Outside, Ruth watches helplessly as the world around her shatters and turns white. After a few moments, she finds herself sitting in her room at the Jean Grey School. Pixie tells her that Charles Xavier has just been killed and the school is going crazy.

Ruth is disorientated and she asks where David is, but Pixie asks who she is talking about. Ruth yells at her and clarifies she means Xavier’s son, David Haller. Pixie tells her that Xavier doesn’t have a son, to which Ruth falls to the floor in despair. A voice suddenly calls out to her and she realizes that it’s David, much to her relief.

Pixie watches on as Blindfold seemingly talks to herself again. David tells Ruth he is inside her head, and that is where he will always be. Pixie tells her that, if she is about to have some kind of meltdown and lose control, then she needs to tell them. Ruth smiles back at her and says that she is in perfect control. In fact you could say “I rule me.”

The things that stay with you forever are the things that come to an end. 

Characters Involved: 

David Haller/Legion
Blindfold, Pixie, (all students)

The Weaver

Charles Xavier

Gabrielle Haller
Charles Xavier
David Haller

Peter Wisdom
Agent Brand
Sojobo Tengo
Chamber, Cyclops, Magik (all X-Men)

Story Notes: 

Whilst this is the last issue of this run, another issue, X-Men Legacy #300, was released a month later, acting as a wrap up to this series, as well as X-Men Legacy (1st series).

As yet, Blindfold has not appeared in a major capacity since this issue was released, so it is unknown whether David is really in her head or not.

David undid all the events of X-Men Legacy (2nd series) and re-wound time to the end of the Avengers vs. X-Men event. It is implied that he removed himself from the rest of history too, although he must have allowed certain events to play out the way they did originally, despite him not existing. The Age of Apocalypse, death of the Elder Gods in New Mutants (3rd series) and Age of X were all attributed to his presence and the ramifications of those situations are still in place. 

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