X-Tinction Agenda #1

Issue Date: 
August 2015
Story Title: 

Marc Guggenheim (writer), Carmine Di Giandomenico (artist), Nolan Woodard (colorist), Virtual Caligraphy's Cory Petit (letterer), David Nakayama (cover artist), Mike Deodato with Rachelle Rosenberg and Mark Brooks (variant cover artists), Xander Jarowey (assistant editor), Mark Paniccia (group editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)
X-Men created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby


Brief Description: 

After Cameron Hodge is destroyed, military forces seize control of Genosha. Havok and Wolfsbane stay on the island nation to make sure that the mutate population is no longer exploited. Some time later, a plague has broken out, tormenting the mutates. The Press Gang – Havok, Wolfsbane, Mystique, Karma, Rictor, Wicked, Bulletproof and Magistrate Anderson – do what they can to keep some sort of order over the mutates during day three of a food riot. The riot ends when Mystique impersonates Charles Xavier, who assures the mutates that the Magistrates will solve their problems. The mutates want Charles Xavier for president, unaware of course that he is in fact dead. The Press Gang gathers after the riot ends and the new Genegineer – Aldus Kluge –reports that he is no closer to finding a cure to the plague. Havok and Wolfsbane plead with Lord Doom for assistance, but he gives them none and declares that the quarantine surrounding Genosha is to continue. Back on Genosha, they contact Baron Rachel Grey of X-City and once again ask her for assistance, but she tells them that circumstances have not changed. Havok informs her of all of the changes and Rachel offers to triple the drone airdrops of food and reminds Havok and Wolfsbane of what could happen to mutantkind should the plague spread beyond Genosha. Havok and Wolfsbane ask her to send just Rogue and Triage, but she tells them that she has all of mutantkind to think of and ends the discussion. Magistrate Anderson suggests to Havok and Wolfsbane that if Rachel won't send Rogue and Triage, then they should take them. Havok and Wolfsbane discuss the idea, which Wolfsbane thinks is wrong. But they gather with their teammates the next morning, and Wicked's ghost-summoning abilities bring forth the ghost of Cyclops, who urges Havok not to go through with the invasion. Havok stands by his decision. While on board the jet to X-City, Wolfsbane asks Rictor how he is feeling about seeing Boom-Boom, now called Bombshell. Rictor is evasive with his answers. In X-City, Rachel discusses her predicament with the Beast. Many other X-Men are playing a game of baseball when the Press Gang arrives and attacks. Havok tells them that they left him with no other option. Aboard the jet, Magistrate Anderson contacts the Genegineer and tells him to be ready to receive Triage and Rogue – but the Genegineer is barely listening to her – instead he is examining the remains of Cameron Hodge!

Full Summary: 


Genosha, where Alex “Havok” Summers and Scott “Cyclops” Summers are unleashing the full force of their mutant powers against the hate-filled Cameron Hodge. 'Your time is over, Hodge. The mutants of Genosha will no longer be subjugated to your will. So why don't you stop talking and hurry up and die already' Havok shouts, but Cameron Hodge boasts  that there is nothing that can be done to silence him. 'I am your worst nightmare, for I have made a deal with a demon and cannot die!' he exclaims. Hodge's head lies on the ground and he tells the Summers' brothers that even their own deaths will not protect them from his vengeance, as in his hatred he will pursue them, even from beyond the grave. 'Genosha is and always will be mine!' he declares.

'I'm finished with this ranting lunatic! Ric, ye said ye'd shake down the citadel!' Rahne Sinclair a.k.a. Wolfsbane snarls as she lashes out with her claws at Hodge's head. 'I read you, Rahne!' Rictor calls out. 'If that horror won't die... we'll bury him alive!' An instant later, Rictor's vibration powers topple the citadel in the middle of Genosha, and the rubble buries Hodge's head.

'Genosha's military has temporarily seized control of the government... pending lawful elections' Chief Magistrate Anderson announces. Standing before her are Cyclops, Havok, Wolverine a.k.a. Logan and Rachel Grey. 'Which will be never. A speech filled with half-truths, Anderson. To cover your dirty little world' Wolverine points out. 'Half-truths which will protect our mutates from outside exploitation' Anderson explains. Havok suddenly announces that he will be staying, to make certain that the mutates are no longer exploited from within. 'I'm staying also!' a voice calls out – it's the mutated Wolfsbane. 'You? Rahne... why?' Rictor asks. Rahne reminds him that Hodge's experiment changed her – she is a mutate now, and her place is here with the others that Hodge brainwashed and enslaved. 'I need to help them... and to try to ensure that some good comes of the horror that was done to me...and to those others'.

'Press Gang, where are you?' Havok radios his team from atop a building made out of rubble and scrap. He, Wolfsbane and an armor-wearing Chief Magistrate Anderson are doing their best to keep back a horde of mutates on day three of the food riot. 'They said the're five minutes out' Anderson reports. 'They said that six minutes ago' Havok snaps back as his plasma energy blasts down amongst the mutates. Anderson kicks one back off the building, and Wolfsbane stands in front of Havok. 'Press Gang ten seconds out' a voice can be heard over the communicator. 'I like that you think this mob's not gonna tear us apart in the next ten seconds' Havok mutters. 'Terms of engagement?' one of the Press Gang asks. 'No -' Wolfsbane begins. 'Permission to use lethal force?' someone enqures. 'No lethal force, Press Gang' Wolfsbane declares, but gets no response. 'Hello? De ye copy?' Wolfsbane asks, looking up at a jet which hovers above them, 'Hell yeah, we copy!' exclaims Simon Locke a.k.a. Bulletproof as he drops from the jet, bullets fired by the mutates stopping against his bulletproof form. More members of the Press Gang follow, as Rictor drops down near Chief Magistrate Anderson who tells Bulletproof that the mutates are hungry and frightened. 'We quell the situation with minimal injuries' she reports. 'To them or us?' Rictor asks.

'Karma?' Wolfsbane calls out to Xi'an Coy Manh who wears a helmet and some armor and declares that she can only possess two, maybe three, people at a time. 'This is a mob, in case you haven't been paying attention' she snaps.

A large monstrous shape with several heads appears amongst the mutates, 'What are you people doing?' one of the heads shouts. 'You shame us with your chaos!' another head exclaims. 'Shame us...' a third declares. The monster is really ghosts, summoned by Wicked. 'Looks like Wicked's got their attention, Havok' Anderson points out. 'Calming 'em down by scaring the holy **** out of them. Interesting strategy' Anderson adds. 'It's working, is the point' Havok replies, before touching his communicator and announcing 'Okay, “Charlie”. You're up'.

At that moment, a voice shouts 'STOP!' and the mutates all turn to see Professor Charles Xavier, legs in a harness that enables him to walk, standing on a rooftop looking down over them all. 'My friends, I beg you to calm yourselves!' Xavier pleads. He tells them that he knows they are hungry and that he knows all hope seems lost.

'It's him!' someone whispers amongst the crowd of mutates. 'Oh my God...' another utters. 'It's him!' another exclaims. 'He's here' someone utters. 'Never seen him in person...' one points out. 'The Extinction Plague... its effect on our neighbors and our economy... this wildfire of disease which has infected this once green and pleasant land... I know it is a hardship. But this... this rioting and panic and descending into nothing more than a mob... this is not who we are!' Xavier exclaims. The Press Gang stand together and look up at Xavier, who tells the mutates that no matter what challenges they are facing, they cannot give in to fear. Xavier asks the mutates to disperse and go home to their friends and families, to trust in the government and trust in the magistrates. 'They are working on a solution to what ails us all' Xavier announces. 'Xavier for president!' a blue-skinned mutate cries out. 'Xavier for president!' the other mutates start to chant, throwing their fists into the air.

'Yeah, “Xavier for president”. How long do you think that can last?' Havok asks soon after inside a tower in the center of Genosha as the Press Gang regroup after the riot. Wolfsbane reminds Havok that that is the one advantage about being cut off from the rest of the world – nobody in Genosha knows Charles Xavier is actually dead. 'For now. Raven's convincing, but the truth always gets out' Havok replies, as Raven Darkholme a.k.a. Mystique switches from being Charles Xavier back into her default form.

Wicked declares that they are trying to hold an entire government together with both hands, spit and bailing wire. Mystique then asks where the Genegineer is at finding a cure for this “mutant plague”. 'Nowhere, I'm afriad' Wicked replies. At that moment, Dr Aldus Kluge the Genegineer enters and reports that this morning he did determine why a cure has eluded his best efforts. He states that the virus spontaneously modifies its genetic code – it is in a constant state of evolution. 'Much like the mutants it affects' he adds, looking at Wolfsbane, who tells the Genegineer that she doesn't give a wit about irony, and reminds him that they need a cure, or this country's gonna tear itself into pieces.

Shortly, in Doomstadt, where Havok and Wolfsbane stand before Lord Doom, who tells them that they have his sympathies, but not his forgiveness. Galactus stands outside Doomstadt, while Susan Storm, Sheriff Strange and King Thor stand near Doom who is seated on his strange throne. Doom tells Havok and Wolfsbane that their presence here defies the quarantine in place around Genosha to prevent their disease from spreading beyond its shores. Wolfsbane tells Lord Doom that they would not be here if the situation weren't so desperate. 'The matters of mutantkind concern me not. Plead your case to Baron Grey' Doom replies. Havok tells him that they have, but she won't break the quarantine to help them. 'A wise decision' Doom remarks, pointing out that if the disease spread beyond Genosha, mutants would be extinct within months. 'Lord Doom, we are begging -' Wolfsbane exclaims, moving closer to Doom, who declares 'Return them', and Sheriff Strange raises a hand, causing the Winds of Watoomb to wash over Havok and Wolfsbane, and they vanish. 'Mutants. A blight upon the world' Doom snarls.

Back on Genosha:
'How'd it go?' Chief Magistrate Anderson asks as Havok and Wolfsbane re-materialize in some sort of communications center. Wolfsbane utters some expletives and rushes over to a console where she presses some buttons. 'I didn't think you even knew profanity, Rahne. I guess that answers my questions' Anderson remarks, while Havok asks Rahne what she is doing. Rahne reminds him that Lord Doom suggested they “plead their case” to Phoenix, so that is what she is doing. 'We've already gone fifteen rounds with her, sweetie -' Havok begins, before a projection of Rachel Grey appears before them. 'Phoenix -' Rahne begins. 'Baron Grey' Rachel corrects her. 'And I'm truly sorry Lord Doom's denied Genosha's request for assistance' Rachel declares, adding that circumstances have not changed since the last time they had this discussion. 'Actually, that's not true. Things are much worse here, Baron Grey' Havok states. Chief Magistrate Anderson informs the Baron that the Extinction Plague is spreading faster than anyone anticipated. 'Our people are living in fear. Food riots are breaking out all over the country'.

Baron Grey offers to triple the drone airdrops that they have been flying over Genosha and send more food. 'We need more than stopgaps. We need Triage' Rahne announces. 'We've been over this, Rahne' Baron Grey reminds Wolfsbane, who declares that Triage's power could cure everyone on Genosha, and with Rogue's help, they could double the rate. 'You could violate the quarantine and expose everyone to a deadly disease that can wipe out their entire species. 'If you send Triage here, there won't be a disease -' Havok begins, but Baron Grey interrupts and declares that Hank calculates a thirty-six percent change Triage's power won't be enough, and if it is not, there is an eighty-six percent chance that the Extinction Plague will kill everyone within six months. 'For the last time... my heart breaks for what you are contending with. No one more than me knows what it's like to face death. But I have to think about the rest of mutantkind. I can have no other agenda' Baron Grey replies, before ending the communication.

'Damn that glaykit!' Wolfsbane shouts, dropping to the floor. 'There's another option' Chief Magistrate Anderson suggests. 'Don't keep it to yourself' Havok tells her. 'If Rachel won't send Triage and Rogue here... then we go to X-Topia... and take them' Anderson announces. Havok and Wolfsbane just stare back at her.

Meanwhile, in X-Topia Province, X-City, home of the X-Men:
Baron Grey and Hank McCoy a.k.a. The Beast walk through the city grounds, 'It's so wrong, Hank. It borders on evil' Rachel tells him. Hank replies that it is practical, which one has to be when facing extinction. 'Haven't we lost enough over the years?' Hank adds as they pass several gravestones. Several of the markings can be seen – Mirage. Colossus. Maggott. Stacy X. Amanda Wagner-Parker a.k.a. Spider-Crawler. One looks like it is marked Warlock. 'And you truly don't think Triage and Rogue can solve this?' Rachel asks. Hank tells her that he truly doesn't think it is worth the risk. He points out that Genosha is one country, one island. 'As hard as it is, it's your job to keep your eye on the big picture. And it's your job because it's hard' Hank adds.

Back on Genosha:
'I don't know what to do... but Anderson's right' a shirtless Havok remarks as he lies in bed. 'Invading X-Topia is wrong' Wolfsbane replies as she lies next to Alex, who asks 'Isn't what Rachel's doing wrong?' 'What's that saying? “Two wrongs dinnae make a right”?' Rahne replies. Alex tells her that all he knows is, whoever came up with that quote wasn't dealing with what they are. Alex adds that Triage is the only way they can save things here – save people here, and the X-Men won't even send him. 'We don't even know if the X-Men would let him come here voluntarily' Alex points out. 'So we have to go get him' he states. 'And cross how many moral lines? Hurt how many of our friends in the process?' Rahne asks. 'God willing... as few as humanly possible' Alex tells her. He adds that he honestly doesn't know, but that he does know if Scott was still alive, this is what he'd do.

The next morning, in the hangar bar, Havok, Wolfsbane, Mystique, Rictor, Karma, Wicked, Bulletproof and Chief Magistrate Anderson have gathered. 'About #$%&#$%& time's all I can say...' Bulletproof declares. 'There's a proper time to go to war with our friends, Locke? Good to know' Karma retorts. 'If you think they're still our friends after what their selfishness has put us through, Xi'an, then you really haven't been paying attention' Bulletproof tells her.

Standing away from the others, Mystique tells Wolfsbane that she approves this plan, that it is worthy of her. 'That's what worries me' Wolfsbane mutters, turning to Alex, she adds that she didn't think she could feel any worse about this already. 'Don't mind her. She's just having a tough time with this' Havok tells the others.

'Mr Havok, Sir?' Wicked calls out. 'It's Alex' Havok replies. Wicked informs him that her power, she doesn't have specific control over it, that she can manifest apparitions, ghosts when she needs to, but she doesn't have much control over which ghosts. 'Wicked, we're kinda on a clock, here...' Havok points out.

A green glow starts to rise from Wicked, who explains that sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes, a certain spirit will assert him or herself, and she really has no control. 'What are you -?' Havok begins, before a voice calls out 'Hello, Alex. This is strange, I'm not used to being dead'. Havok looks up to see his brother, Cyclops, emerging from Wicked's green energy. He changes costumes from his original, to another early costume, to his blue and white X-Factor costume, and tells Havok that he knows what he is planning, what he is going to do. 'I'm here, Alex, reaching out to you from the other side to ask you... to beg you... don't do it'.

Havok listens to his dead brother, who reminds him that this is not the first time Genoshan magistrates tried abducting X-Men. 'Then, you weren't in your right mind. Now you are' Cyclops adds, telling Alex that no matter what he thinks he is doing for Genosha, no matter how just he thinks his actions are, the cost is going to be more than he can bear. Alex looks to the ground and Cyclops's ghostly form disappears. 'Everyone... get aboard. We're leaving' Havok instructs the Press Gang.

The jet takes off across the ocean, and inside, Havok sits at the controls. Wolfsbane is seated next to him. Karma and Rictor sit behind them, with Bulletproof and Wicked seated at the rear, and Chief Magistrate Anderson stands next to them. 'You nervous, Ric?' Karma asks. 'Nah, it's just the entire X-Men' Rictor replies. 'I meant about seeing Boom-Boom again' Karma explains. 'Heard she's calling herself “Bombshell” now' Rictor reveals. 'I'm serious, how do you feel?' Karma exclaims. 'Honestly? It's a much better name than “Boom-Boom”, I mean, really...' Rictor jokes. 'You know what I mean' Karma tells him. 'I did' Rictor responds. 'And?' Karma asks. Rictor points out that X-City is occupied by the X-Men, X-Force, X-Caliber, the Uncannies, X-Genesis and the Newer Mutants, so there will literally be hundreds of mutants there. 'The odds of me running into Tabitha for, like, the 45 minutes this operation's gonna take are infinitesimal' he declares. 'So you're in denial' Karma points out. 'Completely' Rictor replies. Havok stands up and tells everyone to get ready, as they are less than two minutes out.

Meanwhile, at X-City, several mutants are playing X-pickup baseball, game number 1,065. Anole, Graymalkin, Magma, Bombshell, Nightcrawler and Graymalkin can all be seen on the field, while Strong Guy is the catcher, Shadowcat readies the bat as Rogue prepares to pitch. 'Swing batta! Swing batta! C'mon, Rogue, give 'im your fastball! Kitty's an easy out!' Nightcrawler exclaims. Rogue tells Nightcrawler to shut up, reminding him that Kitty has been up twice already and both times she's gotten on base. Wolverine calls out to them, telling them to shut up and just play already, when suddenly, 'What the flamin...' Wolverine begins, as a jet appears overhead, and opens fire on the baseball pitch. 'Incoming!' Rogue shouts as she ducks for cover. Nightcrawler teleports away while Rockslide covers Anole. The Press Gang drop from the jet, 'They're down, team! Let's keep 'em that way!' Havok calls out. 'Thank God. Haven't wanted to tell anybody this, but I flamin hate baseball!' Wolverine mutters as he leaps towards Wicked, claws ready as a ghost starts to form around her Wicked.

'3... 2... 1... music to my ears – the sound of my time bombs taking out yet another bad guy!' Bombshell exclaims as she knocks Wolfsbane back with several bursts of plasma energy. 'Except we're not the bad guys here, Tabitha' Rictor calls out to his friend as he breaks up the ground with a siesmic blast, knocking Strong Guy off his feet. 'Could someone please explain to me what the freakin' friggy frig is frigging going on?' Anole calls out. 'Holy cripes, you guys are a special kind of stupid! Attacking us on our home turf? There's only five of you... and... one... two... three... four... five... there's, like, a lot more of us!' Rockslide shouts as he rushes towards Havok, who blasts him back with a powerful surge of energy. 'Just remember, you brought this on yourselves. You left us with no other option!' Havok tells the X-Men.

Back in the jet, Chief Magistrate Anderson is at the controls, 'Phase one commenced... phase two assets in place. Commencing'. She then radios Genegineer Kluge, who is back in Genosha in his laboratory, standing over a table mostly obscured by a white sheet. The communications system informs the Genegineer that there is an incoming message communique from the Chief Magistrate. 'Take a message' the Genegineer snaps. The message system reports that the comm is labeled urgent, priority one. 'Put her through' the Gengineer calls out. 'Hello?' he asks the Chief Magistrate, who reports that phase two is starting. She gets no response, so calls out to the Genegineer, who assures her that he heard her. He is using some fine tools on the subject laid out before him. Anderson informs the Genegineer that ops plan anticipates Rogue and Triage will be in Genosha within eight hours. 'Are you prepared to receive them and expedite treatment?' she enquires. 'Oh, I wouldn't worry...' the Genegineer replies. Anderson tells him that he seems distracted. 'Oh, yes. Sorry. I'm in the midst of an experiment... and it's at a rather delicate stage' the Genegineer replies as he works on the head of Cameron Hodge...!

Characters Involved: 

Chief Magistrate Anderson, Bulletproof, Havok, Karma, Mystique, Rictor, Wicked, Wolfsbane (all Press Gang)
Anole, Beast, Bombshell, Graymalkin, Baron Rachel Grey, Magma, Nightcrawler, Rockslide, Rogue, Shadowcat, Strong Guy, Wolverine (all X-Men)
Cyclops (as a ghost)

Cameron Hodge
Gengineer / Dr Aldus Kluge

God Emperor Doom, Sheriff Strange, Sue Storm, King Thor

In Flashback:
Cyclops (member of X-Factor)
Havok (member of the X-Men)
Rictor, Wolfsbane (both New Mutants)

Chief Magistrate Anderson
Cameron Hodge

Story Notes: 

This mini series ties into the 2015 Secret Wars event.

The original X-Tinction Agenda storyline took place in the classic Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #270-272, X-Factor (1st series) #60-62 and New Mutants (1st series) #95-97.

The regular cover to this issue is an homage to Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #270.

In the 616 universe, Tabitha Smith has been known as Time Bomb, Boom-Boom, Boomer and Meltdown, but this is the first time she has been called Bombshell.

First appearance of Bulletproof.


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