X-Treme X-Men (1st series) #21

Issue Date: 
April 2003
Story Title: 
Schism - part 2: Broken Faith

Chris Claremont (writer), Salvador Larroca (artist), (uninked), Liquid! (colors), Tom Orzechowski (letterer), Nova Ren Suma (assistant editor), Andrew Lis & Mike Raicht (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

On the news a reporter talks about recent events of a murder in Alaska and the manhunt for the mutant suspect and also the shocking appearance of a man and woman, who appeared naked in Times Square. The two individuals are identified as Sage and Bishop and are taken by police to the precinct. Once there, two detectives quiz them about their knowledge of the murders in Alaska. Interrupting their questioning, a riot breaks out, in which Bishop and Sage saves the day by stopping a mutant’s involuntary rampage. The detectives, grateful for the two X-Men’s assistance, releases them in hopes that they will solve the Alaskan murder mystery. An hour later, Storm tries to reason with Emma Frost about Jeffrey Garret's admission to the school. Ending their conversation, Storm faces the reality of her fear of Emma. Emma, doing some investigative work of her own, takes herself and Jeffrey through Jeffrey's own memories. Jeffrey becomes scared, because of some of the memories, and teleports Emma over a frozen lake. Jeffrey saves Emma and apologizes for his reaction. Emma, exhausted, asks Jeffrey to teleport them home. Emma places Jeffrey asleep and goes to her study to rest. In her study, Xavier tries to contact her and asks her about the situation with Jeffrey. Emma does not respond though, calling concern for both the spying Sage and Xavier himself. Behind Emma, two red eyes glow and blood streaks down Emma's face. Xavier, not being able to find Emma, leaves worriedly. At Harry’s Hideaway, a drop of blood appears next to Sage's right eye and she knows that Bogan has Emma.

Full Summary: 

A news report states that the top news story is the recent homicide that happened in Alaska. The victims are seven associates of a man named Elias Bogan, the chief of them is a man named Oliver Ryland. He was the chief council to Bogan and was among the victims taken from Bogan’s hunting lodge. The news reporter states that the Bogan Group has released a statement to the media of their desire that the perp is found and brought to justice, swiftly. Going to another live feed, the reporter shows a man by the name of Sheriff Gideon Troy, who is the Sheriff of Laramie County. The Sheriff states to the media questioning him that muties think they can get away with anything these days and he is there to make sure that does not happen. Switching to another picture, the reporter shows an actual picture of the believed suspect, along with his family. They show Jeffrey Garret surrounded by his father and younger sister on his right and his mother and brother to his left. Trying to lighten the subject, the reporter changes feed to two mutants who have just appeared in Times Square, New York… stark naked!

At Times Square, Bishop and Sage stand naked. Police officers wrap them in blankets to put them in their police vehicles and take them to a nearby police station. On television, the same reporter states that the two people are mutants, who are affiliated with the X-Men, and their names are Bishop and Sage. She informs her audience that the two X-Men were recently in Madripoor, when they helped stave off an alien invasion. Switching feeds once again, the reporter shows a lawyer named Evangeline Whedon, who is not only a mutant rights activist but also a mutant herself. Finishing her report, the reporter signs off by saying more will be reported as more information is gathered.

In the Midtown South Precinct House, 357 West 35th Street, Sage and Bishop dress in the clothes that the officers were able to scrounge up for them. For Bishop, it is a Spice Girls shirt, several sizes too small. The two talk about how they made a mistake in underestimating Garret, but at least he didn’t teleport them somewhere dangerous, just somewhere that their pride would be injured. Interrupting their conversation, Detective Cardones walks in, introducing himself and his partner, Detective Moran. Cardones tells Bishop that he knows who the two of them are, because after their war in Madripoor and their TIMES expose, the two of them are pretty famous. Bishop, trying to lighten the mood asks if there is any chance of cashing in on their fame for a new wardrobe? Detective Moran, who seems to shrink next to Bishop, tells him that most clothes don’t come in his size. She finishes by saying that most people do not come in his size either.

Cardones, getting serious, asks Bishop and Sage to answer why a Sheriff from the McKenna Glacier would be calling him, asking why two mutants were just there claiming to be feds. The Detective tells the two X-Men that it doesn’t look good for them, because their recent stunt makes them prime suspects in the Bogan’s estate murders. Bishop and Sage stand apart from the detectives, as they sit and lean on a nearby table. Bishop tells the Detectives that the Sheriff is wrong, because they want to see the killer brought to justice just as much as he does. Questioning Bishop, Cardones asks Bishop if he is a COP or not? Bishop replies that he and Sage are just as committed to the law as they are. Cardones, apologizing for sounding offensive, asks the two X-Men why he should believe them? Sage answers him that it would be in their best interest to believe them, because the two of them can get into places no normal human can.

Cardones asks them if they believe the kid may be hiding at the Xavier Institute? Bishop tells Cardones that he isn’t sure, but he’d really like to find out the answers to those questions himself. Not looking at either Sage or Bishop, Moran tells the two of them that they are there to figure those things out, not vigilantes like them. Sage asks Moran how she plans on dealing with the powers she would have to face there? Sage continues on to say that she and Bishop could enter the mansion with little resistance and cause less of a scene, so the police need her and Bishop’s help. Moran tells Sage that she seems full of herself…

Interrupting them, another detective busts in. He tells Moran and Cardones that their help is needed outside of the precinct. Moran and Cardones run out the door. On the way, Moran wonders what they should do with their two detainees? Cardones tells her that, if the two of them are legit, they will stay where they are and, if they were going to leave, they could have forced their way out before now. After the two detectives departure, Bishop wonders aloud what is happening outside. Sage tells Bishop that, if they have patience, they’ll probably find out shortly.

In front of the Precinct, a large crowd has gathered, protesting against mutants. In the middle of the crowd is a tiny group of Mutant Rights activists, who are becoming more and more surrounded by an extremely aggressive anti-mutant group. Some of the anti-mutant people cry out that Earth is for humans and the only good genome is a pure genome. Several in the crowd carry signs reading anti-mutant slurs. The pro-mutant group cries out that they are there peaceably and do not wish to fight. The lady in charge of the pro-mutant group is the lawyer Evangeline Whedon. She seems not able to control some of her group members yelling back threatening remarks. These remarks spark more anger from the anti-mutant crowd, who begin to discuss ways to hurt the pro-mutant crowd. Throwing up a brick another rioter hits it into the crowd of peaceful picketers.

In the meantime, Detective Cardones has made his way to Whedon. He asks her to please leave before the riot turns worse then it already has. Before she has a chance to answer, Cardones is struck by the flying brick, knocking him into Whedon’s arms. Whedon cries out for a doctor, but she is shocked and scared to see the detective’s blood seep over her hand. She cries out the change is starti…. Instantly, she turns into a giant red dragon, throwing civilians everywhere. A police officer cries out that Whedon has Cardones and the others should open fire on the monster to save Cardones’ life!

In the precinct, Bishop and Sage wonder what all the noise and commotion is going on outside. Running to a nearby window, Bishop asks Sage if she thinks the police will get mad at them for getting involved? As Sage hurdles an office desk, she tells Bishop that, while they save their butts, they will not but, afterwards, absolutely. The two X-Men jump out the office window, around ten stories from the ground below.

As the two X-Men fall, Bishop wonders if the dragon he is fixing to land on breathes fire. Bishop lands on the dragon and orders Sage to take care of the civilians, while he takes care of the dragon. Sage saves Moran and Cardones first and the detective informs Sage that the dragon is not a monster, but a person that changed when his blood touched her. Bishop wonders, as he is being thrown against a building, how he can best fight the dragon when it seems to not be fighting logically but franticly. Below the dragon, Sage continues to pull victims out of the way. Sage thinks to herself that, even if the dragon is not intentionally hurting people, it still must be stopped. Sage stands near the tail of the dragon and begins to analyze the best nerve punch to place on the beast. She finds the spot and strikes.

Turning to Moran she asks for her weapon so she can put an end to the dragon’s rampage. Holding the gun inside the dragon’s ear, Sage prepares to shoot. Bishop, shouting at Sage to stop, tells her that Whedon did not start the riot and does not deserve death for the sins of others. Sage tells Bishop that her nerve strike will only last for a little while longer, then afterwards they may not get another chance to stop her. Bishop climbs on-top of the beast and tells Sage that they are not about executing the victim of a crime. Bishop talks to the dragon and tries to calm her down.

The dragon wakes up and promptly heads to the top of a skyscraper. Bishop continues to talk to Whedon inside the beast and tells her that she is better than the savageness of the beast and she can overcome it. A nearby helicopter reports to its headquarters that it has neared the target and soon they will be able to fire on the mutant. Bishop, still trying to calm Whedon, tells her that she isn’t a beast, but a human being. With that said, Whedon turns back into human form and the two combatants begin to fall towards the ground. Bishop, grabbing the lawyer, tells her to not be scared and the two of them crash into a car, with Bishop shielding Whedon’s body.

Minutes later, Bishop stands above Whedon on the steps of the Precinct’s doors. Surrounding Whedon is Bishop, Cardones, Moran, and Sage. Bishop explains that Whedon is what the mutant world calls a “trancer.” He explains that they are mutants whose power is stimulated by an outside source, in Whedon’s case the contact with blood triggers her metamorphous. Cardones, holding his head, states that he is shocked that the world is so complicated that it would cause mutants to not even be able to control themselves. Moran tells Whedon that someone in the crowd threw the brick and she is sure, with the amount of cameras around, they will be able to find the culprit.

Sitting on the steps, covered by a blue blanket, Whedon mutters her apologies. She tells the others that the world won’t see a brick-thrower, but they will see a huge red dragon that terrorized both police and rioters. Whedon tells Cardones that she must answer for her actions. Whedon stands to her feet, holding out her hands to be cuffed and tells Cardones that if they want humans to embrace mutants, mutants need to start paying for their crimes. Cardones tells Whedon that cuffs are not necessary and commands a few officers standing near them to take her upstairs for booking. After Whedon leaves, Bishop asks what the officers are going to do with them. Cardones, still holding the blood back on his head, tells them that they were misplaced in the riot. Moran tells the two free X-Men that they only have about twenty-four hours to solve the Garret situation and then they’ll have to step in. Shaking each other’s hands, Bishop tells Cardones that they will not let the detectives down.

An hour later, at the Xavier Institute in Salem Center, Emma Frost and Storm discuss Jeffrey Garret. Emma tells Storm that she appreciates her concern but no one asked Sage or Bishop to get involved. Storm and Emma are talking via their red-tech glasses and Emma, looking at a hologram of Storm, tells her that the two X-Men, judging from the news reports from Times Square seem to be causing their own trouble. Storm tells Emma that the boy, Garret, has been accused of murder and she wonders how Xavier’s school could be offering him refuge?

In New Orleans, Storm watches a hologram of Emma talking about the mutant, Jeffrey Garret. Emma tells Storm that they may involve lawyers to solve the problem, but it will be on their own terms. She also reminds Storm that she does not have official status with the X-Men anymore at Xavier’s school.

In Xavier’s school, Emma begins to paint her nails. She tells Storm that if her or any of her team tries to interfere with X-Men business, they will be dealt with accordingly. Storm asks Emma, what if the boy is guilty? Behind Emma, a little girl cries out that Storm is lying; Jeffrey would never hurt anyone. Emma, gazing behind her, tells Storm that she will have to finish their conversation another time, because the houses children are restless and she must attend to them. Standing up to leave the room, Emma looks to Storm and tells her to remember how it was to make Auntie Emma cross. Storm, beginning to walk towards Emma, tells her that she was thinking the same thing, just in reverse! Emma takes off her glasses and Storm’s hologram fades away. Finishing the conversation, Emma tells Storm that Garret is under her protection and anyone foolish enough to cross that line will deal with her.

Back in New Orleans, at Rogue’s mansion, Storm turns to Wolverine and tells him that Emma hung up on her! Storm also calls Emma a “slag,” which Logan agrees with. Storm leans against a nearby wall, asking Wolverine if Xavier is insane to trust her. Wolverine tells Storm that Charles has trusted many people that some would say were evil. He tells her that he trusted Magneto, Rogue and even himself. Storm looks towards Logan and tells him that Emma stole her body and tore her way into the core of her mind. Logan tells Storm that he knows all that and he also knows Emma will use all of Storm’s fears against her. Storm, looking up at Wolverine, tells him that he does not understand how she feels. Logan tells Storm that she knows exactly what is wrong with her; he knows she is scared of Emma. He tells her that Emma knows that and she is laughing at Storm. Storm cries out to Logan, “ NEVER!” He looks at her and tells her to prove it!

Calling up a tremendous gale, Storm tells Logan that she can command the wind and the rain. Her name is Storm! Sending a gale force wind towards Logan, she sends him crashing into a nearby wall. Gathering her senses, Storm cries out to Logan. He tells her that he is fine, because he has got a healing factor and adamantium bones. He tells her that Emma is the kind of person that will keep pushing. He tells her that she has to enforce the line between good judgment and bad. Logan tells Storm that there is no law against being afraid; she just needs to not let it run her life. Storm, stopping Wolverine’s speech, tells him that she is going to do what she should have done in the first place and that is to call Charles Xavier before the events turn into a disaster.

The Xavier Institute, later in the day around 4:20 P.M., Emma stands in front of Jeffrey Garret and asks if he is rested up. Garret tells Emma that it has been a long time since he has truly been able to rest. He tells her that he is scared the two X-Men will come back and bring police with them. Emma tells Garret about how she is a teacher and she hopes that her being a mentor will help the students under her. Emma states that she never had a mentor and, if she would have had one, things might have been different. Emma tells Jeffrey the she can see that he is in pain. Jeffrey, with his head bowed, asks Emma if she believes the two X-Men? Emma tells Jeffrey the she can help him if only he'll trust her. Jeffrey, looking at her in confusion, tells Emma that he does not know what to do. Emma explains to Jeffrey that, at one time, she was known as the White Queen, a warrior queen. She explains to Jeffrey the she is going to take him on a journey through his memories. Speaking telepathically now, Emma tells Jeffrey to stand by her side. Floating from the physical realm to psychic realm, Emma promises Jeffrey that no harm will come to him.

in Jeffrey's mind

The two mutants find themselves in a surreal version of the Alaskan glacier, surrounded by ice. Jeffrey asks Emma where she has taken him. She explains that they're going down his memory lane. In shock, Jeffrey exclaims, their floating! Emma explains that he needs to consider their journey like a virtual reality game. She draws the images from his mind and makes them three-dimensional. She goes on to explain that the two of them can see objects and even an interactive with them, but only if she provides a buffer. Emma explains that the objects have no power to hurt Jeffrey.

With Jeffrey holding onto Emma tightly, the two approach a large door and Jeffrey begs Emma to allow them to leave. Emma tells Jeffrey that his request is not even an option. Jeffrey stands in front of the door, trying to bar Emma's way of passage. Emma tells Jeffrey to move aside, because he is not proving his innocence this way. Jeffrey tells Emma that if she goes inside, the same thing will happen to her. Emma, swinging open the double door, tells Jeffrey that she can handle herself. On the other side of the door, Emma sees a weeping woman. The woman begs not to die, because the only thing she is guilty of is working there. Behind her, two glowing red eyes stare back at Emma. Leaning towards the woman, Emma looks into her eyes and asks her why her eyes are bleeding. Emma begins to wonder aloud why the bleeding eyes seem so familiar when she's interrupted by Jeffrey teleporting her out of the astral plane.

Emma materializes above an iced-over river. With a splash, Emma breaks through the ice-top and sinks below. Underwater, she removes her jacket trying to find a way out. Emma thinks quickly that, if she transforms, she might have enough strength to break free before she drowns. Before given the chance, Emma notices a hole in the ice. A young boy’s hand reaches down and pulls her up. Begging her forgiveness, Jeffrey tells Emma he could not help it. Emma tells Jeffrey that she is freezing; all she wants him to do now is take her home, which Jeffrey does.

That evening, Emma covers Jeffrey in a blanket, while he lies on her couch. In her evening gown, Emma thinks to herself that Jeffrey should be out all night, thanks to the psychic sedative that she administered to him. Walking from her living room to her study, she thinks to herself that Jeffrey's psyche is no more complicated than any normal adolescent his age. Emma thinks of the girl that she had seen in Jeffrey's mind. She thinks that the girl must have been one of the victims. Her witness strongly suggests that Jeffrey was the killer! Emma, sitting down at her desk, picks up a picture. Staring at it, she thinks to herself that she can't believe Jeffrey is the killer. Emma thinks that Storm will just love to hear Emma's indecision. Damning Storms eyes, Emma catches what might have caused Jeffrey to teleport her out of his mind in fear.

Emma continues to look at the picture; it is of she, Sebastian Shaw and Sage. She thinks to herself about the blood running from the young girl eyes. She wishes that at moments like this she still had access to Sebastian Shaw's pet Sage. Xavier, suddenly appearing behind Emma and trying to telepathically communicate with her, is startled to realize he cannot read Emma's thoughts. Xavier tells Emma that he has been contacted by Storm and he shares each one of their concerns… Glancing behind her, yet not seeing the Professor, Emma thinks that her quiet evening is “complete.”

At Harry's Hideaway, a small country Inn just down Graymalkin Lane from Xavier's, on the outskirts of Salem Center, Bishop and Sage listen to Storm as she brings them up-to-date about her talk with Xavier. Bishop and Sage watch her through their link via their high-tech glasses. Bishop, cleaning his guns, tells Storm that he respects Xavier, but he knows that time is short and he would feel more comfortable being active. Storm tells Bishop's she understands, but the three of them need to give Xavier time to make things right. Disconnecting their link, Sage goes into her room, slamming the door. She yells from within that the only way Xavier can do something is if Emma holds the same opinion and the boy allows it. Bishop calls back to Sage, asking if she knows something they don’t?

In her room, Sage asks Bishop for a moment, because she is busy. Tech-linking to Emma's cyber glasses, Sage uses the glasses scanner array to watch Emma. She sees Emma looking at the picture of herself, Sage and Sebastian Shaw. Back at the Xavier Institute, specifically Emma's study, Xavier is still trying to get Emma to respond. Xavier explains that there is some kind of psionic mist enshrouding the mansion.

Back at Harry's Hideaway, Sage uses her powers to detect Xavier's presence at the mansion. In Emma's study, Xavier explains that he detected a very intense emotional burst from her a short while ago, but now he can't lock onto her position. In Sage's room once again, Sage wonders why if she can detect Xavier's psychic readings, why can't she detect Emma's? In Emma’s study, two red eyes glow from behind her. Xavier, now in a panic, asks Emma why she is not responding? Back at Harry's Hideaway, Sage worries that something is happening to Emma. In the mansion of Xavier, Xavier is finishing his conversation. He tells Emma to keep Jeffrey away from the other students and to do nothing till he returns.

At Harry's Hideaway once again, Sage feels that Xavier has left from the mansion. She thinks of the ill temper that Xavier must have been in and jokes to herself about the effect Emma has on people. Using her powers once again Sage tries to find Jeffrey. In Emma’s study the two red eyes tell her that they meet again, is also calls her its pet! From Emma’s eyes, streak blood!

In the living room of Emma's, Jeffrey Garret sleeps soundly.

In her room, Sage gasps in fear.

In Emma's study, she breaks her wineglass with her bare hands, sending glass everywhere.

In Emma's living room Jeffrey Cary screams out NO!

In her room, Sage takes off her glasses and a droplet of blood seeps from her own eyes. With horror, she exclaims, “It can't be—It’s HIM! Bogan has Emma!

Characters Involved: 

Bishop, Emma Frost, Professor X, Sage, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)

Gloom, Jeffrey Garrett, Rubbermaid, Rueben, Silicon, Tantra (all students of the Xavier Institute)

Elias Bogan’s eyes

Detective Cardones

Detective Moran

Police officers

Sheriff Gideon Troy (Laramie County Sheriff)

Sheriff Graymalkin and a few of his men

Elias Bogan’s housemaid

Evangeline Whedon (lawyer for the Mutant Rights League)

New York citizens and protestors

News Reporter

Seven human victims that were Elias Bogan’s friends and employees

in pictures

Jeffrey Garrets’ family in a picture

Emma Frost, Sage, Sebastian Shaw

psychic plane

Charles Xavier

Emma Frost

Jeffrey Garret

Story Notes: 

Emma Frost, at the time the White Queen of the Hellfire Club and enemy of the X-Men, once temporarily switched minds and bodies with Storm to infiltrate the X-Men. [Uncanny X-Men #151-152]

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