X-Treme X-Men (1st series) #22

Issue Date: 
May 2003
Story Title: 
Schism - part 3: The Judas Boy!

Chris Claremont (writer), Salvador Larroca (artist), (uninked), Liquid! (colors), Tom Orzechowski (letterer), Nova Ren Suma (assistant editor), Andrew Lis & Mike Raicht (editor), Mike Marts (supervising editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Outside of Xavier's mansion, Sage and Bishop prepare themselves to break into the one place both of them can call home. While the two try and sneak into the mansion, in New Orleans, Storm tries to contact Sage, with no luck. When Xavier telepathically appears before her, Storm is startled to hear that Bishop and Sage cannot be contacted. The two X-Men in question, now underneath the mansion, notice Emma's astral form heading towards Jeffrey Garret's dorm room. In the room, Emma removes a copy of Jeffries memories and takes it back to Cerebra’s room, where her physical body is. Emma takes those memories and programs the computer to play out those memories in the Danger Room. After Emma leaves the room a shadowy figure sneak in and reprograms the scenario, take all the security locks off line. Leading the room, Emma is attacked by Sage and Bishop. Blindsiding Emma, Bishop sends her sailing through the selling and into the waiting arms of Storm. Going back to their mission, Bishop and Sage hunt for Jeffrey’s dorm room. While they're doing that, Emma and Storm battle outside the mansion. After their confrontation, Emma and Storm are shocked to see a blast coming from the mansion. Emma tells Storm the she can hear children screaming. After the two arrive at the mansion, specifically Jeffrey Garret's dorm room, the women only find piles of clothes. After finding Sage's scanner, they come to the realization that Jeffrey has taken the children into the danger room and, if they're not saved, everyone in there will die!

Full Summary: 

Outside Xavier's Institute, in the middle of the night, Sage unloads her pistol and checks for her knife. Bishop, standing behind her, asks who started a war and forgot to tell him? Sage, leaning against the mansions exterior wall, tells Bishop that she likes to be prepared. Bishop, grabbing his shotgun, tells Sage that the school is full of children, except Emma. Bishop hands the shotgun to Sage, who places it on her shoulder.

Sage tells Bishop that one of the children has already killed seven people and she asks Bishop if he's changed his mind about following her? Bishop explains to Sage that he knows how she analyzes things to come to her conclusions. He tells her that he is just worried about taking such a big leap of faith. Bishop, taking the glasses from Sage’s eyes, tells her that she needs to realize the two of them are going against Storms orders. Sage tells Bishop that she knows what she is doing.

Bishop, requesting information, asks Sage what is wrong? Sage tells Bishop that she's afraid! She goes on to say that she knows Elias Bogan and she once stole something that was very valuable to him. He, in turn, gave her the tattoos she now wears. Touching her face, she tells Bishop that the tattoos are her punishment. Bishop asks Sage what she took. Putting back on her glasses, Sage tells Bishop that the prize was Emma Frost. She tells Bishop that now, through Jeffrey, he must plan on getting her back. Going over the wall to the mansion, Sage tells Bishop that Elias Bogan is capable of destroying everyone if that is what he wants. Interrupting Sage, Storm calls out to her on her cyber glasses. Sage disconnects the link with Storm, as Bishop pulls her up and over the wall.

In New Orleans, where Storm and Logan reside, a lightning bolt pierces the sky. Storm screams out SAGE, but she gets no answer. Storm, cursing Sage, tells Logan that she cut her off. Logan, trying to ease Storm’s fears, tells her not to assume the worst. Storm tells Logan that, considering Emma Frost is involved, there is every reason to worry. Logan tells storm to let Xavier handle it. As if hearing his name, Xavier appears telling Storm to be more careful with her lightning storms. He tells her that, when she creates such violent storms, it causes feedback, hurting him. Storm asks Xavier to forgive her. She tells him that she is worried because she cannot reach Bishop or Sage. Xavier, now worried, tells Storm that he cannot contact Emma as well. Questioning Logan, Storm seems to have disappeared. Logan, looking out the window, tells Xavier to haul tail and get back to the mansion.

At the Xavier Institute, Emma is employing one of the greatest tools made by man; the tool’s name is Cerebra. Down in one of the lower tunnels leading into the mansion, Sage and Bishop hide from a mental projection of Emma Frost. Sage whispers to Bishop that he needs to let the projection pass and he does. Bishop looks toward Sage, telling her that he thought they were busted for sure. Sage smirks at Bishop's remarks; she tells Bishop that she thought that he was trained by the best to be psi-blind to telepaths?

In the student sleeping quarters, Emma Frost looks toward Tantra, remarking on the mutant’s dreams being less than what she thought they should be. Standing in front of Rubbermaid, she sees her thoughts about her attraction to Jeffrey Garret. Emma Frost looks now towards Jeffrey Garret and notices that he is not dreaming. Emma's arm, now transforming into a gauntlet, comments that Jeffrey must be hiding something. Taking her now transformed arm, Emma sinks it deep into Jeffrey's mind. Saying that she must treat Jeffrey's mind like a toxic, she pulls an astral version of the boy out of Jeffrey’s mind. Placing the astral-version of the boy into a steel-like and spiked cocoon, Emma disappears, telling Jeffrey's physical body to sleep well.

Back in the room with Cerebra, Emma (in her physical body) telepathically thinks everything will be better in the morning, as drops of blood streak down her eyes. Above Emma, her astral-self looks down on her physical body. Emma’s astral form thinks that the capture of Jeffrey’s memories went easier then she had thought. Emma wonders aloud how she was so easily blindsided earlier by Jeffrey, when he teleported her out of his memories? In her physical form now, Emma downloads Jeffries memories through Cerebra and into the Danger Room so she can use the room to amplify Jeffrey’s memories without his knowledge. Emma leaves the room, talking to herself about how she does not want to deal with any more unexpected surprises.

As Emma leaves, a feminine, shadowy figure enters Cerebra’s room. The stranger is scanned by Cerebra and is mysteriously granted as a User and allowed access. The figure places Cerebra over her head and she begins to disable and enable many different system securities, as if she knows exactly the right commands and passwords. She creates a maximum threat level in the Danger Room that will only take effect after Emma has enabled her scenario of Jeffrey Garret’s memories. Locking the system, the shadowy woman crawls out of the room, with her eyes glowing red.

Emma walks out of a door in the mansion; talking to herself. She begins to desire a glass of wine before… Interrupted, Emma quickly transforms into her diamond form and is greeted by Sage and Bishop’ s presence. Bishop asks Emma to not be alarmed; they do not want any trouble. Sage, pulling her gun out of her holster, blasts Emma. Sage tells a shocked Bishop that a world-class telepath like Emma could fry their brains in an instance if given the chance. Emma crashes into the wall, sending plaster everywhere. Bishop wonders aloud if Sage’s way is the better way. Sage, not moving the sights of her pistol from Emma, tells Bishop that her way works, at least for her. Getting closer to Emma’s face, Sage inches her fingers closer and closer to Emma’s bleeding face. She tells Bishop that the two of them may already be too late, because Emma’s eyes already look like Bogan has her!

Emma suddenly awakens, telling Sage that she would not worry about her eyes, as much as she should worry about her boot! With that said, Emma kicks Sage up into the air. Driving her fist into Sage’s chest, Emma now standing throws Sage at Bishop. Bishop asks Emma to calm down so they can talk and Emma tells Bishop that she wouldn’t even talk to him, now, on a bet. Charging towards Bishop, Emma throws a punch, barely missing Bishop’s head. Emma tells Bishop that his splinter X-Men group no longer have official status among the X-Men, so they do not belong in the mansion. Bishop, ducking Emma’s attacks, thinks to himself of how foolish he was to forget Emma’s secondary mutation: her diamond form. Sage, helping out Bishop, knocks Emma’s knees out from behind her and the two women begin to fight one-another. Sage blocks Emma’s punches, as she tries to convince Emma that she is under someone else’s control. Emma, connecting with a kick, knocks Sage into a nearby wall. Emma tells Sage that she should have stayed as Tessa, because as Sage she is pathetic. From behind Emma, Bishop tells her that Sage isn’t pathetic; because she was only distracting her long enough for him to charge up enough energy to blast her! With that said, Bishop blasts Emma through the mansion’s ceiling and into the unsuspecting-Storm’s arms.

Storm tells Emma to relax her body and she will stop her forward movement. Screaming STORM, Emma transforms to her human form, psi-blasting Storm and causing both of them to fall towards the snowy field below. Emma moves Storm below her as they fall and Emma tells Storm that she wants her to be on the bottom, so she can be the one to get hurt.

Sage and Bishop look out the hole that was created by Emma’s departure and the two discuss Bogan’s affect on Emma. Bishop wonders if Storm or Xavier will be the first one to kill them for their attack on the mansion. Sage tells Bishop that the two of them need to survive long enough to let them, because if they do not stop Bogan, the school and everyone in it are finished!

Outside the mansion, a lightning bolt strikes the grounds and inside one of the students dormitories, specifically Jeffrey Garret’s room. The children are startled awake. The two twin girls cry out in unison about the incredible lightning and the two wonder if the lightning hit the mansion. The lightning does not stop, which worries the students. Rubbermaid, worried about Jeffrey, stretches over to check on him. She wonders aloud how Jeffrey can still be asleep after all the commotion that the lightning and the children have caused. Coming up the stairs to the student’s room, Bishop tells Sage that the children are awake. Cautioning Bishop, Sage tells him that Garret is the one they need to neutralize before the boy has a chance to teleport himself or them from the mansion.

Crashing into the dorm-room, Bishop tells Sage that, after this is over, she owes him a very large explanation. The children stand startled by the two X-Men’s appearance, while Jeffrey, now awake, tells the others that the two X-Men are the intruders from the day-before. The student named Zach tells the others that they need to attack the two X-Men, but Jeffrey stops them saying that it is he they want. Preparing to use his powers, Sage blasts Garret with her plasma pistol, sending the boy flying backwards. Rubbermaid, coming to Garret’s rescue, wraps the boy up, shielding him with her own body. Bishop informs the students that they only wish to contain Jeffrey until Xavier’s return and that they should not get in their way. Rubbermaid, lying on the ground, still shielding Garret’s body, tells the X-Men that the two of them have caused a lot of damage to capture Jeffrey. Looking down at Jeffrey, Rubbermaid tells him that she will help him. Jeffrey, now awake, tells Rubbermaid to run far away because he cannot stop him anymore! Apologizing to Andrea (Rubbermaid), his eyes begin to glow with his powers and blood begins to streak down his cheeks, from his eyes!

Meanwhile, on the school grounds, Emma begins to stand. She comments aloud that she thought the grudge match between her and Storm was over. Emma's clothes begin to transform into her psychic weaponry and she sinks her talons into Storms head. She tells Storm that she can benefit from a behavioral modification. Storm, standing shocked, hears Emma explain that, after the modification, Storm will love her with all her heart! Storm sends lightning through Emma’s body. She tells Emma not before, not today, and not ever! As Storm talks, he punishes Emma by sending her flying into a brick wall. Luckily for Emma, her body transforms into diamond form, just in time to save her from a bloody crash.

Emma screams back at Storm to do her worst, because she cannot hurt a body of diamond. Storm, picking boulders with her wind gusts, tells Emma that they shall see. As a bolder bounces off of Emma's chest, she laughs at Storms failure. Standing next to a stack of hay, Storm commands her winds to carry a large number of strands of straw and attack Emma with it. She explains as she does all this about the old adage about how piece of straw is nothing but thrown by the winds and it has the ability to push through a brick! Throwing the straw next to Emma it penetrates through the brick wall behind her. Storm, now standing with a steel spear in her hand, tells Emma that a diamond is not unbreakable and, if you can find the right stress point, the diamond can be shattered.

After her speech, Storm drops the spear onto the ground, commenting that those tactics are not her way. Emma, now unstuck from the wall, falls to the ground. Storm reminds Emma that, the first time they met, she sunk her psychic talons into her brain. The second time they met, Emma stole her very own body. Now that Xavier has accepted her as a colleague, Storm says, she feels betrayed. Storm goes on to say that Emma is not the first adversary to accept Xavier's dream and, if she respects Xavier and the dream he champions, she will accept her. Emma transforms back at her human form and asks Storm not to do her any favors. She tells Storm also the she will not surrender the boy because she does not believe he is guilty.

Storm, standing next to Emma, asks her if that's what she will tell the police when they come for the boy. Emma does not answer the question. Instead, she asks if Storm would give the boy up. Storm chooses not to answer Emma's question as well. Instead, she comments that Emma must not know how many innocents she is putting in danger. Emma tells Storm that, in America, you are innocent until proven guilty, but she wonders if a mutant can get a fair trial. Storm, walking closer to Emma, tells her that if they don’t try they'll never learn.

Interrupting the two’s conversation, a blast is heard coming from the mansion. Emma tells Storm that the children are screaming! Storm grabs Emma and the two of them fly to mansion. Storm asks Emma if she has picked up anything telepathically. Emma tells Storm that she's picked up precious little, because most of the children did not know what they were seeing and most of them were scared. She tells Storm that it is because her two damn X-Men and the two of them keep their thoughts guarded so well.

Floating into the students’ dorm room, Storm and Emma only see clothes on the ground. Emma tells Storm that it looks like Jeffrey's doing. Storm, choosing to argue, tells Emma that if she hadn’t of been so proprietary nothing would happen to the children. Emma finds Sage's scanner on the ground and, holding it up, Storm notices that Jeffrey did not take the children too far, because their signal is coming from the danger room. Emma begins to smile, which makes Storm exceedingly angry. Storm questions Emma about her emotions. Emma responds that the danger room is active with events playing from Jeffrey's memory. She tells Storm that someone has disengaged the safety locks to the room and now the children are trapped inside! She tells Storm that, if they can’t get everyone out, the same thing that happened in Alaska will happen in the room: everyone in there will DIE!

Characters Involved: 

Bishop, Emma Frost, Sage, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)

Jeffrey Garrett, Gloom, Rubbermaid, Tantra & unnamed students of the Xavier Institute

psychic plane

Charles Xavier

Emma Frost

Jeffrey Garret

Story Notes: 

Emma Frost, as the Hellfire Club’s White Queen, first faced Storm and the X-Men in X-Men (1st Series) #130-131. During Emma’s second encounter with the X-Men, she mentally switched bodies with Storm. [Uncanny X-Men #151-152]

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