X.S.E. #3

Issue Date: 
January 1997
Story Title: 
Future Betrayed

John Ostrander (writer), Deodate Studios / Mozart Cuto (art), Richard Starkings & Comicraft/OL (letters), Shannon Blanchard (colors), Malibu (enhancement), Kelly Corvese (editor), Bob Harras (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Shard and Bishop talk about the circumstances that led to her death. Shard was very ambitious and used every chance to get promted in the X.S.E. Finally she got ahead of Bishop and was now a superior officer. Among her tasks was to find new ways to fight their enemies. Shard was involved in creating a solid holoprojection, but in a field test against Bishop the prototype stood no chance. Shard blamed Bishop for the failure, and he later tried to make up, by giving her a tip about the Exhumes main base, he had just recieved it from Fitzroy, who wanted to bargain for his freedom. As it turned out Fitzroy had been lying and Shard found herself attacked by Emplates and as she and her team were outnumbered, she was turned into one of the mutant marrow suckers too.

Full Summary: 

(future flashback)

Bishop, Randall and Malcolm hunt Mountjoy and they corner him leaving only one escape route where Shard is waiting. The villain underestimates Bishop’s ambitious sister and gets close enough that she can nail him with one of her force blasts. Nobody had ever thought that he could get caught alive because of his absorption power, yet Shard was able to do so. Since Shard had planned the strategy she receives another promotion and becomes Bishop’s superior officer as he had turned any promtion offer down, wanting nothing else than do field duty.

Like already in the last issue, Bishop again states that part of him wishes that Shard never got that promotion since it set stage for getting her killed. Shard opposes that if it hadn’t happened then, she would have made a career in the X.S.E. at another point. Bishop agrees, she was always pushing her luck, always ambitious, wanting to lead the whole X.S.E.. Shard can’t see what’s wrong with a little ambition, but Bishop reminds her of setting him up against the prototype to prove that her ambition clouded Shard’s decisions.
(future flashback)

Being a high ranking commander Shard thought of new ways to deal with the many villainous mutants of her time and started to develop solid holoprojection with Mr. Lycadeon, a technician working for the Witness. Yet when she ran a field test to impress Hecate, Bishop defeated the prototype and pointed out that the hologram could not adapt to new situations. Mr. Lycadeon confirmed that, but further improvement of the holoprojection could only be accomplished by processing more of the mind of the person it is based upon, resulting in killing the subject. Judging the holo research to be a dead end Hecate stopped funding the project and out of anger Shard balmed Bishop for the failure. She even attacked him and the siblings fought till Hecate interrupted, usually she would have suspended officers for such behavior, but both were needed too much.

Shard still holds a grudge against Bishop as she believes that this experiment was crucial for her career. Her brother points out that they would have had to sacrifice people for the prototypes to work, which Shard justifies by saying that sacrifices sometimes have to be made and being in the X.S.E meant that. Bishop accuses Shard of having been willing to sacrifice people only for her own career, which Shard denies; she never risked anyone’s life where she wasn’t willing to risk her own. In Bishop’s opinion risking his own life only to get promotions is too much, Shard answers that in risking her life she had some help : Fitzroy.
(future flashback)

Early on, even though Shard knew that Fitzroy was a creep, she responded to his flirting much to the concern of her brother. She was not really serious about him, but she thought he was fun to be with for a while and one night he actually let his guard down. Shard was dreaming about leading the whole X.S.E. one day and thought it funny that then Fitzroy would have to respond to her commands, but he had no intentions of ever graduating and becoming an officer. Actually Trevor only was at the academy since his father forced him. Fitzroy’s dad was actually Anthony Shaw, the Black King of the Hellfire Club (making Fitzroy the grandson or great-grandson of Sebastian Shaw), yet since he was an illegitimate child, Shaw shipped him off to the X.S.E while training his other son William to become his heir. Even the name Fitzroy is a joke as it was used by kings and queens in earlier centuries to name their illegitimate offspring. Trevor had enough of being the unwanted son, but he announced that this was about to change that night. One day later it became publicly known that William Shaw had died and Trevor was called home to his father.
Years later Fitzroy had become a villain and regularly used his teleportation gates to rob banks or steal technology. Shard, Bishop, Malcom and Randall hunted and captured him, and a Public trial is held, but still he is not found guilty since his father bought the judge and jury.
Again some time has passed when Bishop re-captured Fitzroy and this time his father was not willing to help him anymore. Fearing prison, Trevor offered to give away information on the Exhumes in exchange for letting him go. Usually Bishop would never consider such a deal, but seeing a chance to make up with his sister (for the arguement over the failed prototype experiment) he agreed. Bishop gave the tip about the Exhumes‘ main base to Shard and let her and her team investigate alone so that all the credit would befall on her, yet the scenario was a trap. Fitzroy had been lying and the whole team was walking right into an Emplates nest. Completly outnumbered Shard and her team fought as hard as they could but in the end they were all turned into the mutant vampires too. Bishop and his friends arrived too late to prevent the transmutation.

Characters Involved: 

Bishop (X-Men)

Shard (X-Factor)
Bishop, Hecate, Malcolm, Randall, Shard (all X.S.E, in future flashbacks)

Mr. Lycadeon, technician working for the Witness (in future flashbacks)
Mountjoy (in future flashbacks)

Trevor Fitzroy (in future flashbacks)

Emplates (in future flashbacks)

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