Issue Summaries

Welcome to our ever growing summary section. Utopian as it may sound, we intend to have every released X-issue summarized in this database one day. This section is not meant to replace comics - far from it - since no text adaptation can ever replace the unique medium that is a comic book, the blending of words AND art. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the UXN summaries cannot hope to compete with a 22+ page comic. Still, we hope that our Issue Summaries will be a valuable tool in your own personal research, as well as determining what issues to buy, both Current and Back Issues.

If you want to apply for becoming a summarizer (even those that you might have already submitted to other websites) or If you find any errors that need correcting, please get in touch!

Total Number of Summaries 7,288
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Comic Title Total No. Of Summaries Category
Sabretooth 4 Limited Series
Sabretooth & Mystique 4 Limited Series
Sabretooth : Mary Shelley Overdrive 4 Limited Series
Sabretooth: Back To Nature 1 One Shots & Specials
Sabretooth: In the Red Zone 1 One Shots & Specials
Sabretooth: Open Season 4 Limited Series
Saga of Crystar Crystal Warrior, the 1 Canceled Titles
Savage Hulk 4 Ongoing Titles
Savage Wolverine 3 Ongoing Titles
Scarlet Spider 3 Canceled Titles
Scarlet Witch 4 Limited Series
Scarlet Witch (2nd series) 15 Ongoing Titles
Secret Avengers (1st series) 20 Canceled Titles
Secret Defenders 12 Canceled Titles
Secret Empire United 1 Limited Series
Secret Invasion: Dark Reign 1 One Shots & Specials
Secret Invasion: X-Men 4 Limited Series
Secret War 6 Limited Series
Secret Warriors (2nd series) 1 Limited Series
Secret Wars 12 Limited Series
Secret Wars 10 Limited Series
Secret Wars II 9 Limited Series
Sentinel Squad O*N*E 5 Limited Series
Sentry (2nd series) 1 Canceled Titles
Sentry: X-Men 1 One Shots & Specials
She-Hulk (2nd Series) 3 Canceled Titles
Silent War 2 Limited Series
Silver Sable & the Wild Pack 1 Canceled Titles
Sleepwalker 2 Canceled Titles
Soldier-X 12 Canceled Titles
Solo Avengers 1 Canceled Titles
Son of M 6 Limited Series
Soviet Super-Soldiers 1 One Shots & Specials
Spectacular Spider-Man UK 1 Canceled Titles
Spider Island: Cloak and Dagger 1 Limited Series
Spider-Island: Avengers 1 One Shots & Specials
Spider-Man 6 Canceled Titles
Spider-Man / Marrow 1 One Shots & Specials
Spider-Man / Wolverine 4 Limited Series
Spider-Man 2099 1 Canceled Titles
Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four 1 Limited Series
Spider-Man and X-Factor: Shadowgames 3 Limited Series
Spider-Man versus Wolverine 1 One Shots & Specials
Spider-Woman (1st series) 2 Canceled Titles
Star-Lord (1st series) 3 Canceled Titles
Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde 3 Limited Series
Starblast 4 Limited Series
Starjammers (1st series) 4 Limited Series
Starjammers (2nd series) 6 Limited Series
Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier 1 Canceled Titles
Storm (1st series) 4 Limited Series
Storm (2nd series) 6 Limited Series
Storm (3rd series) 11 Ongoing Titles
Strange Tales (1st series) 1 Canceled Titles
Strange Tales (2nd series) 2 Canceled Titles
Strong Guy Reborn 1 One Shots & Specials
Sub-Mariner (3rd series) 2 Limited Series
Sunfire & Big Hero 6 3 Limited Series
Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain 17 Canceled Titles
Super-Villain Team-Up 1 Canceled Titles
SWORD 5 Canceled Titles