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Publication Date: 
September 2002 to October 2004
Issue Numbering: 

This series was a direct continuation of Peter Milligan and Mike Allred's revamp of X-Force (1st series) #116-129. It followed a rotating cast of young mutants desperate for fame and willing to kill or die for it while on reality television. The series was surprisenly self-contained but did guest star the Avengers at the tail end of its run. The story ended with a majority of the main characters dead but many of them have returned in future series. The weird camera blob Doop was never fully explained but is one of the few characters to appear in main X-men titles as he is apparently friends with Wolverine. One character named Henrietta Hunter was originally based on Princess Diana. Many of the characters returned in two mini-series titled The X-Cellent, written by the original creative team.

Annuals / Specials: 

X-Statix Presents: Deadgirl - five part limited series taking place after the end of the main title.

Wolverine / Doop - 2 part limited series team-up

Giant-Size X-Statix - one-shot published years later and a prelude to the mini series The X-Cellent


Crossovers/Events/Major Stories:

1 - Good Omens
2 - Back From the Dead
3 - The Good and the Famous

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