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Alpha Flight (1st series) – (1983-1994)

#1 – Government disbands Alpha Flight, members reunite to battle Tundra, agree to continue to operate with government support. First Puck, Marrina, Beta Flight, Gamma Flight
#2 – Origin of James MacDonald Hudson & Heather McNeil Hudson. First Master of the World
#3 – Origin of the Master of the World, origin of the Plodex
#4 – Alpha Flight battles the Master of the World, Marrina leaves with the Sub-Mariner
#5 – Origin of Shaman. First Elizabeth Twoyoungmen (as child)
#6 – Guardian receives letter from Roxxon, Snowbird battles Great Beasts alone
#7 – Northstar and Aurora have falling out, Omega Flight begins to gather, origin of Snowbird. First Delphine Courtney
#8 – Northstar & Aurora battle Deadly Earnest, partial origin of Department H. First Nemesis
#9 – Sasquatch battles Super-Skrull, origin of Aurora/Jeanne-Marie
#10 – Guardian relocates to USA to work for Roxxon, Aurora and Sasquatch begin relationship, origin of Northstar, including hints at homosexuality
#11 – Omega Flight kidnap Heather Hudson, origin of Sasquatch including links to Great Beasts, first full appearance of Roger Bochs
#12 – Alpha Flight vs Omega Flight, death of Guardian, death of Jaxon, first full appearances of Diamond Lil, Wild Child and Flasback
#13 – Heather Hudson deals with death of Guardian, guest starring Wolverine
#14 – Heather & Puck investigate the Plodex, Aurora struggles with Jeanne-Marie persona, Namor proposes to Marrina. First Elizabeth Twoyoungmen (as adult).
#15 – Shaman reunited with hostile daughter, Elizabeth. Aurora cuts her hair, Snowbird reveals true identity to Doug Thompson and begins relationship with him, Marrina reverts to a feral state
#16 – Puck, Marrina and Sub-Mariner battle Master of the World and Plodex aliens, Marrina leaves Alpha Flight and the Sub-Mariner. Roger Bochs visited by Madison Jeffries, guest starring Wolverine. First Madison Jeffries
#17 – Heather Hudson agrees to lead Alpha Flight, Sasquatch alters Aurora's genetics so she can distance herself from her brother. Guest starring Wolverine, includes flashbacks to Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #109
#18 – Heather tries to regroup Alpha Flight into an official team, Shaman and Elizabeth investigate a mystical disturbance, Elizabeth discovers she has mystical powers
#19 – Puck and Snowbird join Shaman and Elizabeth to deal with mystical disturbance which happens to be another Great Beast, Elizabeth becomes Talisman
#20 – Sasquatch and Aurora visit Tamarind Island, which belonged to Sasquatch's great-aunt, and intend to use it as Alpha Flight's new headquarters, but they encounter Gilded Lily
#21 – Sasquatch and Aurora battle Gilded Lily, Sasquatch suspects Aurora's personality disorder has returned
#22 – Jeanne-Marie persona assumes control of Aurora's body and flees from Sasquatch to reunite with Northstar who wants to rekindle relationship with his sister but is shocked when she reveals her altered powers and genetics. They battle a terrorist called Pink Pearl and Northstar's affiliation with a terrorist organisation is exposed. Jeffries and Bochs build a new Box armor, Heather thinks she sees Guardian
#23 – Snowbird forced to reveal that Sasquatch is actually possessed by the Great Beast Tanaraq, transforms into a Sasquatch herself and tears Walter Langkowski's heart out, but reveals that his soul is still alive
#24 – Alpha Flight travel to the realm of the Great Beasts and begin a quest to save Walter Langkowski's soul. Heather laments being a non-powered leader and unable to assist her team, meets Roger Bochs. Alpha Flight destroy Great Beasts and save Walter's soul, but his physical body had crumbled to dust. Bochs allows his Box armor to be used to house Walter's soul. With her mission to destroy the Great Beasts complete, Snowbird quits Alpha Flight to be with Doug Thompson
#25 – Roger Bochs has joined Alpha Flight who are temporarily operating from his laboratory. Alpha Flight receive news that Guardian has returned and join him in battle. Guardian reveals bewildering story as to how he survived the explosion of his battlesuit, and that he is now partially cyborg thanks to the aliens called the Qwrlln
#26 – Guardian is revealed to actually be Delphine Courtney, Jerry Jaxon's robotic assistant seeking revenge for Jaxon's death, Omega Flight return and battle Alpha Flight
#27 – Shaman's medicine pouch turned inside out, Talisman becomes trapped inside the void within the pouch
#28 – Talisman furious at Shaman for failing her again, Delphine Courtney destroyed by Madison Jeffries, one of Flashback's past selves killed, Omega Flight arrested, Roger Bochs finds a new body for Walter Langkowski's soul, Shaman loses powers
#29 – Walter Langkowski's soul seemingly lost forever, Alpha Flight in disaray, unable to battle the Hulk until Heather rallies the team. Hulk returns to the United States, Alpha Flight given renewed hope when government decides to refund the team
#30 – Alpha Flight set up home at Mansion Alpha, on Tamarind Island, Jeffries hangs around with the team, Alpha Flight battle Jeffries' brother, Scramble
#31 – Nemesis returns to assist Alpha Flight battle Deadly Ernest who was resurrected by Scramble, apparent death of Nemesis
#32 – Heather begins wearing battle suit, becomes Vindicator, origin of Puck, battles Black Razer the spirit that keeps Puck in his diminuitive form
#33 – Vindicator seeks assistance from Wolverine after Puck refused to give her combat training, Wolverine under attack from Lady Dethstrike who seeks revenge for her father's stolen adamantium. First appearance of Lady Deathstrike, guest starring Wolverine and the X-Men
#34 – Vindicator battles Lady Deathstrike, Attuma captures Marrina. Guest starring Wolverine
#35 – Shaman goes on spiritual journey to restore his powers, Snowbird has secretly married Doug Thompson
#36 – Snowbird revealed to be pregnant, must give birth in a place of power but her ancestors refuse to help her after she married a mortal, Shaman returns to assist her
#37 – Seeking revenge on her father, Talisman tricks Shaman into having Snowbird give birth at a place of death in the Arctic Circle, Alpha Flight battle Pestilence, who rips Talisman's coronet of power from her, depowereing her. Namor locates the captured Marrina
#38 – Alpha Flight battles Pestilence, who has taken the form of Snowbird's newborn baby, Pestilence escapes, Shaman becomes Talisman II
#39 – Alpha Flight learn Gary Cody has been spying on them, Vindicator defies his orders and leads the team to help Namor rescue Marrina from Attuma. Snowbird develops a death wish. Guest starring Avengers
#40 – Roger Bochs injured in battle, Alpha Flight battle Marrina's Plodex mate, Namor and Marrina marry
Annual #1 – Mansion Alpha is haunted by the ghost of Gilded Lily
#41 – Madison Jeffries officially joins Alpha Flight, Northstar kidnapped by Purple Girl. First appearance and origin of Purple Girl
#42 – Purple Girl kidnaps Madison Jeffries, Northstar develops a strange cough, Purple Girl becomes first member of new Beta Flight
#43 – Box succumbs to madness following his recent injuries, is taken to the New Life Clinic in the hope a reformed Scramble can restore him, Alpha Flight battle Mesmero and Sentinels, Vindicator develops feelings for Jeffries. First appearance of Mankin
#44 – Vindicator forced to kill Snowbird to prevent Pestilence from taking over Snowbird's Sasquatch form and gaining greater power. Snowbird's husband and baby die. Pestilence kisses Northstar, speeding up his mysterious illness. Roger Bochs is given new legs thanks to Scramble.
#45 – Walter Langkowski returns in Snowbird's soulless Sasquatch form but discovers that when shifts to a human form, is now a woman
#46 – Walter struggles with now being “Wanda Langkowski” after Scramble unable to transform her into a man, Aurora rejects Wanda, Roger Bochs' madness returns after new legs decay, Jeffries takes control of the Box armor for the first time, Northstar's illness worsens
#47 – Vindicator returns home and deals with an alien invasion
#48 – Scramble and Roger Bochs become Omega. First appearance of Goblyn, Laura Dean and the Derangers
#49 – Jeffries reconfigures Box armor, Manikin's powers manifest, Scramble kills Roger Bochs, Jeffries kills Scramble, Aurora's mental instability worsens
#50 – Loki lies to Alpha Flight, claims Northstar and Aurora are descended from elves, they are sent to Asgard to be cured from their illnesses. Puck is restored to his true height when the Black Razer is freed from his body, leaves Alpha Flight, Manikin joins Beta Flight
#51 – Vindicator (Heather), Box (Jeffries) and Sasquatch (Wanda) comprise new Alpha Flight with Purple Girl and Manikin as Beta Flight. Gary Cody concerned for Canada, steals data from Alpha Flight's computer
Annual #2 -  Vindicator forms Alpha Prime in the Savage Land
#52 – Heather and Jeffries begin relationship, first appearance and origin of Bedlam the Brain-Blast, apparent death of Gary Cody, guest starring Wolverine
#53 – Mansion Alpha destroyed, most of Alpha Flight captured by Bedlam who pits them against the captured Derangers, until he loses control over the Derangers and kills most of them, Vindicator kills Bedlam, guest starring Wolverine
#54 – Alpha Flight remain at Bedlam's base in the Arctic, try to locate the surviving Derangers, Goblyn and Laura Dean. Origin of Goblyn and Laura Dean
#55 – Great Beasts return, Purple Girl transported to the mysterious realm where Laura and Goblyn escape to, Liveworld, Alpha Flight blasted into space. First appearance of Liveworld
#56 – Jeffries transforms the Box armor into a spaceship, Alpha Flight battle the cancerous “Bedlamites” within the spaceship, Purple Girl explores Liveworld. First Dreamqueen
#57 – Goblyn returns to Liveworld, Dreamqueen refers to her as a pet, wants to know where Goblyn escapes to and whether she can take her with her, Goblyn returns to Alpha Flight, Dreamqueen traps Laura Dean
#58 – Alpha Flight transported to Liveworld, their presence is detected by the Dreamqueen
#59 – Puck is in Tibet, searches for Doorway Between World to enable him to leave Earth and seek new adventures, aids priests against Chines soldiers. Doorway Between Worlds opens, Dreamqueen sees this as a way to “Deadworld” (Earth). First Jade Dragon, first Veronica Langkowski
#60 – Nations become aware of Liveworld invasion in Tibet, prepare for World War III, Jade Dragon assists Alpha Flight against Dreamqueen, Puck sacrifices himself to trap Dreamqueen in Liveworld, Canadian government demands Alpha Flight return to Canada, Dreamqueen curses Alpha Flight
#61 – Alpha Flight face tense government tribunal back in Canada, Vindicator refuses to have Alpha Flight be controlled by the government, rejects their funding. Jeffries' accepts Heather's marriage proposal, Sasquatch reunited with ex-wife, who refuses to part with Walter's fortune she inherited following his “death”
#62 – Alpha Flight disbands, Purple Girl returns home with Laura Dean and Goblyn, battles her dead father, mysteriously reanimated. Elizabeth Twoyoungmen returns, detects strange power
#63 – Heather and Jeffries living together, Box armor infected by virus
#64 – Sasquatch fails to retrieve money back from ex-wife during court case which is mysteriously influenced, former Beta Flight members get on with normal lives, Heather and Jeffries' wedding plans go ahead, Aurora returns, now a nun using her powers to heal people, Elizabeth Twoyoungmen locates strange cairn, unaware the Dreamqueen is inside it
#65 – Madison Jeffries struggles with nightmares about the Box armor killing people, wonders if there is more to his nightmares that meets the eye
#66 – Heather is unable to remove her battlesuit, seeks the help of Manikin who is working as a doctor, uses one of his past selves to destroy the suit's circuitry. Manikin discovers he is a comic book character, Dreamqueen's curse of Alpha Flight is identified
#67 – Former members of Alpha and Beta Flights regroup as Dreamqueen finally arrives on Earth. Origin of the Dreamqueen
#68 – Elizabeth Twoyoungmen becomes Talisman once more, Michael Twoyoungmen reverts to being Shaman, Snowbird appears and grants Sasquatch manhood, transforming Wanda into Walter, Dreamqueen's murderous wrath is unleashed across Canada
#69 – Tensions rise between Talisman and Vindicator, Dreamqueen pits former Alphans against China Force
#70 – Dreamqueen is defeated, Talisman warns Vindicator the worst is to come, government concerned Alpha Flight planning to reform
#71 - “Sorcerer's Affair” event begins, Mayor of Edmonton supports Alpha Flight being based in Edmonton, Vindicator frustrated Talisman is making decisions without discussing them with her, Diamond Lil returns and attempts to rekindle relationship with Jeffries. Purple Girl, Goblyn and Laura Dean depart. First Llan the Sorcerer
#72 – Alpha Flight officially reformed with Vindicator, Talisman, Sasquatch, Shaman and Box. Along with Diamond Lil they are transported to alternate dimension by Llan
#73 – Alpha Flight cross through many worlds to try and return to their own Earth, Diamond Lil reveals she was freed from prison by the government to be part of their new super team
#74 – Alpha Flight arrive in a world where super beings rule countries, Diamond Lil kills this reality's Spider-Man
#75 – Alpha Flight learn they are on Liveworld after being reunited with Puck, escape back to their real Earth with him
#76 – Alpha Flight meet Canada's new super team – Gamma Flight, led by Nemesis. Puck and Shaman injured, Wild Child returns, Flashback revealed to have disappeared from prison, Alpha Flight warned not to operate or face imprisonment. First appearances of Witchfire, Auric and Silver
#77 – Vindicator becomes embroiled in a plot by the Kingpin, agrees with Jeffries that they have a problem with their relationship
#78 – Jeffries and Diamond Lil kiss, Alpha Flight move into their new headquarters, Maison Alpha, Llan the Sorcerer resurrects Master of the World, Sasquatch's fortune is returned to him, guest starring Dr. Strange
#79 – American villains invade Canada during the “Acts of Vengeance”, Canada begins to become polluted
#80 – Vindicator realizes Gamma Flight are being influenced by the Sorcerer, the Canadian heroes battle the American villains which enables the Sorcerer to open the Gateway of Night, Alpha Flight arrested by Gamma Flight
#81 – Talisman enlists the aid of Aurora, Persuasion, Laura Dean and Goblyn, sending them to Asgard to find Northstar, Puck's body is changing, Aurora and Northstar learn they are not in fact Asgardian elves, first Purple Girl as Persuasion
#82 – Shaman has recovered from injuries, Northstar rescued and returns to Canada with Aurora and the others, Puck is now missing as Alpha Flight regroup for the approaching battle with the Sorcerer
#83 – Talisman learns the origin of the Llan the Sorcerer
#84 – Alpha Flight and Gamma Flight battle, Llan the Sorcerer's demon army arrives in Canada through the Gateway of Night
#85 – Alpha Flight, Gamma Flight and allies battle Llan's demon army, Aurora's powers restored by Northstar, Talisman plots to open the Gateway of Day
#86 – “Sorcerer's Affair” event concludes, Llan the Sorcerer is defeated, curses Alpha Flight's world to become a polluted wasteland, Vindicator and Talisman set aside differences, guest starring Dr. Strange
#87 – Government reinstates Alpha Flight and opens a new Department H to support them. Gamma Flight disbands, Laura Dean wounded by Wild Child and falls into coma, search for missing Puck begins, first Windshear, first General Clarke, guest starring Wolverine
#88 – Vindicator tries to find Wild Child to help an ailing Wolverine, Puck is discovered a prisoner of the Master of the World, original Guardian returns, guest starring Wolverine, Valerie Cooper, Muir Island X-Men
#89 – Vindicator and Wolverine battle begrudged Gamma Flight members, Puck returns to his diminuitve state, Laura Dean's mutant-hating parents arrive, guest starring Wolverine
#90 - Guardian revealed to be alive by the strange means that Delphine Courtney claimed years earlier, Wild Child unable to help ailing Wolverine, disappears with Nemesis, Talisman gravely injured in battle with Master of the World, new Department H facility is under construction in Toronto, Mac becomes Vindicator and Heather becomes Guardian guest starring Wolverine
#91 – Heather struggles with Mac's coldness since his return, Talisman's recovery goes slowly, General Clarke plans to have Mac replace Heather as leader of Alpha Flight
#92 – Mac becomes leader of Alpha Flight, he and Heather kiss for the first time since his return
#93 – Alpha Flight battle Headlok, guest starring Fantastic Four
#94 – Headlok defeated, Jeffries unable to commit to Diamond Lil until he knows what's going on with Heather and Mac, Diamond Lil discovers a lump in her breast, guest starring Fantastic Four
#95 – New Alpha Flight, Beta Flight and Gamma Flight Support Staff rosters annouced, Windshear joins Alpha Flight, Talisman demoted to Beta Flight, Shaman becomes Beta Flight instructor, Aurora has a crisis of faith, origin of Windshear
#96 – Master of the World plots world domination, constructs a new body for himself
#97 – Manikin is working at new Department H, tries to find a way to penetrate Diamond Lil's skin, Laura Dean wakes from coma, the alien called Her is pursued by the Consortium and arrives in downtown Toronto, Galactus' Herald arrives at the home planet of the Qwrlln
#98 – Laura Dean detects Goblyn is in danger, teleports herself, Aurora, Shaman, Persuasion, Witchfire and her parents away. During battle with Consortium, Diamond Lil is shot, penetrating her diamond-hard skin, so she abandons the battle to chase the alien and steal his weapon, just as more of the Consortium arrive on Earth, while the Qwrlln teleport their entire planet away to try and evade Galactus. Guest starring Avengers
#99 – Alpha Flight are assisted by Avengers in battle, learn why the Consortium is after the alien called Her, are warned to surrender or face planetary take over. Diamond Lil learns that the weapon that penetrated her skin is attached to the alien who shot her – so rips it from his body. Qwrlln think they are safe, until Galactus locates his Herald and begins the process to devour their planet, so they send a distress call to Vindicator and use their technology to teleport him, Guardian, Box, Windshear and several Avengers from Toronto, infuirating the Consortium. Guest starring Avengers
#100 – Alpha Flight and Avengers discover Consortium fleet powered by a small planet. Vindicator determined to save the Qwrlln from being devoured by Galactus. Vindicator struggles with his cyborg and human sides, eventually convinces Galactus to let the Qwrlln return to their true position in space, in trade for the Consortium's planet. Galactus agrees, Vindicator sacrifices himself to send the Consortium from Toronto to Galactus, saving Earth and Her as well as the Qwrlln. Assures Heather that he loves her. Heather makes Mac's sacrifice known to all. Second death of James MacDonald Hudson
#101 – Northstar searches for Aurora, Shaman and Beta Flight girls, Diamond Lil undergoes surgery, lump identified as benign. The good news for Lil continues when she learns Jeffries and Heather are not getting back together. Funeral is held for Mac, guest starring Dr. Strange and Avengers
#102 – Alpha Flight, including new member Weapon Omega, battle Diablo and Whirlwind, who have taken over a Central American nation, holding its citizens hostage. Aurora is revealed to be trapped with Headlok within his Department H cell. First Wild Child as Weapon Omega, guest starring USAgent
#103 – Alpha Flight defeat Diablo, Sasquatch battles USAgent, Jeffries proposes to Diamond Lil, Headlok manipulates Aurora and locates a second personality within her mind
#104 – Aurora rescued from Headlok, Jeanne-Marie persona has returned, rejoins a restructured Alpha Flight, with Guardian, Sasquatch, Northstar and Weapon Omega as “Core Alpha”, Diamond Lil and Jeffries retire to get married
#105 – Alpha Flight celebrate the upcoming wedding of Diamond Lil and Jeffries, one-time enemy Pink Pearl returns
#106 – Northstar announces he is gay, finds a baby dying of AIDS and adopts her, calling her Joanne, before she dies. First appearance of original Major Mapleleaf
#107 – Alpha Flight's World Tour begins, first stop: U.S.A, guest starring: X-Factor
#108 – Alpha Flught attend Pan-European Conference on Super Human Affairs in Switzerland, meet several European heroes, battle Brain Drain, who is later found by the Master of the World
#109 – Alpha Flight's World Tour interrupted in Russia, heroes return to Canada to prepare for the “Infinity War”, Talisman's powers return after recent injuries, Persuasion and other missing Beta Flight girls escape Liveworld and return to Department H
#110 – Shaman mysteriously returns in time for Infinity War, Alpha Flight join other heroes in the U.S.A, Manikin re-joins Beta Flight, Windshear demotes the team to Gamma Flight training status, Talisman attacked by new Omega Flight who work for Master of the World
#111 – Gamma Flight battles Firebug, Mad-Dog and new Omega Flight, Alpha Flight battle doppelangers as part of “Infinity War”, Talisman sets the Ska'r free as part of Master's plot to protect Earth from the Magus
#112 – The Ska'r attempt to kil the Master, Master escapes, Gamma Flight defeat Ska'r, Gamma Flight are promoted back to Beta Flight status
#113 – Guardian trains Weapon Omega, mysterious foe revealed to be collecting data on super-powered battle suits such as Guardian's
#114 – Hints at Weapon Omega's origin, Aurora/Jeanne-Marie personalities at odds once again, Beta Flight encounter new Jackal, who wounds Manikin. Laura Dean takes the codename “Pathway”, first appearance of Wyre
#115 – Talisman concerned for Shaman's mental state, Manikin trapped in some sort of cocoon state, Weapon Omega explores his past, Nemesis returns, guest starring Weapon X (Garrison Kane)
#116 – Persuasion and Witchfire both worried for Manikin, Sasquatch detects strange activity in Manikin's cocoon, Weapon Omega reunited with Nemesis, Weapon X (Garrison Kane) and Wyre both hunt Weapon Omega, Puck discovers Sasquatch has involvement in Weapon Omega's origin
#117 – Wyre reveals his DNA responsible for transforming Weapon Omega into a savage beast years ago, Northstar battles Weapon X (Garrison Kane), Jeanne-Marie actively uses Aurora's powers, Super Powers Bill proposed in Canada
#118 – Guardian concerned about Super Powers Bill, General Clarke takes a much more active involvement with Alpha Flight, Wyre hangs around Department H, Nemesis works with Alpha Flight against Wrecking Crew, first appearance of Albert Louis, first Weapon Omega as Wildheart
#119 – Vigilantes called Judgment attack Department H, confronted by Wyre, Manikin finds himself in the “Mind Well”, Alpha Flight and Nemesis battle Wrecking Crew, lots of damage caused to Toronto, first appearance of Joshua Lord
#120 – Manikin emerges, powerless, from his cocoon, Alpha Flight rescue Albert Louis from the Hardliners, who claim they will be enforicing the Super Powers Registration when it is passed into law. To Alpha Flight's dismay the bill becomes law, and Guardian urges Alpha Flight to remain with her and fight for a better world regardless of the new restrictions placed on them
#121 – Epilogue of “Hero Killers” event, battle Brass Bishop, guest starring Wolverine and Spider-Man
#122 - “Infinity Crusade” tie-in, Sasquatch, Talisman, Windshear and Puck fall under the control of the Goddess, Witchfire attacks her Beta Flight teammates, Diamond Lil reveals marriage to Jeffries not going well
#123 - “Infinity Crusade” tie-in, half of Alpha Flight battle Witchfire, the other half do the bidding of the Goddess
#124 - “Infinity Crusade” tie-in, Manikin's new powers manifest, Witchfire is defeated, Belasco revealed to be her father
#125 – Shaman and Talisman's relationship issues dealt with, Shaman assembles makeshift team including Wyre, Nemesis and the squabbling Diamond Lil and Box to deal with mystical threat
#126 – Shaman finds peace with his failures, Joshua Lord's plans fall into place, first Albert Louis as Feedback
#127 - “Infinity Crusade” tie-in, Shaman and Talisman finally reconcile, some exploration of Department H's early days following the Alpha Flight Special
#128 – Alpha Flight shown nightmare by the Dreamqueen of a dystopian Canada once Joshua Lord takes control, Hardliners capture Feedback
#129 – Alpha Flight battle Hardliners and Omega Flight, Joshua Lord revealed to be the Master of the World, James MacDonald Hudson returns under the Master's control as Antiguard
#130 – Alpha Flight and Beta Flight work together to defeat the Master, Antiguard overcomes the Master's programming, Dreamqueen hints at future plans, Alpha Flight forced to disband in the wake of the Super Powers Registration

Alpha Flight Special (1st series) - (1991)

#1 – Reprint of Alpha Flight #97
#2 – Reprint of Alpha Flight #98
#3 – Reprint of Alpha Flight #99
#4 – Reprint of Alpha Flight #100

Alpha Flight Special (2nd series) - (1992)

#1 – Chronicles early days of pre-Alpha Flight team simply known as “The Flight”, first appearances of Stitch, Groundhog, Saint Elmo, guest starring Wolverine 

Northstar (1994)

#1 – Northstar battles Weapon P.R.I.M.E, after General Clarke sends them to remove him from the public eye. Northstar is framed for murder, guest starring Guardian
#2 – Northstar under attack from Arcade, Guardian concerned for Northstar, knows that General Clarke is causing trouble
#3 – Northstar battles mind-controlled circus performers, teams up with Weapon P.R.I.M.E's Tigerstryke
#4 – Guardian gives Tigerstryke advice should he become Canada's new national hero, Northstar clears his name

Alpha Flight (2nd series) – (1997-1999)

#minus1 – The wedding of Heather McNeil to James Hudson is chronicled, appearance by Puck, guest starring Wolverine, first appearance of Hull House, first appearances of Jared and Adrian Corbo as children
#1 – Canadian government reforms Alpha Flight who operate under a corrupt Department H. Alpha Flight battle mysterious new Zodiac who kidnap Madison Jeffries. Heather returns to using Vindicator codename and begins wearing geothermal battlesuit. Mac is once again Guardian, and for some reason is 19 years old. Sunfire arrives at Department H seeking help for an illness, Vindicator and Puck are brainwashed by Department H. First appearances of Radius, Murmur, Flex, Manbot, Sasquatch II and the Guardian clone
#2 – Alpha Flight's abilities tested against synthoid replicas of the Master of the World, first appearances of Lilli Stephens, Dr. Horatio Huxley and other Department H support staff
#3 – Senior members of Alpha Flight sent to battle Chinook, younger members are annoyed and sneak out of Department H with Sunfire, appearances by Shaman and Wild Child
#4 – Radius, Murmur, Flex and Sunfire placed under Mesmero's control, battle Vindicator, Guardian, Puck, Sasquatch and Manbot, which eventually results in the veterans falling under Mesmero's control. Lilli Stephens arrives at Department H, sent to mysterious Beta Flight wing. Department H scientist Myra Haddock completes her work on the Promethus Pit
#5 – Alpha Flight continue to battle Mesmero, Diamond Lil arrives at Department H in search of Jeffries, bumps into Lilli Stephens who she thinks look familiar. Manbot revealed to be comprised of the old Box armor and a Department H official called Bernie Lachenay, Myra Haddock retrieves Acroyear from the Prometheus Pit but lies to General Clarke
#6 – Puck learns that Sasquatch is not Walter Langkowski but an actual mythical beast, but has this knowledge erased from his memory, Murmur flirts with Radius, Diamond Lil discovers she is a prisoner in Dr Huxley's lab, Northstar mysteriously falls from the sky onto a fishing boat
#7 – Vindicator and Puck continue to be brainwashed, Murmur flirts with Guardian, Vindicator tries to get to know Manbot, Guardian and Vindicator attempt to reunite, General Clarke refuses to answer questions about mysterious Beta Flight wing of Department H
#8 – Alpha Flight battle synthoid replicas of Wolverine, Puck begins to remember Madison Jeffries, bumps into Lilli Stephens and promises to help her, Alpha Flight are shown fake video footage of Wolverine killing Madison Jeffries, Northstar reveals to the fishing boat captain who rescued him that he was trying to escape Earth's gravity
#9 – Alpha Flight sent to capture Wolverine, accuse him of killing Jeffries, misunderstanding leads to battle against the X-Men until Wolverine clears his name. General Clarke becomes increasingly frustrated with the disobedient Alpha Flight, Sunfire informs Japan that he is dying of radiation poisioning
#10 – Vindicator warns General Clarke to end his lies and deception, Radius learns who his father is, Vindicator meets Myra Haddock who warns her that Alpha Flight are in danger. Alpha Flight enter the Prometheus Pit for protection, which sends them to the Microverse where they join forces with the local rebels to help overthrow a vicious dictator
#11 – Alpha Flight help the Microverse rebels defeat the dictator before returning to Department H, which they discover is under attack. Diamond Lil wakes in Huxley's lab to find her skin has been cut open, and Lilli Stephens is in a stasis tank nearby
#12 – Alpha Flight battle the Zodiac who have come in search of the mysterious Nth Projector. The Gemini twins control flesh and inorganic matter, and one of them is unmasked as Madison Jeffries. Sasquatch II killed in combat, Murmur seriously injured. Vindicator works with General Clarke to save Department H, in the process Clarke sacrifices himself. Vindicator's battlesuit almost explodes but she manages to cool it down. Northstar finds a very unstable Aurora
#13 – Walter Langkowski arrives in Antarctica where he finds the real James MacDonald Hudson near death, while more mysterious happenings occur at Department H, Sunfire escapes Department H, Northstar thinks he is going insane as Aurora vanishes
#14 – Funeral is held for Sasquatch, although Alpha Flight still unaware he wasn't Walter Langkowski, General Clarke's replacement, Mr Gentry, arrives and makes it clear to all the Department H scientists that he won't tolerate any shady behavior, which immediately puts him at odds with Dr. Huxley, Lilli and other young recruits removed from Beta Flight wing
#15 – Alpha Flight head to Newfoundland to rescue a town taken over by the Brass Bishop, Mr Gentry finds himself at odds with Huxley again, unaware that Diamond Lil is still being held prisoner, Shaman is surprised when Walter Langkowski pays him a visit, Northstar finds Aurora once again, before she quickly leaves him
#16 – Alpha Flight battle the Brass Bishop, rescue the townspeople, Murmur has mostly recovered from her injuries, meets Lilli, now known as Ghost Girl, appearance by Honey Lemon
#Alpha Flight/Inhumans Annual 1998 – Alpha Flight meet the Inhumans, assists them with a baby whose failed exposure to the Terrigen Mists is now causing earthquakes
#17 – Alpha Flight and Big Hero 6 team up to battle X the Unknowable, Northstar arrives at Department H to seek help finding his sister when Sasquatch and Shaman stop him, and inform him that they have Aurora. Dr. Huxley's latest project has escaped – a new Weapon X!
#18 – Alpha Flight learn about Thetagen-24, Huxley's deadly bacteria virus which he was experimenting on Diamond Lil with. Diamond Lil is rescued, but the new Weapon X, infected with Thetagen-24 wants to cut his suit open and expose the virus to all of Canada. As they battle Weapon X, Alpha Flight are confronted by the original Alpha Flight, including someone claiming to be the real Guardian
#19 – It is revealed that Aurora's peronsality issues have been exacerbated by exposure to Thetagen-24, Guardian revealed to have had his personality downloaded before he was programmed to fly into space and die. Alpha Flight head to the Hell Pounder where Weapon X is attempting to take control of its power
#20 – Weapon X purges the Thetagen-24 from Aurora, Manbot's body is damaged, Weapon X leaps into damaged Hell Pounder to absorb its energies as it explodes, saving Canada from nuclear exposure, original Alpha Flight members welcomed back to Department H

Alpha Flight (3rd series) – (2004-2005)
a.k.a. “All-New, All-Different Alpha Flight”

#1 – Sasquatch begins to assemble All-New, All-Different Alpha Flight to rescue missing teammates. First Major Mapleaf II, Yukon Jack, Centennial, Puck II, return of Nemesis
#2 – All-New, All-Different Alpha Flight officially gather
#3 – Origin of the Plodex explored
#4 – Origin of Major Mapleleaf II, shared history between Nemesis and Centennial hinted at, appearance by Mole Man
#5 – Battle Plodex copies of missing Alpha Flight, locate the real Alpha Flight, captured in the Plodex hatchery
#6 – Debate whether to destroy unborn Plodex, original Alpha Flight free themselves, decide to return the Plodex eggs back to their home planet, leaving Sasquatch with his new Alpha Flight team
#7 – Nemesis reveals her true face to Sasquatch, romance brews between Puck II and Major Mapleleaf II, attacked by the Manimator
#8 – Sasquatch severs ties with Department H, more hints at Nemesis and Centennial's history, battles the Manimator, Flashback returns
#9 – Battles Big Hero Six, Alpha Flight agree to help Flashback prevent his past-self from summoning his present-self and dying
#10 – Convoluted time-travel adventure continues, with each time a member of the team returns to the past, the present is adversely changed, origin of Centennial, history with Nemesis revealed
#11 – More time-travel chaos ensues
#12 – Time travel adventure ends with past versions of original Alpha Flight members brought to the present, deaths of Centennial and Nemesis 

Omega Flight (2007)

#1 – Canada impacted by superhuman civil war in the United States, Sasquatch agrees to lead a heroic Omega Flight, Talisman returns, refuses to join team, attacked by Wrecking Crew
#2 – Talisman searches for missing Sasquatch, USAgent and Arachne (Julia Carpenter) arrive in Canada, Michael Pointer brought to Department H to be part of Omega Flight
#3 – Wrecking Crew use Sasquatch to get into the realm of the Great Beasts, Beta Ray Bill arrives to stop them, Talisman refuses to work with Michael Pointer
#4 – Omega Flight battles Wrecking Crew who are empowered by the Great Beasts, demons invade Canada, Sasquatch prepares to kill Michael Pointer
#5 – Talisman prevents Sasquatch from killing Pointer, Wrecking Crew defeated, Beta Ray Bill sacrifices himself to defeat the demons, Talisman quits Omega Flight

Chaos War: Alpha Flight (2010)

#1 – Guardian, Vindicator, Shaman and Marrina restored to life, reform Alpha Flight with Sasquatch, Snowbird, Northstar and Aurora

Alpha Flight (4th series) – (2011-2012)

#0.1 – Alpha Flight battle Purple Woman who is now a terrorist, Gary Cody revealed to be alive and becomes Prime Minister of Canada when Unity Party elected to power
#1 – Alpha Flight re-established as Canada's Premiere Super Heroes, battle Attuma, betrayed by Vindicator who is working for the Unity Party
#2 – Vindicator revealed to have aligned herself with the Unity Party after losing custody of her daughter to her cousin, Alpha Flight captured by Department H, rescued by Puck who has escaped from Hell
#3 – Sasquatch discovered to be suffereing from cognitive degeneration, Alpha Flight escape from Department H, branded terrorists, Aurora's multiple personalities have returned, Vindicator assembles Alpha Strike
#4 – Vindicator murders her cousin and takes back her daughter, Northstar's partner Kyle Jinadu forced to undergo Unity Process, Master of World returns, revealed to be responsible for Unity
#5 – Alpha Flight establish a camp where they train human allies to use the Groundhog battlesuits, Aurora's Jeanne-Marie personality betrays Alpha Flight by revealing their location to Alpha Strike
#6 – Master of the World relays his latest plans for world dominaton to Vindicator's infant daughter, Northstar frees Kyle Jinadu, Alpha Flight have built machine to reverse Unity Process
#7 – Wolverine returns to Canada, Vindicator orders him to be killed, rescued by Northstar, Alpha Strike arrive at Alpha Flight's camp, Purple Woman freed from Unity, Master of the World vows to destroy Alpha Flight
#8 – Aurora and Jeanne-Marie reconcile, Vindicator turns on the Master when he announces he will use her daughter as his mate, Kyle Jinadu freed from Unity Process, Prime Minister Gary Cody apparently dead, Master of the World defeated, Vindicator goes on the run with her daughter

Captain Marvel (9th series) - (2016-2017)

#1 – Alpha Flight Space Station (AFSS) now operating in low-orbit around Earth, Sasquatch, Aurora and Puck now part of the crew, led by Captain Marvel
#2 – AFSS crew investigate mysterious aliens
#3 – Captain Marvel struggling with her powers, Puck establishes friendship with Lieutenant Wendy Kawasaki, first appearance of Cat Doctor
#4 – AFSS crew continue to investigate the mysterious aliens and their ship
#5 – Alpha Flight discover a traitor in their midst
#6 - “Civil War II” tie-in, first appearance of AFSS Board of Governors (including Philippe Beaulieu), Captain Marvel battles Dr. Minerva
#7 - “Civil War II” tie-in, Captain Marvel meets with the Inhuman Ulysses, battles Dr. Minerva, guest starring the Ultimates
#8 - “Civil War II” tie-in, Captain Marvel questions Hawkeye, Predictive Justice unit apprehends Stewart Cadwall
#9 - “Civil War II” tie-in, appearances by Magneto, Kolomaq and Mutant Force, Aurora's integrity questioned, Captain Marvel battles Aurora, Puck and Sasquatch
#10 - “Civil War II” tie-in, Philippe Beaulieu revealed to be the Master of the World, battles Captain Marvel and Alpha Flight, Master takes Stewart Cadwall's powers, Captain Marvel celebrated as a hero by the public, Aurora feels betrayed

Mighty Captain Marvel - (2017)

#0 – AFSS begins supporting alien refugee camps, first appearance of Dr. Eve
#1 – Captain Marvel deals with celebrity status, Cap'n Marvel television series in production, first appearane of Hala Child “Bean”
#2 – AFSS attacked, Aurora mentioned to be on loan to NASA
#3 – Captain Marvel works with an A.I. of Tony Stark, first appearance of Hopper
#4 – Captain Marvel's powers out of control, guest starring Black Widow and Spider-Woman
#5 - “Secret Empire” tie-in, guest starring Guardians of the Galaxy and Ultimates, first appearances of the Alpha Cadets, battle against the Chitauri, AFSS cut off from Earth which is surrounded by planetary defense shield
#6 - “Secret Empire” tie-in, Alpha Cadets sneak off AFSS to help boost the station's signal during crisis, crew deals with effects of being cut off from Earth
#7 - “Secret Empire” tie-in, further deals with being cut off from Earth, another battle with the Chitauri
#8 - “Secret Empire” tie-in, planetary defense shield is destroyed, death of Quasar (Avril Kincaid), AFSS destroyed
#9 – AFSS crew are grounded following destruction of the space station, deal with being back on Earth, Captain Marvel vows to find the missing Hala Child

Alpha Flight: True North (2019)

#1 – Snowbird discovers who her human father is, Heather Hudson revealed to be trapped by Guardian within an illusion to help her cope with the Unity Process

Gamma Flight (2021)

#1 – Invesitgate outbreak of Gamma beings in a small town, first appearance of Stockpile
#2 – Gamma Flight battle Skaar, Abomination returns
#3 – Gamma Flight locate Project Green Spring
#4 – Origin of Stockpile
#5 – Rick Jones and Del Frye are separated, Abomination escapes