Last Updated: 
30th August 2004


The X-Men Dangling Plotline List was originated by Laura Burchard. That was version 1.0. Tom Galloway provided v2.0 and he collaborated with Connie Hirsch for versions 3.0 and 4.0. Robi Karp's run as editor of this project started in July 1992 with v5.0, and an amended version appeared in May 1993 as v5.1. Then, Paul O'Brien took over the list in 1994. His first updated version was v6.0. The first version to include the New Mutants page was v7.0.

Version 8.0 was a rewrite of almost the whole dangler list. A slightly updated version, v8.1, came out in June 1995. Version 9.0 came out in December 1995 and, eighteen months later, v9.1. Christian Henriksson and Robert Wisham took over the dangler lists from v9.2, which featured updates to already existing entries. Version 10.0, which arrived in October 2000, added Excalibur.

Now that the lists have made their way to the Uncanny X-Men.Net to be further worked on by Redguard (Mandeep Jangi) and Peter Luzifer, we have decided to drop the versions numbering. Instead of updating the entire dangler lists altogether, we will work on one page at a time, so an overall version number no longer makes sense. However, if you prefer to have a number, you can just call it version 11.0.

Editors and Contributers

Many people have contributed to this list over the years. Without the support of them, this list would be incomplete. (Actually, it probably is anyway, but let's let that pass.) Special Thanks go to the former Editors of the Dangler Lists: Laura Burchard, Tom Galloway, Connie Hirsch, Robi Karp, Paul O'Brien, "Kitty Pryde", R. Travis Jones, Joe Helfrich, Christian Henriksson and Robert Wisham.

These are all the people who helped with corrections, theories and suggestions: Ken Arromdee, Dennis Balagtas, Chris Barry, David Bauer, Rich Bellacera, Sara Berg, Borere, Sam Bratton, Lia Brown, T.J. Burns, Kent Campbell, James Carman, Rich Carriero, P.J. Case, Eric Chastain, Richard Chlopan, CleV, M. Collins, Kris L. Cox, Jorge DeLaCruz, James Robert Drew, Paul "TK-421" Eke, Owen Erasmus, Esti, Alan Falkner, Shurron M. Farmer, Eivind Gladheimstreng, Addison Godel, David Goldfarb, Ruthanna Gordon, Pete Granger, Jane Greenstool, Griffin, Vaughn Clark Gross, Douglas Guy, Mike Harrison, Simo Heiskanen, David R. Henry, Jakeb, D.W. James, Heath Johnson, Richard Johnstone, Seth D. Kadesh, Kate the Short, David Kidd, Kingston Arthur, D. Scott Kitschen, Rob Kracik, Gary Lewandowski, Jeff Leyser, Martin Livingstone, Johan Lundström, Dwayne MacKinnon, Kelly A. Madsen, Ryan Matthews, Eric J. Moreels, Monolith, Matt Oliver, Douglas R. Oosting, Oysteint, Shannon Pipik, Raleff the Wanderer, Craig H. Rettig, Carl Rigney, Naomi Gayle Rivkis, Jason Rosenbaum, Subrata Sircar, Tilman Stieve, Stirge, Misha Sumra, Joshua Susser, Lance Visser, Walrus, Alasdair Watson, Brandi Weed, Sean Whitmore, J. Wilson, Joshua Michael Wolf, Ted Ying, Zenia184 and Dani Zweig


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