Season 1 Episode 1

X-Men: The Animated Series Season 1 Episode 1

Night of The Sentinels (part 1)
Original Air Date: 
Sat 31st October 1992

Richard Unger (co-executive producer), Shuki Levy (music), Larry Houston (Producer), Steve Olds (property master), Shannon Denton (production designer), Steven Melching (story), Larry Houston (storyboard artist), Eric Lewald (story editor developer), Dan Hennesey (voice director), Mark Edward Edens (writer)

Brief Description: 

After seeing a news report on the TV we learn that two people have adopted a young mutant named Jubilee. Shocked to hear her parents’ shame, Jubilee runs away to the mall. After a Sentinel attacks her house, he follows her to the mall. Where she first encounters Rogue and Storm. When the Sentinel arrives and captures Jubilee, Storm and the X-Men start to fight the Sentinel. At the mansion, Jubilee tries to run away but ends up in the danger room instead. Professor X determines that the Sentinel found her through the Mutant Control Agency files. And the Agency must be destroyed. Storm, Beast, Wolverine and Morph are about to enter into a room filled with men armed with guns when the episode ends.

Full Synopsis: 

The episode begins with Sabretooth tearing up the town on the news. He plunges a car toward the TV camera when it is turned off. A man, who had been watching the news report turns to his wife and says: “She’s one of them Martha” He is talking about their adopted daughter, Jubilee. Martha asks him how he could register her with The Mutant Control Agency as if she were a criminal; he simply states that the Agency is designed to help these unfortunate people. She asks how he can be sure that she’s a mutant, in response, he points out that she blew up the VCR just by touching it.

Unbeknownst to them Jubilee has been listening to their conversation. Just before she leaves, her ‘father’ says how he hopes no one ever finds out about her being a mutant. She asks why this is happening to her, and says that she used to be a normal kid and it’s not her fault she’s a mutant. Outside, a silhouette appears in the full moon, as it comes closer it is revealed to be a huge robot. It lands loudly outside Jubilees house crushing the pavement beneath its feet, its eyes flash as it scans the house. It punches a hole into the second story wall of the house. Directly into Jubilees bedroom. He reaches in and grabs the bed. When he sees that she is not in the bed, he drops it and flies away. Jubilee’s ‘mother’ appears at the door asking if everything is allright. And she screams loudly when she sees the hole in the wall.

Jubilee has run away to the mall and is playing a game in the arcade. As she plays, she cries that she thought her parents loved her, but they’re afraid and ashamed of her. Sarcastically, she asks: “What’s so bad about being a mutant anyway?” As she says it, two flashes of light appear around her hand on the joystick. They disappear into the machine and it blows up. Loudly she screams: “Not again!” The arcade Manager appears at her side, and angrily asks her if she knows how much that game costs. Defiantly, she looks at it and says: “Yeah! A quarter” Just then, the arcade manager realizes that she is a mutant and chases her out of his arcade.

Running away, Jubilee calls him a jerk and looks over her shoulder at him. Not looking where she is going, she crashes into two women. Angrily she tells them to watch where they’re going. One of the women asks in a strong southern accent what bug crawled up her shorts? Outside, the Sentinel is making his way toward the mall. He crashes through a huge glass window and lands inside. As the people run in fear, it tells them not to be alarmed, as it is there to serve and protect.

In a nearby store, we see a man buying several decks of cards. The woman behind the counter states that he must really like playing cards. In a French accent, he states that he likes solitaire, except when he has someone to play with.

Nearby, Jubilee is making her way down the escalator, two people rush past her and she tells them to watch it. Just then, she sees what they were running from. The Sentinel is now right in front of her. It bends down to see her. Its scanners identify Jubilee as his target and he states that he will initiate capture. Hearing this, Jubilee runs back up the escalator and yells for help. The Sentinel extends a coil from his hand and captures her. Nearby, the same two women are staring into a store when a crowd of people rushes past them. The Southern woman states that there must be a sale. Just then, they hear a call for help.

Lifting her into the air Jubilee tells it to put her down, then when it turns her upside down, she yells: “Please!” Just then, the other woman, sticks her hand into the air, lightning is erupting from her fingers and into a cloud above her. Regally, she says: “STORM! Mistress of the elements, commands you to release that child!” The southern woman by her side says she should lighten up on the speeches. And Storm smiles. The Sentinel scans them and says that they are unidentified mutants and that they are to be ignored.

As it turns to leave, Storm uses her lightning to change her clothing from her normal attire into her X-Men costume. She flies into the air and uses a bolt of lightning to severe the cable with which the Sentinel is holding Jubilee. She catches her and flies them to safety. Jubilee sates in awe that she and Storm are flying. The Sentinel fires a blast of energy from its hand. In response, the southern woman reaches down and rips the outer casing off the escalator and uses it as a shield. When Storm lands safely with Jubilee, she herself takes off into the air, flying toward the sentinel and punching it in the face. Jubilee asks Storm if she saw what the other woman had done, and Storm states that Rogue has always had a way with men. Rogue punches the Sentinel again and this time it falls over.

Back in the store, the woman behind the counter asks if the man would like anything else, with a wink. He tells her not to go away and walks to the window. Seeing the Sentinel falling toward them he grabs the woman and takes her to the back of the store. The Sentinel falls through the window and the woman, who is terrified, asks what that is. The man calmly states that she shouldn’t worry, as her insurance can handle it.

Storm tells Jubilee to wait there and flies back into the air. Joining her in the air, Rogue asks Storm what that thing is anyhow. Just then, the Sentinel blasts the two of them through a skylight. Collapsing onto the roof, Storm states she believes it to be a robot. The Sentinel turns its attention back to Jubilee and blasts a hole in the floor as she runs away. She falls through, directly into the hands of the man from the store. The Sentinel orders him to stand aside, as he must apprehend that mutant.

The man sticks his hands into his coat and withdraws a card. Charging it with energy he hurls it at the Sentinel and tells him to apprehend this! So as the card explodes Jubilee asks how he did that? Replying to the young girl’s comment the mystery man says, “with style”. She runs away again and he yells for her to wait. “GAMBIT will help you! I’m a mutant too!” just then, the Sentinel blasts Gambit across the room and into a car on display.

Jubilee is cowering behind a pillar. She looks around to see the Sentinel approaching Gambit. It states that he is an unregistered mutant and that he can be destroyed. Jubilee yells from behind the pillar for the Sentinel to leave Gambit alone. She jumps out and hurls pyrotechnics at it from her hands. Causing it to stagger. Disbelieving that she just did that she runs out into the parking lot. The Sentinel drops a ball filled with sleep gas and Jubilee bumps into a man dressed in uniform. She asks who he is and he says: “CYCLOPS” The Sentinel fires at them and Cyclops returns the favor. Decapitating the Sentinel with an optic blast.

At the Xavier Institute, Jubilee wakes up; she is connected to a myriad of machines. Again, they blow up. And she states that she hates machines. She checks the door, and finds it locked. She tries to “zap it” but it doesn’t work. Trying again, a small spark appears from her index finger. Blowing out the door, she states that mutant powers definitely have their advantages.

She walks down the hall and looks into one of the rooms. Inside is a laboratory, where a blue furry mutant is clinging to rods on the ceiling with his feet, holding two canisters. He states that it would be most disconcerting if the canisters were to detonate, as he pours the contents of one into the other. He flips back down to the floor, and they do not. Looking at it, he says: “Disconcerting, yet provocative!”

Walking further down the hall, she hears the television on. Inside is a mutant, chronically changing channels. Each time he changes the channel, he transforms himself into the people on the screen. Even Jubilee, whose incident at the mall has made the evening news.

She walks into another room where several monitors are on. Stating that the people on television should get a life she turns them off. On a table, lies the disemboweled head of the Sentinel. Just then, she hears people coming. A man in a floating wheelchair, and a woman walk in. He states that he did not want the existence of the X-Men to be revealed to the world like this. The woman suddenly notices that the monitors have been turned off. The man telepathically scans the surrounding area, and tells JEAN that it was the girl and that she is trying to escape.

Alarms sound as Jubilee runs down the hall. A voice can be heard over the megaphones saying: “This is PROFESSOR XAVIER! Code three, we have an intruder!” down the hall, we hear the shape-changing mutant say: “Check down that way BEAST!” Revealed to be the blue furry mutant. Beast runs after her on the wall stating that the intruder would not elude him.

She comes to a control panel and punches several buttons. Finally, she slams it and the doors next to it open. Inside, an electronic voice says: “Initiate Gambit, WOLVERINE training sequence” Just then, several machines and weapons become active. Gambit states that Jubilee should not be in there! Just then, a man with huge claws protruding from his hands slams through a wall. Jumping on top of Gambit and threatening him with his claws, Jubilee fires a blast at Wolverine and he flies through the air. Just then, the program is stopped, and several X-Men appear in the doorway. Beast explains that the room is part-gymnasium and part-survival course, and is affectionately referred to as The Danger Room.

Storm takes Jubilee and explains who they are. And how Professor X has created this school to teach mutants to control their powers. To demonstrate her point she creates a focused gust of wind in Jubilees direction Back inside, Professor X demonstrates that the Sentinel found Jubilee by using her file from the Mutant Control, Agency. Cyclops asks if the government is plotting against mutants. But the Professor states that the Agency is a private organization, and that someone there must have a hidden agenda.

At Jubilees house, a man takes out a photograph of Rogue and Storm and asks if Jubilee has any mutant friends. They say they don’t know. Outside, Jubilee is racing toward their house, wanting to make sure that they are okay. Just then, a Sentinel appears behind her, she blasts it, but to no avail. She tries to run away, but she is surrounded. They spray her with sleep gas and she collapses.

The X-Men receive a briefing on what they are meant to do once inside the Agency, and Professor Xavier says that Storm will be taking Wolverine, Beast and Morph inside with her. They arrive, and the X-Men reminisce about their experiences and discovering their powers. Storm grants the X-Men cover by forming a thick cloud canopy in the night sky. While Beast, Wolverine and Morph jump the fence. Using their various powers, the X-Men navigate the security systems of the Agency, ranging from electronic beams, to security guards etc.

Storm moves to open a door leading to a restricted area, but unbeknownst to them, there are several men armed with guns awaiting them.

Featured Characters: 

Beast, Cyclops, Gambit, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Morph, Professor X, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine (All X-Men)
Martha (Jubilees foster Mother) Jubilees foster Father (unnamed)
Henry Gyrich
Senator Robert Kelly


For unknown reasons, Storm apparently had the ability to change her clothes using her powers in the TV series.

-This series featured a completely new character named Morph, who until recently, had not appeared in the comic books.

-The creators of the show have also altered the way Jubilee joined the X-Men. In the comic books Jubilee met Dazzler, Storm, and Rogue in a shopping mall. In the issue she made her way through Gateways portal back to the X-Men’s base in the Australian Outback. As featured in Uncanny X-Men #244.

-In the comic books, the Sentinels were introduced in X-Men (1st Series) #14. And were originally shown to be only slightly bigger than a normal human.

-Jean Grey is the only X-Man not to go by a codename.

-The Mutant Registration Act also featured prominently in the first X-Men movie.

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