Clan Askani

When Rachel Summers first arrived in the 37th century, she began organizing a resistance against the rule of Apocalypse. Her rebels were named the Clan Askani, a word meaning "outsider" in the current language. As time passed, the Askani rose into an almost-religious organization, centralized at the Askani Cloisters which somehow operated publically at Apocalypse's sufferance. He eventually ordered their destruction in order to claim the child Nathan, and the Askani was believed to have been slaughtered down to the last member.

Madame Sanctity had escaped into Europe, however, and reformed them as the Askani Sisterhood, teaching only to females until the arrival of the Chosen One. After Canaanites destroyed the latest Askani haven, their teachings lived on only in the new organization, the Clan Chosen, founded by Nathan Dayspring, Aliya, and Tetherblood.