Six Pack

Marvel Universe

After being threatened with legal action by Symkaria's national Wild Pack, Cable and Bridge's team of mercenaries needed to change their operating name. Thanks to Kane's dedicated search for beer, they settled on the new name, Six Pack.

The team disbanded nearly a decade ago, following the flashbacks of Cable: Blood and Metal #2 which left Kane and Hammer permanently crippled. The original members briefly reunited in Cable (1st series) #4, and operated together without Cable for a short time afterwards.

G.W. Bridge reformed the Six Pack years later as a SHIELD strike force during theĀ CableĀ / Deadpool series, when Cable first began flaunting international laws with his island of Providence. With Grizzly, Copycat and Kane dead, Solo, Constrictor and Anaconda were hired to fill in the Pack's line-up. Deadpool later subbed in to the roster as well.

(Originally called the Wild Pack in X-Force (1st series) #8, Tolliver referred to them as the Six Pack in #11. An explanation for the name change came in Cable: Blood and Metal #1.)