Weapon X (Exiles)

When the Timebreakers assembled their team of heroes to undo the damage to the multiverse, they didn't stop at one group. In addition to the team calling themselves "Exiles", a second force of inter-dimensional operatives was gathered, all of whom were related to the Weapon X Program in their home realities. This Weapon X team accepted the more brutal assignments the Timebreakers needed done, taking missions of assassination, warfare, even genocide when necessary to repair the timestream.

Like the Exiles, the Weapon X team originally operated with six members, automatically replacing any lost member with a new one. They acted as occasional guest stars in Exiles #5-44, until a rogue Weapon X member named Hyperion attempted to throw off the Timebreakers' control and led a revolt among his teammates. The Exiles and the loyal Weapon X members joined forces to defeat Hyperion, and the second dimension hopping team disbanded after the battle.