X-Men 2099

2099 Universe

Following the word of Xavier, Magneto, Del Ruiz, and Zhao, the X-Men of 2099 were forged out of the revival gatherings of the Nueva Sol Archology in the Nevada desert. The former biker gang leader Xi'an Chi Xan had an epiphany and sought to unite his mutant people for the next century. The X-Men navigated the American Southwest in search of mutants in need of help and records lost from the Sentinel purges from decades earlier.

They eventually ascended under the Presidency of Doom 2099 to serve as protectorate of Halo City. When Halo City flooded, they traveled with the rest of society to rebuild in the Savage Land.

In the 2099 Exodus timeline, the X-Nation was eventually driven out of the Savage Land and became wandering nomads. Cable, Deadpool, Cyclops, Phoenix, Rogue, Northstar, and Tulkas were members of this incarnation of the team.