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22nd October 2006
  • What do you dislike about the site? This next section had the chance to be the most explosive – but could possibly point out items that we were oblivious to.

    Text & Content:

  • There are many typos and awkward sentence structures in the pages. Minor, I know, but it makes the site seem much more amateurish. Other than that, no complaints! We welcome typos being pointed out in the Feedback section.
  • Some reviewers need some writing lessons. Sorry. Honest and valid opinions. None of us are professional writers, nor do we claim to be. Hopefully, the good outweighs the bad.
  • some older summaries are lacking in detail like latter stuff We have actually been replacing some of the older summaries with newer versions. One of the more recent changes was with the Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix mini-series. However, as our first priorities are to the summaries not yet done, it is not something we concentrate on. However, if you wish to re-write some of them, please feel free to contact us.
  • That in the character glossary It doesn’t say if a person is a mutant or mutate or altered human etc Someday we may get around to going through each entry and addressing that.
  • no price guide Wizard and Overstreet do a good job of this. Besides, where would we get the data? Not to mention that you’re talking about a full-time job right there! Last but not least – if people are yelling about the lack of updates to a Spotlight – can you imagine the outcry over an over or under-priced book?
  • there's no dictionary or something defining terms i might come across (eg, different types of races, mystical creatures, etc.) That's something to think about, but not really a Character Glossary issue. Perhaps someone may be willing to put such a dictionary together for the site in the future.
  • “What I dislike most about this site is the lack of a list regarding all the X-Men members and allies.” How about looking at the Intro section of X-Men and Friends – Where are they now ?
  • Sometimes I wish we could find some Op-Ed pieces on this site. But the lack of it is a necessary evil, to keep a neutral viewpoint. So while I dislike it, I also appreciate the neutrality of the website Glad you agree.



  • The discrepancies are pretty annoying but I totally understand that most happen on the writer level. It also bothers me how on the spotlight, you can't zoom in to the actual comic snippet to see what the characters are saying. The idea of zooming has never been suggested before and might warrant being looked into.



  • Its too Formal and Analytical Funny. Formal and analytical is what we were actually aiming for.


    HTML coding / layout

  • Well, it is very annoying when you are reading say... new X-men 150 and there is not a next page button in the summary page and you have to go back click on issue 151. At the moment, we are hindered by the html coding limitations of our set-up. However, this has been something we have been wanting for awhile ourselves.



  • I think it may be nice if it had a layout more like So how would we be different?



  • Hmm...the layout. I know it's clean and that's good but I don't think it's very appealing at ALL. It's almost appalling, I don't like the layouts and scheme at all. I would have appreciated specifics. Without them, I cannot really respond.



  • The layout's kinda weird, with the way things are grouped between Merging Minds and Cerebro Files, so it can sometimes take me a little while to find something I'm looking for. It seems you are speaking of the Quicklinks on the upper-left of the site. Those will be getting an overhaul in the next few months. Hopefully the new format will be more to your liking.



  • the search function. It does not filter search queries thoroughly enough. I often find myself having to find issues, facts, news and characters the long way Dean?



  • il manque un forum réellement propre à celui en place à une ambiance différente du website, il est trop différent du website.



  • 1. April joke, that the only time I left this page angry.
    That was not cool guys
    You are wrong. It was so so cool! Apologies if you really were angry though.



  • not enough on civil war We’re covering all X-related issues. Anything else would be outside our mandate.



  • You should be able to submit extra information for issues you didn't write the summary for. I've really wanted to add an overlooked detail or two before, but couldn't This is what the Feedback section of the Forum is for. You are also welcome to send an e-mail to the writer in question.



  • Though I don't know if there is any law in not allowing the hole comic book being viewed from the internet, I would really love that instead of the text made summaries there can be actually the pictured pages of the comics. There is indeed a law. It’s called “Copyright infringement.” If we did what you asked, Marvel could sue us into non-existence. That would be bad.



  • I would have to say some of the family trees. Again, in what way?



  • that it's closing apparently Bwah?



  • The absence of an accurate chronology of the publications dates of each comics, per month. I start one with excel but I know it is not accurate... I can send you the file, if you want to start to work with it... Don’t think it would that useful if it’s not accurate. Also, in the issue summary section, which is supposed to cover every X-related issue one day, you can easily research the cover dates, and by subtracting two months, you know the publication month. Bottom line: What you are suggesting sounds like a lot of extra work for something that the site audience can easily research for themselves, if they are interested.



  • I don't understand the fanfiction section. The way it's arranged makes me think that the whole thing is a series by different authors, but I'm not even sure of that. Fanfic
  • Not enough info on my favorite ladies-man, hollow bones & 2 hearts, alien rebel known as Longshot. Especially since he's been in Exiles for a while. I don't know about you, but I consider it an X title now. Bwah? Longshot already has his own Spotlight – and Exiles has been summarized since the beginning. You might also want to check out the Mojoverse article


  • The site contributors have a tendency to react to every suggestion or idea shared as if it were an order that they resent. So I don't visit the feedback sections of the forum anymore and keep my ideas to myself. “Every” is a bit of an exaggeration. While I am not going to say that we have never overreacted, I think that you will find that most politely worded comments or requests are dealt with in kind.
  • In the forums a while back a holy joe basically said they hated Northstar because he was gay. Personally I found that very offensive if that poster had said that about any other minority they would have been banned but nothing happened to them..



  • The Moderators on the Forum, all the replies of there's that i've read they always seem to have an attitude and that put me off contributing to the forum



  • That I got banned from the message board without ever having posted anything. Huh? Actually, that’s rather unlikely. You know, to ban a specific user, that user needs to show up in the board’s membership list, which only happens after you have posted at least once. Therefore, you seem to be affected by a previous ban of some other User ID. Either
    - you are a previously banned person who now is trying to use the same email address to get back into the board under a new name (meaning you are rightfully not able to enter the forum), OR
    - you are affected by a generalized IP address group ban; you sharing the same or rather similar IP addresses with a person who had to be banned (at which point we have to say that we are sorry, but we can’t do anything about it)



  • on forum the mods can be extremely harsh towards new users when they f**k up. i appreciate the need for rules and the need to prevent unwanted spoilers, offensive comments, needless threads starting, etc... but a gentler approach would go a long way



  • I guess it's necessary, but the moderators and administrators are very aloof in the forums and often come across as authority figures.
  • The forum. Very "elitist" Not an unexpected response. However, we try to maintain order as best we can and be as fair as we can. Apologies it any feet were stepped on.



  • Pointless bickering and name calling on the forum. Can't we all just get along? Or at the very least have such posts simply deleted from the thread? Maybe we’re not being strict enough


    The next section is mainly about updates to the site, or the supposed lack thereof. Mainly it is focused at the Spotlight section.


  • I really don't wanna criticize the site at all cos I know you do it all off your own backs, sometimes updates on the site are a bit inconsistent. It can be days before anything new, then there seems to be a surge of stuff all at once. Chalk it up to Contributors working on what they can when they get the chance.



  • The unfinished business. I know everyone involved works on this site in their spare time, but it seems that often new features and sections are announced, and then never worked on again- the "Dangler Lists" come to mind here, but there are others. This is a perfect example of why we don’t let people know what we’re working on or when to expect it.



  • The way the spotlight on deceased characters are not updated. It's disrespectful to their memories. I know you guys are busy but I think that when a character dies their spotlight should become more of a priority. “Disrespectful to their memories?” As someone who has been collecting comics for over 20 years – 2/3rds of his life – and has over 40 long boxes of comics – you need to get a life.



  • I think the "Character Glossary" section is quite obsolete. I’d prefer some system that’s more like the old version of Marvunapp (with detailed entries) or, even better, for the entries on the characters. Currently, the Character Glossary is meant to be a quick reference and not bios. There are no current plans to expand its scope. Sorry.



  • How long it takes new Spotlights to be put up, but I understand why it takes so long, and I've gotten over it. Sorry – and thanks for understanding.



  • The current title information isn’t as up to date as i would like it to be for some comics ex. Astonishing X-Men Guilty as charged. Simply a matter of time, combined with a little oversight.



  • Spotlight On never gets updated. “Never?” I think you’re exaggerating by a million percent.



  • Really good sections (Merging Minds) get new articles so rarely, but they are really very good commentary (they're not summaries, but actual perspectives) Expect those in the future – though they are as they are time consuming they will be slow in coming. Most arrive via Event Months, which again are infrequent.



  • The releasing of the issues summaries does not happen into a regular basis, I never know when you are going to release the new part. Obviously its not your fault, you must have others obligations, and I don’t know how your comics system works. Generally, we average about two a day or about 500 every 8 months. If you are referring to when the next issue of a Back Issue is going to be done – unfortunately it’s only when the Contributor who has claimed that run can get to it.



  • That sometimes you delay a lot on updating summaries from recent comics; also I really didn't like your April fools joke ( I do want a Wolverine spotlight!) If you meant delay by meaning that a few weeks or month might pass before a new issue is summarized, those summaries are updated as soon as possible.