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22nd October 2006

Until the UXN opened its Forum, the direction of communication was a cold, one-way street. When the Forum began, the staff was able to get a vague barometer reading of what was on our visitors’ minds. However, given that you must still declare yourself by creating an account, we knew that some people might remain sheepish – and a good number of our visitors don’t visit the Forum. So… the idea of the 1st Visitors’ Feedback happened.

Much of the response of the first Feedback was surprising, namely our age demographic being lower than us old fogies would like. Some of the geographic locations was surprising as well, not to mention how often people visited. The first time around, we also were interested in how our fans came to find us, what they look for – and what people would like to see. A few good ideas were voiced and I think that all of us found the experience worthwhile.

It had been almost two years since the first feedback, so it seemed about time. While the demographics and basic questions seemed to warrant being asked a second time, we wanted to ask other new questions – like how the site influences your purchasing of comics, how it has been a resource (our main goal!) and the volatile question of what you dislike. Then, throwing caution to the four winds, let people ask any question about any subject.

I was fully prepared for the dislike question – but thought that it would be worth it to have a hard and cold mirror held in front of the site. The “Whatchawannaknow” question just seemed like fun, since anything could happen. In all honesty, I was pretty disappointed with the scope of both responses. We’ll get into details later, but the dislike was mainly of us “not being fast enough at what we already do well” type of response. The Whatchawannaknow, also, was a great opportunity for people to just be wild. A handful had that spirit, and to those I salute you. You are all included here in the Feedback.

Still, we here at the UXN want to thank everyone who participated in the questionnaire. It is nice to hear positive feedback, but it is also nice to see where we need work. Your responses have all been read and considered and very much appreciated. Thanks.

How old are you?
Most of these stats seem to be in line with last time. It is interesting to note that 59% are younger than 24, with 85% being under 30. So much for comics not being for kids any more. Of course, that really makes those of us in our 30s feel really, really old.

Where do you come from?
Again, not much change in this. A pity. We’ve really been trying to improve our numbers in Australia…




What is your First Language?
Pretty much identical to last time, with English being the first language of most of our visitors and as a group, the European languages came out with the next highest percentages.