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22nd October 2006
How many Comics do you read a month?
It’s almost scary how much of these stats seem to be the same.



Has the UXN influenced your purchasing of new X-titles?
This question had been weighing on my mind for the last year or so. Were people reading the summaries so that they did not have to buy them in the store? A great worry, though I always thought it to be unlikely. How can a text summary replace a comic book? As it was suspected, our Issue Summaries more likely than not caused people to pick up more X-titles, though for a good percentage it didn’t change their buying habits at all.

How often do you visit?
These stats pretty much match the responses from last time. For myself, there are a list of sites I visit daily. It’s nice to know that the UXN is among those for many others. The several times a day is still fascinating.

Do you visit/participate in our Forum?
It is very interesting that our Forum visitors seem to be a minority of UXN site visitors. It really means that many voices of possible Feedback are not heard. However, with everything going on in the world and so much possible to grab our attention, it is completely understandable. Time to invest into visiting a Forum is something that not everyone has, or the interest. It also reinforces our long-held position that we are a website with a forum and not a forum with a website.

What is your favorite section?
One interesting change is that it seems that more people are finding our summaries the most interesting section, though the Spotlight On section is still the most popular.