Alpha Flight (2nd series) minus 1

Issue Date: 
July 1997
Story Title: 

Steve T. Seagle (Writer), Anthony Winn (Penciler), Alquiza, Ryan & Conrad (Inkers) Tom Smith (Letterer), Richard Starkings & Comicraft (Colorist), Dan Hosek (Assistant Editor), Jaye Gardner (Editor), Bob Harras (Editor-in-Chief)

Brief Description: 

On the day of his official wedding to Heather McNeil, James MacDonald Hudson remembers how he and Heather met while both working for Jerry Jaxon at Am-Cam Petroleum, then how their relationship blossomed as Heather inspired Mac to take what was rightfully his when Am-Cam was going to sell the cybernetic helmet he designed along with the battle suit it controlled, to the American military. But things were not always happy for the couple, as Mac was nearly always preoccupied with his work. As Department H was set up, Mac advised Gary Cody against the construction of the Cosmic Ray Collector, which would serve as an alternate energy source for nuclear energy. Mac and Heather got married in a registry office, much to Heather’s dismay, however her parents Claire and Ramsey made it clear that, being Catholic, they would never recognize their daughter as being married until she got married in a church, preferably not to James Hudson. The Ministry of Defense paid for their honeymoon to the wilderness, where they encountered the savage man who would go onto become Weapon X. The real wedding for the couple was about to happen, but Mac had to cancel it because he was busy with work, mainly involving Weapon X. As Mac became Weapon Alpha, wearing the battle suit he designed he and Logan were called to help in a disaster - the Cosmic Collector is about to explode. However, it is Mac and Heather’s wedding day once more, and as Mac and Logan make their way to the disaster zone, annoyed that Mac’s warning about the Collector wasn’t listened to, Heather sees them getting ready for action. Eugene Judd, who worked at Hull House, also made his way to the site to help in any way he could. After sorting out the solution to the problem, a legendary Canadian hero known as Chinook arrived on scene, which just caused problems as he messed up Mac’s plans and was transformed into a monster. The men fought the monster while trying to shut down the Cosmic Collector, eventually it worked, with Heather’s help, though not without sacrificing Chinook. Snapping back to his wedding, Mac tells Heather that he has always loved her and always will, even though it may seem like he doesn’t. The priest pronounces them husband and wife, and a disgruntled Logan ends up catching the bouquet.

Full Summary: 

Leaves are blown about outside a small church in Canada. Standing outside the church in their tuxedos are two men - James MacDonald Hudson and Logan, otherwise known as Weapon Alpha and Weapon X respectively. As Mac puts his jacket on, Logan adjusts his best friends bow-tie, asking Mac if he is sure he knows where to stand when they get there. ‘I do,’ replies Mac. ‘Spoken like a groom,’ jokes Logan, before offering some advice - that he shouldn’t mumble his vows, for it will make him sound insecure, like he isn’t sure if he wants to be getting married.

Mac replies that he isn’t sure, and points out that this isn’t how their wedding was supposed to be. Logan tells Mac that it may not be perfect, but that it is all he’s got, adding that he needs to pull his head together and start smiling, or else Heather will have his hide. The door to the church swings open and the priest steps out, ‘Gentlemen, gentlemen! May a cooler head prevail?’

Logan looks at Mac and tells him that he might as well get it over with. ‘Ah, that’s what I like, unbridled enthusiasm!’ jokes the priest, before asking the men to follow him, as the blushing bride awaits inside. ‘Where’d Heather find this guy? Is he for real?’ Mac asks Logan quietly, pointing at the priest. Logan replies that the priest is borrowed, liked everything else in this makeshift hitch-up, but assures Mac that he will get the job done.

As they walk down the aisle towards the altar, Mac declares that he just hopes he can deliver his half, for he feels kind of light headed. ‘I think my shoes are too tight’. Logan tries to calm Mac by telling him to take a deep breath, then it will be over before he knows it, adding that after what they just lived through, this should be a piece of cake. ‘Wow, look at her…’ whispers Mac as he sees his fiancée, Heather McNeil standing at the altar. Logan declares that she is a catch all right, and warns Mac that he better marry her, ‘Because if you don’t…I’m gonna!’

Mac stands beside Heather, with Logan at his side as the priest begins the ceremony. ‘Dearly beloved, we are gathered here tonight, in the presence of God to…’ ‘Get married?’ Mac thinks to himself, realizing that this time it seems so permanent. He tells himself that he doesn’t know if he can do this, for all he knows is science and fact, while this is emotions and family.
‘Glad you could make it, Mac’ Heather whispers. ‘Sorry I’m late,’ Mac replies. ‘You’d be late to your own funeral! Now shush! This is forever and I want to hear every word’ Heather declares. ‘Forever?’ Mac wonders. ‘How can I commit to forever? It seems like only yesterday that we even met…’.


A little longer than yesterday…James MacDonald Hudson is a preoccupied scientist for Am-Cam Petroleum, and Heather McNeil is the secretary to his boss, Jerry Jaxon. ‘Margie? What am I looking at?’ Heather asks her friend as they sit at Heather’s desk. ‘I give up, Heather. What are you looking at?’ Margie replies. ‘So, seriously, over there!’ Heather exclaims, motioning to where the handsome young scientist James Hudson is waiting to see Jaxon. ‘Oh, him. Jimmy Hudson. “Jaaaames” he says’, Margie replies nonchalantly.

‘Yeah, how about introducing me to “Jaaaames”?’ Heather asks. Margie tells Heather not to waste her time, as Hudson is a cold fish, that he is all business and she would never get his attention. ‘I have six brothers. Getting attention is my second profession,’ Heather replies jokingly, urging Margie to introduce her. ‘All right, but don’t say I didn’t warn you,’ Margie mumbles, before walking over to Hudson and excusing herself. ‘Yes, Margaret?’ James replies. ‘It’s Margie. I’d like you to meet Mr. Jaxon’s new secretary, Heather McNeil,’ Margie replies confidently.

In awe, Heather tells “Dr. Hudson” that it is a pleasure to meet him, adding that she has seen him around the halls and that he casts a very striking shadow. ‘Thank you Mrs. McNeil,’ Mac says before asking if Jaxon is ready to see him, as it is important he speaks to him right away. Heather smiles and replies that she will go and check, before informing Mac that it is Miss McNeil.

‘Did I say “cold fish”? I mean dead fish,’ Margie remarks some time later as she sits at Heather’s desk. Heather mutters that he is so handsome and that she can’t believe he hardly noticed her. Opening the door to his office, Jaxon steps out and tells Heather that he notices that she hasn’t finished his memo and yet she has time to flirt with the staff. Heather apologizes and informs Jaxon that she will get to it right away, as Mac steps forward and tells Jaxon that he has got an idea for building a suit….

As time passed, that idea became a reality known as Weapon Alpha - but it is a reality with problems. ‘You heard me, Mac. Am-Cam financed the project and now we’ve sold it!’ Jaxon declares abruptly, adding that the General will arrange for transport tomorrow. Furiously, Mac tells Jaxon that he had no right, and pointing at the suit he exclaims that it is for Canadian exploration, not U.S. warfare.

These problems would have spelled the end of a dream for lesser men - but James Hudson was never greater…especially in the eyes of Heather. Mac storms through the corridors of Am-Cam Petroleum, muttering to himself, when Heather steps up to him, telling him that she is sorry and wanted to warn him but Jaxon would let her. Heather then announces that she put in her resignation when she found out Jaxon was doing this to him.

Mac turns to Heather in surprise, telling her that he is flattered, but that she shouldn’t have. ‘Please, call me Heather, Dr. Hudson!’ And with those simple words, though Heather didn’t know it and Mac couldn’t have admitted it to himself, Heather began inspiring the man she knew she loved.

Heather’s inspiration began when she suggested to Mac that he remove the exploration suit from the Am-Cam offices late that very night. She inspired him to stand up for his own rights and retain the suits cybernetic control helmet he had created long before signing on with Am-Cam. Heather inspired Mac to abandon the rest of the suit on a nearby Edmonton hill top instead of taking what wasn’t rightfully his - and inspiring him to think like a hero instead of a man. Mac tells Heather that he doesn’t see much hope of a reasonable way out of this mess, and asks her if she does. ‘Well since you ask, as a matter of fact I think I do,’ Heather replies.

Later, Mac and Heather meet with a government official, Mr. Hulme. ‘…an inspiring idea, Dr. Hudson, to create a super-powers department within the ministry of defense’ Hulme exclaims as he and Mac shake hands. Heather smiles and Mac asks Hulme if there is a place for Heather in it, too. Hulme replies that of course there is, and besides, she already knows his secrets, so it’s better to have her with them than against them.

Under the umbrella of the Ministry of Defense, Mac’s new dream, Department H, seemed to finally give him exactly what he’d always wanted - though the same couldn’t be said for Heather. ‘Mac, we’re going to be late!’ Heather exclaims as she enters Mac’s workspace, where he is busily going about his tasks. He replies that they can’t leave just yet as he just needs a few more minutes. ‘We’re not missing another movie because of your hour long “minutes” - now get down from there!’ Heather demands.

Later, at the movie, Mac gets back from the snack bar and takes his seat beside Heather, asking if he missed anything while he was gone. ‘Only me,’ Heather replies. ‘Uh, heh heh - uh…here, have some if you want,’ Mac mumbles as he passes a large bowl of popcorn to Heather, who just leans over and kisses him - for she has found herself falling in love with a man who existed. ‘Don’t mind if I do!’ she exclaims, regaining her composure and taking the popcorn. Mac just grins.

However, Mac existed…only as long as his lab didn’t. ‘Mac…?’ Heather exclaims, standing hands on hips at the doorway to his lab, where he is busily working underneath some invention. ‘Just a minute…Heather…just want to…get…this…’.

But as the weeks went by, even an introvert like Mac was bound to notice something was wrong with Heather. Heather is typing at her typewriter and Mac comes up behind her, asking her why she won’t talk to him lately. ‘I…why are you so upset?’ ‘Why am I upset? How do you like being ignored!’ Heather exclaims, asking Mac if he know sees what it feels like to be right next to someone and have them act like you a million miles away. Heather reminds Mac that she is his girlfriend, but points out that you wouldn’t know it.

‘I think you’d be happier dating that suit of armor you hide under,’ Heather declares. ‘But I -’ Mac begins when Heather interrupts, ‘But you what?’ Heather demands, ‘You think I should just be there for you and put my own needs aside?’ Heather asks Mac if he thinks a woman needs to be told you love her now and then, even if she already thinks you do, is that it? She asks. Mac remains silent, until Heather asks him what he has to say for himself. ‘Uh…will you…marry me, please?’ he asks sheepishly.

‘I…I…thought you’d never ask!’ Heather exclaims, jumping into Mac’s arms smiling. ‘Really? You mean you will?’ Mac asks. ‘I mean I really thought you’d never ask’ Heather exclaims, as Mac tells Heather he loves her and that she never has to doubt that. ‘Oh, of course I’ll marry you…when?’ Heather asks. Suddenly, Gary Cody enters Mac’s lab, announcing that he apologizes for interrupting the celebrations, ‘congratulations by the way’, but that they have some business to discuss - urgent stuff, and asks Mac if he could come into his office.

Entering Gary Cody’s office, Mac claims that he hadn’t forgotten about their meeting, but he just wanted to talk to Heather. Gary jokingly asks Mac when it is he is going to learn that it is all right to be a human. ‘Well…’ begins Mac, before Gary points out that it was a rhetorical question, then asking Mac if he has finished looking over the Ministry’s set of plans that he dropped off this morning. Gary opens the blueprints to the “Cosmic Ray Collector” and Mac replies that he gave them the once over, and remarks that he knows construction has already begun, but that he has to be upfront about this, that he doesn’t think it is a very wise idea to begin with and he certainly doesn’t think that the plans include safeguards.

‘Why?’ asks Gary, reminding Mac that they are simply looking for a clean answer to nuclear power. ‘What are we missing here?’ Thoughtfully, Mac replies that he is no expert, but that the American researcher, Reed Richards, has published about cosmic rays and notes a number of suspected dangers - possible burning, cancer risks, genetic mutation ramifications, mental impulse disruption - and those are just the tip of the ice berg. Mac informs Gary that Reed Richards is one of the most brilliant minds in the world and even he doesn’t know the full effects of cosmic energy, much less stored and amplified rays.

Mac tells Gary that if he is asking him, then he recommends that this project be suspended before anyone gets hurt. Gary replies by telling Mac that he believes him and that both he and Department H respect his opinions. ‘You know that’.

Meanwhile, in Orloo, a quaint quiet town in Eastern Ontario that is about to get much louder. The foreman of the construction site for the Cosmic Ray Collector just gets off the phone and calls his men over, announcing that he has a word from the boss. As the workers all gather around, the foreman informs them that they are on a temporary shut down so they can take the rest of the day off. One of the workers asks if they are still getting paid, to which the foreman just mutters something about bureaucrats with too much spare time.

‘Now what, eh?’ wonders a diminutive man as the foreman tells his workers not to wander off too far, as he plans to have the project back up and running by morning. The diminutive man informs the foreman that he can find him where he first found him, at Hull House, ready to work when he is. ‘I’m always ready to work, Mr. Judd’ the foreman replies, while thinking to himself that he will finish this…one way or another.

From dangerous thoughts to a curious mix of fear and joy as Heather and Mac prepare to say their “I do’s”. However this isn’t a church, just a simple registry office. Heather tells Mac that this isn’t what she had in mind, to which Mac apologizes, pointing out that this is all he has time for at the moment. Heather reminds Mac that she comes from a big family and that she has never had anything special just to herself. Mac tells Heather that a Justice of the Peace can make them as married as anyone else.

‘Maybe to you, young man!’ exclaims Claire McNeil as she and her husband Ramsey approach Mac and their daughter. Mac declares that it isn’t the ceremony that is important, but the vows. Ramsey and Claire McNeil turn to leave, with Claire exclaiming that her daughter is catholic and that if she doesn’t get married in a church then in their eyes she isn’t married at all. ‘If this is as good as you can do to make the most important day in our daughter’s life, then we won’t be a part of it’.

‘Mom? What about me?’ asks Heather. Claire doesn’t look at her daughter as she simply tells her that they will see her when she has left this insensitive brute. Heather wipes a tear from her eye as Mac tells not to worry and that he promises a big wedding in a church soon, but that this is the best he can do for now. ‘Please?’ he asks. Heather tells Mac that she will do it for him, but points out that she has to honor her parents too and she wants him to know that in her heart, until they do this right, she cannot consider them married either.

Love conquers all however and it survives that day…but this next day…? Heather and Margie are looking through wedding magazines. Margie points out one which has an entirely lace back. ‘Margie! I could never wear something that revealing to my wedding!’ Heather exclaims. ‘Why not? You’re a liberated woman,’ Margie points out.

Suddenly Mac opens the door, ‘Honey? I’m home!’ he exclaims. Heather points out that it is early and asks Mac why he isn’t at the lab still. Smiling, Mac explains that it is because they are going on their honeymoon - a hunting trip in the North. Heather is slightly confused and tells Mac that she wants to go somewhere warm - and she wants to go after their wedding. Mac explains that the Department wants him to scout out some locations and that they are willing to pick up the tabs. ‘Free? That is our price range!’ Heather exclaims smiling. ‘Good, then its settled,’ smiles Mac. Margie then offers to house sit on such short notice.

So the trip was decided upon, but not settled - and after this fateful trip, little about the Hudson’s lives will ever be settled again…. Trudging across the snow covered landscape, Heather asks why Department H would want to build a facility up here. Unaware that they are being followed, Mac replies that he has no idea, but supposes that it is far from watching eyes and all, but that it is so remote that it is impractical. ‘So why? You’ve got me’ ‘I sure do!’ Heather exclaims.

Mac suddenly asks Heather if she heard something, and swinging around he finds a feral-looking man wearing very little and growling lunge at him. Mac fires from his shotgun, as Heather screams his name. This is the Hudson’s introduction to the man that will become their best friend…the man who will become Wolverine!

This “feral beast” cuts the Hudson’s honeymoon short as he slams his body down on Mac, causing Mac to drop the gun and call out to Heather. The strange man sits on Mac and growls some more as Mac tells Heather to run and save herself. Suddenly there is a gunshot, and the growling man’s eyes roll back in his head and he collapses. If Heather hadn’t been inspired - inspired to save the man she loves - to find the hero within herself….

Heather lowers the shotgun and asks Mac if the other man is head, before realizing that Mac is bleeding also. Mac looks at the strange man and informs Heather that they are both alive, before pointing out that he would have killed him if she hadn’t shot him. Suddenly, Mac discovers that the blood has already stopped flowing from the other man’s wounds, and declares that whoever he is - whatever he is - he has to be studied!

Heather exclaims that they came here to get away from his work, that this is supposed to be their honeymoon. ‘I’ll make it up to you, Heather, I promise,’ Mac declares.

Some time later, the promise is kept to Heather by arranging for the big church wedding Mac had promised her so many months ago…well, almost kept. Heather stands in her wedding gown, examining herself in a full-length mirror, with Margie sitting beside her. Maggie picks up the phone as Heather exclaims ‘Is it perfect? I think it’s perfect,’ before asking Margie who is on the phone - is it her mother? ‘Uh, huh…well I’ll tell her, but I don’t think she’s going to like it very much!’ Margie exclaims to the caller.

As Margie looks at her, Heather exclaims that she knows that look and asks what is going on. Margie asks if all the knives are put away, for it was Mac, and he doesn’t think he is going to be able to make it.

‘What do you mean “You don’t think you’re going to be able to make it”?’ Heather demands as she stands in the doorway of Mac’s lab. Heather declares that she cannot keep the guests and the caterers and her family and their friends waiting for hours while he finishes up his work. ‘I don’t mean hours,’ Mac begins to say, when Heather cuts in, ‘Good!’ she exclaims. ‘I mean days…possibly longer, because I’ve just discovered something incredible!’ Mac exclaims.

‘WHAT? James MacDonald Hudson! Are you canceling our wedding?’ Heather asks, looking at him right in the face. Mac replies that it isn’t like that, but his work - Heather cuts in once more, telling Mac that if he loved her he would say to blazes with his work. Tears streaming down her face, Heather storms off, while Mac stands in front of the tank which is holding the man they found in the wilderness. Mac tells Heather that if she understood him, she would know why he can’t, before pointing out that this man’s life is at stake. ‘Oh, really? Well this woman’s is, too!’ Heather thinks to herself.

As all young lovers discover, understanding takes two things: Time…and training. Time has passed, and the man that the Hudson’s discovered in the wilderness - Logan a.k.a. Weapon X, has made a full recovery, and is showing off some of his abilities, while Mac gets used to the battle suit that he designed. ‘Take that, ya ugly stuffed shirt!’ Logan exclaims as he uses his adamantium claws to slash through a dummy which he and Mac - as Weapon Alpha - are doing some training.

Mac tells Logan to be careful, as he just made another kill, explaining that he has to get used to disabling without terminating. ‘You getting soft on your wedding day?’ Logan asks. Suddenly the computer system in the room announces that there is an incoming message - it’s Gary Cody, who informs Mac that there is big trouble in Orloo - the Cosmic Collector has just been switched on and now it cannot be turned off! Mac is shocked by this announcement, and points out that he thought the Cosmic Ray Collector was shut down.

Gary Cody replies that there is no time for explanation, as they need him, as Weapon Alpha, in Orloo right away. Mac tells Gary that he can’t, pointing out that he has postponed his wedding twice already, and a third time would cost him Heather forever. ‘You’re the only hope Canada has’ Gary declares. ‘Well, if you put it that way, then I will go,’ Mac replies, with Weapon X unsheathing his claws, ‘Count me in too!’ Logan exclaims.

Soon, Weapon Alpha carries Weapon X as they fly to the Cosmic Collector site, while on the road below is Heather singing “Get me to the Church on time” as she drives towards her own wedding. Glancing out of her window, Heather sees Mac flying above the car, and whether he can hear her or not, she shouts ‘James MacDonald Hudson! Don’t you dare leave me at the altar again!’ adding that she swears to track him to the end of the Earth to have her wedding.

Minutes earlier and miles away, at the Hull House orphanage, the diminutive construction worker from the Cosmic Collector, Eugene Judd, is playing basketball with two boys, when suddenly there is a blinding flash of light. The two boys look towards the location of the source of the light and ask what it was. Judd replies that there is no telling, but that it came from the science project he was working at across town. Addressing the older boy as Jared, Judd tells him to take his younger brother, Adrian, inside and wait with Miss de la Salle until he comes back. ‘If you come back!’ Jared shouts after him. ‘Don’t say that, Jared. He’ll come back!’ Adrian exclaims.

Soon, Judd arrives at the site of the Cosmic Ray Collector and asks the foreman what is going on. The foreman is on the phone, informing Gary Cody that Weapon Alpha isn’t here yet and that the Cosmic Collector is about to blow again, adding that they were almost blinded the first time it happened. Noticing Judd, the foreman tells him to get out as this is a top secret installation. Judd reminds his former boss that he helped build it and it is now putting the orphanage where he works in danger.

The foreman explains to Judd that the Collector is overcharging, that it is taking on too much energy. ‘If someone can’t stop it…’ he begins to say, when suddenly Weapon’s Alpha and X arrive on scene. ‘Someone can!’ declares Mac as Logan jumps off him, ‘A couple of someones,’ Weapon X adds. Mac tells everyone to stay clear, as he studied the plans to this device and he thinks he knows what is happening, explaining that the device’s storage system is malfunctioning and expunging the rays once they’re collected.

‘I take it that’s bad,’ remarks Weapon X, to which Mac replies ‘Incredibly’, explaining that if the amplitude increases in these blasts, the unit could conceivably cause a rift in space. ‘Well someone better shut it down then, eh?’ remarks Judd, to which Weapon X declares that it sounds like a suicide mission, which means he is just the person for the job! With that, Logan unsheathes his claws and leaps towards the Cosmic Collector, despite Mac telling him not.

Suddenly though, a red, yellow and white clad man swoops down, ‘Out of darkest nights, against the Northern lights from gusts on high over Canada’s sky…soars the man they call Chinook!’ he proclaims as he sets Weapon X back down on the ground. ‘I don’t believe it…after all these years…’. Mac mumbles to himself upon seeing the hero called Chinook. Smiling, the handsome man remarks that he used to be called Chinook, but that he hasn’t flown since the war, though he is glad to be back. He then tells the men around him to stand back and let a professional handle this.

However Mac warns Chinook not to, exclaiming that he doesn’t understand what could happen to anyone who gets too close, as the device is like a giant radioactive incubator - ‘Don’t worry about me, son! I’m a legend! For Canada!’ he exclaims as he flies into the Cosmic Collector. ‘Sorry, bub. Don’t believe in legends’ Logan remarks as he lights a cigarette, when suddenly, there is a blinding flash and Chinook screams out in pain. ‘And that about sums up why’ Logan adds.

Chinook’s body begins to change as he absorbs the cosmic rays, he exclaims that he feels hollow, like burning, and wind and dust…just like a Chinook! When the light fades, he stands before Mac, Logan and Judd, his body horribly deformed beyond recognition. He exclaims that he will sweep across the world and blow it to the ground, and clapping his hands, he creates a mighty thrust, which knocks Mac and the others backwards.

Mac stands in awe, remarking that it is incredible how Chinook suffered immense physiological changes as a result of only the briefest exposure, when Weapon X tells him to save the science hour till after they have captured him, before pointing out that the Collector looks like it is about to blow again. Mac agrees and turns to Judd, telling him to help move the troops clear while they - he doesn’t get to finish, for Judd, slightly annoyed, declares that Orloo is his town and Hull House his responsibility, so he is staying and fighting to protect them.

With that, the three men leap at the mutated Chinook, and Weapon X tells “short stuff” that he likes his style. ‘Who’re you to be calling anyone short, eh?’ asks Judd. Weapon Alpha tells the men to pay attention, as they have to make short work of Chinook, or else. Suddenly Chinook throws his opponents off of himself, boasting that they cannot defeat him, ‘I was watching over Canada long before you were even born!’ he remarks, before exclaiming that he will now oversee Canada’s destruction.

Weapon Alpha points out that Chinook is still drawing power from the Collector, and Weapon X notes that he is getting bigger and stronger as he does. Getting to their feet, Mac declares that it is worse than that, for if Chinook is drawing mass to his form, matter cannot just be created, his transformation could result in a mini black hole created on Earth! Weapon Alpha adds that the whole town has to be evacuated while the hold down Chinook. ‘Then what?’ asks Logan, still smoking his cigarette.

Weapon Alpha reveals that they will then destroy the entire area, Collector and all. ‘We’re in this area!’ Logan points out, shoving his fist onto Mac’s battle suit covered chest. Mac declares that they have no choice, for the Cosmic Collector wants matter to replace the mass its lost and it is going to break its containment if it doesn’t get that matter. ‘How much matter?’ asks Weapon X, unsheathing his claws and turning to the Collector. Mac points out that Chinook has doubled his original size, so it’s going to take ‘A nice big, human-sized chunk? I read ya,’ Logan remarks.

Mac realizes what Logan was suggesting and as Weapon X rushes towards the Collector, Mac flies ahead of him, telling Logan that he will not let him make that sacrifice. ‘Not while you’re under my command!’ Chinook lunges at the Collector, exclaiming that he must have more power, while Weapon Alpha tells him to get away from the Collector. Chinook tosses Mac aside, and seeing his friend in trouble, Logan tries to rush to aid him, except Judd pulls him back, pointing out that they know they cannot beat him with force, so they need a plan.

Chinook boasts that he will do what he wants to and no one will stop him. Mac uses his battle suit’s abilities to blast Chinook, telling him to listen to himself, then reminding him that he is human too, a great champion for this country and its people. ‘You were the hope and inspiration for a nation!’ Mac tells Chinook not to ruin it now by trying to destroy something he helped create.

Nearby, Logan and Judd have stretched some rubber around two trees to form a sort of band. Judd points out that they used these rubber strips on the dampening assembly, but the way he sees it - Logan cuts in, exclaiming he sees it too, that if the Collector wants mass, then the perfect fit is to feed it what it already lost - Chinook!

Weapon Alpha begins to struggle against the powerful Chinook, telling him he isn’t responsible, while Weapon X pulls Judd back in the band, asking him if he is okay with this as it is a big risk. Judd replies that it is no risk at all, that it’s just like pool. ‘I tap the ball, the ball goes in, I stay out. Eh?’ Weapon X calls to Mac, telling him to get right up against Chinook, but not to hold on to him. ‘Eight ball in the side pocket!’ Logan shouts as he releases the rubber holding Judd, who is thrust across the construction site, ‘In the words of a legend - “For Canada”!’ he exclaims.

Judd smacks into Chinook, who is pushed into the Collector, screaming ‘Noooo!’ But the pull is too great, and Mac gets caught up in it too. Judd grabs on to the battle suit, but he too is lifted into the pull, when Weapon X grabs onto his foot. Logan has Judd secure, but they cannot quite pull Mac back. Judd declares that he has almost got him, but Weapon X declares that almost is not going to cut it, so they are going to have to cut him loose.

Suddenly, ‘No!’ shouts someone as they grab onto Weapon X’s foot, adding to the strength. ‘Who?’ asks Weapon X, as Heather declares ‘I love you, Mac! Pull for me!’ Holding onto her car with one arm and Weapon X’s foot with the other, Heather feels like her arm is being ripped out of her socket - but she won’t let go. Suddenly, Mac orders everyone to drop, for the collector is about to explode!

And that very instant, it does, sucking Chinook into its black hole. ‘Ow! ‘Uhh!’ ‘Ghuff!’ mumble the men as the slam onto the ground. ‘Mac…? Are you…’ asks Heather. Mac replies that he is alive, stretched, but alive. ‘I’d ask what you’re doing here, but frankly, I’m just thankful you are,’ he exclaims, before telling Heather that she made the difference between life and death.

‘Don’t forget the short stop!’ Weapon X exclaims, motioning to Judd as he helps Mac to his feet. Mac thanks him, before remarking that he didn’t even get his name. ‘The Ministry of Defense extends its thanks, Mister…?’ Judd turns away from everyone, ‘Defense, eh? Well, tell them they’re welcome. Rather not give them my name though,’ he remarks, adding that he has got responsibilities here, kids at Hull House, so it is better he doesn’t become some sort of celebrity over this, for the kids’ sake. And with that, the mysterious Judd leaves.

Gary Cody suddenly arrives on scene, asking the foreman what happened here. The foreman begins to tell Cody that it was beyond his control, when Mac steps up to Cody and tells him that it was beyond anyone’s control, and declares that it would never have happened if he had been listened to in the first place. Gary reminds Mac that they are friends, but that he is not his superior. ‘You gave an opinion and we chose not to accept it’.

Gary adds that Mac is very important to Department H, but that he is not the whole department. Weapon X stands up for his friend, telling Clarke to get this: ‘You take what Mac says more seriously or me and him will both walk, got it?’ Mac tells Cody that Logan is right, and asks why they should put their lives on the line for Department H if they don’t feel they can trust the Department. Mac then reminds Gary that a hero has died because of this miscalculation. Nervously, Cody tells Mac and Logan that they would never want to lose either of them, before asking what they should do about this situation now.

‘I’ll tell you what we do. We are going to get married!’ Heather exclaims clutching her wedding gown. Leaning against her car, Heather declares that this is her day, and she will get married. ‘Come Hell, high water, or Department H!’ Heather motions to the church in the distance and starts walking towards it, telling Mac that he has exactly one hour to find a tuxedo and get over to the church. Otherwise, if he doesn’t make it, he can go jump in a dimensional rift for all she cares. ‘You’d better follow,’ Logan tells Mac. ‘Anywhere she leads, Logan. Anywhere she leads,’ Mac replies.


‘…son, I need you answer,’ the priest says to Mac. ‘Huh?’ asks Mac, causing Heather to ask him if something is wrong. ‘What are you thinking?’ Hanging his head, Mac replies ‘Nothing,’ except that he has been a fool all this time. Mac takes Heather’s hand and admits that he has let his life as a scientist blind him to his life as a man. ‘More than that, I’ve mistaken discovery for what’s really important in life…you’. Mac tells Heather that she should never have had to chase him into a war zone just to get his attention long enough to make him marry her properly. ‘I should have leaped at the opportunity with open arms when I first had the chance’.

Heather replies by telling Mac that it doesn’t matter where they get married, all that matters is that she loves him and wants him to be her husband, adding that she wants to be his wife. Mac tells Heather that he loves her more than anything, pointing out that he is always lost in his thoughts and that sometimes it may look like he doesn’t notice her, but that he has always loved her than and always will.

The priest smiles, ‘And if that doesn’t convince her, nothing will! Two people so in love shouldn’t be standing that far apart!’ And so…I now pronounce you husband and wife! Now put your arms around each other and do you thing!’

Outside, Logan and the guests watch as Heather and Mac hug. ‘May I?’ Mac asks. Heather smiles and tells Mac that he knows he doesn’t have to ask, before telling him to wait a minute, as she wants both arms free him, ‘And besides, we have to see who’s next, don’t we?’ she remarks, tossing her bouquet over her head and into the guests. ’Fat chance’ Logan mutters as the bouquet lands in his arms.

Characters Involved: 

James MacDonald Hudson / Weapon Alpha

Heather McNeil / Heather McNeil Hudson

Logan / Weapon X / Wolverine

Priest (Stan Lee)

Unnamed and unidentified Guests at Wedding

In Flashback:

James MacDonald Hudson

Heather McNeil / Heather McNeil Hudson

Logan / Weapon X / Wolverine

Eugene Milton Judd / Puck

Gary Cody

Claire & Ramsey McNeil (Heather’s parents)

Jared & Adrian Corbo


Margie (Heather’s friend & co worker)

Mr. Hulme

Constructions workers

Story Notes: 

July 1997 was known as "Flashback Month" where a "minus #1" issue, an untold but often-mentioned story was told, replacing the normal issue for that month. As with all the Flashback issues, Stan Lee does an introduction, in which he mentions this is the first Alpha Flight comic in several years, and a closing comment, in which he remarks on no matter how weird things got for Alpha Flight, they could always look back on the good times.

More of Mac and Heather’s meeting and their early days together can be seen in the back story of Alpha Flight (1st series) #2-3. Parts of the flashback scenes in this issue are taken directly from those issues, including several lines, however the art is all new.

Mentioned numerous times throughout the first series of Alpha Flight, it wasn’t till some 15 years later that the wedding of Heather and Mac would actually be shown on panel with this issue.

Indeed, Heather does have six brothers, however in the entire history of Alpha Flight none of them have been named or even made an appearance. Heather’s sister Becky has been seen in Alpha Flight (1st series) #64, her parents Claire and Ramsey have been seen numerous times, and of course her foster sister is Elizabeth Twoyoungmen a.k.a. Talisman.

Reed Richards is of course Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four.

Judging by the fact that Mac is wearing the original clunky Weapon Alpha battle suit this issue, the Alpha Flight Special “First Flight” is likely to take place in between the pages of this issue, as its original wearer Detective Sean “Groundhog” Bernard quit that very issue, forcing Mac to take up the mantle. However, its begs the question why the earliest Department H recruits and staff (Snowbird, Sasquatch, Shaman, Smart Alec, Stitch and Wildchild) are not present at the wedding, in particular Shaman because of his relationship with Heather. So it is equally likely that Mac wore the original Weapon Alpha costume prior to Bernard.

It is unknown if Hull House had any involvement with Department H in the very early days, as this is the first mention of it. What we do know is that at least four people - Radius, Flex II, Ghost Girl and Murmur III - all spent time at the orphanage, and all four are dubbed “Legacies”. It has never been established what a “legacy” is and what Department H’s involvement in their powers was, if any. It is safely assumed that Radius, Flex II, Ghost Girl and Murmur III are all mutants. Rumor has it that writer Seagle intended for Flex’s father to be Wolverine and Radius’ father to be Unus.

Cameo appearance of Jared and Adrian Corbo, who will go on to become Radius and Flex II, appearing in full in Alpha Flight (2nd series) #1.

First appearance of Canadian hero Chinook. No mention of him has ever been made before and next to nothing is known about him, except that he is a pre-Department H Canadian hero. There are at least two known other pre-Department H heroes, the original Major Mapleleaf and his unnamed and only mentioned never shown sidekick. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #106]

Issue Information: 
Written By: