Gambit Annual '99

Issue Date: 
September 1999
Story Title: 
With or Without You

Fabian Nicieza (writer), Walter McDaniel (penciler), Russel, Green and Koblish (inkers), Gina Going (colorist), Rick Starkings & Comicraft (letters), Mark Powers (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

The green energy entity in Gambit’s body is revealed as the psionic form of Mary Purcell, a mutant girl, who died years ago in an explosion caused by her own powers. Xavier is able to separate her from Gambit, but angrily Mary renders all X-Men unconscious and then leaves with Gambit to her hometown. The X-Men search the base in Antarctica for clues, since Gambit must have picked up the green energy there. They find a video log : As energy Mary traveled around the world and even tried to take over Magneto, but he was able to capture the energy form instead and put it into a test tube to store later. Later Magneto posed as Eric the Red and held Gambit’s trial to cause some trouble among the X-Men, so that he could prepare his worl war without them interfering. When he left he forgot about the green energy, which weas then discovered by Gambit, whom the X-Men left behind in the frozen wastelands. Back in the United States, Mary wants Gambit to die, so that their energies came create a new bio-energetic life-form. The X-men arricve with devices to separate them and kill Mary, but as she helped him survive in Antarctica Gambit can’t allow this and blows up the device in midprocess. Afterwards the green energy woman has vanished and Gambit is back to normal. Gambit and Rogue visit her grave and make up.

Full Summary: 

While working out in the Danger Room, Marrow has accidentally stabbed Remy through the heart. But it doesn't kill him: he pulls the bone-knife out, and it explodes, but his wound is healed. Xavier wants tests run, and Rogue, who has seen the green spirit, is suspicious, but Remy isn't answering questions.
Xavier double-checks Moira's test results (Gambit #2), then confronts Remy as to why he now has two psi-patterns. Moira says the entity is hyper-charging his powers; Xavier nudges them back, and the entity emerges and knocks everyone out.
Remy wakes in Manhattan, Indiana, and he sees glimpses of the past: Mary trapped in an
explosion at a gas station. He researches the event in the library and police station; she was
a mutant whose powers blew her up; then the coroner hushed it up.
Beast finds and wakes the unconscious X-Men. Unable to trace Remy, they go to Antarctica where he evidently met Mary. They find Remy's footprints in Magneto's abandoned base and learn he wandered around and ate plastic to survive. On a tape recorder, Remy spoke about his mistakes and regrets, and a video data log shows Magneto, his robot Ferris, and the green spirit in a tube. Mary attacked Magneto, and he fought her off but didn't know she was sentient. The video log also shows that Magneto impersonated Eric the Red and held Remy's trial (Uncanny X-Men 350), to distract and weaken the X-Men, while plotting his own return in the Magneto War.
Remy visits Mary's sister Kimberly, who says Mary always knew she was different, but nobody believed her, till her mutant power caused the explosion and killed her. Her father started to drink, and the family fell apart. Remy leaves and then asks Mary what more she wants: she wants to die with him, so creating a new being which can live in all planes of existence. Remy has other ideas. When he found her in Magneto’s abandoned base, he didn’t know she was sentient: he just wanted energy to survive the cold.
Using Magneto’s files, the X-Men find them. Rogue flies to the rescue with a device that removes Mary from Remy‘s body, but that starts to kill her. She reminds Remy that she helped him when the X-Men abandoned him, so he charges a card and explodes the device. He is knocked down but is fine; Mary has disappeared and is presumed dead.
Later Remy is tested in the lab, and no trace of Mary is found. He and Rogue visit her grave, and Rogue apologizes for having abandoned him in Antarctica.

Characters Involved: 


Beast, Marrow, Rogue, Professor Xavier (all X-Men)

Moira MacTaggert

Mary Purcell, the green energy entity

Grigori and Stanislaus Mengo

Kimberly Purcell
Flashbacks :

Mary Purcell

Kimberly Purcell


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