Generation X Annual '99

Issue Date: 
December 1999
Story Title: 
Family Business

Jay Faerber (writer), Pete Woods, Kevin Sharpe & Yancy Labatt (penciler), Wong, Czop, Ramos & Koblish (inkers), Kevin Tinsley (colorist), Richard Starkings & Comic raft (letterers), Jason Liebig (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

On the anniversary of her parents’ death, Jubilee is going through some photographs, when she discovers a photo of her parents with Hunter Brawn, an enemy of Generation X. Monet is in the infirmary checking in on her brother, Emplate, before informing Synch that her father wants to take her out of the Massachusetts Academy, and asks the surprised Synch if he would miss her. This causes him to seek the advice of Chamber and Skin. On Hunter Brawn’s ranch, Husk is spending time with her classmate, Hunter’s grandson, Tristan, despite the fact Hunter doesn’t like the two of them together. Jubilee decides to do some investigating into her parents’ death, and tells Synch that she is going on a solo mission. She arrives at a storage warehouse where Hunter Brawn keeps documents, finds what she needs and does some research. She then travels to the home of her father’s vice president from the bank, Mr Yu, who worked closely with the Brawn account. She challenges him for information, before phoning in with Synch to let him know that she is okay, and she tells him her plan. Concerned, Synch interrupts Banshee and Cartier St Croix discussing Monet to inform Banshee of Jubilee’s plan. Jubilee arrives at Hunter Brawn’s ranch and, in the middle of a storm, breaks in. She is confronted by Brawn’s henchman, LeGault, who attacks her, but Banshee, Monet, Husk, Synch and Penance arrive to assist her, enabling Jubilee to carry on with her plan. She locates Hunter Brawn in his office and confronts him. He uses his trinket to activate his energy armor, and traps her, before Synch and Husk arrive to help. Hunter’s men arrive to kill Mr Yu, but Skin, Chamber and the White Queen are there instead. Jubilee, with the help of Synch and Husk, manages to take Hunter Brawn down - but she doesn’t resort to kill him. Brawn is sentenced to prison, and Tristan visits his grandfather, and exchanges words with Jubilee. Everyone then gathers to say goodbye to Monet. She has a warm goodbye for Banshee, but is cold towards the White Queen, Skin, Chamber and Husk. Monet tells Jubilee that she finally understands what the X-Men saw in her, before kissing Synch and telling him that he will miss her. As she is driven away from the Academy, Monet sees the mysterious Penance looking at her. Jubilee then visits her parents’ graves and tells them that she loves them.

Full Summary: 

Jubilation “Jubilee” Lee holds a photograph in her hand and looks at it. The photo is a family portrait of her and her parents. ‘Dear Mom and Dad. It’s October 15th again. Every year I hope it’ll just pass me by, and I won’t even notice. No such luck’ Jubilee thinks to herself as she sits on her bed at the Massachusetts Academy. Tissues and a bag of “snax” are on her bed, along with other photos and memorabilia relating to her parents. She tells herself that the day her parents died will always stick out in her mind. ‘I still think about you a lot, but I guess it’s been awhile since I wrote you, hunh?’ she remarks. She adds that the school has gone through a lot of changes since her last “letter”, explaining that a couple of months ago, the school was opened up to human students, so now Generation X have to hide the fact that they are mutants, even in their own home. ‘It’s not so bad, though. You know me. I just like to complain’.

She rests her head against one hand and remarks that sometimes she wakes up and for a split-second, she thinks she is back in her own bed, back in their house in Beverly Hills, before her parents’ car was run off the road and sent over a cliff. ‘But then I realize where I really am, and I get depressed all over again’. She doesn’t tell the other kids though. ‘You know me, stiff upper lip and all that junk’ she thinks. Suddenly, picking up another photo, Jubilee goes wide-eyed and gasps ‘Oh my GOD!’

Meanwhile, in the infirmary secretly located beneath the main campus, Monet St Croix stands at the life support unit holding her brother Marius – better known as Emplate – in stasis. Monet declares that she doesn’t know what their father sees in him. ‘You’re certainly not my brother anymore’ she scoffs, adding that she knows he didn’t mean to kill their mother when his mutant powers first kicked in, but tells him that terrible act is no excuse for the monster he has become. ‘Let’s see, since then, you’ve imprisoned me in a razor-sharp, mute body... converted a handful of innocent mutants into your personal slaves... oh, yeah, and tried – numerous times – to kill my friends. Monet reaches out, and is about to put her hand on Emplate’s, ‘But what is family for, right?’ she asks, when suddenly, Everett Thomas a.k.a. Synch grabs her and asks her if she is nuts. ‘You touch Emplate, and he can feed off you!’ Everett exclaims, telling Monet that she should know that better than anyone else, after all, when she was trapped in the Penance body, she was his round-the-clock buffet.

Monet pulls away from Everett and tells him that he is right, explaining that she was just lost in thought. ‘But it really doesn’t matter, anyway. I can handle Emplate’ Monet adds, ‘Uh-huh’ Everett replies, unimpressed, before asking Monet what she was thinking about. Monet replies that she was thinking about her father, and reveals that he is going to withdraw her from the Massachusetts Academy. ‘He’s gonna WHAT?’ Everett replies, wide-eyed. Monet tells him that it is true, and reveals that she and her father had a talk while Everett and the others were chasing after Penance. ‘Ultimately, he doesn’t think this is the best place for me anymore’ Monet states. Everett asks Monet what she is going to do. ‘You’re not gonna take this lying down... right?’ Monet replies that she is honestly not sure, adding that she has never quite felt at home here, which should come as no surprise. Monet then asks Everett if she left, whether he would miss her, and Everett looks puzzled.

Vermont, the horse ranch of Hunter Brawn: ‘Woo! Come on, Paige! You’re falling behind! I didn’t talk my grandfather into letting us take a break from school here so you could just trot along!’ Tristan Brawn calls out to Paige “Husk” Guthrie as they ride hoses. Paige reminds Tristan that she has never ridden a horse before today. ‘Watch this!’ Tristan calls out, and Paige gasps as he leaps over a stone fence. Tristan turns back to Paige and asks her what she is waiting for. ‘Come on!’ he cries. Paige replies that she doesn’t know, and asks ‘What if I don’t make it?’ Tristan tells Paige that is not an option, that she will make it. Paige smiles as the horse rushes over the fence. ‘Wow! That was great! I can’t believe I did it!’ she marvels. ‘Never a doubt in my mind, Paige! You can do anything’ Tristan tells her.

Suddenly a voice calls out ‘TRISTAN!’. Tristan frowns and turns to find his grandfather, and one of his ranch hands on horses nearby. ‘Do you realize how dangerous that was? Paige isn’t an experience rider’ Mr Hunter Brawn declares, adding that she should not be attempting jumps like that, as she could have been injured. ‘But, Grandfather, the horse has done that jump a hundred times. Paige wasn’t in any danger’ Tristan protests. Mr Hunter relents and tells Tristan that perhaps he is right, and that he shouldn’t have snapped at them, but he was worried. He tells Paige that he hopes she will forgive his manners. ‘Oh... of course, sir. Think nothing of it’ Paige replies.
‘Thought Grandfather was really gonna tear into us, hunh, Paige?’ Tristan remarks. ‘Heh...yeah!’ Paige replies, while recalling that it wasn’t too long ago that Mr Brawn really did tear into her and the rest of Generation X. ‘Hard to believe that old man is so powerful’ she tells herself.
Tristan and Paige set off, as Tristan tells his grandfather that they will see him later. ‘Have fun, children’ Mr Brawn calls out, before ordering his aide, LeGault, to come closer. ‘Yes, sir?’ LeGault asks. Mr Brawn tells him that he isn’t sure he likes the boy’s relationship with the Guthrie girl, as women make a man weak. ‘If Tristan’s ever going to take over the business, he’ll need to be strong... even ruthless’ Mr Brawn declares.

Back in her room, Jubilee is still on her bed, she feels like someone has punched her in the gut. She stares at the photograph, it was taken at some New Year’s Eve party at her father’s bank. Standing next to her parents in the photo is none other than Hunter Brawn. Jubilee realizes that she must have looked at this photo a hundred times and never given it a second thought, but, of course until a few months ago, she didn’t know Hunter Brawn from Magneto. But, all that changed when their headmaster, Sean Cassidy, got kidnapped, and she and the rest of Generation X went after him, tracking him to Brawn’s horse ranch, where the old man morphed into an energy form and attacked them. ‘Mom...Dad...Brawn is bad news. What were you guys mixed up in?’ Jubilee wonders, as she recalls Generation X’s battle with Brawn.

Elsewhere on the campus grounds, Everett is walking with Angelo “Skin” Espinosa and Jonothan Starsmore a.k.a. Chamber. ‘“If I left would you miss me”? What kinda question is that?’ Skin asks. ‘I don’t know, Angelo. That’s why I’m asking you guys’ Everett points out, while Jono asks him what he said. ‘I dunno’ Everett replies, ‘I guess I just said yeah, I’d miss her. You know, like I’d miss any of you guys’ Everett explains, ‘Oh, man, wassamatta with you? That wasn’t what she wanted to hear!’ Skin exclaims, extending his arm, and slapping Everett across the head. ‘HEY!’ Everett shouts, asking why everyone is always smacking him in the head. Chamber tells Ev that Skin is right, adding that Monet is going through a rough time, that she was looking for a little support, some reassurance that someone would be there for her. ‘Oh, well... wait a minute! Why am I taking advice on women from you? Last time I looked, your relationship with Paige was going nowhere fast’ Ev tells Jono, who replies ‘Those who can’t, teach’.

Later, Jubilee and Ev are sitting on a brick wall, as Jubilee tells Ev that she has to go away for a bit. ‘What do you mean?’ Everett asks. Jubilee replies that she has some business to take care of. Everett asks her what she is talking about, and whether something is wrong. Jubilee looks away and replies that it is personal, so she can’t tell him. ‘All I can say is that I’m going out of town to take care of something’ she explains. ‘You can tell me. We’re buddies’ Everett assures her. ‘Yeah...and that’s all we are, much to my chagrin’ Jubilee thinks to herself, frowning. She then smiles and puts her hands on Ev’s face, telling him trust her, that she will tell him everything, when she can. Jubilee then walks away, leaving Everett somewhat confused.

Later, Jubilee has arrived in Vermont. In her “letter” to her parents, she tells them that stowing away on a plane was no big deal, and that she had been through lots worse when hanging out with Wolverine. ‘I know, Mom, I know – Wolverine looks dangerous. But he took real good care of me when I was on my own. You’d have liked him’. Jubilee tells her parents that she picked up some other useful talents since she was last with them, and standing in front of a large wire fence with a no trespassing sign attached to it, she holds an extendable grappling hook in one hand, while admitting that she is no computer hacker, but that it was a cinch to search the web and find the address for the warehouse Brawn uses to store all his hardcopy backups, and she even had the foresight to bring a spare key – her grappling hook, which she releases, and it wraps around a lamppost overhead. She retracts the grappling hook so that it pulls her towards the lamppost. She then flips over it, and onto the other side of the fence.

‘Remember how much I used to complain about going to gymnastics practice? Well, these days, I’m pretty glad you made me go’ Jubilee thinks to herself, when suddenly, some large dogs start barking at her. ‘Who uses dogs these days?’ Jubilee wonders, realizing that she is in a bit of a jam, as she didn’t bring anything to counter dogs. She doesn’t want to hurt them, as they are just doing what they were trained to do – catch intruders, like her. She asks her parents if they remember Idgie, the German shepherd that they had when she was little, and how she hated thunder and lightning. ‘Well, I’m not much for thunder, but lightning, I can pull off’ Jubilee decides, and as the dogs run towards her, she releases her “fireworks” – bursts of colourful plasma energy. The dogs turn tail and run, whimpering as they go. However, this gets the attention of some men on site, ‘What the -?’ one of them asks, while the other asks ‘You saw that burst of light too, huh?’

With the dogs out of the way, Jubilee believes that she is home free, she rushes towards the main entrance of the warehouse, but finds it has a bolt through the door handles. Luckily, she came prepared, or so she thought, but as she tries to cut the lock with some bolt cutters, she finds they are no good – so she improvises, by blasting the handles with a surge of plasma. Entering the warehouse, Jubilee finds aisle of shelves, all labelled alphabetically. ‘Whoa’ she declares as she looks up at the towering shelves. ‘You’ve heard the expression “biting off more than you can chew”, right? Well, at that point, what I bit off wouldn’t even fit in my mouth’. She starts walking down one of the aisles, unsure of what she is looking for, but certain that she would know it when she found it. Boxes are stacked on the shelves, and she starts going through one of them, searching through boxes marked around the date of her parents’ death. Once she got that far, the rest was easy. However, the two security men on site, enter the warehouse, and look around for an intruder – but Jubilee is on top of the shelves now, and leaps over them.

She finds a secluded field where she can let her guard down a little, and examines the stash she made off with. She sits on a fallen tree trunk, a can of food open at one side, backpack on the ground, and a small fire keeping her warm. Reading Brawns’ financial records, she learns that Brawn was her father’s bank’s biggest client, and that the morning after her parents were killed, the bank was stripped of all its assets. ‘Coincidence? I think not’ Jubilee decides. ‘Like they say on the lawyer shows, all of this is “circumstantial evidence”’ Jubilee thinks to herself, realizing that she needs eyewitness testimony, so she plugs her laptop into her cellphone, hoping to track down one of her Dad’s old employees. Searching the computer, she narrows her eyes.

Jubilee stows away once again, this time on a tractor trailer, heading through Vermont, she arrived at Elliot Lu’s house in two hours. Lu was her father’s vice president, and worked closely with the Brawn account. ‘Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, isn’t it convenient that now he’s living in Vermont, just like Brawn?’ Jubilee remarks, as night has fallen, and she enters Lu’s house, ‘WAKE UP!’ Jubilee shouts, wearing her red and yellow Generation X costume, as she stands in Lu’s bedroom and creates several bright plasma blasts. ‘Huh...who are you?’ Lu calls out, looking out from his bed sheets. ‘Not important’ Jubilee snaps, telling Lu that she has been reading some files on Hunter Brawn’s involvement with his old bank. ‘Now I want you to tell me everything the files didn’t she declares. Lu claims that he doesn’t know what she is talking about. Jubilee jumps onto Lu’s bed and holding her hands close to his face, creates several small fireworks, giving him the opportunity to rethink his answer before she lights up his insides and turns him into a glow-worm.

‘Okay! Okay! Please, just... just don’t hurt me’ Lu pleads. Jubilee pulls back, and Lu informs her that Hunter Brawn was laundering lots of money through the bank, when the president, Mr Lee, started figuring out what was going on, he threatened to go to the police. But, that same night, Lee and his wife were killed in a terrible automobile accident, and the next day, the bank was completely drained of all funds. ‘And now here you are, working for a nice bank in Vermont...which also happens to be where Hunter Brawn lives. How... convenient’ Jubilee remarks. Lu points at Jubilee and tells her that she can’t prove anything. ‘No... but you can’ Jubilee replies.

Soon, Jubilee is in a phone booth outside a gas station a few miles from Lu’s house, and phones Everett. ‘Ev, it’s Jubes. You alone?’ she asks. Everett tells her that he is and asks her what is going on. Jubilee tells him that she can’t talk now, but the scoop is she talked to a guy who worked with her dad, and he told her that Hunter Brawn ordered the hit on her parents. ‘I’m going after Brawn tonight. I’m gonna make him pay’ she announces. ‘You’re gonna what? Jubes, do you know how powerful –’ Everett begins, but Jubilee interrupts, ‘I know he’s powerful Ev. And I might not survive the encounter’ she points out, before telling Everett that if he doesn’t heat from her by tomorrow, to tell Emma and Sean what has happened and come guns a’ blazin’. Everett tells Jubilee that she is crazy, and asks her to hold off while he gets the others so they can come and watch her back. Jubilee tells Ev that she called him because she trusts him, and that she wants his word he won’t say anything until tomorrow night. ‘Do I have it?’ she asks. Everett looks unimpressed, but he tells Jubilee that she has it. ‘Ev, I...I just want you to know that, well, you’ know...’ Jubilee begins, before hanging up the phone, leaving Everett confused.

Elsewhere on the campus grounds, Sean “Banshee” Cassidy is walking with Cartier St Croix, Monet’s father and tells him that he doesn’t understand why he thinks it is in Monet’s best interested to have her removed from the Academy. With a pipe in his mouth, Cartier explains that it is about being a better father, as he has been neglecting his children for too long now, and it is time he was more attentive, and that means listening to his children, and being more sensitive to their needs. ‘Monet has never really been happy here. Surely you must know that. But I never allowed her to entertain the notion of leaving’ Cartier adds, before remarking that upon careful consideration, he has come to think Monet might be right – perhaps this isn’t the best place for her. Banshee admits that he would never claim to being father of the year, but tells Cartier that he has learned the hard way that one of the biggest mistakes a father can make is to try and make decisions for his children.

Sean continues, telling Cartier that a family should be supportive, but children, especially teenagers, should learn to start making their own decisions. ‘And part of being a parent is having the strength to give our children the freedom they need to grow’ Sean adds, before cautioning Cartier that in his effort to be a better father, that he isn’t forcing Monet to do what he thinks she wants him to. Suddenly, Everett rushes up to Sean and tells him that they have to talk.

Arriving at hunter Brawn’s ranch, Jubilee remembers that the last time she was here, there was no fence around it, and wonders if Generation X’s break-in a few months back has convinced him to tighten security. There is a “private property” sign on the fence, and Jubilee knows that if she used her fireworks to blast through the fence, guards would come running, so to disable the fence, she has to make it look like an accident – or a freak of nature. She blasts a nearby tree with some fireworks, and it falls into the fence, toppling part of it, and enabling Jubilee to enter Brawn’s ranch with ease.

Minutes later, a storm has started, and rain beats down, as two ranch hands arrive at the fallen tree. ‘Whoa, check this out!’ one of them exclaims, while the other announces that he will check it in. He reports in, stating that the alarm they got is from a tree that fell on the fence, and that it looks like lightning hit the tree. ‘Damn storm. The old man’s not going to like this’ he mutters. The rain pours down on Jubilee, who approaches Brawn’s house. She stopped noticing the rain forty-five minutes ago, as it is hard to balance an adrenaline rush with patience, but that is what she has had to do. She knows that Brawn’s goons probably patrol in shifts, so she has to sit and wait until she can get their timing down. There is a flash of lightning, while Jubilee tells herself that once she knows their schedule, she can figure out how to avoid them. However, there is another flash of lightning, and a man appears behind Jubilee.

Jubilee realizes he is there, and she spins around, blasting some fireworks at him. He is wearing an extravagant black and gold costume, and Jubilee recognizes him as LeGault, Brawn’s personal enforcer. ‘And apparently, he’s got some weird clothes fetish, too’ she tells herself, unsure if he is a mutant or not, but she does know that he can create weapons of pure energy, like the shield he raises to block Jubilee’s fireworks and remarks ‘You know we shoot trespassers here, Jubilee?’ before transforming his weapon into a spiked ball at the end of a chain, which he spins around, ‘Let’s do it!’ he calls out. Jubilee blasts some more fireworks at him, and he loses his energy weapon, while remarking that she is quieter than last time. ‘What happened to your smart mouth?’ he enquires. Jubilee doesn’t say anything, she just leaps at LeGault, leg ready to kick him, LeGault asks ‘This is the new, improved Jubilee, eh? I’m not impressed’, before grabbing her by her foot, and holding her upside down, ‘Sorry. Game over. Thanks for playing’ he jokes, when suddenly, he screams as a powerful blast of sonic energy strikes him in the back, causing him to drop Jubilee.

‘Back away from her LeGault. Don’t make me raise my voice’ Banshee calls out as he stands alongside Monet, Synch, Husk and the mystery girl called Penance. Jubilee realizes that Banshee’s sonic blast has knocked LeGault down, but not out, as Penance races towards LeGault so fast she is practically a blur. Thinking about her parents, Jubilee recalls her previous letters about trying to befriend Penance, only, this is not that same Penance, this is a brand new mystery. ‘The old Penance – who’s now Monet (don’t ask) – had the temperament of a house cat. This new one was full-on pit-bull’. As Penance attacks LeGault, Jubilee turns to Synch and snaps ‘You hadda open your mouth, didn’t you? I trusted you, Ev. You had no right to betray me like that’. Synch points out that Brawn might have killed Jubilee’s mom and dad, but that Generation X is her family, too. ‘I couldn’t just sit by and watch you march to your death, alone’ he tells her. Banshee assures Jubilee that this is her gig, and that they are just here to provide the back-up. ‘You’re calling the shots’ he adds.

‘Wait... you’re putting me on, right?’ Jubilee asks. ‘Nae, lass. This is your show’ Sean assures her. ‘Get off me!’ LeGault shouts at Penance, while Jubilee rushes towards her, telling her hand on. Banshee tells Jubilee to go after Brawn, like she planned, while they handle his lackey. Jubilee pauses, before thanking Sean, then taking off. Banshee turns to Synch and Husk and tells them to go after Jubilee, as he doesn’t want her doing anything she might regret. ‘Yes sir’ Synch replies, while Monet slams into LeGault, ‘You may notice, sir, that I hit a bit harder than little Jubilee’ Monet declares. ‘Not hard enough!’ LeGault retorts.

In his office, Hunter Brawn is on the phone, ‘Don’t tell me what is and is not possible. Just do what you’re told!’ he barks, before his door explodes open, and Jubilee shouts out to him. Brawn turns around in his chair, ‘So you understand my instructions? Good. Don’t disappoint me’ he warns the person whom he is speaking to. He stares at his intruder, ‘Miss... Lee, isn’t it? To what do I owe the pleasure of your rather... robust visit?’ he asks. ‘YOU KNOW WHY I’M HERE!’ Jubilee screams as she leaps up onto Brawn’s desk. She grabs him by his collar and declares that he killed her parents, so she is going to make him pay. ‘Oh, you are, are you?’ Brawn smirks, while tapping a gold trinket he is holding, which activates a large armor around him, ‘Little girl, do you remember who you’re dealing with?’ he asks as Jubilee falls backwards. ‘I’ll snap you in half!’ Brawn boasts.

Jubilee blasts some fireworks over Brawn’s head, causing the ceiling to cave in on him. ‘Keep trying!’ Brawn suggests as he emerges from the rubble. He then picks Jubilee up, holding her against his oversized armor, he asks ‘Don’t you understand? You’ve lost this fight. Not only have I beaten you physically – but even as we speak, my men are entering Elliot Lu’s house, where they will silence him permanently – thereby wrapping up the last loose end in this melodrama’ Brawn declares, but Synch and Husk enter the office, and Synch tells Brawn that this is where he is wrong. ‘Yeah. You’re not the only one with back up plans’ Husk adds.

At that very moment, in the house of Elliot Yu, Brawn’s henchmen surround Yu’s bed, and aim their guns at him. But, suddenly, Skin sits up in the bed, and extends his fingers around the henchmen, taking them down. ‘Hoo-hah! Fooled ya didn’t I?’ he asks. One of the henchmen as he prepares to fire – but before he can, he and another are struck down from an attack courtesy of Chambers. Emma Frost the White Queen congratulates Chamber one some nice shooting. ‘I trust you left the men alive?’ she asks, while Mr Yu asks ‘Who... who are you people?’

‘Your master plan is falling down around you, old man!’ Jubilee calls out as she aims some more fireworks at Brawn, freeing her from his grasp. ‘You have not won yet!’ Brawn declares, while Jubilee increases the ferocity of the plasma fireworks and points out that she is getting their inch by inch. Suddenly, ‘That’s enough, the both of ya!’ Husk calls out as she pushes Brawn away from Jubilee. ‘We’re ending this fight – now. Without your totem – you’re powerless’ Synch declares as he takes Brawn’s trinket away from him.
‘NOOOOO!’ Hunter Brawn calls out, as his energy armor form fades around himself. Jubilee stands before him, ‘Can you taste it, old man? Do you know what’s coming… in the end. I win’ Jubilee announces as Hunter is backed up against a wall. ‘I’m going to enjoy the smell of your skin burning’ Jubilee announces. ‘No... wait...’ Brawn calls out. ‘MURDERER!’ Jubilee screams as she raises her fireworks overhead, ready to strike at close range. ‘NOOO!’ Husk screams. ‘Don’t kill him!’ Synch tells Jubilee.

But, there is simply a massive explosion of fireworks through the rooftop, as Jubilee casts her energy upwards. She turns to her friends and assures them that she wasn’t going to kill Brawn, that she would never take a human life. Husk and Synch look embarrassed, and Synch tells Jubilee that they are sorry. ‘We thought...’ his voice trails off. ‘You know... because you used to hang out with Wolverine...’ Husk points out. Jubilee tells them that they really don’t get it, and explains that it is because of her time with Logan that she has learned not to take a life.

Later, in Vermont State Prison, Hunter Brawn is a booth, speaking to Tristan through the communication phone. ‘This is utter lunacy, Tristan. I certainly hope you don’t believe any of this nonsense’ he tells his grandson, adding that his lawyers will have him out of here in no time. ‘No, they won’t’ Tristan replies. ‘WHAT?’ Hunter asks. ‘I said “no, they won’t”. You had Jubilee’s parents murdered, grandfather. Mr Lu told the police everything. There’s no denying it. Good-bye’ Tristan then hangs his head, while his grandfather pleads with him, but Tristan hangs the phone up and walks away from the booth.

Outside, Tristan walks to the prison gate exit, where Jubilee is standing. ‘Jubilee’ he remarks, before walking past her. ‘Hey! Don’t just walk away from me!’ Jubilee calls out as she follows Tristan, assuring him that they can talk about this if he wants. ‘What is there to talk about?’ Tristan asks, telling Jubilee that he just had the last member of his family taken away from him. ‘Do you know how that feels?’ he enquires. ‘Yes. I do’ Jubilee reminds him .

Later, at the Massachusetts Academy, Everett, Paige, Jono, Angelo and Jubilee all hang back as Sean and Emma stand before Monet and her younger sisters, Claudette and Nicole. Their father stands nearby as Monet’s suitcases are packed into the car. ‘So, you’re really leaving, Monet?’ Everett asks. Monet announces that she is, and that her father has enrolled her in a school in Switzerland. ‘This is probably the day you’ve all been waiting for’ she tells her teammates, before remarking that she has never really felt like she fit in here, and that she thinks she will be happier somewhere else. Sean and Monet hug, as Sean tells Monet that she is always welcome here, should she reconsider. Turning to her other mentor, Monet just stares at her and remarks ‘Miss Frost’. Emma stands several feet away and replies ‘Monet. Be well’.

Angelo smiles at Monet as she goes over to him, and he tells her not to get all emotional on him. Monet smiles back and tells him never to change. Turning to Jono and Paige, Monet states that she should probably have something profound to say to them, before announcing ‘But we were never very close, were we?’ But, turning to Jubilee, Monet asks ‘Lee... you know how much I hated when you would brag about being in the X-Men?’, Jubilee retorts: ‘Yeah. Why did you think I did it?’ Monet admits that after seeing Jubilee handle Mr Brawn, she finally understands what the X-Men saw in her. Jubilee smiles, ‘Um... thanks. I think!’ she tells Monet, who the turns to Everett. ‘And you...’ she begins, before grabbing him and pulling him towards her, kissing him on the lips, and leaving everyone wide-eyed. ‘You will too miss me’ Monet tells Everett a she gets into the limo. As the limo drives away, Monet stares up to the room where the new Penance is looks at her, as if remembering what Monet used to be, trapped inside the Penance form. The new Penance stares back and raises a hand, as if to wave good-bye.

Later still, Jubilee sits between the gravestones of her parents. ‘And so, Mom and Dad, that’s what brings me here’ Jubilee tells them, informing them that Brawn has been in prison for a month now, and she thought they might like to hear the end of the story in person. She admits that she was kinda mixed up for a while, but that Sean and Ev and the others reminded her that although her parents are gone, she still has a family. ‘I love you, Mom and Dad’ Jubilee concludes.

Characters Involved: 

Chamber, Jubilee, Husk, Monet, Skin, Synch (all Generation X)
Banshee & White Queen

Penance III

Tristan Brawn

Cartier St Croix
Claudette & Nicole St Croix


Hunter Brawn
Brawn’s henchmen
Mr Lu

In Photograph:
Mr & Mrs Lee

In Photograph
Mr. & Mrs. Lee
Hunter Brawn

Story Notes: 

This story takes place between Generation X (1st series) #58 and #59, and surprisingly, for an annual, has a lot of importance to the regular stories.

Monet and her father had a talk in Generation X (1st series) #58.

Mr Brawn confronted Generation X in Generation X (1st series) #51.

Monet’s story continues in Generation X (1st series) #62, before she returns to the Massachusetts Academy soon after.

Written By: