Spider-Man 2099 #16

Issue Date: 
February 1994
Story Title: 
The Hammer Strikes !

Peter David (writer), Rick Leonardi (penciler), Al Williamson (inker), Steve Buccellato (colors), Ken Lopez (letters), Joey Cavalieri (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Claiming to be the legendary Norse gods, Thor and Heimdall take over the artificial floating city Valhalla, built by Alchemax, and order all technicians and scientists to leave. Thor shows interest in Miguel’s girlfriend Dana, and Miguel causes a fight until Thor knocks him over the edge of the platform. Miguel uses a webline to attach himself to the downside of the platform. He deliberately provoked the fight to get the chance to change into his Spider-Man costume, yet by the time he returns, the staff, including Dana have already left Valhalla in small shuttles. Thor picks a fight with the hero, who states that he doesn’t believe in the Norse gods. As punishment, Thor hurls his hammer at Spider-Man full force, and it propels him to New York, where he is crushed by it. However Spider-Man survives the impact, only to stare into the gun of the Punisher. Miguel’s brother Gabriel runs into the holo agent Lyla while waiting at Miguel‘s apartment, and their mother escapes from the Wellvale Home.

Full Summary: 

At the independent non-corp town Randall, the residents are quite happy that so far they have been left alone by Alchemax and other corporations. However today their lives might change, as they see the floating city of Valhalla in the sky. It is shaped like a big giant hammer.
In Valhalla, the newly emerged Norse gods, Thor and Heimdall, have taken over the place and tell the assembled scientists and technicians that the city belongs to them and they will have to leave. Only a select few will be allowed to stay to serve as guards “lest Ragnarok take us unawares“. Spotting the beautiful Dana in the crowd, Thor announces that she might stay and witness their triumph, however Miguel interrupts. None of them will leave; Alchemax and not these Norse gods, whoever they are supposed to be, built the city. Thor says that he only hears protests from him and not the lady, but Miguel taunts him that if he is Thor then he should be with Sif. Thor gets angry. He says that his lady is currently absent, and then he threatens Miguel not to annoy him. Miguel however, claims that Thor couldn’t even blow his own nose, and finally Thor lashes out with his fist. Yet Miguel stops it with his own arm, much to Thor’s surprise. Thor then grabs Miguel and tosses him away, over the edge of the floating city. Dana gets mad. She believes her lover killed and accuses Thor of murder. The god pushes her back towards the crowd, stating that the Aesir are not gods for the soft undisciplined masses, but for men. He then says that Dana is not worthy and she will have to leave among the rest.
Once Miguel was out of sight, he shot a webline to a building and used it to swing down under the floating city. Sticking to it, he changes into costume. He knows that Dana must be crazy with worry, but there was no other way to get changed. Looking at the area below the floating Valhalla, Miguel realizes that the city is flying towards New York. He wonders if that is coincidence or on purpose.
At the Wellvale Home, a doctor is about to leave, but is suddenly knocked out from behind. It was Conchata O’Hara who hit the doctor with a brick. She apologizes to the unconscious man and searches his body for his keys. Then she drives away with his car.
By now the Alchemax scientists and technicians are leaving Valhalla in many small transport crafts. Aboard one of them is Dana in tears. One of the men tells Dana to be quiet. He says it was her fault that Thor got mad, what other response should a god have shown? Dana angrily replies that he should shut up and that that guy was definitely not a god. Above, Heimdall has overheard and tells Thor that one of the crafts carries a disbeliever. Thor thinks about destroying the ship for such calumny, but before a decision is made, Spider-Man appears behind them, demanding to know where the woman is. As the two Norse gods say that she has left the station, Spider-Man says that he will follow her, but Thor denies it and is out for a fight.
He creates a lightning bolt with his hammer and Heimdall hurls his sword at Spider-Man, who barely evades both attacks. Leaping around, Spider-Man manages to grab the sword and starts a fight with Thor. At first he manages to block Thor’s hammer with the borrowed sword, but finally Thor beats it out of his hands. However unexpected, Spider-Man has attached a webline to it, and pulling the sword back it hits Thor’s head from behind, cutting him at his cheek. Now Thor is really angry, the blood of an immortal has been drawn. He calls up his full might, grabs Spider-Man and hurls him through several floors of the city. He attacks Spider-Man in the name of all people who have linked themselves with the Norse gods, and Miguel replies that he in fact, did choose to not believe in Thor and the Aesir. Spider-Man tries to land a few more blows, but Thor is unharmed and grabs him by the throat. Thor then tosses Spider-Man away and sends his hammer after him, so that when the many humans see what is left of their hero, they will know who the true gods and heroes are. Spider-Man is hit in the gut by the hammer, which continues to propel him onwards. Heimdall asks where Thor has sent him, and he answers to a place of public humiliation.
Carried by the hammer, Spider-Man sees the skyline of New York approaching. He tries as hard as he can and manages to twist himself around the hammer, and then lets go of it before he hits one of the skyscrapers. With his last strength, Spider-Man creates a parachute of his webbing to survive the fall. However once on the ground, the hammer still targets him, and crashes into Miguel. Lot’s of debris is hurled around.
Elsewhere, at Miguel’s penthouse, the holo-agent Lyla welcomes his brother Gabriel. Gabriel demands to know his brother’s whereabouts, but Lyla doesn’t know it herself. The holo person is very kind and offers him something to eat, but Gabriel says he has no time for this. As he gets impatient and annoys Lyla, she transforms into a bulky version of herself and threatens him. She then offers him to have something to eat again, and he quietly accepts, still in shock over her change.
At the impact site, Spider-Man manages to dig himself out of the rubble. He is barely able to move, and suddenly a gun is pointed at his face. It’s the Punisher, who tells him not to move. Miguel, still aching, replies, “Don’t worry“.

Characters Involved: 

Spider-Man 2099 / Miguel O’Hara

Dana, Miguel‘s girlfriend

Gabriel O’Hara, Miguel’s brother

Conchata O’Hara, Miguel’s mother

Lyla, sentient holo-agent

Punisher 2099

Heimdall 2099, Thor 2099 (both Aesir 2099)

Story Notes: 

Part 1 of the Fall of the Hammer crossover.
Sif is another of the Aesir, she and Thor were lovers for a time.

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