Uncanny X-Force (1st series) #19.1

Issue Date: 
February 2012
Story Title: 
Ghost Reunion

Rick Remender (Writer), Billy Tan (Artist), Jose Villarrubia (Colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (Letterer), Mike Deodato & Dean White (Cover Artists), Jared K. Fletcher (Design), Sebastian Girner (Assistant Editors), Jody LeHeup & Nick Lowe (Editors), Axel Alonso (Editor in Chief), Joe Quesada (Chief Creative Officer), Dan Buckley (Publisher), Alan fine (Executive Producer)

Brief Description: 

William Stryker aka Prophet defeats a samurai sentinel, then meets up with Jean Grey and Sabretooth and takes them to the last human city, The Vestry. Fiend is escorting Magneto and Rogue to a Lab in the Vestry where Dr, Moreau has been trying to make clones of the Scarlet Witch. Magneto is furious but Dr, Moreau explains that Wanda’s powers eradicated the mutant gene in another reality and that is the answer to the war. The Black Legion attacks the lab and is defeated when Jean Grey and the others arrive. Fiend tells Jean to get inside Wanda’s head and use her powers to get rid of the mutant gene all over the earth. Weapon Omega arrives and Rogue and Magneto try to stop him but are killed instead. Jean finally gets hold of Wanda’s powers but only produces a blast big enough to turn Sabretooth and herself human. Weapon Omega comes in and offers Jean a chance to return to him. She refuses and Prophet tosses a grenade at Weapon Omega so they can escape. Weapon Omega charges up and blows up the entire Vestry.

Full Summary: 

William Stryker recalls growing up in the Age of Apocalypse. His father was a preacher. He hid William and his brother and sister when Apocalypse destroyed their town. They lived skulking from camp to camp running from mutants until the rest of his family was killed by human scavengers. “The Boy I was Died.”

Stryker began studying the mutants and their methods. He studied how to kill mutants. He found others that were “killed” like him and started the group X-Terminated. Stryker had studied mutants and their sentinels so much he could predict their moves. He became known as The Prophet.

While running from a samurai sentinel, Prophet turns and runs up it. He cuts his way into its head. A soldier radios that the Vestry has been compromised. Prophet cuts his way back out of the sentinel’s head, destroying it.

Jean Grey and Sabretooth are waiting for him. He says they are late and asks where Wild Child and Sunfire are. Jean tells him they are dead. Sabretooth asks where Magneto is. Prophet tells them they were separated and that Gateway and Silver Samurai are also dead. They gave up the location of the Vestry before they died. They must hurry and get there before the armies of Akkaba do.

Fiend aka Francesca Trask, is in The Vestry taking Rogue and a crippled Magneto to a lab. Fiend says they have to move up the plan due to the city being compromised. Magneto replies Jean did not tell him about the plan before she and the X-Men left to help X-Force. Magneto asks to be taken to the weapon. Fiend informs him he may not approve.

When they reach the lab Dr. Moreau has the deceased body of Magneto’s daughter Wanda Maximoff in suspended animation. The Doctor explains that her powers are still present and could turn off the X-gene in all mutants. Magneto sees only they have tried to clone Wanda and starts to destroy the lab. Moreau explains that Jean saw in another world that Wanda cured the X-gene and that is the only way of saving humanity. Now that Magneto destroyed the clones they will only have one chance.

Prophet radios Fiend and informs her they have arrived and that the Black Legion is attacking the city. Rogue attacks Demon-Ock to get revenge for his killing her son Charles in front of Magneto. Ock turns the table on Rogue and Magneto but is scorched by Jean’s Phoenix blast.

Magneto tells Jean to go and end it all while he and Rogue hold off the Legion. Fiend tells Jean to get in Wanda’s head and use her powers to turn off the X-gene. Jean asks Fiend if she knows what she is asking her to do. Fiend replies “I’m asking you to be human.

Logan aka Weapon Omega, arrives and asks Rogue and Magneto if they are ready to die for an extinct species. Rogue attacks and starts to absorb Weapon Omega’s life force but he stabs Rogue through the chest with his claws. Rogue tells Magneto that she weakened him. Magneto assures her he loves her as she dies in his arms.

Magneto sees his son. Smiling. Waiting for his Mother. Waiting for him to join them. Weapon Omega tells Magneto he will make it quick. Magneto retorts he won’t. “I will see my family soon.” Magneto attacks and starts to crush Weapon Omega’s adamantium skeleton. But Magneto is too slow and Logan stabs him in the neck. Then with his other arm/blaster he vaporizes Magneto.

Elsewhere Jean struggles to get a hold of Wanda’s powers but finally does. She sets off a hex blast but the radius was only a few feet so only she and Sabretooth lose their powers. Weapon Omega shows up and tells Jean to either come with him or die. She refuses and Prophet tosses a grenade at Weapon Omega. Prophet leads Jean, Sabretooth, Fiend and Dr. Moreau to an escape.

Jean asks Prophet about all the other people. He tells her there is hope.

Weapon Omega walks into the middle of the city and charges his body. He sets off an atomic blast and destroys the city.

Jean is furious at Prophet. “William Stryker--you son of a bitch! You said there was hope! Jean yells. Prophet replies “And there is… …but not for them.

Characters Involved: 

Jean Grey, Magneto, Rogue, Sabretooth (all X-Men)

Fiend, Prophet
Dr. Moreau
Weapon Omega
Beta Red, Grimm Chamber, Demon Ock, Iron Ghost, Solar Hulk, White Cloak, Zombie Sentry (Black Legion)

Body of the Scarlet Witch

Story Notes: 

The Scarlet Witch died in X-Men Chronicles #1.

The “other Wanda” destroying mutants refers to the classic “House of M” storyline.

Wild Child and Sunfire died in Uncanny X-Force (1st series) #18.

The story continues from Uncanny X-Force (1st series) #13 and 19.

This serves as a prologue to the “Age of Apocalypse” series.

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