Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #213

Issue Date: 
January 1987
Story Title: 

Chris Claremont (writer), Alan Davis (penciler), Paul Neary (inker), Glynis Oliver (colorist), Tom Orzechowski (letterer), Ann Nocenti (editor), Jim Shooter (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Magneto, Callisto, Storm and Wolverine check the empty Morlock tunnels for any traces of the New Mutants or the Marauders, yet they find nothing. The firestorm destroyed any clues. Psylocke, in telepathic contact with them, tells that at the mansion everything is secure and she offers to do a telepathic scan for the Marauders, yet both Storm and Magneto veto that. She is not a member of the team, and as the action might contain unknown dangers, they do not want her to take such a risk. Suddenly Psylocke registers another presence at the Xavier estate. It’s sabretooth, who quickly takes out Rogue and then turns on Psylocke. She draws him away from the infirmary to not endanger the many patients there and manages to evade his attacks till the X-Men arrive from the tunnels. Wolverine steps in and the two archenemies fight, Magneto creates some metal shackles for Creed, but Betsy asks him to wait. She thinks that she can only mindprobe Sabretooth when he is distracted. As the battle goes on she slips into his memories and aquires the nedded information about the Marauders and their employer. Then Wolverine fills in Sabretooth that he has been conned, before he has to fight the whole team, Creed jumps into a lake and escapes. The team apologizes to Betsy and ask her to become a full member. In Los Angeles Malice takes full control of Dazzler and makes her loose the disguise. She then goes clubbing, publicly revealing herself as the mutant Dazzler.

Full Summary: 

In the Xavier Institute, Psylocke is using Cerebro. Her astral image contacts Rogue to see if there is anything to report. Rogue tells her all is quiet and that she should get some rest as protecting the X-Men's home is the X-Men's responsibility. Psylocke believes that she needs to prove her worth to the X-Men. Her psi-self checks on the infirmary. Nightcrawler is in a coma, Colossus is paralyzed and Shadowcat is stuck in a phased state, which is slowly discorporating, eventually she will cease to exist. Even though Kitty is in this position, Psylocke notices that she is still upbeat. Her mind then visits the residential wing used by the New Mutants. She does not know why they went into the tunnels and she is worried they may be dead after seeing the fire sweep through the tunnels. Her last stop is Douglas Ramsey's room, she realizes that he loves her more than he knows but she doesn't know how she feels about him.
In the Morlock tunnels Storm, Wolverine, Magneto and Callisto search for signs of life, but with no joy. Wolverine is unable to pick up any scents, everything has been swept clean by the fire. Callisto is angry and wonders what could have done this. Storm thinks she may have caused it, but she has no idea how. Wolverine thinks the worst and believes the New Mutants to be dead, however Magneto refuses to believe it. Magneto tells the others about the Hellfire Club invitation (#210), Storm thinks it's a bad idea, but Callisto believes that the X-Men need the help. Psylocke's psi-signature appears and suggests to scan for signs of the New Mutants and the Marauders. Magneto thinks it's too dangerous. Storm agrees and tells her to carry on protecting the mansion with Rogue. As Psylocke's psi-self disappears Wolverine believes that they could have done with the help, but Storm disagrees and doesn't want any more mistakes or more bodies on her conscience.
Back at the mansion, Psylocke is angry, she feels that they do not see the tiger within her and only see her weak exterior. Suddenly she realizes a stranger has entered the building. She tries to psi-scan to find out who it is but she is caught in a psychic backlash and knocked unconscious.
In Los Angeles, Alison Blaire walks the streets alone. As she walks past a window her reflection changes into Malice. She tells her that she hates having to be disguised and she should really look like the star she is. Dazzler agrees and heads into a clothes shop. Later she enters a Nightclub and users her power to make a big entrance. When the lights fade she is stood in stylish clothes and is blonde again. She decides that it is time the world knew she was a star.
Back at the mansion grounds, Rogue is thinking about her past and how much she has changed. Out of nowhere Sabretooth attacks, hits her several times and knocks her out. Inside Psylocke comes round. She realizes the stranger is a Marauder and tries to use Cerebro to contact the X-Men, but Sabretooth arrives and smashes the equipment before she can do so. She uses a psi-blast to try and stop him but he is able to slash at her arm. She decides to run and Sabretooth chases after her.
In the infirmary nurse Sharon wonders if they can help Psylocke at all but Moira tells her that they couldn't. She also explains that Psylocke is leading Sabretooth away from the infirmary, to protect them. Psylocke throws some weights at Sabretooth but he catches them and crushes them and throws them back. The weights miss and go through a window. Psylocke jumps through the open window and climbs to the roof. Whilst on the roof she falls through the skylight into Storm's quarters. She grabs a knife but before she can use it Sabretooth catches her. He is about to kill her when Wolverine interrupts him. Whilst Sabretooth is distracted Storm hits him with a staff and knocks him to the ground. Storm and Psylocke run away whilst Wolverine stays to fight.
Sabretooth draws first blood and wonders if Wolverine is going to run scared like last time (actually he brought the Morlock Healer to safety). They tussle and Sabretooth knocks Wolverine through the skylight and onto the roof. Wolverine lunges at Sabretooth and knocks him into the swimming pool. Magneto arrives in the attic and tells Storm and Psylocke that Callisto has found Rogue and she is ok. He creates some shackles out of some nearby metal so they can restrain him for questioning. Psylocke tells him to wait, because his psychic defenses will be too high and they won't learn anything from him. She reports that she will be able to get the info they need if he is distracted by the fight with Wolverine. Magneto agrees and she slips into Sabretooth's mind. She realizes that Wolverine has fought Sabretooth before. She sees other faces and notes that the Marauders acknowledge a leader who is in shadow. She realizes that she will have to probe deeper to find out the info they need and apologizes to Wolverine as he is badly injured from the fight. Finally she gets the required info and mentally tells Wolverine that there is no need to fight anymore. Wolverine tells Sabretooth that he has been conned. Sabretooth jumps from a cliff top to escape, but Wolverine follows. They land in a lake and Rogue dives in to save them. Rogue finds Wolverine but they can't find any trace of Sabretooth. They search through the night but cannot find any trace of him.
The following morning Wolverine tells the rest of the team that they were lucky, for if not for Psylocke there would have been another massacre at the mansion. They realize that they can't strike at the Marauders whilst the injured are at the mansion so they decide to send them to Muir Island. Wolverine tells the others he owes Psylocke an apology, when it came to the crunch she put the X-Men before herself even though they had all put her down. He tells the others that she should be an X-Man. Psylocke arrives and tells them that she wants to be part of the team if they would like her. Storm tells her that they all agree with Wolverine and welcome her to the team.

Characters Involved: 

Colossus, Magneto, Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Rogue, Shadowcat, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)

Dazzler (Alison Blaire)

Lockheed, Kitty’s dragon

Moira MacTaggert

Sharon Friedlander (mansion staff)

Callisto (Morlocks)

Malice IV, Sabretooth (both Marauders)

Story Notes: 

The issue belongs to the Mutant Massacre crossover.

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