Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #398

Issue Date: 
November 2001
Story Title: 
Poptopia - part 4: The Clash

Joe Casey (writer), Sean Phillips (layouts), Ashley Wood (finished art), Hi-Fi Design (colors), Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Saida (letters), Pete Franco (assistant editor), Mark Powers (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

While Wolverine permanently deals with the threat of Mr. Clean, the X-Men help the survivors of the underground massacre to leave London. They even offer them to come to Xavier’s school, but they prefer to live in secrecy and peace. Sugar Kane’s manager arranges for her to be “abducted“ by some men in containment suit. Kater TV news report that she was tested at a governmental facility and is not pregnant. She secretly meets with Chamber one last time and confesses that she needed him to give her good-girl image a needed edge to maintain her career. Feeling used Chamber returns to the X-Men.

Full Summary: 

The story about Sugar Kane being pregnant with a mutant baby is on every TV channel. Sugar and Chamber watch, and she angrily kicks the Tv, and then throws away her telephone, which won’t stop ringing. Chamber doesn’t know hoe to help her. Sugar realizes that the whole world is turning against her, that this must be how a mutant like Jon feels every day; she doesn’t think that she can take it.
Beneath London, the X-Men talk with the few survivors of the underground community. Nightcrawler checks on the baby he helped deliver and proper introductions are made. Harmony, the baby’s mother is able to breathe under water, Double Helix has two heads on one body, Carla ressembles a mole.The Burning Puddle’s mutation is acid perspiration and his Mother Saccharine’s sweat is liek Sugar when he burns her. Ther bay has not been named yet. The outcasts tell their individual stories, they have been thrown out by their parents or escaped from governmental facilities and baded together in London’s sewers, where they lived in secrecy till Mr. Clean torched many of their community.
Accompanied by her bodyguards, Sugar Kane enters a hotel with many reporters asking annoying questions. Inside Chamber wqaits for them. Suddenly a few people in containment suits burst in and take Sugar with them. Chamber wants to stop them with his powers but her manager Sim tells him not to.
In the sewers the X-Men and the other mutants are still walking, as suddenly Mr. Clean arrives behind them. Iceman seals off the tunenels between them, leaving Mr. Clean trapped with Wolverine closing in from behind him. Clean uses his flame-thrower and a grenade toi set Logan on fire and believes the fight to be over. He turns towards the ice-shield, but Logan is not dead and destroys the flame-thrower with his claws. They fight each other with combat moves, and after Wolverine is sure that his opponent is bathed in the fuel from his own equipment, he uses a zippo to set Mr. Clean on fire. He perishes.
In his hotel room, Chamber watches the news. Where Sim makes an announcement. Upon being asked if Sugar will get an abortion, he replies that her condition is still hypothetical and has not even been confirmed. A servant comes in to tell Jono that Miss Kane no longer pays for the room and he has to leave immediatly. Also he asks him to use the back entrance.
In the tunnels, the X-Men have accompanied their new friends to a tunnel leading outside of London. They even offer to take them to Xavier’s school in Westchester, but the mutants turn them down., they are only looking for a quiet peaceful place to live. Harmony decides to name her baby Hope, as they part ways.
Later, TV news report, that Sugar voluntarily checked into a british intelligence facility who confirmed that she is not pregnant. Her managment considers to file a lawsuit against the tabloids that reported otherwise.
Chamber and Sugar meet one final time in a dark garage. Sugar explains that the whole abduction scenario was set up be her manager, to convince the public that she was really “clean“. She goes on, that she was already on gher way out of stardom, yet the whole incident with Chamber boosted her good-girl image with a needed edge, and now her career still is evolving. Jon feels used, all he wanted was a place to belong and not stardom. Sugar tells him to find a real home, if that is what he wants and leaves.
At Heathrow the X-Men are boarding the Blackbird, ready to return to the United States. Chamber makes it there in time and asks if they still want him. Of course he is welcome and on the flight back, Jon confesses that he never liked Sugar’s music anyway.

Characters Involved: 

Archangel, Chamber, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Wolverine (all X-Men)

Sugar Kane, a pop singer

Sim, Sugar‘s manager
Burning Puddle, Carla, Double Helix, Harmony, Miss Saccharine (mutants hiding in London’s sewer system)

Mr. Clean

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